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Photography skills on pointest. Your work is amazing keep it up.
Thank You so much for getting our photo’s out to us so quickly. They are absolutely beautiful. You managed to capture so much perfectly.
Thank you so much for your professionalism, you made the day that much more relaxed and enjoyable....
Thanks be we a ex do to r🎀🎎
Fxmln. I mso I'm coming e free
Tisvikeo pano.
Thank u... for your amazing work

Creating Images that bring out a true reflection of who you are.. – “We push limits”

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Photos from Rapture Images's post 06/10/2021

Beyond Limitations!
I can describe Florence Mudzingwa as a lovely, humorous and exuberant soul despite being born with a disability. Spending time with her was an eye opening and inspirational experience as she lives beyond her limitations!
Despite her circumstances she has effortlessly taken time to invest in herself and others.The moment she discovered her gift and passion, she worked tirelessly in a pressurized business environment and has managed to attain the following-:
* She established an organization called Hope Resurrection Trust that seeks to empower the girl child with a disability to be independent and contribute to their own development
* She is a holder a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in counseling
* She is a Digital Marketer
* She is a Certified Life Coach specializing in personal development and emotional intelligence
She is not done yet! She has just finished writing her first book called Love Life -: The Art of Living your Dreams which will be launched this month on the 9th of October 2021 and we are very excited to be part of this chapter of her life.
Florence Mudzingwa you are such a phenomenal woman destined for greatness and we wish you all the best on more chapters of your life that are yet to be written
For more information follow Florence Mudzingwa
Photography-: Rapture Images
#photography #harare #Zimbabwe #author #bookrecommendations

Photos from Rapture Images's post 27/09/2021

🥳🥳Start with what you have! - Defying The Odds - 7 Revenue Streams on 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Square Meters Of Land.
Upon completing his university studies Davidzo David decided to use the skills he learnt for the past 3 years to good use. Instead of creating and submitting a CV to a company or organization he decided to launch into the deep and start a livestock consultancy company.
☘️Armed with courage, zeal and excitement he began to look for space to showcase his expertise so that he would instill confidence in prospective clients that would consider hiring him, but like every challenge that most start ups face, the costs of purchasing and renting such a space was super expensive.
☘️After months of searching and failed collaborations, he almost gave up!Then one day as he was seated at his parent's 200 square meter yard in Mufakose he discovered gaps that where within the yard that he could make use of and then he took that first step to start!
🍀With the little savings he had he decided to start planting 20 moringa seedlings - and after social media marketing he got his first client and more inquiries! Its this first step that gave birth to 6 other income streams and KVD livestock consultancy and services on 200 square meters which are-:
🍀Vermiculture-: Earthworm Farming
🍀Azolla Farming
🍀Fish Farming
🍀Maggots Production
🍀Vermi Hydro Aqua System
🍀Leucaena Seedlings
Davidzo Davidhas become one of the most sort after livestock consultants in Zimbabwe and has been to all corners of the country assisting lots of farmers, has had lots of interviews and speaking engagements locally and globally, all this just because he made a bold decision to START on 200 square meters of space.
🍀 The youth in the Mufakose community are now benefiting from this initiative as he is mentoring and training them.
Sometimes we go in circles and search for solutions,ideas and answers yet they are right in front of us! Start from where you are with what you have!
Find video of his story in the comment section.
Photography-: Rapture Images

Photos from Rapture Images's post 11/08/2021

🥰So Nikki had a tough life from childhood because of her disability. From being mocked, laughed at,disgustingly being stared at,bullied and being called heart-aching names and this destroyed her self esteem...
🥰Growing up under such catastrophic circumstance can lead one to be suicidal,depressed and most of all lose trust and confidence in humans.
🥰At some point in her life she discovered "SELF ACCEPTANCE", and slowly began to build her life until she graduated with flying colors at University and eventually became a Life Coach.
❤️Then along came Chris who saw her beyond her disability,frustrations and challenges!
❤️Where others saw imperfection, he saw wholeness,beauty,intelligence and exuberance...
❤️Where others saw a disabled woman, he saw a Wife and Mother of his children
❤️Carrying this vision he pursued her! It wasn't an easy mission because asking out a "Life Coach" can be a mammoth task🤣🤣
❤️Chris never gave up, he continued to pursue until one day she said YES, and then began their phenomenal journey of Love...
Sounds like a fairy-tale right? THIS IS REAL! TRUE LOVE EXISTS! #zviriko
Photography-:@Rapture Images
#love #loveislove #truestory #loveisreal #lovewins #lovechallenge #familyfirst #zimphotography #zimphotographer #Zimbabwe #ZimCouple #harare #naturallight

