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Photos from Human Immuno Herbal Therapy-HIHT's post 02/02/2022

Photos from Human Immuno Herbal Therapy-HIHT's post


Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate gland found in males only. The gland secretes seminal fluid and transports sperm. The fluid is essential for reproduction. It is located in the pelvis below the bladder. The condition develops primarily in men over 50 years of age. More than 80% of men develop this disease by the age of 80.

There are several types of prostate cancer.....1) acinar adenocarcinoma
2) urothelial
3) ductal adenocarcinoma
4) squamous cell
5) small cell prostate cancer

Risk factors of prostate cancer
1) Age....above 40; rare in young men
2) Race.... mostly African males than other races
3) Family history
4) Genetic factors such as a mutation
5) Obesity

Signs and symptoms
A) bladder and urinary problems such as difficult and repeated urination esp at night, loss of control of the bladder, reduced velocity of urine flow, burning during urination though less common, haematuria a condition where blood passes along with urine
B) discomfort while in sitting posture
C) blood in semen
D) erectile dysfunction
E) pain during ejaculation
F) swelling of pelvic area
G) extreme weight loss
H) kidney disorders
I) fatigue
J) swollen legs or feet
K) change in bowel movements
L) numbness in the hips, legs and feet

Treatment-related complications
1) impotence
2) incontinence
3) disease recurrence
4) loss of muscle mass
5) cardiovascular disease
6) diabetes
7) night sweat
8) depression
9) difficulty with concentration and memory
10) extreme weight gain during testosterone reducing therapy

Disease - related complications
1) urethral obstruction
2) blockage of ureters
3) destructive pain in the pelvis region
4) bony pain
5) tiredness
6) death
7) kidney disorder

* Be more sexually active even as one grows older
* Exercise
* Eat healthy
* Regular detoxing

I hope this lesson is helpful to someone. We do have products for prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Kindly inbox or call for more information.

Remember Your Health is Your Wealth

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We have to make a decision or choice. Whatever choice we have made we don't have power over the consequences of the choice. We are given the power to choose between life and death. That's only as far as our power goes. Once the choice has been we become slaves of the choice, whether good or bad. So be careful what choices you make today concerning your health. In those choices lies life or death. Make the right choice today. Invest in your health for it is your wealth.
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The secret to long life and good health......

Many of us want to live long. Very few will admit that they are ready to die even if along the way they know it's something they will come across. It is inevitable that one day one will be faced with this event. However, no one wants to die young. We all want to postpone the day as long as possible. Forever if possible. So where is the secret to long life????
This fast paced generation has left humanity exposed to so many dangers and the body has not been exempt. Long back a funeral was almost taboo. It was rare to witness funerals. Nowadays it has become so common that even the emotions associated with it are gone. Without us knowing or even noticing, mankind is closer to death than ever before. It's become normal to die in the 20s, 30s through to the 60s and yet just 4 decades ago but it was a taboo to die young. Where have we lost it?
The food we were eating 40years ago and what we are eating now has changed, some would use the term evolved. With the change in diet and lifestyle has also come death knocking on one's door. Can we say the change has been for the better then? All kinds of cancers and diseases are coming up everyday. Modern medicine has been unable to come up with solutions. And yet naively the educated and uneducated put all their trust in conventional medicine. 'My doctor said no I can't take this. It will flush out my meds from my system' is one statement you will hear from those that call themselves educated. Too bad he forgot to tell you about the dangerous side effects of the drug you are taking in.
So where am I going with this????
The secret to long life lies in what you are feeding into your system. If diseases were less prevalent 40 years ago than they are today it means we were doing something correct then. The change in diet has only introduced poison into our bodies and education has left us shunning the only solution to our health problems. The answer lies in nature, in the foods we are taking in. So before you take in whatever you are feeding on ask yourself if this is healthy for you? Is it beneficial to your body besides being easy on the tongue? Is it worth it to indulge yourself just once more or is it better to quit now? Watch what you are taking into your body. The world has become corrupt through greed and the food we eat is no exception. So be mindful and watch what you eat. Remember your actions today determine your future tomorrow.
I will continue this teaching again today. In the mean time digest on this. Have a blessed Friday


