Africology at Ciannie's Massage & Beauty Spa

Africology at Ciannie's Massage & Beauty Spa

A Spa in Australia offering natural Africology products and treatments in a state of art Spa


🥰Get your glow on Ladies.
Just as your eyes are the windows to your soul, your face is the mirror of your inner feelings💝.

💃Come to Ishewapi & get spoilt with Africology Bespoke facial ♡

🗣Right now book for our Africology Bespoke Facial that unquely address your skin needs💜
🎀Our Africology facials are Bespoke & Chemical free, yet performance driven with visible results.
🎀This facial is deep pore cleansing, hydrating and effective in preserving the skin's youthfulness.
🎀 Preserverving the skin and preventing pre- aging is our goal during your facial.
🎀Specially tailored to you, this facial will address your particular skin issues,
🎀Never neglecting the sensitive skin under the eyes, dark circles and the importance of working on lifting and plumping up the skin.

💃💃🥰So hurry and Book Now
Get one now by writing INTERESTED down below and we will help you get you booked in.
or Call +263771424420 /+263776224900

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Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit.
Our table are heated and ready for you! Come take care of YOU and get a massage, waxing or facial!
We have some openings the rest of this week! Self-care isn't selfish!
Book now +263771424420 /+263776224900 and reserve your Appointment.


*Well That's A Wrap*
Thank you for an amazing 2022.

🏵👏❤️Thank to our incredible clients for all your support. Its our pleasure to look after you and were look forward many more pamper sessions.

Thank you to the Spa Ishewapi community and business surrounding us. We are so lucky to live in such an area

And a massive 👏to Spa Ishewapi Team. This place would not run without you.

❤️Stay Safe. Be Kind & Give out love to others, Wishing you much happiness not just today, but throughout the New Year.

May this wonderful time of the year touch your heart in a special way.

Much Love
Spa Ishewapi and Team # # #😍😍


Be organized for Christmas🎄 this Year & treat the ones you love ❤️ to a divine relaxing experience.
A gift of a spa experience is one of the best gifts you can ever give for Christmas🎄.
Whether it's for a loved one, family member, friends or even a colleague at work, it is always a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Call to book in your appointments today
☎️+263771424420 /+263776224900


😍Have you booked your Christmas appointments yet?
C H R I S T M A S🎄 S P E C I A L S still Available! Be organized for Christmas this Year & treat the ones you love ❤️ to a divine relaxing experience
Call to book in your appointments today
☎️+263771424420 /+263776224900


Luxury Christmas Gift Sets Available
Give the Gift of Love This Christmas- We are so excited about our product, you have to shop for your loved ones.
🔰Bath Time Ritual
The perfect bespoke bath-time experience;

• 25ml Bath Soak
• 25ml Magnesium Bath Milk
• 25ml Bath Salts
• 25ml Body Scrub
• 25ml Detox Mud
• 25ml Muscle Ease Rub

A time to cleanse body, mind & soul. Feel yourself calm as you accept the tranquility of water. Slow down, release and replenish, while you soak deeply in natures joy and love. Emerge with your senses reawakened.

🔰Essential Body Collection
Now you are able to take home a collection of Africology’s best sellers; whether it’s in the body, facial or aromatherapy ranges. Take home a collection of Africology’s bestsellers in signature gift boxes.

•Anti-Aging SOS Spray 25ml
•Body Scrub 25ml
•Body Butter 25ml

🔰Essential Facial Collection
Our Skin essentials are perfect for keeping your skin in perfect condition whilst traveling or to purchase before experiencing the full sizes.

•Cleansing Gel 25ml
•Tonic Anti-Reactive 25ml
•Moisturizer 25ml
•Lip Balm 10ml

🔰Travel Kit
We understand that successful people are always on the go, staying in hotels away from home or spending time in airplanes. The damaging effects of stress full travel can be encountered, therefore Africology has complied a travel kit that allows you to look great and rejuvenate your skin wherever you are.

•Cleansing Gel -25ml
•Cleansing Lotion - 25ml
•Absolute Rose Tonic -25ml
•Tonic Anti-Reactive -25ml
•Moisturizer -25ml
•Exfoliating cream -25ml
•Masque -25ml

Call now +263771424420 /0776224900 to purchase and for more information.

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🎀A Perfect Christmas Gift🎁

🛒There are many good reasons as to why a full body massage is always a perfect Christmas gift. Or as a matter fact, a perfect gift for any occasion and for anyone who is able to enjoy a good massage.

🏵Whether it is for a loved one, friends or associates. And even as a corporate gift to reward employees or as an appreciative gift for business partners.😍

☎CALL NOW to book +263771424420 /+263776224900 for more information on Christmas Special and gifts set available instore.

