Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe

Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe


You killed it here, Dominoes Zimbabwe🔥
Absolutely blown away by your selection of sides!
Your candy corn pizza made me do an absolute paint job in the restroom. Enjoy f**ksticks.
He got a bad Meerkat with his Pizza 🤦🏻‍♂️
i like pizza
I wish u guys delivered to Australia because they got 12 year olds screwing up every pizza i order
New express delivery
Plizz Dominos pizza contact me ...
Where is Domino's Pizza Rhodesia
6000th member, do i win a pizza ?

Welcome to the official Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe page! Domino's is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. Need help? Please contact us!

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 24/09/2022

Introducing the queso pizza quesadilla wrap, available starting tomorrow for a limited time!



We are proud to announce a new menu item: the Pac-Man pizza! It features everything you love about our Hawaiian special, with one slice pre-eaten!

Come try the PAC-MAN PIZZA starting September 19th, 2022.



In honor of the fallen on this day, we’d like to just say we care about each and every one of you and your families. Thank you for your continued patronage to our establishment.

We’d like to offer to anybody today a very special-priced offer: Get an American Flag flatbread pizza for just $5 today. Just mention that you had seen this post on Facebook and we will deduct the price. Hoping everyone has a safe and beautiful day today, and again thank you for supporting Domino’s. ❤️



We are very proud to announce the VEGAN PIZZA! Come out to the finest establishment in Zimbabwe and eat some grass in a box for just $10.


One of our customers sent us a photo of their fully eaten pizza. Caption this!


The special edition pizzadilla and the peanut butter jellrito are on our buy 2 get 6 FREE sausage patties special. Bon apetit!

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 20/08/2022

Our finest delivery boy shows up to your location with this. WIll you accept?

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 06/08/2022

Some new additions to the menu! Coming this Sunday!

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 18/05/2022

Hey all, Scott here. Did you know that Domino’s is a very competitive company? Each branch competes to see who can be the bigger funny man. Kind of like how there’s a Pepsiman game on the PS1, and you’ve got the Noid Pizza Hut game on the NES. I mean hey, it’s like two brain cells battling it out for nostalgia. I’ve enclosed top secret information in the photos below. Note how DISGUSTING and uncultured the food at the Australian branch is.

At the end of the day: just make the right decision... SUPPORT DOMINO’S PIZZA ZIMBABWE AND NOT THE AUSTRALIAN BRANCH G******IT! *3D Dot Game Heroes Music plays in background*
-Scott Wozniak

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 23/03/2022


We are proud to announce our newest creation, the John Cena pizza! Seeing is believing in the ingredients, folks because there’s a lot that goes into this one. The best part is, it’s also one of our vegan options!

We start off with our invisible calorie crust, a clear marinara sauce, sprinkles of cheese-less cheddar, and pepperoni meat from Hidden Valley.

We hope you’ll come in and try this soon, because it may just disappear for good! 👋



We are very proud to announce our NEWEST, non-pizza menu item: the Bacon-Wrapped Octo-Stuffed Crab-Legged Chicken! This is one treat you won’t want to miss. Must order ahead to ensure its ready by the time you arrive.

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 06/02/2022


“Pizza time!” We are very proud to announce a NEW special promotional! We are giving away FREE copies of the Spider-Man 2 DVD with every purchase of our famous Meerkat Melt. All that we ask is that you wear a Spider-Man article of clothing (or costume) and recite a line from one of the three classic Raimi directed films.

We even got the classic “Human Spider” himself, Tobey to come take some pics in one of our several kitchens to pose in this ad for us! He told us to tell you guys that this was his “Forgiveness & Religion” costume from the unreleased Spider-Man 4.

This deal won’t be going away anytime soon little Goblin Jr., so don’t cry! The Spider-Man 2 DVD deal will be eligible for our “amazing” customers until May 3rd, 2022 (or until supplies last).

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 05/02/2022

You versus the guy she tells you not to worry about. 🍕👫🏿👨🏿‍🦯


Papa Jonathans Pizza yo, does your pizza have bones in it?



We are proud to announce a BRAND NEW menu item: the Jamaican Me Happy pizza! This pizza features generous portions of fried chicken, smothered in our new famous mashed potato sauce, sprinkled with cheese and celery on our artisan Polynesian thin crust.

Hurry in to try it! This hot item will only be available until February 28th, 2021.

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 03/02/2022


We are proud to announce that we are doing a partnership with Pizza Hut Malaysia for the next fiscal quarter. This merger ensures more possibilities, and should it benefit us enough, we will expand further and make it a longer partnership contract.