A cell is described as the basic unit of life. This is indeed true. Every organ, every tissue, is made up of cells. Once we understand what the cell is and how it works, then we have found the answer to all matters pertaining to one's health. When one is described as healthy, the body is working in complete harmony in an optimum operating environment. The cells are working at their maximum capacity. Several factors create this optimum environment in the body. These include a positive mental attitude, right levels of required substances, chemicals and hormones in the body and a lack of foreign and toxic substances in the blood. These have been mentioned according to the seniority of each factor in the maintenance of good health. It is no secret that a positive mental attitude is the greatest healer in the body of a human being. When one is positive minded, certain chemicals and hormones are produced which stimulate healing of the body. No medicine is required for this. The body naturally heals itself. This therefore means that the world of science must research this area greatly, if we are to come up with lasting solutions to the health pandemic that has hit the world globally, not just Covid-19. A negative mental attitude stimulates the production of chemicals and hormones which attack the body. One can develop physical wounds from stress. This has been proved scientically.
Cells require clean blood in order to function well. They require that the homeostatic levels be maintained within normal ranges. They require sufficient oxygen. If all these are supplied the person will be described as healthy. If blood is contaminated or poisoned then cells are prone to damage from the toxins in the blood. A positive mental attitude makes cells flourish and thrive, thereby creating a state of well-being. With a negative mental attitude, they shrivel and malfunction so that a person becomes sick. These two clearly show there are certain requirements in cells that must be met and maintained for one to be healthy. A positive mind is a must if one is to be healthy.
There is a clear mystery that needs to be explored in understanding what is needed by cells so that one is healthy. A zygote grows into a feotus without ever eating any food that we know and see everyday. A child, after they are born, feeds on breast milk only and grows. With animals it is the same, they suckle their young and they grow until they are able to feed on their own and fend for themselves. What is the secret in milk? How does the zygote develop into a feotus without ever taking any food in the way that we know and understand? It is clear from these two examples that there are certain things which are found in milk or transported to a feotus that are needed by cells in order to function. It is clear that if these are provided without any food as we know it, being eaten a person would still grow and be healthy. This has been understood in conventional medicine when a drip is used on a person who is unable to eat on their own.
A calf suckles on breast milk in the first few months of its life. It becomes strong and able to walk on its own, run about and eventually feed on grass on its own. There is something that is in the grass that is being eaten that is needed by cells to function well. Because it is being supplied there is no problem. The animals grow and eventually are killed to supply meat to man. This meat is rich in certain nutrients needed by the body such as proteins, minerals and vitamins. This came from grass and leaves that were eaten by the animals. This symbiotic relationship must be understood and explored. Amacimbi, or madora are eaten by man. They grow on the Mopane tree and feed on the leaves only. These are rich in proteins and are able to supply more than the minimum bodily requirements of protein in the body of a human being per day. The silkworm is another example of an insect that is eaten and has invaluable nutritional benefits to a person. These are fed on in Asia. What is very clear from these examples is that man or animals directly or indirectly feed on plants. All life directly or indirectly feeds on plants. This means that the role of plants and their importance cannot be overemphasized. All life is in the plant. It is the plants which give oxygen required by every cell to function in the body. If it is not available the cells die and the entire system of man shuts down. This is not over a lifetime but just a short space of time, a matter of seconds. How important plant life is to man.
The skin is made up of cells, dead cells. It protects other organs inside the body. When a child is born prematurely, doctors encourage the mother and the child to maintain skin to skin contact. It is the deepest level of intimacy. This means that there is a hidden secret in cells. As we said earlier, a cell is the basic unit of life. This means that Life is transferred from one person to the next person. Scriptural references in the bible to support this are King David being given a virgin to warm him in his old age. Another example is of the prophet Elisha and the Shunamite woman's son. The prophet lay on top of the boy, covering his whole body. Christ says those who believe in Him shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover. There is Life in cells that permeates all things. This was brought up by the writer to highlight and show the importance of cells. Whatever medication the world can work on has to be directed at cellular level in order to bring the desired results.
I hope this has been informative to you. Thank you


