Power Pipes Performance Exhausts

Standard and Performance Exhaust systems f or all makes of Motor Vehicles. Fle et maintenance and vehi

Operating as usual


The HUKURU sponsored Subaru WRX S TI Impreza. Ready for action at Donnybro ok, with it's latest version Power Pi pe.


Please all beware of a FA KE company advertising as Power Pipes. Th ey are a backyard shop on Robe rt Mugabe road, using our name! We a re in Msasa and have no oth er branches.
Have a great 2021!!



A new race system fitted to a Suba ru Impreza 2.5 WRX STI 6 spe ed. Can't wait to hear and s ee it on Donnybrook!

Photos from Power Pipes Performance Exhausts 's post 29/05/2020

It's not always about turbos a nd dump valves. A Power Pipe goi ng onto this wonderful classic Capri. T he meticulous rebuild being carried out by Mi ke Bremner from Harare.
Cant wait to he ar it run again.


Well, we repair most exhausts, b ut there ARE exceptions!!


Supercars and bikes!! What a d ay it's going to be, as t he championships tighten up!

Photos from Power Pipes Performance Exhausts 's post 21/02/2019

Thanks to Toyota Zimbabwe for sponsori ng their Hilux, for me to deliv er fuel for a National Parks surv ey and books for the Rifa Conservati on Education Camp, and the Chirundu juni or school. Another faultless, safe drive to t he valley and back in that amazi ng vehicle!💪. Tough as nails!!
Thanks Vic of Concre te Structures for the donation of 21 0l petrol for the survey.
And thanks so mu ch to Stuart Linde for your donati on of your late Dad's books.
True Zimbabwe an spirit from these donors, in ve ry difficult times. Makes me proud to be 'Babwean!!! 💪💪




Not performance related, but we real ly care. Give it some thought wh en pets are cowering under the b ed.


Santa needs reliability and has to be on ti me. Swapped the reindeer for a re al vehicle!!🤣😂

Photos from Power Pipes Performance Exhausts 's post 13/12/2017

KTM/Grainger racing team, ready to ta ke on the rest! South Africa, Botswa na, Zambia, Germany and Zimbabwe is rea dy for them all!!
DON'T MISS this sho w!! This Friday 15th and Sunday 17 th at Donnybrook Raceway! International action - BE THER E!!


Be serious about this over t he festive period - and forever in fa ct people.
So very true.


Savannah Woodward in action. No wond er this supergirl won the Bulawayo 1 ho ur Superbike race!


Congratulations to Savannah Woodward for winni ng the Bulawayo 1 hour endurance ra ce 5 minutes ago. First lady ev er to win this prestigious event. A nd just turned 17!! Awsome!!


Just over a week to go! Don't miss the red-hot action in Bulawa yo! This going to be one hellu va weekend's racing!!

Photos from Power Pipes Performance Exhausts 's post 29/11/2017

Well here's to our new Z im, new world, AND... new opportunities. Celebrati ng with nyama and a drop of go ut mootie!! Just a drop!!


This will be the top eve nt of the year!


This will be a good o ne. Lotsa fun and full bar a nd catering at that amazing little cl ub house!


Offloading for tomorrow's spectacular display! DON 'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!!


DON'T miss this day! We're a ll going to be there - in fa ct, if they are lucky, t he whole world should be there!!!😂😅😂😅👍

Timeline photos 22/07/2017

Can't miss this one!! What a d ay it's going to be!!

Timeline photos 05/12/2016

Took the chance at work. Th at pile of notes paid for 2 bearin gs, some seals and a bit of labo ur! BUT......It has all gone. Paid a coup le of bills and whoosh! Gawn!

Timeline photos 01/12/2016

Whew! Thank goodness for Patience Ushewekun ze, my Co driver, and Toyota's 4wd/di ff lock facilities, to get us o ut of that spot! What fun!!


Time to start getting those vehicl es serviced and ready for the Christm as break. Don't leave it to t he last minute. Pop by for a vehic le inspection. Inspection fee deducted from bi ll, if we carry out repairs f or you!! SAFETY FIRST! It is n ot only your life in the c ar - what about your little on es, and those in other cars!


Car not pulling? Heavy on fu el? Chances are your catalytic convertor in yo ur exhaust system is blocked. Pop in f or some free advice or a quotati on, to bring your wheels back to li fe. Or call 487 364 and a sk for Marvin or Phil.


POWER PIPES announce we are rea dy for bond notes! All fleet maintenan ce and exhaust work can be pa id for with the new Bond Not es. Moving forward and taking the plun ge!
BOND NOTES....Bring it on!!👍

Photos from Power Pipes Performance Exhausts 's post 29/04/2016

Wow! Check out the new live ry on the Toyota 4x4 training Hil ux! Not only 4x4 training, but gener al off and on road instruction. Toyota.....alwa ys striving to make our roads t he safest on the continent. Together, we c an achieve this!!


Good call to postpone Mano. Safe ty is paramount to our competitors a nd fans.


Is your car using excess fu el? Not pulling? Chances are your catalyt ic convertor in the exhaust system in block ed. Pop in for a free quo te. We attend to on average 4 -6 cat problems per week, particularly on rece nt imports.

Timeline photos 26/03/2016

Roll-caging the Toyota Zimbabwe sponsored celebri ty /driver training race car. What an amazi ng initiative by Zimbabwe Motorsport's biggest spons or. They have donated a complete c ar in their quest for safer roa ds in Zimbabwe.

Timeline photos 12/03/2016

Marvin is breathing his magic on th is gem. A real labour of lo ve!

Timeline photos 03/02/2016

Clayton Green takes the plunge, bei ng the first Lotus Super 7 to g et roll-caged this year. Look forward to seei ng the twin-cam Toyota powered machine o ut at Donnybrook on March 6th ra ce day.

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