Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare

Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare


Is your child showing signs of eagerness to learn in this lockdown?
enrole today with us for online learning where you get quality and interactive e-learning, ages 2 - 6 years.

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Celebration time. Happy 6th birthday to one of our students Delma Makunha
Your garwe hw are u mi like yo page
Dakuuya kuzoita "Head" kkkkkk

A world class ECD centre providing quality education to the society and the less privileged

Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare now takes appointments on their Page. 01/02/2022

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare now takes appointments on their Page.

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare now takes appointments on their Page.

Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare now takes appointments on their Page. 01/02/2022

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare now takes appointments on their Page.

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare now takes appointments on their Page.

Photos from Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare's post 26/12/2021

Photos from Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare's post

Photos from Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare's post 26/12/2021

Photos from Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare's post

Photos from Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare's post 26/12/2021

Photos from Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare's post

Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare updated their phone number. 05/09/2021

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare updated their phone number.

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare updated their phone number.

Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare updated their business hours. 05/09/2021

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare updated their business hours.

Maclyn Preparatory School 1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare updated their business hours.

Blooming ECD eleaning 08/05/2020

Blooming ECD eleaning

Pleased to announce we now have our own Blooming e learning portal.Lets help our Bloomers to keep on track remember the more they stay away from school work the more they forget
Follow the link to join our whatsapp group

Blooming ECD eleaning WhatsApp Group Invite

Photos from Maclyn Preparatory School  1145 Rockfern Hatfield estate Harare's post 11/10/2019

Little Bloomers leaders of tomorrow


ECD classes and Parental involvement – How Important is it?

Educators and teachers are constantly working to develop and enhance the skills and learning experience of their students. This is an extremely important challenge at the ECD level as the skills acquired at ECD will impact future education as well as careers and life in general. ECD is a significant time of childhood development, both academically and socially. One of the most valuable resources for teachers is preschool parental involvement.
Researcher Karen Smith Conway, an economics professor at the University of New Hampshire, and Andrew Houtenville, senior research associate at New Editions Consulting, agree that, “Parental effort is consistently associated with higher levels of achievement, and the magnitude of the effect of parental effort is substantial.”
ECD often offers many volunteer opportunities, giving parents the chance to step in and connect with their child’s academic and social life. While general involvement such as parent/teacher communication can be of help, direct parental involvement typically provides even greater preschool success.

The benefits increase even more when parents support continuous learning at home. Good examples of this include supporting your child’s work on a school project or playing a literacy game with a young child.

Communication naturally improves between parents and teachers with preschool parental involvement. Communication with other parents is often increased as well. Time spent in the classroom will give parents insight into their child’s academic and social development.
It allows parents and teachers to work together on how to implement learning techniques. They can also collaborate to create cohesive strategies for discipline to prevent problems before they arise. All of this provides Mom and Dad the opportunity to have more frequent and meaningful discussions focused on their child’s preschool education.

Parent involvement may boost student motivation and improve self-esteem. A parent that is actively involved will support and encourage their child to perform well.
Your child will view this involvement as an invested interest their performance. Knowing that you hold them to certain standards will encourage them to strive to achieve those standards.
There can be overall behavioral benefits for a child when their parents are involved in their education. Parental involvement can provide a smoother transition from home to school. It can also aid in developing stronger social skills.
Improved attendance is often a result of parental involvement, keeping the child from missing out on valuable class time. These behavioral benefits supports academic achievement as poor attendance and behavior problems can prohibit the child’s ability to learn.

Volunteering in your child’s ECD classroom creates a connection between home and school. This will make it easier for them to share important events from home such as vacations or family outings with their teacher.
This connection will also encourage them to carry stories of their academic achievements at school home to share with their parents.

Parents will observe teaching and discipline strategies implemented in the classroom and in many cases be able to apply them at home. The teacher can provide valuable support when parents are try to assist in helping their child reach his full potential both in class and at home.
The more opportunities they have to interact with their child’s teacher allows parents to address any questions they may have about the best ways to support their child’s educationand development.

