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Do you test nutritional value for feed
Can some help how can i treat or control ubutata
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Do u offer poultry workshops
Anyone ane ma live broilers or akuziva kwaari inbox 0774 35 48 90 0712 507 398
Anyone ane ma live broilers or akuziva kwaari inbox 0774 35 48 90 0712 507 398

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Well done Zimbabwe Herd Book for another great Beef School this week. Was great to share and collaborate with others working towards a common goal.


Pig producers must be aware that non-stop use of pig houses can bring a decline in the health and performance of pigs. Poor weights and high drug bills can arise due to pathogen build-up. Thorough cleaning and disinfection reduce the pathogen levels thus breaking cycles of diseases like Mastitis Metritis Agalactia (MMA) and scours in piglets.

The farrowing pen and the sow must be kept clean and dry throughout the production period to reduce bacterial challenges. This requires an effective cleaning and disinfection protocol which includes:
• Removal of all organic matter in the pig houses
• Cleaning of the whole house from the roof and walls to the floor using Biogen Super, a non-toxic detergent.
• Disinfection of the house using Biopharm or Paragon.

Once disinfected, allow a resting period of at least 10 days before placement of pigs. Once sows are in lactation dry cleaning is encouraged as wet cleaning results in piglets being exposed to the cold.

Visit your nearest Fivet shop for disinfectants and detergents.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


New-born calves are susceptible to neonatal calf diarrhoea especially during their first 3 to 4 weeks of life. Bacteria, viruses and parasites attack the lining of the calf`s intestine giving rise to diarrhoea.

It is one of the major financial loss factors in cattle farms because once infected, this decreases the absorption of essential nutrients from milk and leads to weight loss and dehydration. Calf diarrhoea is considered an emergency that requires swift diagnosis and rehydration of the animal.

The BOVID-5 test offered by the Fivet laboratory helps to identify the 5 key pathogens that cause diarrhoea from stool samples of infected calves thereby assisting farmers to administer the relevant treatment and avoid production losses.

Farmers can either purchase the Bovid 5 Testing Kit from their nearest Fivet outlet or submit the stool samples of the affected calves to their nearest Fivet shop.

Contact your nearest Fivet Branch for more information.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


Summer heat has a negative impact on broilers and layers thereby reducing profitability. Summer stress is a major issue for poultry producers because it directly causes economic losses due to poor poultry performance.

Birds use panting or evaporative cooling to regulate body temperature during these higher temperatures. Panting is an efficient but energy-intensive method for birds to regulate their body temperature. Panting usually results in lower feed consumption and growth as well as reduced feed efficiency.

Concurrently, water intake increases, leading to an increase in intestinal fluid content. This causes diarrhoea subsequently leading to loss of electrolytes which are required to maintain acid-base balance.

The most significant effect of heat stress is a reduction in body resistance to disease as well as increased susceptibility to E. coli and Chronic Respiratory Diseases. The following steps will assist in combating heat stress in birds:
• Ensuring adequate ventilation
• Providing clean and cool water
• Adding electrolytes to the water, such as Electromix
• Feeding the birds during cooler times of the day, as they generate heat while digesting.
• Ensure adequate space by reducing the number of birds per square metre.

Visit your nearest Fivet branch for more information & assistance.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


Did you know that proper feeding of a lactating sow will give you heavier piglets at weaning and get your piglets to market quicker?

• Feed Fivet Lactation Meal when sows have suckling piglets (preweaning stage).
• Lactation meal is specially formulated to maintain the sow in good body condition while ensuring that she produces enough milk for the piglets.
• Feed 2.5kg on first day after farrowing.
• Increase by 0.5kg per day until sow reaches maximum intake. Give an allowance of 0.5 kg per piglet born alive.

: Do not feed " Dry Sow and Boar Meal" to lactating sows. The sows produce less milk; hence, piglets are weaned with low weights.
• Ensure feeding is mostly done during the cooler hours of the day.
• Ensure adequate supply of clean, fresh, cool water.

Visit your local Fivet branch to receive more information regarding our pig feed range.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


Ketosis is a metabolic disorder that occurs in cattle when energy demands (e.g., high milk production) exceed energy intake and result in a negative energy balance. Ketotic cows often have low blood glucose (blood sugar) concentrations.

