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Fivet do you support a farmer who is new and want to venture into animal husbandry ie advance with stock feeds?

I would like to ask my Goat inobereka vana vakafa how do I treat this
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For all livestock feed, Mishonga yemombe, mbudzi, Nguruve, huku, chikafu chezvipfuyo zvese, tinotengesa ma day Old chicks

For more information contact us Fivet Animal Health WhatsApp @+263771972580 Rasfeat_Chi uncle TV On Trending
Do you test nutritional value for feed
Can some help how can i treat or control ubutata
makasimba ere,ndinewo mombe yangu yakabereka muna december around feb yakatanga kuita problem pakuita ndowe knoe yawekuita senge irikupusher as if irikuda kubereka chibereko chotobuda kunze,ndingaita seiko kuti iite zvakanaka
Ma Broiler angu anomuka akadai it's now a daily thing
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Good mrnng. Ndaitawo problem huku dzangu mabroilers dzabatwa nechirwe dzikuita matosi e white, yangobatwa yotofa so ndinga dzitsvagira mushonga upi

Fivet Animal Health. Quality Feed & Health Products for Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs and Poultry.

Wholesaler & Retailer of a comprehensive range of livestock supplies


NEW PRODUCT ALERT!! A new 2 in 1 Fivet Goat and sheep Creep/Lactation nuts product now available in ALL branches Nationwide.

Benefits for lambs/kids
• Helps develop the digestive system faster of the lamb/kid which results in faster growth and reducing number of days to market.
• Supplement preweaned lambs/kids with a solid diet, while suckling, which leads to better eaters at weaning.

Benefits of lactating ewes/does
• Ensure the lactating ewes/does produce more high-quality milk.
• This results in maximising growth rates to weaning.

Many benefits to be sought through the use of the new product. Feel free to call/visit any of our branches to find out more about the product!


Slots are filling up fast. Be sure not to miss out this year's Beef School from 19 to 21 September 2023 at the Mystique Conference Centre in Bulawayo.

Complete the attached registration form and send it to [email protected] or complete the registration form on Google Forms: and make your payment to secure your seat. If you have completed the registration form already, make your payment to confirm your interest.

Closing date for registrations and payments is 31 August 2023.

For inquiries email: [email protected] or call +263 -242- 756 600 / 772 915 / 774 122 660 or WhatsApp: +263 774 122 660


After a number of years in waiting, we hosted the much-anticipated Fivet Expo at Wild Geese Lodge in Harare. It was an exciting day characterised by producers networking, learning opportunities and engagement with a number of international and local livestock experts. We had a fantastic turnout, with a crowd comprising predominantly of livestock producers and also our partners and the oversight authorities in our industry. The theme of the expo was ‘how to improve efficiency, sustained viability and profitability in livestock and poultry production’. A task that was ably handled by a competent team of experts that gave talks throughout the day.
We hope that all who were in attendance enjoyed the day but more importantly took back home some practical learning points that will hopefully add value to their farming operations.


Please note that ALL Fivet Branches will be closed on the 23rd of August 2023 for the upcoming elections.

Photos from Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe's post 11/08/2023

We would like to congratulate and make special mention of Elizabeth Makura. We have heard praise of her brilliant customer service which is in true reflection of her hard work. Well done to Elizabeth who is a part of the Sales team at our Graniteside branch in Harare.

Photos from Fivet Animal Health's post 08/08/2023

Please note that ALL Fivet Branches will be closed on the 14th of August 2023 and the15th of August 2023. We wish everyone a safe Heroes Day and a safe Defence Forces Day.


ALOT has happened over the last couple of months! The Old Legs Tour being one of them. Fivet was proud to be a sponsor in such an incredible task carried out by the team in this photo. They rode from Harare to Dar Es Salam, paddled kayaks across to Zanzibar then rode from the south to the north of Zanzibar where they finished this amazing achievement! We tip our hat to this team!


The profitability of poultry such as road runners, layers and turkeys can be reduced because of internal parasites. These birds pick up worm and nematode eggs from the environment especially where there is free ranging. Instead of nourishing the bird, feed is consumed by the internal parasites resulting in reduced productivity.

Clinical signs of a parasite infestation include:
• poor growth and feed conversion
• decreased egg production, and
• in severe cases, death

Economic loss from internal parasites in poultry

Internal parasites can make a flock more susceptible to diseases or worsen a current disease condition.

It is therefore important for farmers to deworm poultry every 6-8 weeks for the prevention of internal parasites. De-worming powder for poultry can be found at Fivet. It is administered through drinking water.

For more information visit any Fivet branch near you.


2 DAYS AWAY! The Boran Fatstock and Commercial Heifer Sale is finally here! Join us for a day insightful presentations from international experts at CC Sales on Friday the 30th of June followed by the Fatstock and Commercial Heifer Sale. On the 1st of July there will be the 8th National Boran Sale! There will be good food, good people, exhibitors and many things to learn! Come and join Fivet at CC Sales this weekend!

