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Manna Meadows please i wish to work for you as a photographer am based in zambia.
Manna Medow please i wish to work for you as a photographer am based in zambia.
manna medow please i wish to work for you as a photographer am based in zambia.
Hey, check out World Wildlife Day photographic exhibition. For more details:

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Mana Meadows Photography specialises in editorial and corporate editorial Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Mana Meadows Photography specialises in editorial and corporate editorial photography and writing throughout Southern and East Africa.

Mana obtained her Bachelor of Journalism at Rhodes University in South Africa where she specialized in photojournalism. She has worked as a freelance photographer in magazines and newspapers in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe.


Zambezi Breathing 🤍. Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia. September 2022.


On Saturday and Sunday morning 1 and 2 October at 12 Barbet Lane next to Ray Perry.
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SCREW PINES (Pandanus)



And exhale.... crossing the bridge on foot this morning, welcome mist, cool drops on clammy skin, the earthy scent of decaying undergrowth, the sweet-sad cry of foraging trumpeters, and then this... 💚

# livingstone

Photos from North Luangwa Conservation Project's post 08/02/2022

A real privilege to be part of a little bit of North Luangwa tourism history and document this very new, very beautiful self-drive camping route which is opening for the first time this year in North Luangwa National Park with North Luangwa Conservation Project 🏕🏕


Day and night. Non-stop protection. Being a ranger is a 24/7 job.

📸 Mana Meadows Photography


Dawn patrol. Hwange, September 2021.


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The men and women who protect the North Luangwa ecosystem have to go through rigorous training in order to do so. How does the scout recruitment process work?

First, in collaboration with DNPW and the relevant CRB, NCLP hold “pre-selection” tests which are conducted in local villages. The tests are designed to determine physical and mental agility and conservation interest. In our latest example in Mukungule Chiefdom, 30 candidates were chosen, and the tests were attended by the Park's Area Warden Pumulo Nyambe and the chairman of the Mukungule CRB - Mr Shadreck Eliko.

Next, the candidates are required to attend a challenging selection course in the park (see our previous posts to see what they have to go through!). Final recruits selected from this selection course go on to do a 3-month 'Basic Field Ranger' course (BFR). If they complete and pass that, they are onboarded to the NLCP standards and ethics and will undergo a final selection to determine which unit they will join. The lucky exceptional few will join the elite Rhino and Elephant Protection Unit (above).

It doesn’t end there! To continuously improve, NLCP delivers short module refresher training every month and annual focused in-service training where the scouts are re-tested and re-focused on their core competencies and the unity between departments is strengthened.



When a pack of painted dogs on the hunt get up your nostril... with in Lower Zambezi National Park


The road to Gokwe. September 2021.

Photos from North Luangwa Conservation Project's post 26/07/2021

Making new friends and covering my first rhino op back in May in North Luangwa National Park with North Luangwa Conservation Project

Photos from Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Programme's post 02/07/2021

Sharing a quick sneak peek at what I've been up to over the last three weeks - definitely a career highlight getting to document the translocation of 200 buffalo and 48 zebra from Zambia's North Luangwa National Park to Nsumbu National Park. Their long journey North (in four separate convoys over two weeks!) was a 700kms 20-hour slog (one-way!) which included ascending the formidable Muchinga escarpment and navigating the rocky (and very waterlogged) shores of Lake Tanganyika. More pics to follow. Thank you so much to Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Programme for having me, to North Luangwa Conservation Project - also for having me, and to the hardworking and hospitable team at Conservation Solutions who inspired all of us with their incredible work ethic, exceptional teamwork and endless calm and positive energy!

Photos from Mana Meadows Photography's post 04/06/2021

Addo Mazimba - one of Zambia’s newest - (and most enthusiastic) canine handlers. With Icke, one of Zambia’s newest detection canines. Both Addo and Icke have been receiving training and mentorship with the rest of their four person team at REPU base. When they are ready they will head home to to introduce the canine component to the law enforcement operations of the Nsumbu Tanganyika ecosystem.

Teamwork across ecosystems… Having two projects in Zambia means that a lot of cross-pollination can occur between FZS’s oldest conservation project in Zambia: North Luangwa Conservation Programme – and one of FZS’s youngest projects – the Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Programme (NTCP) – their sister programme. One of the key areas for skills sharing involves the Wildlife Detection Canine Programme.  

Pictured im second photo (left to right standing): NLCP Handler Grenda Msonda; NTCP handlers Dinah Chansa and Addo Mazimbba; FZS Specialist Canine Technical Advisor and Instructor Bennie Van Zyl; Kneeling:  NTCP handlers Duncan Mumba and Dickson Kabamba with India. 


