Patsime started operation in October 2013 and is the first company to deliver purified water in plas

Patsime is now on WhatsApp. 03/08/2022

Patsime is now on WhatsApp.

Patsime is now on WhatsApp.

Patsime is now on WhatsApp. 03/08/2022

Patsime is now on WhatsApp.

Patsime is now on WhatsApp.

Patsime updated their business hours. 03/08/2022

Patsime updated their business hours.

Patsime updated their business hours.

Patsime updated their phone number. 03/08/2022

Patsime updated their phone number.

Patsime updated their phone number.

Photos from Patsime's post 31/08/2019

Photos from Patsime's post

Sabastian Magacha ft Jah Prayzah 'Mweya Mutsvene' [Official Video] 13/03/2018

Sabastian Magacha ft Jah Prayzah 'Mweya Mutsvene' [Official Video]

Guys did you see Patsime in Saba Magacha & Jah Prayzah's video! WOW...

Sabastian Magacha ft Jah Prayzah 'Mweya Mutsvene' [Official Video] So many situations we are faced with in life that we aren’t able to manage on our own, so many times the Devil tries to bring us down… But the lord has given...


Stay hydrated!


Stay hydrated


We at Harare Gardens with Jackie Tinovimbika Ngarande passing on Gods favour.

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Dark knight.

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The Livestock!

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Ma Farmers ACHO

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Love ku SHOW

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Water is life!

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Agricultural Show 29/08/2016

Agricultural Show

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Whilst drinking enough water per day, add these hydrating foods to your diet..!!

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All drinks, such as tea, coffee, alcohol and sugared drinks, take more water out of the body than they put in, as the body must use water to flush out the chemicals brought in. Therefore they are dehydrating agents. One of the best things anyone can do for the health of himself and family, is to dispense with all other drinks and drink 2 to 2 1/2 liters of pure water daily- following the schedule of drinking half-hour before meals and 2 1/2 hour after, and on rising and before bed.

You may need to drink much more than this if you already have not been drinking enough, you may be years behind in your water drinking!


Health Tip: Drink water before getting thirsty. Keep hydrated!!

Sugary Drinks and ‘Bad’ Carbs May Increase Risk of These Types of Cancer 15/04/2016

Sugary Drinks and ‘Bad’ Carbs May Increase Risk of These Types of Cancer

Sugary Drinks and ‘Bad’ Carbs May Increase Risk of These Types of Cancer People who consume a lot of processed carbohydrates and sugary drinks may face heightened risks of breast and prostate cancers.

Study Confirms Half of What We Eat Is Junk 18/03/2016

Study Confirms Half of What We Eat Is Junk

Study Confirms Half of What We Eat Is Junk The data pretty clearly explain why two-thirds of Americans are obese or overweight and why rates of diabetes and heart disease are soaring.

Photos from Patsime's post 15/03/2016

Patsime packed for Bon marche Live Well Events!!
Living Well consists of drinking a lot of water, daily exercise and eating healthy food!!

Timeline photos 14/03/2016

delivery Dudzai Matagarika Flats!!

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The best beverage ever: water. Keep hydrated!!


"Thousands have died for want of PURE WATER and pure air, who might have lived... These blessings they need in order to become well. If they would become enlightened, and let medicine alone, and accustom themselves to outdoor exercise, and to air in their houses, summer and winter, and use SOFT WATER for drinking and bathing purposes, they would be comparatively well and happy instead of dragging out a miserable existence."

Timeline photos 23/02/2016

Spar Market Square stock! Get the most affordable water in the country: Patsime Pure Water, 200ml for only $0.10 and 500ml for only $0,20..!! Get more healthy for less!!

Patsime Pure Water (@PatsimeWater) | Twitter 18/02/2016

Patsime Pure Water (@PatsimeWater) | Twitter

You can now follow us on:

Patsime Pure Water (@PatsimeWater) | Twitter


Did you know that you can have pure drinking water for family, school, church, business and other events at a low cost? Get Patsime Pure Water for only $3 per pack (24x500ml or 48x200ml).

The most affordable purified water in the country!!

Photos from Patsime's post 18/02/2016

Patsime Water delivery at Gateway Primary School. Keeping the students hydrated, supporting sporting activities!!


Most people do not have any appetite in the morning and usually skip breakfast. Did you know that drinking two glasses of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach in the morning can solve this problem??

To avoid any headaches and to stay alert during the day, keep hydrated, drink Patsime!!


Drink yourself younger!!
Did you know…
• The most important physical characteristic that we can associate youthfulness with is water. A young, healthy cell is said to be hydrated, containing lots of water. By not drinking enough water, your cells will become desiccated and dry as a result of dehydration, causing you to look
and feel worn and aged.
• Not only is water good for a healthy appearance, but it has been stated by the World Health Organisation, that the incidence of illness around the globe would fall by 80% if people in the developing nations had access to pure drinking water.

# keep hydrated, drink Patsime!!

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