Have a look at a teaser through this link:



When birds are stressed mortalities increase and growth is reduced in poultry. Birds struggle to adapt without management interventions. Activities like transportation and vaccination affect the performance of birds and young livestock. It is critical to give day old chicks STRESSMIX from day 1 of placement to day 6 of life as a routine measure.
To ensure no disruptions in production under these conditions, give broilers, layers, pigs, calves and kids/lambs nutritional supplements as prevention. STRESSMIX assists in overcoming the bad effects of various stress factors resulting in the loss of vital vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes. The good amino acid profile helps to boost growth in chickens and young livestock STRESSMIX is Available at all Fivet Branches!

Photos from Fivet Animal Health's post 09/06/2023

SEE YOU THERE! Don't miss out on the ZBBS 8th National Boran Sale/ Fatstock & Commercial Heifer Sale being held at CC Sales on the 30th of June and 1st of July 2023. Presentations being done by a Fivet Sponsored Nutritionist and world-renowned PJ Budler on the 30th of June to give an insightful and informative presentation which will be of value to all Beef farmers out there! Bring the family along as it will be a fun 2 days!

Photos from Fivet Animal Health's post 02/06/2023

Attention Ruminant Farmers. Don't miss out on the ZBBS Fatstock /Commercial Heifer sale on the 30th of june and 1st of July at CC Sales, Harare! If not equipped with the right knowledge, rearing cattle through the winter can be challenging. The latest ZiMunda Farming magazine (Winter Edition) is packed with articles from the livestock industry on winter care in cattle. For those interested in improving their on farm Boran genetics, there is a detailed article from the Boran Society on THE POWER OF BUYING LOCAL. Download the issue from and be well informed. Happy Farming!


Happy Milk Day!
Did you know that colostrum provides calves with passive immunity until their immune systems are developed and able to actively produce antibodies in response to infection?
It is a white milky fluid that cattle produce during the first few days of delivery of the calf which is rich in antibodies and immunoglobulin that helps the calves to fight against bacterial and viral diseases.
It saves as a vital source of growth factors and nutritional elements such as protein, fat, milk sugar, vitamins, and minerals. It is most effective to feed colostrum in the first 6-12 hours of life as antibodies cannot be absorbed after 24 hours. Every hour counts when it comes to feeding colostrum to new-born calves.
Visit any Fivet branch nearest to you for more information!


Fivet Pig Grower Concentrate is a protein-based concentrate that should be mixed with maize on farm.
A concentrate is an incomplete feed that contains a higher percentage of energy, protein, premix (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, organic acids) and other feed additives.
Did you know that Fivet Pig Grower Concentrate can be used to make both Pig Grower and Finisher Meals?
• Mixing ratio of 1:1.5 e.g. 400kg concentrate to 600kg maize for your grower rations. For the finisher ration use a mixing ratio of 1:1.85 e.g. 350kg concentrate to 650kg maize.
• Mix thoroughly, two times in one direction. Repeat two times in 4 ways and mix on a clean surface.
• Feed the resultant Pig Grower Meal from 10 to 16 weeks of age, ad lib.
• The Pig Finisher Meal is fed from week 17 to slaughter, ad lib.

Visit your nearest Fivet branch for more information & assistance.

Call 0772 282 000 or WhatsApp 0775 520 967.


Congratulations again to Jaqueline on winning half a tonne of feed! All smiles yesterday when she came to collect her winnings!


Catch Fivet on the Radio with our very own Dr. Gideon Mutema speaking on Winter Brooding Techniques! Dr. Mutema will be on YaFM from 1915hrs - 1945hrs. If you would like any insights feel free to reach out to your nearest Fivet Branch!

Station details - 91.8/101.9
Facebook - YAFM
Instagram - Yafmzim
Twitter - yafmzim


Please note our trading hours over Africa Day. We will be closed on Thursday the 25th of May 2023.

The Fivet Family wishes you all a happy and safe holiday!


Ascites (water belly) has become a major cause of wintertime mortality in broiler chickens. Ascites is the accumulation of excessive fluid in the abdominal cavities because of heart failure. The disease may result in significant economic losses due to late mortalities.

Poultry producers struggle to achieve adequate ventilation which results in reduced oxygen circulation in the blood. This causes the heart to work harder to compensate for the circulation requirements. The added stress on organs like the liver, results in fluid leaking into the abdomen forming a water belly.

Signs of the disease include bluish looking flesh due to inadequate oxygen, laboured breathing, distended abdomen, and high mortalities between 3 to 5 weeks of age. Use proper poultry curtains and avoid use of black or other plastic sheeting as curtaining. Ensure adequate heating capacity whilst maintaining good ventilation. Adopt a lighting program aimed at slowing down growth rate.

Feel free to visit your nearest Fivet branch for assistance!


Fivet has Stockist availability in the Matabeleland region! We pride ourselves in being as convenient as possible for our customers. If you would like to be a part of our journey please contact [email protected]. Don't miss out!


Attention all Radio listeners! Our very own Dr. Choga will be on YaFM this evening! He will be discussing "How to keep your cattle healthy in Winter" from 1915hrs - 1945hrs. Tune in and feel free to reach out to us before or after!

