Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe

Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe


“… but Eve, CAR HIRE option todii? Yes we want to #ConserveByTouring & to experience #IntimacyWithNature BUT how & where do we find affordable & reasonable car hire companies?"

Listen! I promised you that I got you, better believe when I make a promise, I got you for real🤗... Of course it took me months & months of research, meetings, emails, calls etc but it's because I had to be thorough & bring you the best.

Presley Car Rental came out shining zvisina hazvo kana nharo vanhu vashe.

So I made sure that you will get a MEGA 21% DISCOUNT - (16% on mileage rate & 5% on the daily rate). Which wasn't hard at all to convince them because they are extremely understanding.

✅ The first 200km are COMPLETELY FREE

✅ Then after the first 200 km, the mileage charge will start ftom as little as 30cents per km (fuel saver) BUT ndopatiri kuti you will Again get a 16% DISCOUNT.

✅ Then daily rate start from as low as $30 (fuel saver) wobva wabvisa futi 5% DISCOUNT.

💣Tell me that's not Mad-Crazy😌 I'm now talking about #LuxuryBudgetTravel💯💥🔥...

You asked for it & I'm only here to deliver 🥰

Get your EminentlyEve DISCOUNT CODE via WHATSAPP on +263714830156

💘 One of the very important reasons Presley Car Rental came out as the Best from my search is:


Full coverage car insurance is when the insurance includes liability, collision and comprehensive insurances.

❗Liability insurance – compulsory by law, pays for damages in the cases where you are the one who caused the accident. All insurance companies will have this one. You will just have to make sure that it’s up to date, it hasn’t expired.

❗Collision insurance – covers you when an accident happens while you’re in motion & alone. E.g. when you accidentally hit a fence or a light post. Most car hire companies will tell you that they do not cover accidents that happen when you are alone. So just be aware of this.

❗Comprehensive insurance – covers damages to your vehicle caused when you’re not in motion. E.g. when a tree falls on the vehicle during a windstorm. Many car hire options again do not cover you on this one either.

Kana mune mibvunzo yema car range nemamwe maprices etc ngatitaure pazasi apo👇🏾☺️... I'm so excited about this deal


Presley Car Rental provides hiring services suitable for your routine errands at a cheap cost. No matter your hire is related between business or leisure Presley Car Rental reward your needs at a lesser cost.

Operating as usual


Tips for wedding car hire #ZimAprilWeddings 😊........2. Your comfort should come first.

You need to ask yourself these questions: "is the bridal dress safe in this vehicle; is there enough space to fit the bride & her dress without ruining the dress; is the planned sitting arrangement going to make sense in this type of vehicle"...

We do offer free consultation aswell to help you choose the best vehicle for you based on your needs at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe so you do not have to figure it all out by yourself as it can be overwhelming

Mercedes Benz, Range rover, Limousine Chrysler, Jaguar, Toyota Fortuner, Land rover discovery & Classic cars... we've got you covered.



Tips for wedding car hire #ZimAprilWeddings 😊 1. Book early - Considering that most people want to have their weddings during holiday months, weekends & other public holidays, the demand for wedding vehicles is very high for those periods, Therefore, it is important to book well in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Mercedes Benz, Range rover, Limousine Chrysler, Jaguar, Toyota Fortuner, Land rover discovery & Classic cars... we've got you covered at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe


Did you know that we also have wedding vehicles😉...Who is ready for some APRIL WEDDINGS 🤵👰🕺💃😊

Contact us for Mercedes Benz, Range rover, Limousine Chrysler, Jaguar, Toyota fortuner, Land Rover Discovery & Classic cars at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe

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Don't be a statistic! Whatever it is that you want to check on your phone while driving CAN TOTALLY WAIT!

For responsible drivers only because we care about you & your loved ones, from as little as $35 per day, only at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe

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Those indicators are the only way to communicate with other drivers so it's important that they are used, & used effectively 😉 otherwise no one is safe on the roads!

From as little as $35 per day, only at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe 😊

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It is UNFORTUNATE that many who had the same mindset that "a split second texting while driving changes nothing", NEVER got the chance to live to tell how A SPLIT SECOND COST THEM THEIR LIVES.

It's all fun & games until masofa ave kubuditswa panze.

At Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe we encourage safe & responsible driving while also playing our part of making sure that all our vehicles are well serviced.

Come & get your car, from as little as $35 per day 😊

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This Valentine's Day, as you drive with your loved one around, it is important to recognize that Good driving is more than just understanding the manual aspects but also having a certain level of emotional maturity.

Trials & tribulations will come on these roads in the form of people's mouths & actions but it is important to keep calm & composed inorder for you to arrive where you are going in one piece. Avoid road rage at all cost! It's not an attractive trait even😉


You can take your partner on a beautiful date in style this February, from as little as $35 per day, only at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe 😊


YES - that millisecond that you think doesn't matter to take your eyes off the road & check your phone is just what it takes for a fatal accident to happen!

...and YES - you can hire a vehicle from as little as $35 per day, only at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe

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OFF ROAD (rough terrain)... OR... HIGHWAY (tarred road)?... WHICH ONE DO YOU PREFER FOR A ROAD TRIP? From as little as $35 per day unenge watova your own driver 😊



THEY WILL TELL YOU, "dare to dream big this February!". We are here not to tell you what to do BUT to offer you the practical machinery to help you dare, this February, should you choose to... Your transition or elevation can be from honda feet to honda fit or from honda fit to toyota fortuner, hilux or even jaguar - we've got you covered😊


From as little as $35 per day, only at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe


Fourth Tip to Increase Chances Of Being Safe on the Roads is to👇🏾

4️⃣ Keep a wide viewpoint

A lot of the times, some drivers get caught up just staring at what’s right in front of them.