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All I want For Christmas

The year is almost gone family and this is the season to be joyful. Lets celebrate with love kindness and with .

Buy your special ones the of a at Spa Ishewapi.
Full Body Exfoliation
Full body wrap
Full body massage
Express facial
was $160 now $120

Back scrub
Warm soothing back mud wrap
Full body massage
Express facial
was $120 now $90

🎅 Love 🎄
Africology Express facial
Full body massage
Was $90 now $70

Book now +263771424420 /0263776224900 for a gift of wellness this and be a blessing to somebody.
💆 😍


🎀🎄🎅It’s that time of year again! Yes it’s almost Christmas!! 🎄Which means one thing….it’s time to think about what to get those harder to buy for people in your life this year. 😥There’s nothing worse, than not knowing what to get someone as a gift. But don’t fear! We have the perfect solution!
♥️This year our theme in our business, has been a strong focus on self care for our clients, and what a better way to celebrate, 🎁then to create our beautiful packages for Christmas🎅 around giving the gift of self care to someone you love.🎄
🍁There’s no better feeling then letting someone know how much you love and appreciate them, and that you want them to go and pamper themselves to take some time out!!🥰
🧡🧡🌟We have 3 amazing packages available for gifts this year, designed to include our most loved services as well as a variety of price ranges.🥰 But if they aren’t what you’re looking for, you can also at any time, choose to purchase a voucher for any dollar amount or for any of the services in our Price list.
☎️Contact us on +263771424420, +263 77 142 4420 or 0776224900for bookings and reservation. Were located Cnr Court rd & 2 Admore Close, Greendale North.
🙏🙏🌟🌟Thank you all for being a part of our Day Spa, we really appreciate you.


🎅🏻Looking for the perfect Christmas gift 🎁 that EVERYBODY loves? This year give the gift of an incredible Blissful bespoke package with our special gift voucher offer! Show you love them by booking this amazing rejuvenating treatment

Full Body Exfoliation
Full body wrap
Full body massage
Express facial
was $160 now $120

Back scrub
Warm soothing back mud wrap
Full body massage
Express facial
was $120 now $90

🎅 Love 🎄
Africology Express facial
Full body massage
Was $90 now $70

😍Everybody loves being pampered so what better way to treat them than to a special Christmas Spa treatment. 💆Treat your special family members and friends to some well-deserved quality time and relaxation.
This time of year a great spa treatment is just what a lot of people need and is suitable for:
➡️ Someone who is stressed or overworked and needs some down-time,
➡️ To someone who is super active at work or exercising and whose muscles could use some improved recovery,
➡️ Through to someone who is carrying an injury and wants to speed up the healing process through improved circulation which the right massage techniques can provide.
And this special offer would even make a great massage gift 🛍 for friends and family members.
🎄This special is only running to the 31st of December (that includes bookings made now for January next year)
🎄For gift vouchers there is no limit to how many that can be purchased as gifts -
🎄The only rule is that only one be used per person.
If you’d like to take advantage of this amazing Christmas offer simply tap the ‘SEND MESSAGE’ button below, chat to us and will organize your booking or gift card. We can either do an electronic version or write up a hard copy in a beautiful gift certificate.
Chat to us and claim this offer today 👇👇👇


🛒Are you looking at spoiling someone this Christmas🎄🌹, or perhaps even yourself.
Why not treat them to one of our Gift packages. ❤️🎀🎁

Call +263771424420 or +263776224900 or visit us Cnr Court rd & 2 Adrmore Close Greendale north, Harare to spoil yourself or loved one today.🥰


🔄Life is fast. Life is fleeting. Life happens all of a sudden. And in the madness, there are a lot of things we end up not doing. And what is a life well lived if you haven’t tried all the things we should?

🎯What’s the point if the journey ends without many lasting experiences?

😍There are a few things that truly make us feel larger than life and missing out on them shouldn’t be pardonable.

💝May this new month bring you countless joy and endless blissful experience as you intend to close it with a Bang🎇🎇

🎁🎄🎀 & packages now available. Call now +263771424420 +263781801066 or +263776224900 for bookings and more information.


If at any point you find yourself suffering from chronic pain, lower back pain, limited mobility, recovery from injuries e.g. whiplash, falls, sports injury, repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle tension in the hamstrings, glutes, legs, quadriceps, rhomboids, upper back.

Come and be rejuvenated by Masimba Deep Tissue Massage.
60mins or 90mins

Ps. If ever you recovered from those musculoskeletal issues, kindly share how you felt after the massage?

