Greenhouses Zimbabwe

Greenhouses Zimbabwe


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Horticulture seedlings ready for tranplanting
Horticulture seedlings
Free delivery around cbd
Location unity J seke
Newton f1 $170 per 1000
Trinity $110 per 1000
Nemoneta $80 per 1000
Newton $170 per 1000
Star 9065 $100per 1000
Candela $120 per 1000
Star 9037 $72 per 1000
Star 9009 $40 per 1000
Zandra f1 $75 per 1000
Brocoli $35 per 1000
Cauliflower $40 per 1000
Chilli $40 per 1000
3301 $22 per 1000
3311 $22 per 1000
Fabiola $18 per 1000
Yellow pepper $50 per 1000
Red pepper $42 per 1000
Green pepper $25 per 1000
Commander $17 per 1000
Fancy green $20per 1000
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Free delivery any place in harare if u are far from harare we make arrangements and you receibe seedlings good and healthy
If you not in harare arrangements can be made and u receive ur quality property
Horticulture seedlings
Free delivery around cbd
Location unity J seke
Trinity $110 per 1000
Candela $120 per 1000
Star 9037 $72 per 1000
Star 9009 $40 per 1000
Zandra f1 $75 per 1000
3301 $22 per 1000
3311 $22 per 1000
Fabiola $18 per 1000
Yellow pepper $50 per 1000
Red pepper $42 per 1000
Green pepper $25 per 1000
Commander $17 per 1000
Fancy green $20per 1000
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Can I have pictures of your green houses
Where can I go to buy greenhouse paper if you have. Thank you
The Number One Cash Crop - 1/2 Price In November
Get A 1 hectare starter pack for 500USD. Price returns in December.
We Buy Oil Castor Beans 800 USD - 2000 USD Per Ton Depending On Market Price
Previous News Articles About Our Farmers:
Farmers Field Day In Beatrice - NOV 6 10 AM
✔️ Learn Organic Farming
✔️ Learn Planting Of Castor Bean Seeds
✔️ Meet Farmers And Agronomists
✔️ Fun Activities For Kids And Adults
✔️ Win Prizes
App +263 717 380 313 for RSVP and Directions To The Farm
Limited Space, all tickets will sell out prior to event date.
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Fertilizer available
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Whether you are a hobby farmer, a backyard farmer or commercial farmer get the latest information on

Photos from Greenhouses Zimbabwe's post 26/08/2023

Something brewing in this greenhouse constructed by Total Farm Solutions, My fellow young engineers showing progress done on the project

Photos from Greenhouses Zimbabwe's post 16/07/2023

At times you have to scratch your hair to think what next after some detours but what matters is your reaction to failures. Celebrated my borehole and the joy was shortlived, it collapsed and trying to retrieve the pump it was a unfruitful. All this came with costs that were not planned. Yes i cried at first then told myself tears won't bring me water i have production waiting for me to get it together.

Did i give up?
Answer is No

Follow my story on the borehole saga and m sure you will learn from my mistakes

I am Total Farmer i fight to win in my losses.

Greenhouses Zimbabwe
Total Farm Solutions
Tapiwa Mugabe


*Economies of Scale always WINS!!*

One of the objectives of production is to achieve and enjoy economies of scale. These benefits span from discounts on ordering large quantities, reduced transport costs rights through to market consistency.

No matter where you start, growth should be part of of your deliberate plan. For mass goods, both local and international markets require scale, unless you are producing a niche product.

Total Farm Solutions provides a wide range of greenhouses suitable for various crops such tomatoes, English cucumber and peppers.

Be invested with Total Farm Solutions and partner us for growth in your business. We have packages and solutions those who chose to grow with us.

*Order* your greenhouse now and enjoy a profitable business model through our in-house agronomists.

Total Farm Solutions
3 Monmouth Road
[email protected]

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Food Security 28/06/2023

Greenhouse production will increase Global food supply in the midst of the harsh weather elements.

Food Security By empowering countries to grow their way out of poverty, we can break the cycle of hunger and build a more stable world for future generations.


Whilst some are planning to party all weekend... Some are discussing WEALTH CREATION matters.

Such forums is where breakthroughs are planted.

Opportunities never Knock on ONES door! Never!!!!

Photos from Greenhouses Zimbabwe's post 31/05/2023

Mutoko project, 3 x 300 sqm mammoth metal, It’s the process that got us excited starting from land clearing up to the construction stage whilst working with community to make it a success

Make your dream come true

App/Call 0718388977

Photos from Greenhouses Zimbabwe's post 30/05/2023

When one invests in such a project its no play, the hands have to be dirty and blessed to make money

Total Farmer on the drive mode…


Would you buy shaped cucumbers?


Think smart farming this year

A sustainable investment that can go for generations


Majestic factory of production

10m x 50m Wooden Greenhouse

Photos from Greenhouses Zimbabwe's post 20/01/2023

Results of good agronomic practices speak for themselves.



Greenhouse Farming is a very effective method of growing healthy plants with regard to quality and quantity in a modern way . It is considered as an implementation of intensive agriculture and can provide an increase in crop production as farmers will have more control for creating optimal climate conditions needed for plant growth.

The greenhouse type selection is of crucial importance in the investment profitability. It should mitigate the investment with regard to the time and the production means as well as increase in the crop yield.

Photos from Tunnel Quip's post 11/01/2023
A guide to optimising blueberry production 05/01/2023

A guide to optimising blueberry production Blueberries are a challenging crop to cultivate, as the plants don’t readily absorb key nutrients, and the berries can therefore vary in flavour, quality and size.