With highway speeds however, it is important to also see what's happening further ahead so that you are able to predict bad situations still at the brewing stage. This allows you to have some extra time to act accordingly.

From as little as $35 per day


Third tip to increase chances of being safe on the roads is to 👇🏾

3️⃣ Use indicators (& use them in time) when merging and changing lanes.

Even if you think that you are the only one on the road or you think it's obvious that you are about to turn, Always get in the habit of using your indicators at all times.

Those lights are the only way to communicate with other drivers so it's important that they are used, & used effectively otherwise no one is safe on the roads.



HAPPY MONDAY GOOD PEOPLE... hoping that you have secured your wheels and are ready for a fruitful week ahead😊



A or B...THIS 2022 (using a vehicle make/model) which lifestyle are you planning to lead inorder to meet your goals come December 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

A] Benz E Class - a more luxurious kind of lifestyle filled with enjoyment


B] Toyota Axio - a more cautious & money saving kind of lifestyle filled with enjoyment.

At Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe we are commited to making your 2022 vision come to life by providing you with just the right vehicle that meets your lifestyle goals 😊



Looking at all the Greatness 2022 has in store for us like... 🚘🕺🏾💃🏿✌🏾

We wish you a joyous new year filled with success & all your heart's desires.

At Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe we are committed to making 2022 a safe, & funfilled drive for you... because we have just the perfect wheels😊


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We probably all know of at least one person who always starts a long journey late (pretty much in the evening) despite everyone discouraging him/her from doing that... Right?😉

Well, still in the spirit of festive season travel 🎄🤶🏿🎅🏿, First tip to increase chances of being safe on the highway during these times is to 👇🏾

1️⃣ Start your journey early enough so that you reach your destination before it's dark.

- This enables you to have a better vision & wider view while driving unlike when driving during the nighttime.

Please let us all be safe this festive season - driving with the intention of arriving alive!

For well serviced, safe vehicles you know we have your back always from as little as $35 per day only at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe .



It's a FACT... OR... it's a LIE👇🏾
Rain causes humidity levels to increase, therefore, when driving during the rain, vehicle’s windows become foggy to the extent that you may fail to see through your windows.



This festive season do not go out & risk being left stranded or feel like you have to do something that you are not comfortable doing just so you get a ride back home.

At Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe we've got you covered 💯 from $35 per day

Nothing beats the joy of being your own driver.... or is there 🤔🤔😊



Why should you avoid driving through a puddle of water? #DrivingInTheRain 4️⃣
Firstly, in Zim you never know what the puddle of water is hiding underneath. It could very well be a deep pothole so you want to avoid that kind of surprise. Secondly, driving through a puddle of water may cause your vehicle to lose traction resulting in it skidding across the surface of the road. You therefore want to avoid that by safely driving around any places where water has collected.

For a well serviced vehicle to drive this rainy, festive season, contact us at Presley Car Rental Zimbabwe 😊



It is recommended that you slow your vehicle by taking your foot off the accelerator earlier than you normally would in preparation to slow down or stop to avoid heavy braking during the rain.

This is because as you brake, most of the weight of the vehicle is transferred to the front tyres. If the front tyres also have to steer, then there's less grip available for braking as some of the momentum has to be converted into another direction.

A vehicle in good condition also helps when driving during the rainy season and for one you can send us a Whatsapp message to +263772546880


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DID YOU KNOW the reason you're supposed to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you especially during the rainy season is that...

#DrivingInTheRain 3️⃣

... stopping your vehicle is more difficult when driving in the rain because the road is wet so there is less friction between the car and the road. Your vehicle's reaction/ responding time is therefore slower.

*Please be extra careful driving this rainy festive season.



DID YOU KNOW that the reason the tread of your vehicle's tyres are to be checked & if bald are to be changed especially during the rainy is that...

#DrivingInTheRain 2️⃣

... balding tyres have close to zero grip especially on a wet road.

*Remember to take extra care of your vehicle during this rainy season to reduce accidents. If your vehicle is not in the best condition, you can always contact us on +263772546880 for a safer vehicle.


A, B or C? HOW COMFORTABLE ARE YOU driving or being driven in the rain?

A - Very comfortable
B - It depends
C - Not comfortable at all

Here some tips when driving in the rain

1. It's okay to wait until the the rain has stopped or eased up if possible.

2. Before driving, always check that your car's equipment are all working e.g. the windscreen wipers, head & tail lights and the tread of your vehicle's tires.

3. Do not be in a rush & don't feel pressured by other motorists to increase your speed if you are not comfortable. Of course do maintain a steady speed.

4. Remember to adjust the speed of your windscreen wipers accordingly.

5. Many drive a few millimeters from each other's bumper but remember to maintain a safe distance between your car & others because your reaction speed is significantly slower.

6. Avoid abrupt braking & make sure your vehicle is well ventilated at all times.

How do you feel about driving or being driven when it's raining?

Remember not to worry about your car hire needs, we've got you covered @presleycarrentalzimbabwe


📸: Eminently Eve

#TravelZimbabwe #VisitZimbabwe

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