Bookings now available through this link:


An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. 💘 When life is dragging you back with challenges, it means you are about to be launched into something great 🚀🚀 So focus and keep aiming 🎯💯
Let's crush the week 💃💃 Let's connect.
Start your week with a positive mindset.
Christmas is around the corner, check prices, availability, specials & discounts.
For reservations and bookings +263771424420 /+263781801066



My wish for whoever is reading this post is that, may this Sunday begin with a fresh perspective, a clean heart, no doubt, no tears, no fears, no worry!😍

🙏Thank God for his blessings in your life and never taking his miracles for granted.

❤️‍🔥Happy Sunday!!!


🏵If you’re looking for a personalized treatment this weekend, look no further because Spa Ishewapi is providing—bespoke treatments for you personally that will revitalize your mind and body.

😍Any service you need to book, we’ll make sure that we give you a unique experience that will have you coming back.
🤩Call us if you have any questions or if you want to book an appointment.

☎Call now +263771424420 /+263781801066 or Visit us Cnr Court rd & 2 Admore close, Greendale North, Harare.


🎈🎈Welcome to Our 2022 Black Friday Spa Specials!🎈🎈

Looking for that perfect gift? How about gifting the experience of our spa treatments? Reduce all of the stress of the holiday’s work, and play with Black Friday Spa Specials from Spa Ishewapi.

😍Take advantage of this weekend's Black Friday Spa Specials.
You can treat yourself or send a personalized gift with a message to your significant other.

Do not miss this SPECIAL !!!

1. Full body massage & Express facial $70

2. Africology Bespoke Facial $40

3. Classical Pedicure $20

Specials are available online or at the spa from 8:30 AM on Friday, November 24th, to Sunday 29th November.

To make a Booking contact us +263771424420/ +263781801066/ +263776224900


How many times have we seen something that we felt was wrong and said to ourselves, “If I could, I would have…,If it were up to me, I would… We all have our own problems and issues with the twisted ways in which the world seems to function.

If given a chance, what’s that one rule you would implement to make the world a better place?


Men need facials too! Here’s why; men have coarser skin, larger pores, and a more increased chance of sun damage.

Shaving can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs, breakouts and redness. The redness may fade but the underlying problems do not.

A facial will deep clean breakouts and sooth irritated skin.

Men also have higher testosterone levels than women, which explain why men produce more oil. When your skin is not cleansed properly, it will clog your pores and lead to blackheads and breakouts.

This does not mean every man has oily skin. For dry skin types, you will need a facial that hydrates your skin.

If your skin is oily, you need a facial to decrease your oil or shine, and minimize pore size. For sensitive skin, we will focus on the inflammation in your skin, leaving you with a better skin tone. Every facial is customized to your needs.

It is recommended to get regular facials every 4-6 weeks!!! 💪🏼
To Book call in +263771424420 /0781801066.


“A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world”- John Locke​

🏵Attaining balance between body and mind is a perpetual struggle. But the best way to achieve both at the same time is to maintain a balanced and lifestyle. ​

😍What does living a healthy lifestyle of regular activity, balanced food, and socializing do for you?​

✔️ Improved quality of life.​
✔️ Improved mental health.​
✔️ Lower risk of chronic diseases and illness.​
✔️ Reduced risk of injury and accidents​

However, remember: ​
❗️ Don’t be scared to talk to others about mental health ​
❗️ Don’t let work become the only thing you do​
❗️ Don’t underestimate the positive effects of regular physical activity​

Call in +263771424420/ 0776224900 Now to book your Appointment.


Time spent having a massage is never wasted!

Book your relaxation massage that helps to alleviate tensions and stress in your body. Let Ishewapi team help you ease away lower body pain and reduced anxiety.

For Appointment Call in +263771424420/ 0776224900 Now


Sunday is the day to remind yourself that you require peace. You need rest and you need to enjoy yourself.

It is a day to have your space and chose yourself over everything else because you . Happy Sunday.

Remember to book your appointment +263771424420/ +263781801066.
+263 77 142 4420


💝 We are excited to announce the long awaited reopening of Spa Ishewapi. 😊We are looking forward to welcoming all our loyal and new clients back at the spa!

Join us for moments of absolute rest and relaxation with a:
👍Bespoke Herbal oil massage - 60 mins $50
👍Africology Bespoke facial - 60 mins $50
👍Magical copper & Hot-stone pedicure - 60mins $40
👍Manicure $15

These treatments are perfect for anyone who:
➡️Want to reduce tension in their back, neck and shoulder muscles,
➡️Have pain in their lower back and glutes they need worked on,
➡️want to improve your skin tone, texture and appearance.
➡️Have tight Hamstrings & Quads,
➡️Are looking for some relaxation time.