Station details - 91.8/101.9
Facebook - YAFM
Instagram - Yafmzim
Twitter - yafmzim


We have a WINNER! We held a "Guess the weight" competition at our ADMA stand where over 150 people took part! We are glad to say that we have a winner! The weight of the bag was 31.15kgs and the closest guess was 31kgs! Well done to Jaqueline Muduri who will receive HALF A TONNE of feed!

Thank you to everyone who took part!


Visit our stand at ADMA Agrishow for all you need to know about profitable animal production. ADMA is at Art Farm off Harare Drive from 11-13 May.


5 DAYS LEFT!! Don't miss out on our People's Promotion! This discount applies nationwide at any Fivet Branch.


Want to know more about Fivet Nhapi Tapi 98? Here are some tips on how to make a protein lick using Fivet Nhapi Tapi.

INGREDIENTS: Maize Meal, Salt and Fivet Nhapi Tapi 98

Cattle: Mix 50kgs Maize Meal, 100kgs Salt and 100kgs Nhapi Tapi 98.
Recommended intake (min) (g/day): 400
Recommended intake (max) (g/day) 600

Sheep and Goats: 50kgs Maize meal, 50kgs Salt and 50kgs Nhapi Tapi 98.
Recommended intake (min) (g/day): 75
Recommended intake (max) (g/day) 130

Visit any Fivet Branch nearest to you for more information! Mixing tutorial coming soon!

Photos from Fivet Animal Health's post 27/04/2023

Fivet is at ZITF 2023 Bulawayo! Come along and pass by our stand, you can't miss us! Your needs are our priority, and we want to hear from you. Feel free to speak to our service champions at the Fivet Stand.


*Trading Hours Update*

As we approach Workers Day Fivet Animal Health would like to make you aware of our trading hours.

Workers Day Trading Hours:

We are closed - Monday 1st of May 2023.

This applies to ALL our branches nationwide. The Fivet team wishes everyone a safe and happy Workers' Day!


Incoming! Fivet has done it again! Fivet NHAPI TAPI 98 is here! Want to get your livestock to market quicker, or increase the fertility of your breeding herd?
Fivet has got you! Fivet is introducing a high-protein concentrate for mixing maintenance feeds and protein licks for ruminants. The product has many benefits such as a high level of soluble protein in combination with the optimal level of sulphur, adequate levels of all minerals, trace minerals, and vitamin A, multipurpose feed-mix for both feeds and protein licks for all ruminants, high in molasses to bind fines and improve feed intake as well as easy mixing ratios.
NB: This feed contains urea and other NPN sources.

Keep an eye out for more info on Nhapi Tapi 98!


PROMOTION ALERT!🚨 To celebrate all the workers out there we are doing a promotion for the people of Zimbabwe! 5% off any purchase of 50kg bags of Pullet and Layer feed at ANY Fivet branch nationwide. Promotion ends on the 10th of May 2023. Hurry whilst stock lasts!

Photos from Fivet Animal Health's post 17/04/2023

At Fivet we make it our PRIORITY to go above and beyond to show support to any community out there! We have thoroughly enjoyed our outings, visits and events over the last few weeks, and we look forward to seeing more smiling customers!


With Zimbabwe's Independence Day coming up, please note that all Fivet branches nationwide will be closed on Tuesday the 18th of April 2023. We wish everybody a safe and happy public holiday!


Vaccinating your birds helps to protect them from unforeseen disease challenges on the farm. Vaccines help to protect the birds from known disease that can cause major financial losses. To ensure that a vaccine has been taken up by the birds and that a sufficient level of protection is obtained, make use of the Fivet blood testing Laboratory.


For better production, it is important farmers check the nutritional components of the feed they give their livestock. NIR is an analysis technique for quick and accurate feed testing. It is a convenient low-cost alternative to the traditional wet chemistry analysis methods. The NIR testing method gives the producer an accurate indication of the main constituents of their raw materials or finished feed i.e. Protein, Moisture, Fat, Fibre or Ash. NIR feed testing reduces processing time to just a few days as compared to wet chemistry, making it an important tool for quick farming decisions.

Fivet Laboratory offers NIR testing for raw materials and feeds at a quick turnaround of just 3 days.


The Fivet team wishes everyone a safe and happy Easter weekend! Please take of note our Trading Hours for the upcoming Holidays.


An inadequate feeding programme for sows is a major contributor to not meeting breeding targets. Lactation is the most demanding phase of the reproductive sow, with significant energy being required for milk production. Daily energy needs during lactation include energy needs for maintenance and milk production.

Feed Fivet Lactation Meal when sows have suckling piglets. This feed is specially formulated to maintain the sow in good body condition while ensuring that she produces enough milk for the piglets.

Visit your nearest Fivet branch for more information on our pig nutrition range.


Which of our branches do you visit?

• Harare
• Mutare
• Bulawayo
• Masvingo
• Marondera
• Chinhoyi
• Gweru
• Chipinge

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Can your poultry equipment match this strength?




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