While it may be a struggle for teachers to connect with parents, preschool parental involvement can be very important. Teachers are often unsure how much, if any, additional teaching is taking place at home.
Parental involvement in the classroom allows the teacher to better connect with both the child and their parents. This makes it easier to assess the child’s needs and share information with their parents.
Parents can bring a different perspective to the table when it comes to the quality of their child’s education. While teachers are the experts in the field, parents see how their children respond and learn.
By sharing their insights with the teacher, parents can have a positive impact on their child’s education. They can even influence the quality of the education provided. By voicing their observations and concerns, parents can inspire change that benefits the children.

At Blooming ECD Center , we provide students with individualized curriculum to advance and enhance learning and are on the forefront of parent relations with newsletters, events and an open door policy. Contact us today for more information

BLOOMING ECD CENTER. Let them bloom +263773978570

Timeline photos 11/12/2018

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 11/12/2018

Timeline photos


The Benefits of Picture Books!

Benefit No. 1 – Visual Literacy Skills
Wordless picture book trains children to comprehend the story from multiple perspectives. When I use these books in my class, I’m pleasantly surprised by the stories that kids come up with based on the visual clues that most adults would overlook. Even within the confines of the illustrations, readers can see different details that may take them in many directions. The beauty of wordless picture books is that there is no right and wrong way to tell a story and is effective for non-readers to emerging readers on through to those who are excellent readers.

Benefit No. 2 – Improve vocabulary
How can the lack of text possibly aid in vocabulary development in anyway? It’s precisely for that reason that the perfect opportunity presents itself for readers to utilize the vocabulary acquired from past readings to put together a story.

Benefit No. 3 – Learn Story Structure and Sequencing
With the right guidance, wordless picture books can be a great way for children to begin understanding the building blocks of a story – beginning, middle, and end. By stringing the elements on each adjacent page to form a coherent storyline, they are in fact learning how to sequence their stories. You can imagine how that will come in handy when tackling essay writing later in life.

Benefit No. 4 – Develop Narrative / Storytelling Skills
Unlike adults who have had their senses dulled over the years through years of obeying rules and regulations, children are able to let their imagination run free and wild limited only by real world experience. Children are natural storytellers. Evident by how they are able to pull a story out of mid air just to get out of trouble. Wordless picture books allow children to hone their narrative skills towards a more productive goal.

Benefit No. 5 – Encourages Creative Thinking
The most obvious benefit, and probably the most important one, is that wordless picture books promote creativity.

Timeline photos 09/12/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 09/12/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 09/12/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 26/11/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 14/11/2017

A happy birthday to one of our students. Brandon Williams who turned 5. Wishing you many more years Brandon. May God richly bless you with kind, wisdom good behaviour which you have already been showing us here at Blooming. Enjoy your day.

Timeline photos 03/11/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 03/11/2017

Timeline photos


Some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, “This is for you, Daddy.”The man became embarrassed by his overreaction earlier, but his rage continue when he saw that the box was empty. He yelled at her; “Don’t you know, when you give someone a present, there is supposed to be something inside?”The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and cried;“OH, DADDY, IT’S NOT EMPTY AT ALL. I BLEW KISSES INTO THE BOX. THEY’RE ALL FOR YOU, DADDY.”The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little girl, and he begged for her forgiveness.Only a short time later, an accident took the life of the child. Her father kept the gold box by his bed for many years and, whenever he was discouraged, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.Children are a gift from God, so treat them as such, because their is many who cannot have any and would do anything to have.Also their is many who have and don't realize their worth.Moral of the story: Love is the most precious gift in the world.It wasn't made to be tucked in a corner by you. But it main purpose is to give it away and expand it.But if you don't have it you cannot give it.And sometimes you give it and don't get any in return.


Sports and fun day see you all at Number 1 sports stadium Mabvuku. Come and cheer our little ones as they compete against other 4 preschool. A lot of activities including for parents also. Invite friends and come and enjoy the day with our little Bloomings. Dates 20 Oct venue Number 1stadium Mabvuku. Watch this space for more details