Our incredible massage and spa treatments are the perfect gift 🎁 for those wanting to show how much they appreciate and care for their loved ones.
♨️This special is limited to the first 30 people that book on or before 20th November 2022! Book now to avoid disappointment



Get the rest and relaxation you need with a choice of 60 or 90-minute full body massage and bespoke facial.

This treatment is perfect for someone who:
➡️Want to reduce tension in their back, neck and shoulder muscles,
➡️Have pain in their lower back and glutes they need worked on,
➡️Have tight Hamstrings & Quads,
➡️Are looking for some 'me time'.

For bookings Call or WhatsApp +263771424420, 0781801066 or Visit us Cnr Court rd & 2 Ardmore close Greendale north Harare


💝 We are excited to announce the long awaited reopening of Spa Ishewapi . 😊We are looking forward to welcoming all our loyal and new clients back at the spa!

Join us for moments of absolute rest and relaxation with a:
👍Bespoke Herbal oil massage - 60 mins $50
👍Africology Bespoke facial 60 mins $50
👍Manicure $15

These treatments are perfect for anyone who:
➡️Want to reduce tension in their back, neck and shoulder muscles,
➡️Have pain in their lower back and glutes they need worked on,
➡️want to improve your skin tone, texture and appearance.
➡️Have tight Hamstrings & Quads,
➡️Are looking for some relaxation time.

Our incredible massage and spa treatments are the perfect gift 🎁 for those wanting to show how much they appreciate and care for their loved ones.

♨️This special is limited to the first 30 people that book on or before 13th November 2022! Book now to avoid disappointment


Thank you so much for your loyal patronage.


💆We are looking for Qualified Beauty Therapists & Nail Technician.

Please email your resume if you feel you are the right person for the position.

Qualified Beauty Therapist - Competent in facials and waxing an added advantage.
Qualified Nail Technician - An attention to detail nail tech.

❓Immediate Start.

• Join a fun, professional team within a locally owned, fast-growing Spa in Harare.
• This is a great opportunity to join a dedicated and happy team of therapists. The successful applicants will ideally have a sound knowledge of range of beauty treatments with a proven record of outstanding customer service.

To be successful in this role applicants will ideally have the following skills and attributes:
• Excellent Beauty therapy knowledge and skills .
• Have a proven record of outstanding customer service
• Ability to communicate and connect effectively with a wide range of people
• Mostly positive, happy attitude to fit into the team

All employees in our Spa are expected to support the ethos and standards of the Spa.
Please ensure that you include a Personal statement addressing the following criteria:
• An example of a situation where you used outstanding customer service and client care.

We are seeking to appoint highly-motivated individuals with highly interpersonal skills and completed qualifications and a passion for growing their client base. If this is you, we would like to hear from you. In return you will work in a fun environment.

Email Resume & Personal statement to : [email protected]
WhatsApp us on +263 77 142 4420


Thank you Spa Ishewapi family for your continued support. Looking forward to creating extra ordinary experience for you 🥰.

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🎀Happy New Month July 1st🎀

😊Let this month offer you a chance to step back, evaluate your year so far with your goals and objectives, 🥰(never mind the new year’s resolutions which likely didn’t last until February)… and to take action to get back on track if necessary.

🧡It’s a great opportunity to do some hard thinking over your finances, your diet, your career and other aspects of your life that you might want to improve.
💝Make the second half of the year count!


☺Monday Again? I need a massage. Do you? Book your appointment today. Relax and 🧡Rejuvenate your whole body with our exclusive Swedish Massage only $30 for 60 minutes and $50 90 mins.
🏃‍♀️Feel better - 😍Relieve stress - 🥰End pain - 💆‍♀️Massage therapy - 💃Leave the stress behind
Call us +263781801066 /0242443036


💃💃Looking for a treatment that is simply pampering or specifically purposeful?
🏆This is a 💲40 treatment for 60 minutes and 💲60 for 90 minutes🥰

🍁Hot stone massage is a treatment where smooth, heated stones are used to perform massage strokes.💝 This is one of the most relaxing form of therapy. Using warm Basalt lava stones placed on various parts of your body, the hot stones will be used to massage areas of tension and tightness in your body. 💃Applying heat to the specific parts of your body will cause your muscles to relax. 💆‍♀️This massage therapy is tailor made to achieve the desired relief and relaxation.

