Harare International Food Festival

Harare International Food Festival


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hie guys ,dora ,ncube and everyone ,the chefs you guys rock I had a memorable weekend
Mmmmmmm hw i love food
This years Event is going to be even bigger cant wait!

Harare International Food Festival 24-25 August 2012

Mojo's, East Road Avondale, Harare

The Festival is a showcase of food and wine incorporating the service provides to the food and beverage industry.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 15/02/2016

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 05/02/2016

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This landed in my inbox if you need carpets please give her a try!!!

Carpets by Shirley
Shirley O’Brien
+263 4 88 59 32 or Mobile 077 228 6332



The Taste Kitchen 28/05/2015

The Taste Kitchen

Its winter time for soup, starch and Hot puds, I visited http://www.taste.co.zw/ today so many great recipes with ingredients that can be found locally!!!

The Taste Kitchen Zimbabwe's No.1 Food and Recipe Website


Easter food coma.... after all the easter eggs, the greek easter bread, hot cross buns and all the food at the family get togethers. All i need is a detox drip!!!!

Happy Easter Season!


I was watching the Food Network Show chopped this morning and I realised i know so many TV Chefs but none in Zim. Who is your favourite Zim Chef and your favourite TV Chef!

18 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks - Kids Activities Blog 21/01/2015

18 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks - Kids Activities Blog


As i was reading i came accross this and thought you might like this too!

18 Kid-Friendly Snack Hacks - Kids Activities Blog As summer is in full swing, we are breaking out more convenience foods and snacks. Our summers are full of activities and I love grabbing snacks for the kids to eat after the pool, or during a visit to the zoo. Here are some of the tips and hacks that have helped make our summer …


School lunch boxes
Its back to school all over again and for some it is the first time you have a little on in school and you have to pack a lunch box.
It is not easy everyday to come up with healthy lunch box options for little one who have some of the craziest eating habits on the planet.
As a mother of an 8 year old boy who for 3 years only ate cheese (grilled preferably), polony, marg / butter sandwiches I know your plight!
But recently my son surprised me and he now will eat tuna sandwiches; this morning i almost blew it as he witnessed me put mayonnaise in the tuna and he exclaimed in horror : "Mom i dont eat mayo!" When i told him that the sandwiches he has been eating come with mayo he agreed he will only have mayo with his tuna! phew.
I am grateful to his school who encourage that all the children have a bottle of water. I add a juice box from time to time.

In our lunch box this term
Tuna/ Cheese/ polony sandwiches
Fruit - Apple / mango slices
Colcom pork pies
Carrot / cucumber sticks

For special treat - Bag of crisps / Pyotts Mini cheddars / a muffin / Amazon Spinners/ raisins and nuts (have to be careful coz there are other kids in the school with nut allergies)

Share with us your lunch box muchies!


Christmas Menu?? its that time of year all have to decide what the Christmas feast will be. whether your family does dinner or lunch or a stange mix of Brunner (Breakfast-lunch-dinner) we all agree that the Zimbabwean staple of festive Chicken and rice will feature somewhere in there.

This year there are some traditions we might want to break.... i am challenging those of you who dare to try the crazy combo - Checkers SA calls the Turducken - Chicken wrapped in Duck Wrapped in Turkey. I first got wind of this incestuous christmas bird a few years back and i was horrified. But once i tasted it i am a convert. It combines everything we love about these 3 poultry varieties. the tenderness of chicken and the slight gaminess and grease of the duck which add flavour to the turkey (which i think was added just to this trio for its size more than anything else).

But if you would rather be a little more conservative then go ahead and roast the chicken, boil the rice make the gravy (soup- tomato and onion relish) and dig in.

This year i am putting ham to the test and i want the full whack, honey glazed with the clove and pineapple garnish. Just as it appeared in the Colcom adverts of years gone by.

to it all i will add some American staples - macaroni cheese, green (rapi from mugarden) i will call then sauteed green for great culinary dramatic effect. My rice this year will be Carribean style, coconut milk and kidney beans maybe i will be real Jamaican and go for the Blackeye peas (Nyimo).

Christmas is never complete without childhood dish that everyone remembers. This year its mother sugar beans - a la Dora. My brothers and sisters so understand this dish. What dish is it for you??

My desserts the thing i live for every christmas will be Cherry Ripple Ice Cream - Kefalos you did it again with this one- Chocolate Mousse that i have recently learnt to make with my own fair hand. And of course some form of Christmas Chocolate Log - who am i kidding i am making a big ol Chocolate cake.

So i am off to hunt down my perfect ham and black eye peas. Enjoy your Christmas feast where-ever you are with Family friends and all kin.

Merry Christmas All


A friend of mine has nothing good to say about Cafe Nush!

Tell us when last you were there and how do you rate them???


Eat out this week and share with us your experience!!!!!



So many of us love to hear that regional and international food franchises are making their way into our city and our country. We poise our knives and forks parallel to the table and get ready to enjoy the tastes we only had the pleasure of experiencing when we made our last shopping trip to Mzansi!!!

We expect this experience to take us back to the luxury and opulence of Egoli with its life of possibility! Well i decided after all the hype i must make my trip to Mugg and Bean at Borrowdale Village and lap up the flavours that remind me of my time in diaspora kuJoni!