Computer education is very important to children as it facilitates growth of several facets of child development. These include intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), fluid intelligence and novelty, hand eye coordination, skills development, mathematical abilities, social development, among others. These are the basic skills that breed programmers and graphic designers. In the long term children who become skilled in computer operation at tender age will be easy to empower with life surviving skills as computers are now part and parcel of our every days lives. Their economic future will be secured. Zimbabwe might have an agriculture based economy but it’s a fact that technology now transcends into all fields. Farmers worldwide have computerised their operations from weather forecasts, planting to financial management. The implementation of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) biased curriculum by the ministry of primary and secondary education at Early Childhood Development level which started this year 2017 is a step in the right direction. The current ECD syllabus clearly states a child should be able to name basic computer components, switch on and off a computer, select computer programmes using keyboard and mouse, use computer to play games, draw, paint and print, identify and match colours on the computer, make patterns on the computer, observe safety when operating equipment, among other activities. Join the Blooming ECD and day care center for a chance of the next Bill Gates of the future right from our own kids.


Story time with Uncle Blessing..........

Why the Crocodile Has a Hard, Scaly Skin

Long ago the Crocodile had a soft skin like that of the other animals. He used to go far from the rivers and catch animals and children and by so doing annoyed the people very much. So one day when he was far away from water, they surrounded him and set the grass on fire on every side, so that he could not escape to the river without passing through the fire. The fire overtook him and scorched and seared his back, so that from that day his skin has been hard and scaly, and he no longer goes far from the rivers.


1.Tip to our parents.... Keep an eye on those little ones
Sometimes we notice that something does not feel right with a child but we get distracted. We are all very busy, it’s true. We have great pressures and responsibilities pulling us in too many directions. The child who seems a little ‘off’, not himself, snappy or more quiet than usual is trying to tell us something. But it is easy to tuck this information away in a back pocket and only realize that something is wrong when a crisis occurs. We then think back and recognize that the signs were there, we were just too preoccupied to pay attention.
Don’t allow problems with your child to fester and grow. Open your eyes and observe if a child seems sad, withdrawn, distant, more moody than usual, or angry. Recognize if there seems to be greater confrontation between this child and siblings, if friends stop calling or coming over, or if the child can’t seem to find his place in school. Because before you know it, half the year can go by and what could have been a small problem has now become a ‘situation’ that requires major time and investment and causes terrible aggravation.


Develop a Working Relationship with your child Teacher

Reach out to your child’s teachers before your child reaches ‘zero hour.’ Many parents feel as if teachers are their opponents and don't realize that we are are all here to try and help our children grow in the best way possible. If you think that there may be an issue, it is a good idea to set up a meeting with the teacher and ask how you can work in harmony. Too many parents call teachers to demand and accuse instead of saying that we would like to solve this problem together. Before going to the principal or head with a complaint, see if you can first diffuse the situation.
If there are any special concerns going on in our homes, do not wait for the teacher to find out through your child’s acting up in class or failure to keep up with schoolwork and poor perfomance.
When a family member falls ill, if there is a health issue, financial stress, marital upheaval, problems with siblings, or any other factor that may affect your child’s academic or social success, it would be wise to enlist your child’s teacher as your confidential ally and gain her/his understanding. You can believe that at Bloomings ECD and day care center most teachers would go the extra mile and extend to your child an open heart.


Our children should never be afraid to speak with us. No matter how tough the topic, even if they messed up badly, they should not fear that we will hate them or want to close the door on them. Our love must be unconditional. True, there may be consequences or emotions of disappointment, but they must know that we are here for them. After all, we are their parents and if they cannot believe in our love for them, whose love can they believe in?

Work on communicating with your child this term. I am not just speaking about when you must call him in with a problem like poor perfomance or after you received a call from his/her teacher about miscfief. I am talking about daily interactions where you share a smile, a good word, a laugh, a story, or a meal together. The main thing is that you put the time and energy in so that he knows that s/he matters in your life.
Talk to your child every day-even if it’s just for a few minutes.
Put down your cellphone , turn off your laptop when your child (or you) return home, at mealtimes and story times, and when you pick your child up from school. Look at him and make eye contact while having a conversation.

•Speak to your child in the tone and with the words that you wish he would use with others.
•Express your love every day, no matter how tough the day.

I know that some days will bring unforeseen difficulties and that some children seem more challenging than others. But at least we will know in our hearts that we have tried our best to help our children navigate the road of life successfully


School opening date reminder.......7 days left to opening on the 12th of September .We cant wait to have our little ones back.Hope they are enjoying their holidays

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