Mommies matter too...The ultimate pre-packed maternity essentials for all mommies-to-be for their hospital stay. Relax Mom, you have reached CuteMommy heaven.

We have come up with cute pre-packs to choose from that are ready for you to go and have baby. CuteMommy provides the ultimate hospital packs providing comfort,convenience and caring for women preparing for childbirth, because mommies matter too! Our packs are beautifully styled and packed full of all the essentials for a C- Section or traditional birth. Nowadays, so many mommies-to-be continue to

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Hi, this tip is more for kids, those that already have them, than for mommie!

10 Tips for HEALTHY kids:

1. Drink WATER. It’s what you’re made of!
2. Get them EXERCISING!
3. Plenty of FRESH air.
4. Play OUTSIDE in the sun!
5. Teach them to RELAX
6. Eat your FRUIT!
7. Eat your VEGGIES!
8. Eat some FIBRE too!
9. Have more white MEAT over red.
10. Get plenty of SLEEP! 01/09/2014

10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Morning everyone. i hope you are well today being Monday. I hope all our precious mommies out there had a restful weekend and you are all fit and ready for the week ahead. Bearing that in mind, i just thought i should share with you this important bit of info below on how you can all stay fit and healthy. Hope the link below helps and remember, we are getting into summer so please mommies, drink PLENTY of water to keep you and baby hydrated at all times during these hot summer days. Love you lots, and remember, mommies matter too! Feel great while taking good care of yourself and your baby.


Hi everyone, this is our very first post! So excited. Welcome to our page. I hope and look forward to be of service to all the cute mommies out there. Everyone is so excited about welcoming the new bub into the family and more often than not, we forget about the precious mom. We havent, coz mommies matter too right?



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