Green World Zimbabwe

Green World Zimbabwe


Black Friday R1000 Call 0780917263 SA

Green World is a network marketing company.lts also have health nutritional supplements which help us to prevent ,overcome and cure disease


3 powers in business
*Power to begin
*Power to continue
*Power to finish


Eight steps to success in Greenworld
1) Dream
3)Name list
5)Show the plan
6)follow ups
7)Check and services


if you wanna order someting dont hesitate to get intouch with me on 00263778313726


For those who wanna join Greenworld here is your chance call or watsupp me on 00263778313726


Are you concerned about sensetive teeth,teeth decaying,bad breath,mouth ulcers,bleeding gums,plaque.....and those who wanna whiten their teeth we have Greenworld toothpaste which will help to overcome and cure those disease

to order call or watsupp


Firm up your breast the natural way with Greenworld herbal supplements 2day,,,,

to order call or watsupp


Vigpower for men
*Conserves the vital power and strengthens the sexual ability through replenishing kidney
*Improves s***m count and improves s***m motility
*Increase sexual desire of a man,enhances the oxygen content in blood which help in p***s er****on for normal sexual perfomance
*Help with sexual dysfuctions such as premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction or frequent s***matorrhea
*Suitable for men who intend to improve sexuality

to order call or watsupp 00263778313726


Burn those tummy flabs today with Greenworld herbal supplements.burn fast and affordable and very safe.Good for pot bellied men too.Get the slim waist now


Have you ever thot of yourself as too skiny,maybe even bony,do you have chicken legs? while many of us need to loose weight gaining can be hard.We have GREENWORLD mult-vitamins $30 and spirulina capsules $25 these products are 100% natural,no sides effects and can help you gain weght


retail sales n fo d volume of retail business is generatea by the pple they train n ldad lead in the network


Network marketirng is a process of developin a network [or an organisation]of pple who use a product or services n share that product o services with their freinds relatives n indpendent an individual share the products o services their network marketin organisation grow larger n larger.they a compansated to both for their own person retai sales and fo the volume of


Systems and the outcome of her scientific research and to introduce these wonderful treasures to evryon everywhere in the world.Green world is extending its business to medical equipment,herbal cultivation,international trade,investment and capital operation and advertisment is a well organised organisation with over 50subsidary companies o ova the world run by highly professional managemet team and 8 scientif


Green World is a transnational group of companies engaging itself in scientific research n development,manufacturing of pharmaceuticals herbal medicine n cosmetics of a complete systems-oriented ma nature with its headquaters based in Michigan of the USA.It is registered n accredited b9 FDA.Then Dr Deming Li the founder of green world was determined to tak the herbal systems especially the traditional chinese herbal



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