In the beef cow, this is most likely to occur in late pregnancy when the cow's appetite is at its lowest and the energy requirement of the growing calf is near its peak. In the dairy cow, the mismatch between input and output usually occurs in the first few weeks of lactation, because the cow is not able to eat enough to match the energy lost in the milk production.

Symptoms are:
• Reduced milk yield
• Weight loss
• Reduced appetite
• Dull coat
• Acetone (pear drop) smell of breath or milk
• Fever
• Some develop nervous signs including excess salivation, licking, aggression etc.

Butasal 100 can assist in metabolic processes, including the formation of red blood cells, and it stimulates protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism. Visit any Fivet branch nearest to you for Butasal 100.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


Did you know:
• When a hen begins to lay, her feed intake would be low, yet her nutrient demand would be high as she would have begun laying & her body is still growing
• The increase nutrient intake requires support by providing a denser diet
• Fivet offers a special layer starter feed for point of lay birds called Fivet Startlay mash which has been formulated to give enough nutrients to allow the birds to grow while still laying eggs.
• Feed Fivet Startlay mash from point of lay (POL) until birds are 30 weeks and or have reached an intake of 110g/bird/day. Change over to Fivet layer 1 mash.
• Weighing of birds after POL is a crucial management tool so as to monitor the growth of birds against breed targets.
• Birds with lower weights than breed targets in lay normally struggle to lay and also struggle to reach peak production.

Visit your nearest Fivet branch for more technical support on poultry feeding management.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


It is important for farmers to check the nutritional components of the feed they give to their livestock for better production. NIR is an analysis technique for quick and accurate feed testing. It is a convenient low-cost alternative to the traditional wet chemistry analysis methods.

The NIR testing method gives the producer an accurate indication of the main constituents of their raw materials or finished feed i.e. Protein, Moisture, Fat, Fibre or Ash. NIR feed testing reduces processing time to just a few days as compared to wet chemistry, making it an important tool for quick farming decisions.

Fivet Laboratory offers NIR testing for raw materials and feeds at a quick turnaround time of just 3 days.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


Producing poultry and livestock under heat stress conditions (higher than normal temperatures) is a challenge for farmers. In layers, overall performance is seriously affected as egg size, shell quality, and production drops. In Broilers and pigs, farmers may encounter poor growth due to reduced feed intake, and above all mortalities may be evident.

Farmers need to look out for signs of panting and very high-water intake. Access to cool, adequate fresh water, improved ventilation, and adjusted feed schedules can provide relief to the birds. The use of foggers and misters is helpful to increase evaporative cooling.

In addition, supplementing with vitamins and electrolytes is encouraged during hot periods. Reduce mortalities and productivity losses by using BETASOL C in anticipation of the rapid rise in temperatures. The product is a refreshing, rehydrating, and stress-relieving oral solution. The dilution rate is 100ml: 100 litres of water.

Visit Fivet shops for more information.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


The profitability of poultry such as road runners, layers and turkeys can be reduced because of internal parasites. These birds pick up worm and nematode eggs from the environment especially where there is free ranging. Instead of nourishing the bird, feed is consumed by the internal parasites resulting in reduced productivity.

Clinical signs of a parasite infestation include:
• poor growth and feed conversion
• decreased egg production, and
• in severe cases, death

Economic loss from internal parasites in poultry

Internal parasites can make a flock more susceptible to diseases or worsen a current disease condition.

It is therefore important for farmers to deworm poultry every 6-8 weeks for the prevention of internal parasites. De-worming powder for poultry can be found at Fivet. It is administered through drinking water.

For more information visit any Fivet branch near you.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


Cattle pen fattening – Pen management
1. Provide good quality hay and clean cool water on day 1 (animals stressed and being processed)
2. Introduce feed gradually according to feed label
3. Provide fresh feed at least twice daily
4. Provide adequate trough space (20 cm during adaptation and 10 cm thereafter)
5. Provide clean cool drinking water at all times – clean troughs regularly
6. Monitor the dung daily – look for sudden changes in appearance, smell, consistency etc)
7. Keep clear records.

Visit your nearest Fivet branch for more technical support on pen fattening.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.

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