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1. SPED believes that successful organizations, whether they are governmental, non-governmental are OUR VISION

To be the leader in empowering organizations, orphaned and vulnerable children, youths, families and prisoners in running their businesses and lives to their full potential.

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Tapiwa Lavert Zungunde

We Thank God

Photos from Sped Lead Tonderai Charity SCIO's post 05/12/2021

Photos from Sped Lead Tonderai Charity SCIO's post


Are intending starting a business and need guidance especially as an innovative youth, Do you have a strategic plan for your emerging business. Do you intent starting a community development project. Do you intend doing tender winning project proposals , do you feel like your staff need training to align them to your organisational vision consult us as Sped Empowerment and Development Pvt Ltd on + 263 772307644 or +263712443277


In the upcoming Poetry Series Book by Tapiwa Lavert Zungunde . A poem written with reflection

This Life

By Tapiwa Lavert Zungunde

You seem consumed with remorse and shame
Tear drops glisten on your cheeks, the throat dry as the Sahara
Surely certain, guilt ridden a burden you fail to name
Indeed it has taken its toll, the boyish looks seem to disappear

Tonight you see yourself in the mirror, an image of years gone past, a life spent like this
Deep in thought of the errors, trials and tribulations, numb from the other senses, almost at the belief, this life is better to give up
What of this life does it contain? Still with hope of a heavenly bliss
Long ago, it was no point to worry about time; we navigated the deep waters with passion and hope

And there it was, we now knew we were men
Are we sure footed as we were, neither, we clutch at straws dragged away deeper by the unforgiving current
It is clear we understand greatly the sadness in the eyes of many
Loneliness in abundance

We would like to stroll through the Heavenly Pearly gates
For Happiness to appear unexpectedly and go beyond the burdens that weigh us down
Of the Word, all well fed Souls mature to great Saints
It is our hope , to welcome my friend Jesus Christ .


So i am organising this event here in Zimbabwe ,to celebrate my young brother Tonderai , my young brother my best buddie ,so we will also unveil his tombstone a nice tombstone for my young one , who died before his time and i can even see my parents are already dead in themselves to say ahh how can a son die before us ...when parents die we cry but they would have worked very hard and thats very easy to get over because we will work hard to make sure the legacy of our parents is done ,what they wanted they lived fulfilling lives ,to have four children ,boys rine ndebvu and vasikana waakutoiitwa get married and are married ...but for Tonde to die that way ahhhhh it pains my heart ,my young brother to die just like ahhhhhit pains me .......so anyway we are going to have tombstone for my young brother and we will celebrate you Mr Tee ....

Photos from Sped Lead Tonderai Charity SCIO's post 22/09/2020

Photos from Sped Lead Tonderai Charity SCIO's post


Contact Principal : Mr Tapiwa Lavert Zungunde
Number :07377684379

Food parcels available from Sped Lead Tonderai Charity for those struggling during COVID19 ,Corona Virus in Glasgow Scotland .

Open to all ,although specific groups Minority groups to include Zimbabweans
, leave your name number and someone will contact you as soon as possible .

Signposting to other organisations and legal advise ,immigration and other issues also available


We are almost halfway through 2020 and very soon 31Dec 2020 is reached. This is the time to look back and evaluate what you as an individual as a youth as a family as an organisation as a Church have achieved. What milestones have you achieved what challenges have you encountered. By now you are travelling in your car please check whether you are engaged in the right gear travelling at the right speed along the right lane to reach your destination. What humps have slowed down your journey is it the economic meltdown or the Covid 19. Phone 0772307644 or 0712443277 for advice. We are empowered to empower

Conflict of the Powers of Thought 17/03/2020

Conflict of the Powers of Thought

Conflict of the Powers of Thought Conflict ofthe powers of thought Poems


Coming to your book stores and online stores near you ...watch the space


Visionary and strategic thinking is the way. When our Lord Jesus Christ said, " Go therefore into the world and make disciples......." what happened? The twelve men ( Jesus' disciples) turned the world upside down. Think strategically for your company or organisation think strategically for your Church and get a strategic plan inbuilt with a budget and monitoring and evaluation tools. Engage Empowerment Pvt Ltd and call us on +263772307644


Are you thinking of growing your company or organisation or are you thinking of starting one get in touch with us on +26372307644 and speak to Lavert T. Zungunde. Are you encountering a challenge with drug and alcohol abuse or as a parent you have sleepless nights over your child who is on drugs and alcohol abuse phone us on the above number or 0712443277