Darwin, a very young Darwin, taken all the way back in 2008, when the iron-fisted Pim was King and young male chimps like Darwin scratched their chins and contemplated life on quiet forest paths. Two years out of university, my nomadic mum having sold her small car and loaned me the sale money to buy the contents of my small photo backpack, this was one of the first wildlife photos I was really proud of, because there was so much attached to it. Over four days we trekked each day to spend time with the Mahale M group, it was a cover story for a Tanzanian magazine and I was feeling the pressure. Photographed on a venerable Canon 20D (and its still going!), under a very dark forest canopy, while using most of my precious allotted chimp hour crouched on the damp forest floor with this special boy. One turn of head combined with one sliver of light allowed my 70-200mm f.4 to stretch for this beautiful moment, one that turned into a highlight in my life. Thank you to the always knowledgeable always cheerful Mahale chimp expert .nyundo for the help with ID-ing this special chimpanzee. For years I had wondered who he was in the Mahale M group pecking order - if he was still alive, what had happened to Pim, and then I found Butati on Instagram and what a treat it was to hear all the news of this special troop of chimpanzees.



Going Fishing. Samson Chimba. Tondwa Game Management Area, annual temporary communuty fishing village.



Sassy Does It. Lake Tanganyika. Northern Zambia. October 2020. On assignment for


Matt and Nubra the Golden Child. Nyanga 2019. Get to see half of this coolkid duo today... for now the other half remains in Bulawayo - going for walks, eating well, chasing the odd monkey... and in general just sitting around looking regal


How many blues can one lake have? And what is your Kariba blue? Is it plain old “sky” blue – sky vast, breeze light, Cirrus clouds feathery… simple, but complete in its mild beauty. Or perhaps “steel” blue springs to mind… of balmy soft silver-stone sunless afternoons when Kariba vibrates with serenity, the stillness and stickiness a damp cloak, the horizon slinking off for a quiet snooze. Or is it deep “azure”? Synonymous with that high unforgiving sun that bakes terracotta earth, gold grass shriveling, antelope listless. Or how about “midnight” blue? Storm approaching, Nyaminyami awoken, boiling white-capped waves, this inland sea suddenly a-froth. Or merry “indigo-meets-stone-meets-berry-meets slate-meets-teal” blue? That mesmeric offspring conceived of pre-sunset and post-rainshower union. Or how about the crisp and clean “cerulean”? Of clear winter horizons and drinkable vistas? Perhaps this is “December blue” …watched from a Kipling’s verandah… with friends, coffee, the show unfurling.

Battle to save last remaining public campsites in Zambezi National Park | VictoriaFalls24 11/02/2021

Battle to save last remaining public campsites in Zambezi National Park | VictoriaFalls24

For the campers and the wilderness lovers amongst you...⛺️ I know there are many! If you've been seeing the fuss about the battle for Siansimba public campsite in Zambezi National Park - this article outlines what it is all about. There is a fuss for a reason. It's a two minute read - literally - please take a look and then sign the petition found at SAVE Siansimba FB page - we can still make a difference. There are a few more days to sign the various petitions. 🌱🌠⛺️

Battle to save last remaining public campsites in Zambezi National Park | VictoriaFalls24 Article Posted by Local Resident A public campsite in the heart of Zambezi National Park will be centre-stage in a fight over the rights of ...


And it’s all over! Ten days ago we finished our 350km walk following the Luangwa River through North Luangwa, Luambe and South Luangwa National Parks. It was an adventure, an education, a pleasure, a test, it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. But most of all it was an immense privilege... to be able to experience this very special valley on foot, to breathe in its changing landscape, to be close to its wild creatures, and most importantly, to meet the people who call it home, the people who know its moods and it’s joys, it’s gifts, secrets and tests, it’s threats, it’s deep intrinsic beauty, its irreplaceable value.

Thank you to everyone we met along the way. Thanks for giving up your time to talk to us and teach us, to walk with us, or just to cheer us along. The real work begins now and we hope that we can do justice to the campfire talks, the mopane log interviews, and all the great conversations which taught us so much.

Photos: From the last day in the south of South Luangwa on Day 16 (photos 1 and 3) to the first campsite on the first night of the walk in northern North Luangwa (Photo 2).
Photo 3 left to right:
Me, WPO Benson Zulu, Matthew Blair , Safaris guide Amon Zulu and instigator & organizer Nick Ridden . Both Mr Zulus joined us for 8 days from the midway point at Tafika Camp, keeping us safe until we reached our last point at Sungani Camp.


A PRINT WITH PURPOSE: Stand the chance to win one of my fine art prints by donating to the Harare SPCA - I teamed up with Harare SPCA and Sara Philp Cloete Amy Mons and Carly Williams who started this wonderful ball rolling to offer one of my Fine Art photographic prints in a lucky-dip raffle draw to raise money for Harare SPCA. Go to the Go-Fund me Page listed in the flyer below and every USD 10 donated will attract 1 chance in the draw - please SHARE and support this - there are lots more great prizes to be won! And if you're a service provider who would like to offer a prize in support of the Harare SPCA - please do get in touch! Kindly note the print only includes shipping to Mainland UK or locally in Zimbabwe.

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When your legs are too long and your tummy too full for grace and poise 🌟🐘 A rough little clip filmed for my own persona...





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