Antonella Bargione’s heart System

Antonella Bargione’s heart System


Finishing a small giraffe in time lapse
I tuoi disegni, dipinti e quadri trasmettono sempre molta energia vitale 😍 vivi e vividi, un trionfo di colori e magnificenza che pretendono di essere semplici anche quando non lo sono affatto. Sei una vera artista dell'anima ♥️
Antonella Bargione - you are now famous in New Zealand. Inspirational interview Living Life In Colour
Hi Coach
I love your food. :)
I love the semi-colon methaphor :)
Antonella Bargione our special friend in Our Crystal Passion earrings.
She looks stunning! Check out her site: Water & Light ~ the art of freedom
it is very worth it!

The Art of Freedom is about re-creating your life through Art, Soul & Healing. Conscious Leadership Coaching, working with the feminine, Creativity.

My name is Antonella Bargione. I was born in Italy, and moved from Italy to Zimbabwe 24 years ago. I am an architect by training, whereas life led me to develop myself in the field of Energy Medicine, Conscious Leadership Coaching and Emotional Well-Being. I am passionate about creative arts and bring my personal creativity into all I do. I am a director and the artistic designer for The Mbira Cen

Operating as usual

Photos from Antonella Bargione’s heart System's post 12/06/2022

The Sacred Plant Mandala.
Acrylic on un-stretched Canvas.
Cm 51x51.
No frame. DM if interested
This painting came from the Cosmos bringing different code that brought me straight into the Amazon to connect to Mother Earth in a different way. An initiation into the Sacred Plant that wanted to be painted.

Photos from Antonella Bargione’s heart System's post 05/06/2022

Today we were invited for lunch at ‘the Pavilion’ at Mildred’s in Crow Hill. The place is by a dam.
When we arrived, we were greeted by a fish eagle 🦅flying over the water surface. The place is a small gem literally created by Mildred’s hands and creativity, with lots of upcycling.
She loves to cook traditional food to perfection. For her preparing food is a ritual of love.
Sitting on the deck by the water brought me such joy and release from all stress.
Mildred is helped by her son, chef Tanaka, who did his culinary art studies in France and in Florence, in Italy and now he ‘s back in Zim to stay and contribute to the zim food scene bringing a variety of new dishes and I personally hope that he could transform and up level the Zimbabwean culinary experience. We had madora (caterpillars) as starter, mugaivo (white Mai’s polenta) with different types of offal, beans, grilled rump and chicken all sort of veggies, all cooked on the fire. As a pudding we had Lemon cake with banana cream garnished with mango and pistachios. At 5.30pm, the light went gold, while the Sun started to set. An airone flew by when we were saying farewell.

They work on bookings, min 10 max 20 people. You can choose a traditional meal or chef Tanaka’s multi course meal. It’s a different outing not far from Harare. You can book ‘the Pavilion’ for your parties, Sunday lunches on +263 7 83452126 @theblackandwhitefoodcompany


African Queen. Collage on paper. What does make us a Queen? Is it enough calling ourself King and Queen to truly embody this state of leadership and responsibility?


"La cosa migliore da fare quando si è tristi”, replicò Merlino, cominciando a soffiare e sbuffare, “è imparare qualcosa".
È l'unica cosa che non fallisce mai.
Puoi essere invecchiato, con il tuo corpo tremolante e indebolito, puoi passare notti insonni ad ascoltare la malattia che prende le tue vene, puoi perdere il tuo solo amore, puoi vedere il mondo attorno a te devastato da lunatici maligni, o sapere che il tuo onore è calpestato nelle fogne delle menti più vili.
C'è solo una cosa che tu possa fare per questo: imparare. Impara perché il mondo si muove, e cosa lo muove. Questa è l'unica cosa di cui la mente non si stancherà mai, non si alienerà mai, non ne sarà mai torturata, né spaventata o intimidita, né sognerà mai di pentirsene.
Imparare è l'unica cosa per te.
Guarda quante cose ci sono da imparare".

T. H. White


At sunset in my temporary blessed studio courtesy of @thembiracentre I hadn’t painted for a while. I didn’t feel it. Today it happened spontaneously. It feels I am open for a new phase to unfold. Today I’ve heard that in some artists’ studio you can feel the magic of the fifth dimension… I candidate my space to that!


Today I gave an online family constellation session. We worked with a symptom constellations. It was clear that the pattern of the client stemmed both from her not so strong female lineage and a previous life experience. Together we worked at healing whatever was out of balance re-establishing the order of love. At the end, I ritually burned all the pieces of paper resonating the different energies we worked with. I use the scent of dry lavander small branches to give blessings and clarity. It’s now done! Thank you for having given me the privilege to be your guide in the journey

Photos from Antonella Bargione’s heart System's post 31/05/2022

Never stop dreaming, never stop creating, and never stop helping others find their own unstoppable dream. ❤️❤️

Never stop dreaming, never stop creating, and never stop helping others find their own unstoppable dream. ❤️❤️
This painting was my first mandala I did on the I’m the Unstoppable Dream Course with @whitneyfreya .
Painting this canvas was an amazing ritual. Each brushstroke was full of the energy of love, compassion, courage, alignment, gratitude and presence, all in the Metatron cube of manifestation. Sacred geometry at its best. All of this is embedded in the painting and ready to go. DM me if interested. 🎨
Please Check link in the treelink bio as it is an ongoing self paced course.