🔥Heat reduces the pain and makes the muscles and fascia more easy to manipulate. Heat lessens muscle contraction and all those troublesome knots are so much easier to release. 🔥Heat also increases the circulation and blood supply to the area.
This therapy aims to benefit by:
👉Helps Improve blood circulation
👉Improving immune system functioning
👉Increasing lymphatic drainage
👉Reducing depression and anxiety
👉Helps relieve muscle tension and pain.
👉Reduces stress and anxiety. ...
👉Promotes sleep. ...

☎️For bookings Call us +263781801066/0242443036 or visit us Cnr Court Rd and 2 Admore close Greendale North Harare.


🏵Look your best and find your inner peace and relax.🍂 Appreciate your beautiful self and indulge in some revitalizing bespoke treatments that will have heads turning for all the right reasons!
❤Lets Spa Ishewapi help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next task on your To-do list.🤩
☎️Contact us on +263781801066 /0242443036 for bookings


🤩Restore your skin's glow with the Simone Mahler French Peel treatment– 🎭which rejuvenates the skin at a deeper level and delivers amazing results for only $45 this winter.
🧡If you are looking to improve your skin tone, texture and strength with minimal downtime, this is the perfect solution for you.
This treatment is best for
🔰 Exfoliates and refines skin
🔰 Unifies the complexion and improves the radiance
🔰 Accelerates cell regeneration
🔰Reduce the visible signs of aging and increases skin hydration
🔰Moisturize the skin

☎️Call +263771424420 /0242443036 to book in your French Peel skin rejuvenation today.


🍂The secret to glowing, smooth and bright skin this winter is Simone Mahler Paris Premium prestige Cream. 🧡❤Best selling cream has a melting texture and silky touch leaves your skin soft and satin.
🎭This face cream is our very up market cream, it has a global action. 🥰With this cream your face will be less vulnerable to environmental aggression and will be more resistant on the long view. 💮You will regain a better tonicity - gentle, clearer and comfortable skin.
🌵It has active ingredients ie Red clover has a powerful regeneration of cells and Cotton seeds which helps plumb your skin. 🤩This helps in Ageing and reduces the formation of fine lines.
☎️Contact us on +263781801066 /0242443036
Or visit us at Cnr Court road and 2 Admore Close, Greendale North, Harare.


💗In the winter, the weather becomes dry, the air humidity is at a new low, and the skin is prone to various problems such as dehydration, itching, and allergies.

🧡If you want to keep your skin moisturized and radiant, immediately use mild and low-irritating [Powder Soothing Toner] ⭐to start from the bottom layer of the skin, soften the epidermis, effectively calm and reduce redness, and keep the skin hydrated from the inside to the outside.

💟Especially suitable for fragile, sensitive and extremely dry skin!!
Contact us for more information on ☎️+263781801066 /0242443036 or visit us Cnr court road and 2 Ardmore close, Greendale North Harare.


❌Spa Winter Special❌

Harare residents who are in need of some relaxation, or relief from muscle pain, tightness and tension...

This Winter, Spa Ishewapi team Is doing something extraordinary to promote our salon.
Come nourish your body and soul with our Winter Spa specials. These are
👉Hotstone massage $40 - 60 min and $60 - 90 min
👉Ishewapi full body Massage( Swedish) $30 - 60 min and $50 - 90 min
👉Royal essential pedicure $25 50 min
👉Hollywood and Underarm wax $30

This is perfect for someone who:
➡️Wants to reduce tension in their back, neck and shoulder muscles,
➡️Has pain in their lower back and glutes they need worked on,
➡️Have tight Hamstrings & Quads,
➡️Are looking for some 'me time'.
If you are interested, just let us know down below and we’ll send you a message to organize your appointment.

Once you experience what our team can do for your body you’ll be floating on cloud nine.
1st come 1st served so Get one now by letting us know below if you’re interested. :)👇👇


🏵A father is the one friend upon whom we can always rely. In the hour of need, when all else fails, we remember him upon whose knees we sat when children, and who soothed our sorrows; and even though he may be unable to assist us, his mere presence serves to comfort and strengthen us. —Émile Gaboriau

🥇🏆H A P P Y F A T H E R s D A Y🥰


In honor of fathers day this coming Sunday wed like to send a shout out to all of the dads out there. THANK YOU for ALL that you do❣️💝💟

Our incredible Dads deserve to be looked after and spoilt on this one day of the year that is dedicated to appreciating their hard work and unconditional love.

For Father's Day gifts, look no further than Spa Ishewapi. We have a spa day designed specifically with these wonderful men in mind as well as pamper day gift vouchers and more.
Theses Includes:
🔰Back neck and Shoulder Hot-stone massage & Royal essential Pedicure Was $70 now $50
🔰Hot-stone massage was $50 now $40

To book Call +263781801066 or 0242443036

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