Photos from Greenhouses Zimbabwe's post 13/12/2022

He who loves a garden loves a

Timeline photos 29/11/2022

Comenzamos la última semana del mes, visitando a clientes que han decidido confiar en nosotros y probar nuestro plástico de doble techo para sus cultivos de pepino🥒 🤝.



u🇸 Cover plastic Everest 25 special for berry crops + TIF plastic.
Complete and specialized solutions for each type of crop!
🇲🇽 Plástico de cubierta Everest 25 especial para cultivos de berries + plástico TIF.

¡Soluciones completas y especializadas para cada tipo de cultivo!

Photos from Greenhouses Zimbabwe's post 21/10/2022

We want to help you write your Greenhouse farming story.

Be a Total Farmer in the making.....

0782106732 to connect and have a chat.


Available on Extras Section ready to plant
Nash F1 Tomato @50/1000

For bookings and Sales contact:

“Grow with us”


This is how it all started and now we are showcasing how the farmer is successfully cropping tomatoes and peppers in the same greenhouse measuring 1520 sqm.

Join us this coming Saturday at Imvu Farm in Bulawayo for a field day from 9am to 1pm.



The youth are our future feeders. Invest in them now.


2 x 120sqm Wooden greenhouses



Twin Turbo Max by Total Farm Solutions


Construction in progress.

Wooden greenhouse 500sqm
Wooden framed structure
200 micron greenhouse plastic
Drip irrigation
Trellsing support
Fertigation programme for crop of choice

Photos from Total Farm Solutions's post 05/09/2022

The joy of completing a project.


Bell pepper production under greenhouse is a good business model. Aim to get at least 5kg per plant.

Photos from Francis B. Mapindani's post 05/07/2022

Rivulis T-Tape being used in the production of garlic in Botswana.

Why t-tape ?

The best water application by far: Closer dripper spacing gives you uniformity of water distribution as the water has less lateral distance to travel to reach all the entire plants’ root zones. Rivulis T-Tape helps make your choice of emitter spacing an agronomic decision, not one based on your bank account.

The best clogging resistance by far: Extra long filtration area gives greater resistance to clogging and with up to to 211 inlets per dripper that work as micro-filters, it means that in the event that one fails, there are ample to take its place. T-Tape utilizes a unique reverse chevron labyrinth, which creates maximum agitation to minimize clogging, and the knife cut outlet closes on shutoff, to prevent the ingress of particulates.

The best strength by far: Double Seam = Double the strength for hassle free installation and easy mechanical retrieval after use.

The most configurations by far: 4 diameters (16, 22, 29 & 35 mm) for flexibility of run-lengths. 8 thicknesses (4 – 15 mil) to match the required lifespan and terrain. 11 emitter spacings to ensure that the there’s a configuration to suit your uniform crop spacing and soil profile. 16 flow rates to provide the maximum versatility of water application.

Photos from Agribusiness Media's post 20/05/2022

Labour is one of the biggest costs in most horticultural enterprises and if you don’t pay attention to its impact, you could end up working for your employees.

I once visited a farmer who had an employee who would irrigate a horticultural block with a hose pipe and this is a common site on many homesteads. (Uku ndiko kunonzi “kudhonza tambo” or “kuchipura” pabasa when they get to discuss how strenuous their day was). This is utterly a waste of labour and time. Instead, instal irrigation systems that release your employees to do other duties which require more of their attention than to spend time holding a hose. Help me analyse the wastages here:

1. There is no real measure of how much water is being applied. Too much or too little water can be applied to the detriment of the crop.
2. Time wasting tendencies can be created by the employees if they don’t feel like performing other duties.

A simple solution for the *Total Farmer* would be installing irrigation systems – drip, micro-jets, sprinklers, mister etc. This is just one example, there are numerous other examples where we farmers do not utilize our labour effectively at the expense of the business. The role of the Total Farmer in nowadays farming is to constantly seek ways to reduce his costs so as to remain competitive.

Today let’s discuss what we can do to save labour or to increase its productivity.
1. Invest in Time and Labour Saving Equipment. Machinery and equipment that saves labour is often “expensive” at purchase, but in the long run worth it. In such cases don’t hesitate just buy the piece of equipment.
2. Train you employees on how to perform their tasks effectively.
3. Increase your monitoring and supervision. Don’t take too long without monitoring employees’ performance and giving feedback.
4. Where possible automate the system. Invest in irrigation and climate controllers for your greenhouse or drip irrigation field. Check with TFS engineers for what controller will be ideal for your setup.
5. Hire employees on specific tasks and when they are done, let them go and call them when you need them again.
6. Do a work study before giving out tasks to your employees.
7. Team building and motivation is important if your workers work in teams. This will improve productivity of the whole team.
8. Use herbicides where necessary.
9. Be particular about time management
10. Plan your labour requirements correctly. Factor your labour costs in your cashflows and see the impact of increased costs of labour on your bottom line.

We all have experiences with labour. Can we today share how we have managed to either cut our labour costs or improve our labour productivity, with examples from your greenhouse or horticultural businesses.

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English cucumber in Wedza.  Greenhouse constructed by Total Farm Solutions.Contact3 Monmouth Road Avondale Harare sales@...
Greenhouse Construction In the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe
Wooden greenhouse constructed in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.If you need one ContactTotal Farm SolutionsSales and ...




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