Behold, the Pizza Hut PizzaPlex! Please, take a gander at what is to behold here at the Malaysian location:


Hello again loyal customers!
To triple-over counter Papa Jonathans Pizza’s counter-counter deal, we are offering a super special! We will be delivering FREE PIZZA to the entire world for the next 24 hours. That’s right! We are delivering 50 billion of our finest pizza boys straight to your neighborhood. No matter the area, you’re getting our hot crispy crust in your mouth at no cost for the next 24 hours.*
The war is over.

*1 pizza per household per customer per day. See store for more details.



Hello to our loyal customers! We are doing a price match in our store to combat Papa Jonathans Pizza’s recent deal. For every used car battery you donate, we will give you two FREE Meerkat Melts, a 2L of Coke, and a side of our famous chicken wings. Hurry in to get the best deal in the area!*

*Limit one battery trade-in freebie deal per day per customers. See store for more details.

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 21/01/2022


We are very proud to announce two new menu items: the Fishy Egg Banana Melt, and Rainbow Surprise Dogs.

The melt features mouth-watering portions of banana, bacon, cheese, anchovies and sardines, with bananas and an egg on top. Comes with your choice of either peanut & green bean sauce or avocado-marshmallow spread for the crust.

The Rainbow dog features generous sprinkles of fruit pebble cereal, as well as chili, cheese, and pickled relish. Don’t forget to ask for the “secret meat sauce” when getting this one!



We are sad to announce that from the overwhelmingly booming amounts of business this past week, we have ran out of meerkat meat to make the beloved classic, the Meerkat Melt. During this time of food shortages, we ask that you bare with us, as we are trying to get more within the coming week as quickly as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your continued business!

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 10/01/2022

First day of the grand re-opening was a huge success! This is all we have left.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

I Made the World’s Blandest Facebook Profile, Just to See What Happens 08/01/2022

I Made the World’s Blandest Facebook Profile, Just to See What Happens

This just in! As we have been reassembling the pizza building, we received a message from a fan that The Atlantic has made an article about us. Thank you to loyal customer Will Angers for letting us know.

Atlantic, we appreciate your noticing of our business, and as always:

“We apologize for any inconvenience.” ❤️

I Made the World’s Blandest Facebook Profile, Just to See What Happens

Photos from Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe's post 08/01/2022

We are FINALLY opened for business again! Our staff kindly appreciates your continued patience as we had to recover and rebuild.

Behold, the Dominos Pizza Zimbabwe Pizzaplex, a giant mall-like facility sealing off the finest pizzas, waiting for our wonderful customers to return to rediscover its flavor.
Yolande the cleaning lady and Mr. Dominus Popoi would have been very proud of this monostrophic achievement in architectural restaurant design.

There’s lots to explore at our newly rebuilt location, so please do stop by! Come try our NEW “Freestyle Pizza” shown in one of the photos down below!

The doors will officially reopen this Sunday, January 9th, 2022! We are excited to serve you soon.


ATTENTION!!! Our business has went up in flames, and was also blown away during the leftovers of Hurricane Ida. Due to this, we will be closed for the foreseeable future until further repairs can be made to restore our beloved location.

If you would like to order a pizza, please call our store number and we will have one of our pizza drones send you one from Domino’s Pizza Malawi. We apologize for this inconvenience.



We are happy to announce that if you have purchased one of our Covid Jello Shots, you can now walk in-store to purchase your pizza without a mask. If you haven’t, we will unfortunately have to ask you to wear two masks, one above your upper lip and one under the bottom lip so you can ingest your pizza with full-protection.

Look at our regular customer Randy all excited as ever to indulge on our classic pepperoni!



We are proud to announce our newest menu item: Kiwi pizza! This features generous helpings of fresh kiwi topping, along with plentiful sprinkles of cheese, with the finest drizzles of our NEW Meerkat sauce all over the crispy, crunchy crust you’ve always dreamt of.

Come in and try one today! You won’t be disappointed.

This menu item is NOT compatible with the Meerkat Melt deal this week. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Just a little late after Easter! Due to COVID, we delayed this delicious delicacy. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Without further ado, introducing the new Rabbit pizza! Featuring generous sprinkles of holy cheese, “bloody wine” sauce, fresh rabbit meat, tomato balls, and basil sprinkles, all topped on our NEW rising “Christ bread.”