Photos from Rapture Images's post 03/08/2021

😍🥰A couple becomes unstoppable and wealthy when they put their minds,expertise and abilities together with the intent of following their passion and leaving a legacy for their children.
😍🥰This is an inspirational story of Primrose & Tatenda who have a passion for farming.
😍🥰5 years ago they decided to follow their passion and practically embark on a farming journey. They shared with us the challenges that they faced along the way which they managed to overcome and created a rhythm where they are now able to effortlessly implement all tasks and strategy required for a farm to run successfully..
😍🥰It made so much sense for us to capture their RAW story at a place where they are mostly in their natural element, and as usual it was a fun and eye opening experience.
To all couples out there-: What are you both passionate about? Working as a team and following your passion as a duo could be the answer to your financial expansion.. Food For Thought☺☺ 📸@Rapture Images
#familyfirst#familyiseverything #farming #foodsecurity #zimphotography #zimphotographer #farmlife #farmhousestyle #harare #Zimbabwe

Photos from Rapture Images's post 20/07/2021

Family is everything 🥰🥰
Its now more than ever that we should develop a culture of creating and sharing priceless moments with our loved ones😊
We had a lovely time capturing moments of this cute family😊😍
📸@Rapture Images
#family #familyiseverything #familyislove #familyfirst #familyphotography #familyphotographer #zimphotography #zimphotographer #harare #Zimbabwe

Photos from Rapture Images's post 15/06/2021

13th June 2021 was International Albinism Awareness Day.
We have been privileged as Rapture Images to have crossed paths with these 3 phenomenal women who are extremely gorgeous and making an impact in the country in Zimbabwe.
We celebrate-:
1. Shayne Lawrence - the reigning Miss Albinism 2021
2. Fadzai Amanda Mavunga - A Social worker & Entrepreneur
3. Kudakwashe Masiiwa - The founder of an organisation called Amaryllis Lord.
Despite the mountainous challenges they are facing as people living with albinism, they are defying the odds, rising above those challenges🥰😊 Rapture Images
#albinism #albinismisbeautiful #albinismawareness #AlbinismAfrica

Photos from Rapture Images's post 08/06/2021

🥰A romantic stroll with Linda & Victor-: The Love between 2 human beings can never be explained or summarized☺️ That's why it will never make sense for any outsider why 2 individuals will be crazy in-love😂😂😂We will not even attempt to describe their indescribable love but just let the images speak😍🤩🤣All we can say is that we had so much fun capturing their surreal moments😊😊😊
📸@Rapture Images

Photos from Rapture Images's post 17/05/2021

♥💥🔥🎊🎉We Love Couple’s Stories and always look forward to sharing them with you like this intriguing one Of Wadzanai & Harrison ( The Manyumwa Family ) -:
😍We started dating 2016 then officially tied the knot in 2018 then here we are now🥰🥰
He was my immediate boss, when he came to join our organization in 2016 and it was love at first sight☺️☺!
😍We are an ionic bond nothing can separate us😂😂tine unrequited love ya Romeo and Juliet..hehehehehe😅😅😅
😍We complement each other he is quiet and i am loud
😍We almost share birthdays me 30 January him 31 January.
😍We are blessed with an energetic baby boy whom we love to bits
📸Photography and Direction by Rapture Images

Photos from Rapture Images's post 23/03/2021

🥰"DEAF" But Crazy In Love!! - Felistus & Marvin ( The Mukuyuz )🥰♥️

💥I have always been curious on how deaf couples communicate romantically, till i met Felistus and Marvin. Omg i was wooowed all the way as they used their other senses of touch smell and sight..
They couldn't get their hands of each other - the tickles,giggles, dancing and kisses were all just a marvel!

