Adlife Beverages

Adlife is a Zimbabwean company that supplies water products, these include Purified Water, Ready-to-Drink juices, Branded/Personalised and Bulk Water.

bottled water,ready to drinks & bulk water


Big shout-out to our newest top fans!


The consumption of alcohol is a major cause of dehydration so while you take drinks with the guys don't forget to keep that Adlife bottle. It can save you the hangover.


Celebrating our mother planet and all the water that makes our earth a habitable place. Conserve water. Every drop counts.


We are happy to provide you with the remedy to add life to your existence.


Happy Independence to our beloved country!


It's never about the amount since we are equal to the task it's more about the quality which we still maintain even when in large amounts. Call us today for all your water needs.


For all your water needs from as little as a bottle to filling up your pool,we have it at your convenience. Call us Today to order.


Look your best by always having & drinking a bottle of Adlife mineral water to restore your skin to baby smooth. Call us to order yours.


It's a proven fact that dehydration can actually cause mental fatigue, so next time you feel mentally incapable get yourself an Adlife bottle & get back to work.


Not for you only but bless the whole family with clean, safe freshwater to stay healthy. Get the Adlife carton for less at any nearest store.


Right after reporting to his girlfriend about his lonely day at home feeling sick, a friend walked up to him and asked what time he left the party. To escape the embarrassment, he drank heartily from the Adlife bottle he was holding & spilt the beverage clearing up the space for a change of subject


Take bottles with you to the gym & experience real gains. Call us for the safest water Zimbabwe has to offer.


Share your best fools day prank in the comments section.


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For water you can consume, you need a clean and sure source & we are there to fill in the gap where tap water can't reach to give you the assurance that you won't fall sick after a trust.


Kwapisa uku ,Ukaona wekwako aine
kagubhu keAdlife kaka freezer
kagubhu keAdlife kaka freezer
kachidikitira usasvotwe bvunza
kachidikitira usasvotwe bvunza
kuti atenga kupi pane kungo
womesa muromo.


As the water trickled down her lips under his unrelenting gaze and she so unaware of his piercing stare drinking heartily from
an Adlife bottle she stopped for a second
that's when the exchanged glances and at that moment unknown to the observer, a drop of saliva dropped from his chapped dry lips which made her laugh hysterically
as she quickly downed the contents of the
Adlife bottle be continued


Be it a wedding party or just another ordinary hot day in Zim, it's always better with a cold Adlife bottle to cool off from all the excitement. Call today


The perfect way to reduce the effects of a hangover is to keep a bottle of water with you as you drink to give the more fluids as you already know nasty hangovers are due to the dehydration balance it out with an Adlife pet.


Drop your answer in the comment section!


Just call us for all your bulk water needs & you will not be disappointed. We deliver right to where you are.


Don't forget to mask up, sanitize and also remember to keep a bottle of Adlife bottle with you always. It could add a few more years to your life.


Appreciating hydration is a sophisticated concept that allows you to perform efficiently and look your best ,usashamisike ukaona mbinga yakazvibatira kagubhu keAdlife


Celebrating women worldwide!


It's a well-known fact that the more the quantity the less the price is, so make a habit of stocking up on safe & sparkling water from Adlife for refreshing days under the Zimbabwean sun. Call us to order.


At times what you may think is chronic headaches is just a result of dehydration. Keep a bottle of Adlife water with you always and we'll be sure to settle the score.


The effect of ample hydration is a more focused brain, smoother skin and a brighter mood. Does that best describe you? If not, order from
us Today!!


We take pride in acquiring our water from the cleanest of sources. Then it's processed to our preferred standards for your drinking pleasure. Call the numbers below to order from us!


Celebrate the youth with



We have an extra efficient delivery service. Wherever you want the water, it will be there early and ready for use.Call us for quotations on bulk water.


The gravediggers had taken most of the afternoon digging.
The blazing sun wasn't helping & the crowd awaiting the burial proceedings were slowly becoming disheartened at the poor planning. You could see faces coming back to life & jumping from the small shade of trees to
receive the nearly frozen Adlife bottles of water. This was only the consolation...


You can spontaneously host a pool party that hot Saturday. Call us today!


Life without water is somewhat inconceivable as most of our basic
human needs require it. In fact, the human body itself is over 70% water. So to ADd life to yours, contact us for all your bulk water needs.


6 clean, mineral-packed Adlife water bottles are the minimum during the day. For optimum function & high focus, get stocked up! Contact us for efficient delivery to your doorstep.


Apart from the fact water is a superb coolant during these hot Zimbabwean days, it also looks cooler holding your Adlife water bottle & car keys.


Exercise, stay hydrated & maintain social distance. Join in the fight against Covid.


Exercise, stay hydrated & maintain social distance. Join in the fight against Covid.


All the life you need, in just one Adlife sip.
Contact Us TODAY for all your affordable, life-saving drinking water.


Need water branded for your wedding, conference or company? Look no further, We offer ‘branded/personalised water’ services at an affordable price!
Contact Us TODAY for a free quote!


Let’s come together and stop Covid-19 from reaching the Covid-22 finish line. Together we can, if together we care!

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Celebrating our mother planet and all the water that makes our earth a habitable place. Conserve water. Every drop count...
Right after reporting to his girlfriend about his lonely day at home feeling sick, a friend walked up to him and asked w...
Admit it, you didn't drink enough water today.
Adlife beverages!  Get in touch today.
Pack your family the best bottled water and flavored beverages for a brighter day at school and work. Adlife beverages
Imagine Perfection Soap with Adlife Water lol!


Bottled water, bulk water deliveries, ready to drinks , ice



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