Colbert Mpofu - the BeeHive Project - New ways to access Education for African Children & Communities.

An in-depth conversation between CR host Antonella Bargione and Colbert Mpofu, headmaster of Barwick Primary School talking about the challenge, for African rural schools and children, to have access to good education .
During the pandemic very few kids had access to online learning. The Beehive project has the potential to give access to good 21th century education with an outreach of six million primary school children, only in Zimbabwe. Children only need a basic phone that can do whatsapp in order to download all subjects and lessons.
This project, at the moment in its pilot phase, can be replicated in the future to secondary schools and entire communities. The Beehive can be a reality for a revolutionary low cost e-learning.


How can you tell the difference between creating a healed, future self and repressing negative emotions?

This is very helpful


Magical Natalia


When life gifts you with life gifts…


« Dovete cercare l'armonia per amore dell'armonia, per il bisogno di armonia, per il bisogno di entrare nella sinfonia universale. È così che aprirete le porte alle forze e alle entità luminose della natura, le quali verranno a dimorare in voi. Armonizzarsi significa aprirsi, e tale apertura è la condizione indispensabile affinché le forze luminose penetrino in voi. Direte: «Sì, ma come aprirsi?». È semplice: amando. Quando si ama, l'armonia s'instaura, e allora le porte si aprono, le finestre si aprono e tutte le benedizioni celesti entrano in voi. »

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


“Do you love me?” asked Alice.
“No, I don't love you” the White Rabbit answered.
Alice frowned her forehead and put her hands together as she always did when she felt hurt.
“See?” the White rabbit replied, noticing.
“Now you'll start wondering what makes you so imperfect and what you did wrong so I can't love you at least a little.
“You know, this is why I can't love you. You will not always be loved Alice. There will be days when others will be tired and bored with life, they will have their heads in the clouds and will end up hurting you.
Because people are like this, sometimes, Alice. Somehow, they always end up hurting each other's feelings, whether by neglect, misunderstanding or conflicts within themselves.
“If you don't love yourself, at least a little... if you don't create an armour of self-love and happiness around your heart... the setbacks caused by others will become lethal and destroy you.
“The first time I saw you I made a pact with myself: I will avoid loving you until you learn to love yourself."
- Lewis Carroll throwing shade since 1865


Oops! Yesterday I met some elephants on the road. I always love a touch of red on a dirt track, it gives a different perspective.


What a morning! Gotten up at sunrise to witnessing this beauty. Then the first teacher on my path send me a WhatsApp. We had a nice long catch up conversation talking on the necessity for a humanity 2.0. We spoke about the effect of the war on people as well as wearing masks and the necessity for reprise of the divine feminine in the world. My soul is rejoicing with love. Life is beautiful. #2.0


Yoga Mudras at your fingertips!

Photos from Antonella Bargione’s heart System's post 29/04/2022

Today I had the priviledge to offer a Family Constellation. It’s an amazing way to explore, transform and let go of family patterns of any type: Health, finances, secrets, relationships, traumatic experiences, blockages, addictions, death, loss, war, etc.

In individual sessions, together, we work with dollies and crystals. They become the representatives of the system, be it people or energies. These representatives are positioned in the Field. Some call it the Morphogenetic Field.

The field holds all the information related to the system we are working with. By being present in the body, we receive guidance on necessary movements and emotions as well as deep insights.

Re-establishing the order of love in the family system jointly with the use of healing phrases, ignites a spark toward transformation. DM me if you’d like to know more.

I got so excited that I got my planets entangled, I wonder what’s the message from Pluto? Maybe he didn’t want to be left out. Today Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. It’s a time to seed intents for a new world #seed #festivaloffemininepowerandartistry #antonellabargione #neptuneplutoconjunction #conjunction #spirituality #neptune #pluto  #planting 12/04/2022

I got so excited that I got my planets entangled, I wonder what’s the message from Pluto? Maybe he didn’t want to be left out. Today Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. It’s a time to seed intents for a new world #seed #festivaloffemininepowerandartistry #antonellabargione #neptuneplutoconjunction #conjunction #spirituality #neptune #pluto #planting

I got so excited that I got my planets entangled, I wonder what’s the message from Pluto? Maybe he didn’t want to be left out. Today Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. It’s a time to seed intents for a new world

I got so excited that I got my planets entangled, I wonder what’s the message from Pluto? Maybe he didn’t want to be left out. Today Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. It’s a time to seed intents for a new world #seed #festivaloffemininepowerandartistry #antonellabargione #neptuneplutoconjunction #conjunction #spirituality #neptune #pluto #planting


The best things in life are free - like the joy that comes from creating. Do you know that we are in the middle of the Festival of Feminine Power & Artistry? Click on Link in bio. There is still time to register. It’s a celebration of women through the painting process. I will be one of the 21 coaches. 70% will be donated to other sisters in Africa to stop .


Inspired by the beauty of nature, this piece was created to connect people and baobab through their shared creativity.


Found this cutie full of joy from 2015 it still makes my heart sing.


The return of Isis. Work in progress. Multimedia on paper.

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