💥During this shoot i saw that Love indeed conquers all, Love can be experienced beyond imperfections and i believe that they are still REAL couples out there who genuinely and sincerely Love each other despite the circumstances!

💥So you might be out there, looking at your imperfection(s), imperfection(s),shortcomings and disadvantage and think no one will ever love you!Let these images be an encouragement that there is light ahead of the tunnel..Don't give up!😊😘
Photography & Direction-: Rapture Images
#photography #photooftheday #couplegoals #couplephotography #ZimCouple #raptureimages


❤💥Meet the Shangwaz - Sly & Kudzai🥰🥰🇿🇼🇿🇼
- We would like to blissfully celebrate and dedicate this post to Sly & Kuda who recently tied the knot...🎊🎉🎊🤩🥳
We met the Sly & Kudzai about 1 year ago when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend!🥰
Well today things have changed as their relationship went through a metamorphosis🧐, hence they have up-scaled from the cradle stage of their relationship to the big leagues as they have made it veeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry official, all protocols having been observed!😂😁😄
As their biggest in the terraces, we are joyfully cheering them on as they embark on this delicious level, this delicious voyage of marriage!
Much Love from us Rapture Images and we would like to take advantage of this juicy post and wish all of our clients,followers and fans a Merry Christmas🎊🎉💝🇿🇼
#ZimCouple #raptureimages #hararephotographer #love #zimphotographer #metamorphosis #bliss #blissful #blissfulmoments #married #couplegoals #christmascouple


😁😆😅😂❤❤The impromptu photo shoot - Auriel & Shammah❤❤❤
So Shammah organized a surprise birthday party for Auriel & boom🎉🎊 she was super shocked ,happy, excited,emotional & overwhelmed that she could not keep her hands off him😂
We took advantage & effortlessly captured the sporadic moment😂The rest is history😂
Let there be love❤❤
Photography-: Rapture Images


🥰❤A Bona Fide experience with the Zengeni Family🥰❤👨‍👩‍👦
From the moment we met the Zengeni family we were fascinated by their warmth and gorgeous personality!😊😊
This photoshoot was all about capturing their lifestyle as a family as well as their second bundle of joy who was on the way.
We had so much fun capturing them in their natural element, as they played together,ran together and loved each other! The bond between this family is inseparable!
For us it was an experience of high levels of energy and emotion so much that we were woowed all the way!😲😲😲😲😲😲
The most important lesson we learnt from this experience is that True love can never be faked!❤❤❤
Photography-: Rapture Images
#familyfirst #love #photography #harare #hararephotographer #Zimbabwe #raptureimages #zimphotographer


🥰🔥A Twin gets married – Tinaye & Ferris❤️❤️❤️
We would like to celebrate one of the pioneers of the twins series Tinaye for recently getting married to her sweetheart Ferris. We met Tinaye in 2016 along with her twin sister Tapo then boom the twins series idea was birthed😂😂😂 We are so happy for them both and wish them a blessed union 
Much Love Rapture Images


💥💥💥💥☯️Twins Series Part 5️⃣ – Featuring Tariro & Tinaye
As we continue to capture and document more stories of twins in this series; we keep getting fascinated by their mannerisms and characteristics that make them and their existence very unique.😃😃😃😃
Tariro and Tinaye were such a vibe as this photoshoot was full of giggles, dancing, playing and just having pure fun as twin sisters!!
Spending time with this gorgeous duo just showed us the “strong” bond that can be develop between 2 human beings which sadly is rare to find these days! Being around such carefree and authentic human beings is just but refreshing!🥰🥰
Photography-: Rapture Images
#hararephotographer #zimbabwe #twins #raptureimages #harare #263