Situated in the corner where 360 used to be and now housed next to another eatery Arti's Resturant (we must make a trip there too) Mugg and Bean looks much like its counterparts in any mall in South Africa (Johannesburg where else do most of us finish the trip to Mzansi). The tables inside and outside and the cake display and muffins we have come to expect from M&B.

It was tuff to find a place to eat on a Monday night, but M&B are open. My girls and i were grateful and eager to dig in. The menu gave us a great variety and we were a little indecisive about what to eat. Gourmet burgers served on soft pretzels, sandwiches and snack platters, and just when we thought breakfast would be left for another day, the waitress tells us that its all day breakfast.

We all decided to go for the snack platter which promised a combination of all the goods one loves chicken wings, pork ribs, dill gherkin spears, onion rings and fries. I often struggle to decide on menus if there are no pictures and i was glad that there was a scrumptious picture of this platter.

It was an average wait and the platters came, i was overwhelmed when i saw it, i expected to see the green dill spears but instead all snacks are smothered in sauce or deep fried. Well the platter was here now and i temporarily threw out my diets and my calorie counter. I was going to savour every bit, you can go wrong with deep fried and sauce and just to help it all along a blue cheep dip and a smokey mayo.

The first bite decides the general flavour and enjoyment factor and as i sank my teeth into the chicken i was was hopeful and all looked good. i dip a thin frozen french fry into the blue cheese dip and it all looked like it would be mouth watering and a good choice. But the ribs were a real let down the pork ribs short and fat were mostly fat and slightly undercooked and a little work to bite and chew. The onion rings could be just a tad bit crispier. I was not too pleased it was nothing like my M&G experience yeku South.

So after my mediocre meal was some mediocre service, it took the staff way too long to come and clear the table and no one bothered to ask whether i wanted a sweet or not. When we eventually flagged down a member of staff to get the clear the table and bring the bill. We still waited a little longer. I left feeling let down, although it looked like Mugg and Bean and smelled like Mugg and Bean it tasted nothing like it!

Was it worth the $16 we paid for each platter my answer not quite. i would rate the meal a meagre 4 out of 10.

Tell me your M&B experience!!!


Dear HIFF Lovers my sincere apologies that we have missed this years dates. But I took the time to go out see a few other festivals so that our event next year will be better. I am currently finishing off my reviews on my food experiences from China, Hong Kong and Thailand and will share what to eat when you LOOK EAST !


Hi there fellow HIFFER (sounds like heifer but we will let it slide)!!!!

I went out to lunch today at Alo Alo i had not been there since they moved from Herbert Chitepo. The ambiance and the setting of the new restaurant was amazing and i thoroughly enjoyed the setting. the staff was attentive and courteous very smartly presented.

My lunch on the other hand was a bit lack lustre and i am so sorry i did not take a picture. As a i am serial (not cereal) dieter i decided to hold the starch (option were mashed, baked or boiled potato or rice) and asked for a salad instead.

The chicken was a stuffed with mozarella and tomato and had a white sauce (silly me i did not pay much attention to the menu)

My tastebuds were not wowed by this and i am a little sad - i will have to make a trip back there and try a dish that is not on the Restaurant week menu. i felt the meal was satisfactory but lacked the flavour.

Would i order this dish again - NO - score 4/10

Share your restaurant experience with us!!!




we would like to have a theme that covers our international feel and we are appealing to you all to help us. If we choose your theme we will be sending you a hamper of great ingredients.

So spread the word. This year we turn 3 and we want to encompass in the local and the global.


Harare International Food Festive 2013 is now in the planning stages watch the page for dates and venue.

We are calling for Exhibitors if you have a food product that you would like to exhibit as this years event please email [email protected]

Timeline photos 30/09/2012

Colcom Chicken Bangers

HIFF 2012 Views 30/09/2012

Dendairy Stand

HIFF 2012 Exhibitors and Selected Views


HIFF is so excited to have gone past 100 likes mark thanks to all who have just joined us.

we will be posting more photos and a video of this years event so stay tuned. We are also plaaning a few more smaller events leading to the big event next year!


Well we have cleared the table for 2012 Festival, thank you to all of you who came out to support us! To our exhibitors and sponsors you were a key ingredient in this event. Our chefs who competed its electric and so much fun! Carl Joshua Ncube and Stephanie thank you for judging, Takura thanks for the wine and the tasting session. To the event staff and organising crew. Special thanks to Laila for telephone duty! To all who worked with us to produce this event! Next years dates will be announced soon!


2 Days to go and its all very clear now what fun we will have!


4 Days to Go and we are on Track with it all. We want to make special Mention to all our Partners:
- Mojos Restaurant
- Colcom Foods
- Country Choice Foods
- Yum Yum Oriental Style Noodles
- Royal Ocean Sardines

We look forward to seeing you there


We are getting ready for the festival. We are now looking for chefs and bakers to enter the competitions. For more information please email [email protected]


Thank you all for Liking our page! We have your tickets reserved please inbox us with your details so we can advise how to collect your tickets!

HIFF 2011 Moments 03/08/2012

Highlights of HIFF 2011


The Dates for the 2012 Event are

Friday 24 to Saturday 25 August 2012
9am to 5 pm daily

Goodie filled bags for first 250 people everyday

Chef competition
Loads of food samples
Children's play area

For Information Contact
Dora on 0772 980163
[email protected]


6 Langford Close, Greendale

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