I was invited by the Church of Christ men's meeting to present a paper on drug and alcohol abuse by especially youths in the Church on 21 February 2020 at Mbare Church of Christ. This does not mean adults are not struggling too but the lesson looked at the meaning of drug and alcohol abuse or substance abuse types of drugs possible reasons why drugs are used and their effects on the individuals taking them and the negative impact on the Church. It was accepted that these issues were swept under the carpet and it became clear that this subject needs to be discussed at all levels of the church eg congregational regional and national levels. Parents are struggling with their children who are struggling with substance abuse. The economic meltdown has resulted in many unemployed youths who are desperate for self sustenance and are frustrated hence use drugs as a scapegoat with negative spiral effects.It was pleasing to note that through my facilitation the team came out with solutions to respond to the scourge.General consensus was the lesson was to be repeated at other fora and more time would be allocated and some critical issues dealt at individual level. It was quite inspiring. We are empowered to empower. We mentor or guide you on what you should do if you are in such a situation. ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH YOUR CHILD OR ADULT on substance and drug abuse. PHONE L.T.ZUNGUNDE ON 0772307644 OR 0712443277 FOR HELP


Sped Grace Community Development Trust whose Director and Founder is Lavert T Zungunde was blessed with a grant for community empowerment in Doma Mhangura. We believe in empowering the vulnerable ie the elderly the orphans those living with HIV and Aids. Youths are struggling with alcohol and drugs due idleness created by the meltdown economy. Against the above background we were blessed to attending the commissioning of the community development projects hence above Mai Zee and I are with the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe receiving their grant certificate.


Hie Team how are you. I wish you a merry Christmas and Prosperous 2020. we thank the Lord for the gift of life. You are empowered by Jesus to Empower


Sped Lead Tonderai Charity SCIO

Sped Lead Tonderai Charity SCIO The Advancement of Health The provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended The relief


My birthday was on 17 August 2019 and my birthday message came from 1 Corinthians 3:8-9(a) , " The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work. For we are both God's workers." In the above passage Paul is addressing the Corinthian Church where there was a problem of division. They claimed to be Christians and yet they were carnal, religious and philosophical and did not put the word into practice. Christianity is a relationship with God , it is intimacy with the Almighty. You are empowered by the word to empower others. Each one teach one to bring to Christ. Do not aspire to only make your living but aspire to make a difference in the lives of other people. Cast your nets deeper into understanding your job description to fulfill the purpose of God. Amen L. T. Zungunde and family


With the rise of poverty and the introduction of Universal Credit Benefits for citizens of Glasgow , Sped Lead Tonderai Charity is working with Glasgow North Trussell Trust in the provision of Food Vouchers and support to those who are vulnerable in this current climate , individuals with substance abuse issues and those requiring entry back into employment .

The following are the places covered .

For more information
Contact :07574536878
Mr Tapiwa Lavert Zungunde


The Word
┬ęTapiwa Lavert Zungunde

The word is like a mirror
A Reflection into our lives of what is right and wrong.
The more you indulge in it ,loosened are they the shackles of horror.
The understanding that we desire ,even of understanding what time is as Solomon wrote :
"There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens".

To understand the word is the unqualified submission needed as James 4:7 notes.
I remember a boy now a man ,the word rendered his escape from tragedy possible.
To fight the constant bombardment by the serpent ,the Word is the gateway to an immortal life.
To understand the law and what that Man of God did say about Grace , that was the Word.

Remember that feeling of failure , read the Word.
Remember that rejection you might not comprehend ,read the word.
Remember that feeling of judgement , read the word.
Remember that condemnation , and your sinful nature that overwhelms you , read the word.

The Word is positive energy ,positive vibes
Trickling down our veins nursing our veins
It shall not give you space in your mind for the enemy to lounge
For success ,hard work and the Word is the remedy.
Do not move drunkenly

It reminds me , my Father ,my old man says put your words into action.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Words of Thought (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts) 26/03/2019

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Words of Thought (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts)

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Words of Thought (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts) Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Words of Thought (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts)



All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is by his great mercy that we have been born again, because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Now we live with great expectations ........" Despite the trials and tribulations Christians were undergoing Peter is reminding them to praise God who empowered them by raising Jesus Christ from the dead which is the defeat of all evil and pain.Peter is saying you are a victor in Christ and you should live with this great expectation that the devil has been defeated and you are one of the beneficiaries of the Cross. No weapons fashioned against you shall prosper. You just need to cast your nets deeper into the word for the empowerment to take place. Lavert T. Zungunde and family