Its always a phenomenal moment for us to capture a couple's story as the sun sets because it adds that romantic and electrifying mood which makes the photo shoot an experience and not an event!! Chichie & Mufaro did not waste this sunset at all eishhh they were just too hypnotized with each other!!😂😂😂😂🔥🔥
Photography -: Rapture Images
#photography #happycouple #hararephotographer #zimphotographer #love #kisses #cutecouple #zimcouple #sunset #yellow #married #engaged #photoshoot


❤️Young & In L❤️V❤️ - Blessed & Wisdom
To be young and in Love is one of the best feelings in the world🥰🥰. The first thing which fascinated us when we met this young couple is the combination of their names -:Blessed & Wisdom😃😃Could this just be a coincidence or perfect match?? Well whatever the case might be we had so much fun on this "Pre-Wedding" shoot as these younglins were so full of humor,vibrant and full of life😂😂.. Rudo kuita kupisa chaiko, haaa vanonakidzwa💥🔥🔥🔥..
Photography-: Rapture Images
Make Up by-: Cutlyst Hair Innovations Zimbabwe
#love #engagementshoot #harare #zimbabwe #zimphotography #zimcouple #zimcouples


💥💥💥💥☯️Twins Series Part 4️⃣ – Introducing The Banana Twins – Nyarie & Vimbie
We had another epic opportunity to capture another gorgeous, beautiful and talented set of twins,They a duo packed with creativity, an amazing sense of humor and a vision to impact the culture and furthermore make a difference-:
Hi we are the banana twins… since we are kicking off the month of November which is our birthday month we want to share fun facts about ourselves through our God given gifts and talents-:
💥Twin comedy – Because we love making people laugh to
brighten up their day
💥Twin lifestyle – to share our experiences as living and
growing up as twins
💥Twin vlogging – to share our passions,milestones,
challenges and lessons to the world!
💥Twin fashion – Because we love shopping and dressing up
💥Women empowerment – To use our experience, gifts and
talents to contribute and empower other women
💥Entrepreneurship – We are hustlers who want to teach other how to hustle🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Models-: Bananatwins
Photography -: Rapture Images
Thanks to ZIMUA_by_Shannon for always serving us with amazing make up


We would like to celebrate Charlene & Shaddy who recently and successfully tied the knot😍🔥❤️😊.
All the best in your journey of love and may your marriage blossom beyond this phenomenal photo shoot😊😊 .
Tonnes of love from us Rapture Images
#love #preweddingshoot #wedding #photography #harare #zimbabwe #sunset #marriage #theknot #zimweddings


🔥🔥🎉🎊We would like to honor and appreciate our most loyal and super client the gorgeous Zaleekhah Lutfia Khan. We did her first ever photo-shoot in July 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣4️⃣, and since then we have been her got to photographer. 6️⃣ years and counting😊😊😊Thank you for your uncontested support Zali tonnes of love from us Rapture Images The journey continues 😊😊😊
#photography #loyalclient #topfan


❤️❤️He makes all things beautiful in time.🔥🔥
Ever & Ishe
We just glad we can finally spend forever together
He knew from the first day He saw me. I thought.... Yeah right. I was still a Tom boy. Didn't even wanna hear about boys.
However many years down the line. The Lord had his way of bringing us together.
Love is an Adventure....❤️❤️❤️
Photography-: Rapture Images


5️⃣ Years in The Making – A camping adventure with Mo & Milly🏕😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
🥰Sometimes for a couple to get the deliciousness and juiciness out of a relationship, a little adventure or a change of scenery goes a long way in extracting different qualities and capabilities a relationship has !
🥰There are some characteristics that only unfold when a setting is changed especially when you have been in a relationship for 5️⃣ solid years like Mo & Milly!
🥰This couple loves traveling – hence they decided to invite us to capture their winter themed camping adventure of how they spend their time in the outdoors as a couple – we will let you enjoy the authentic moments this couple exudes😊😊🤩🤩 - with Chiedza Chadyamasese & Rancanai Uncle-mo Raccatt
Photography -: Rapture Images
Make Up- -: ZIMUA_by_Shannon




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