*Yehiyiweti Sari-Kaktos*
This powerful Herbal Solution is a must-have in each household. Packed with much power, the herbs in the Sari-Kaktos destroy cancerous cells before they attack body organs. They protect the liver as free radicals are neutralised by anti-oxidants that absorb toxins. This helps the liver to flush out harmful toxins from a person's body.
Intake of this solution reduces the risk of heart disease, whilst maintaining normal heartbeat and rhythm all the time.
It is also used to treat different conditions in the body, including wounds, stomach swelling, digestive problems and urinary tract infections
It can also be used preventatively against various ailments including cancers, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver no malfunction, arthritis, kidneys, etc.
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The human body is made up of cells. Every organ, no matter what it is, is made up of cells. They are the basic unit of life. They have basic components that are similar to all cells. Plant and animal cells have a few differences. They may specialise and perform different functions but the makeup is basically the same. They have certain requirements that they need to do their job well. That's clean blood, sufficient oxygen levels and the right homeostatic environment. This means your bp is within range, your acid levels, sugar levels, salts levels, etc are within normal range. When this optimum environment is disturbed one way or the other they start complaining and if not addressed they will be damaged and malfunction.

So the headache here is there is the cells telling you something is wrong. When you feel hungry it's the cells telling you the energy levels have gone down and need to be increased. When you are tired or sleepy they are telling you now they need a bit if rest. Every single feeling it's the cells speaking a silent language. So when treating the body of any condition it has to be at cellular level. It will give you the desired results. It will heal your body permanently. This will need to be maintained though. That's a topic for another day.

So toxins, foreign elements are among the major causes of damage in the body. If they can't be eliminated naturally they will accumulate and over time damage cells so that they begin to malfunction. At this juncture one is described as being sick.
So whatever you do, whenever you eat, it is important to think about what you are putting into your body, is it beneficial to them or will damage them.

Thank you for your attention. I hope you have learned something. If you have any questions please feel free to ask

Photos from Human Immuno Herbal Therapy's post 02/02/2021

Since time immemorial herbs have been in use. Not only have they proved to be safe and reliable but effective. For Africans conventional medicine only became into Africa about 200 years ago. This means that they have proved effective for they sustained generations. Strengthening one's immune system is one sure-fire way of leading a healthy lifestyle and living long and disease free. By nature herbs are more compatible with the human body. The reason being, when God created man He told him to use herbs for meat and for nourishment of the body. Who better than the Creator Himself to tell us what we need to use. Invest in an immune booster now. Choose life over everything else. Call or watsapp 0773046645 for more information


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Chikunjani Immune Booster.
For as long as man has been in existence he has relied on his immune system to fight any infections or health matters that may arise. Largely he was dependent on traditional practices as well as diet to cater for all his health needs. Even though times have changed, lifestyles have changed, eating habits have changed and so forth his body is still the same requiring the same things and conditions to work well. It is still the immune system which works wonders in the body. There is no better investment than one's health for only when one is healthy are they able to do anything else. Contact us and place your order today on 0773046645/ 0732046645. Do the right thing for you and your family. Remember your health is your wealth. It is our concern.


Your health is your greatest asset. Don't neglect it because without it there is absolutely nothing you can do. You cannot enjoy the wealth you have amassed, ask Steve Jobs. Everything else will be meaningless and cannot save you. Be proactive, start being healthy today. It's never too late to start. With the increasing rise in infections of covid 19, it is vital to take all necessary precautions. We have an organic solution supplement to help strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system will make it easier to fight off any infections which may arise. Call or watsapp 0773046645 for more info


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