1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the strangers scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia,
Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
1 Peter:1:1-2. Peter is writing to the strangers; exiles (Greek: word: parepidemos ) meaning staying temporarily in a foreign place. Elect ( Greek word : eklektos) meaning being selected chosen. Due to the persecution of Christians by Emperor Nero in AD 64 July accusing them for causing fire on Rome many Christians were scattered all over the region running away from persecution. Peter is reminding you that your focus should be on Christ, as the "Elect" one of God despite the trials and tribulations you maybe experiencing. Despite the current economic meltdown and other very hard experiences you are going through in Zimbabwe you should throw your nets deeper and focus on Christ more than ever before

L.T.Zungunde and family


More Poetry books from Tapiwa the young mufana of Mr L T Zungunde my Dad ...so we thank God ,it's going to be a great year ,writing more books we will be great ..God bless you guys

Hey Abantu Taps Zungunde entering 2019

heyi abantu banomona
njalo beza ngemibono
bese uzozimela kau
haibo ngizizwa ngiphelelwa ngamandla

It is going to be great
Taps Zungunde

Make these life troubles start to rust
Wake up and rise up from this rut
Life it is as if a movie ,it moves me
Being weary of the devil elongating your sin list

In this race ,poverty disables a man to run fast
The Holy Spirit unbeknown dwells within can make a man start a laugh
In this World none shall stay with a frown
Man have to tough it out to reach the Living Waters

Spiritually the World is being brutalized
Out of the gutter many a man claim to be Prophetized
Enough man in power monopolize and monetise
Difficult to see and comprehend if not Proverb wise

If there is a Spiritual talk to share ,yearn the Holy Spirit to be within
We don't know enough to know what is real
We know that once you crack the seal to understand the Word
The pieces will fall into place

God is the Captain and Commander
Inside our minds a gift of choice resides
The Tongue is a sword sharper than knife
Watch what we say and to whom we pray

The devil is as a thief in the night
In broad daylight
He is gone with your life
Hold up your head ,stand firm ,do not be misled
I and I we are soldiers
It will be great


Me and my Dad ,Tapiwa ,Tendai and Tino we wish you merry Christmas please be alive for the new year because we lost our best boy Mr Tonde I miss you bro

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Words of Thought (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts) 26/10/2018

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Words of Thought (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts)

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Words of Thought (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts) Conflict of the powers of thought Poems

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Power of Thoughts (Poems) (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts) (Volume 1) 26/10/2018

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Power of Thoughts (Poems) (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts) (Volume 1)

Conflict of The Powers of Thought: Power of Thoughts (Poems) (Conflict ofThe Powers of Thoughts) (Volume 1) Conflict ofthe powers of thought Poems


The next book from Mr Tapiwa Lavert Zungunde .
Available in stores . Barnes and Noble . Amazon . can be ordered in Waterstones and all major bookstores . In Zimbabwe can be ordered through any major book stores . In South Africa can be ordered on Loot and major bookstores .
We carry on .words till the end of time .
We thank God .

Sped Lead Tonderai Charity SCIO


Sped also empowers writers. If you are good writer or critic get in touch with us.

Thank you Kindly

As we rise from a deep slumber, God woke us in a jovial mood.
We celebrate life and that which is good.
Peace to all, shepherding ourselves to our immortal neighborhood.
Praying and excluding the image and ways of the serpent hell bent on goading our souls.

The sin, the hedonistic humor gives way to brooding.
Now I also want nice things the same as you.
We are God's children, they are certain things you do not need and do not do.
The fight for material self worth aligns one's soul with the beast.

An upstanding, pillar of community type confessed.
That was in Church,I was there, sitting at the back amazed.
A Testimony indeed, the Chains of Addiction broken and cleared.
At the Altar, he turned crisply on his heel and danced a jig"Haleluya Haleluya, I am saved".

We have lost too many a friends and brother.
Some a questionable death with no overt trauma or forced.
We mourn, immediately noticing the absence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.
Our God works mysterious, the slower the process better the results.

My beloved Zimbabwe, we shall rise from these ashes.
My African brother gratefully we applaud you.
We know what we are here for, troubles and turmoils are persistent.
Nothing shall separate us from the Love of God.


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Tapiwa Lavert Zungunde



26 Greendale Avenue Zimbabwe , 2/1 53 Crossloan Terrace ,Glasgow Scotland

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