Come in and try it today! This special treat is only available until April 30th, 2021. 😀😋🐇



We are now selling Covid-19 shots! No, not the ones with the original chemicals. These are Jell-O shots themed after the vaccine. We have included delicious ingredients such as vodka, rum, tequila, and a hint of isopropyl alcohol flavored syrup for that authentic synthetic flavor.

Come by and try one today! We heavily recommend this one with the famous Meerkat Melt.*

*Must present ID upon arrival. These are alcoholic spin-off shots, and are not to be confused for the official vaccine. Item may vary per location. Not eligible for combination with the Meerkat Melt combo meal deal. See in store for more details.



Some of Santa’s elves have invaded our establishment! For some reason, they are much smaller than we expected. They seem to thrive on shelving units more than anything, however we did notice a few digging into our leftover pizzas that were meant to be tossed away.

Due to this, we will be closing early Christmas Eve to ensure the facility can be fully cleaned and sterilized of anyone “elfing” around.

We apologize for the inconvenience.



It’s time for the return of the great Pumpkin Pizza, Charlie Sheen!

Devour into delicious morsels of fine shredded mozzarella, our finest red sauce, and a combination of pumpkin chunks. All served in our classic paisano flatbread special.

Get it before it’s gone! This spooktacular deal won’t last forever! It’ll GHOST you on November 1st, 2020! 🎃



We are proud to announce a new menu item, the Explosive Quesadilla Pizza! This will feature our NEW quesadilla crust, followed up by our secret recipe hot sauce, and topped with cheese and Goldfish™️ Xplosive Pizza crackers. Come in and try it today, because it won’t be here forever! The Explosive Quesadilla Pizza will be available from 9/11/2020 to 9/30/2020.



Due to popular demand, we will be releasing Pumpkin Spice Pizza for the first time! It will feature our classic made-in-house crust, topped with robust tomato sauce, generous sprinkles of mozzarella cheese, and scoops of pumpkin spice. Come in and give it a try! This unique pie will be available starting 9/12/2020, and will be leaving for the winter on 10/31/2020.



Due to the continuous spread of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we are sad to announce that we will be closing our storefront to the general public. Only employees will be allowed inside.

If you need to place an order, please do so on our app, or at We are currently in the process of using carrier drones to deliver your delicious pizza to any area across the globe! Whether it be our famous “Meerkat Melt”, or even the pineapple pizza, we will get it to you in a flash with our contactless delivery.

We appreciate everyone’s business and apologize for the inconvenience.



Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, we are proud to offer a special deal! Starting later today, we are offering a FREE Corona beer with the purchase of any carryout pizza order. We do ID, so please, do not try and sneak one if you’re under 21. Hurry in for this offer, as it won’t last long! The “Coronavirus Special” is available from 2/13/2020 to 2/29/2020.



We are proud to announce a new menu item this holiday season: Crazy Christmas Sweater Pizza! This fully edible (and wearable) sweater will look great at your next festive get-together, or enjoy it as a yummy snack while waiting for Santa to slide down your chimney. The Sweater will be entirely made out of our classic crust, followed by robust marinara sauce, generous sprinkles of our artisan cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and bell peppers.

The Crazy Christmas Sweater Pizza starts at just $14.99, but you will be charged $0.99 per additional toppings.

Hurry in before it’s sold out! This Christmas special goes back to the North Pole on January 1st, 2020.



It’s that time of the year again, and you know what that means! In celebration of “No Nut November”, we are proud to announce the brand new “Peanut Butter Pizza”. The ingredients will feature our famous freshly made crust, topped with our robust tomato sauce, generous sprinkles of cheese, and a glazed spread of peanut butter covering the entirety of the pie. We still start handing out samples tomorrow morning. Be sure to get one before it’s gone! This limited-edition pizza will be available from 11-3-19 to 11-30-19.

*Not recommended for people with peanut allergy. We are not responsible for health problems from incorrect consumption.



We are very sad to announce that Mr. Dominus Popoi, our store leader, is retiring. He has decided to quit from the management position after running this location for many years. We appreciate his valiant efforts to run this location with nobility and respect.

In his place, we will be re-hiring Pengu, a very loyal previous manager that has been well-known for running this establishment very impressively. He had left for quite some time to tend to family matters and other things, but will be returning to operating our store location very soon.

As a THANK YOU to our wonderful customers, we’re offering a “New Manager’s Special”: receive a FREE classic Meerkat melt with any purchase! Hurry in for this great deal, as it ends on October 20th.

We thank you all for your loyal business and hope to see you soon!




Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 23:00
Thursday 07:00 - 23:00
Friday 07:00 - 23:00
Saturday 09:00 - 22:00
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

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