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Art Mentorship by Helen Lieros (8 Dec 2020) 21/07/2021

Art Mentorship by Helen Lieros (8 Dec 2020)

For many years, during exhibitions and artist studio visits, I heard about Helen’s brilliant artistic mentoring capabilities… Besides witnessing the many exceptional artists that had gone through her teaching; I had never experienced this aspect of her in person.

Then, in December 2020, I met a young lady named Rachael Feli Katiyo, who acquainted with the fact that I run an art gallery, and she was keen to become an artists. She asked me to assist her with the process and I decided to take her to meet Helen.

We scheduled a meeting with Helen and she must have overlooked her schedule, as when the day came, she happened to be busy attending to other artists, at Gallery Delta (Eva Raath & Ruth Dewhurst Hughan)... Needless to say, she excused herself from her ongoing commitment and made time for yet another artists, who wished to quench their thirst of knowledge from her well of wisdom.

Almost instantly after Feli sat down, without asking her name, her background or any personal information, she urgently got into her element and spoke to this aspiring artist, as though she had been attending numerous lessons with her, before.

In these 15 minutes, Helen touched on Composition, Originality, Tonal Valuation and “The Essence of Art”… Surely, this level of zeal is proof of how diligent Helen Lieros was to the arts.

To Helen, it didn’t matter who you were. Where you were from. How much experience you had… or how old you were. All that mattered was that you were driven by passion to become an artist, and with that affirmation, she commenced with her obligation to teach you, giving 100% ATTENTION, LOVE & HONESTY, according to her own understanding.

She was, undeniably, a special kind of human being and her absence will certainly be felt… Thankfully, her art practice guarantees that we remain with an intimate portion of her soul, which will certainly withstand the duration of all our lives.

She ran a good race and now she deserves to rest in eternal peace.

She will be missed.

Soar high and proud, Dr. Helen Lieros (1940 - 2021)

Art Mentorship by Helen Lieros (8 Dec 2020) For many years, I heard about Helen’s brilliant artistic mentoring capabilities. I had never experienced this aspect of her in person. However, in December 2...

[09/02/20]   Upon Reflecting...

So much has transpired since we last closed our doors, officially on the 21st of March 2020, as we concluded what was meant to be the first of our 2nd annual roaster of exhibitions, with an exhibition aptly titled, "Reflection", which still features idle in the gallery space till today... We anticipated that we would have a wonderful year filled with amazing artistic expressions, yet merely over a week after the end of this show, so suddenly and brutally, the entire world totally shut down.

Who would have thought?

Looking back, when we officially acquired our lease and the realtor handed over the keys to our space, in June 2018; We moved in anticipating that Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections, scheduled for 30 July 2018 would mark the rising of a new dawn. In the midst of all the uncertainty, one thing was absolutely certain about those elections - They were going to be the first elections, ever since Zimbabwe’s independence, that would not have Robert Mugabe’s image or name on the ballot box. With that in mind, country was destined for any direction, but certainly, a path never travelled before.

The same feeling became apparent, yet again, when the world closed doors, due to Covid-19. Literally, the entire planet earth, deemed to be so vast and diverse, yet in a matter of hours, every corner of the globe responded to a message that travelled at the speed of light. As though at the snap of a finger, every establishment was shut down. Planes were grounded. Economies forced to pause. Every and each normal activity was at threat... much like every walking and breathing human being.

What a time to be alive!

Having endured similar seasons of anxiety in past eras, as we entered the new millennium, in fear of the Y2K bug… Surely no-one could have predicted that we had two more decades to go, until the real terror bug was to fall upon humanity.

Terrifying, it has been, yet much like everything else - Through the passage of time, as the worst unfolds, the terror element begins to fade away, as the reality to live on begins to sink in.

Today marks the beginning of September 2020. It has officially been 5 grueling months of reflecting in wonder, as we continue to comprehend with the needs of our subscribed new normal.

Much like death, that comes to terrorise loved ones and declares new ways forward, so should we embrace this season and learn to live on, until we shall not live anymore.

With that said, we would like to conclude this message, by paying great tribute to the amazing Artists who afforded us a magical year, as we operated this gallery, with such naivety and willingness to learn, throughout our inaugural year.

Our heartfelt thanks go to: Albert Wachi , Anusa Salanje, Clive Mukucha, Crispen Matekenya, Franklyn Dzingai, Isheanesu Dondo, John Kotzé, Johnson Zuze, Kudakwashe Dongo (Deceased), Kresiah Mukwazhi, Mostaff Muchawaya, Mukudzei Muzondo, Munyaradzi Mazarire (Deceased), Ngoni Tsiga, Sky Salanje, Victor Nyakauru, Johnson Mugabe (Nosnhoj art) Mercy Nhauranwa, Essop Kazie, Martina Gruber, Zandile Masuku (Penda by Zandi), Charity Hutete, Matthew Garvin Artworks, Josephine Stainton, Alexandrina Fleming, Camilla Odendaal Art, Tamary Kudita, Shannon Hart, Vimbai Natasha, Daryl Nero (Deceased), Ephias Maphosa, Helen Teede, Jenny Jordaan, Joan Dunstan, Kathy Bruce, Kombo Chapfika, Leslie Johnson Art, Lou Markham, Misheck Masamvu, Option Nyahunzvi, Peter Musami, Petros Kaseke, Richard Conlon, Ron Fourie and OnaDesign Studio

We owe our existence to these very special Artists and sincerely thank you all for taking the risk and supporting our cause, as much as we supported yours. To those among these names who have sadly departed in-between this short space of time, we say, rest in mystery. You touched us in a very special way and we promise to never forget you or let your legacies whittle away in vain. You will be remembered.

From hereon, nothing is certain for sure, in these life and times of great depression.

We could announce so many great aspirations, or try to schedule events in advance, but the honest truth is that we have learnt to appreciate our inability to govern the future, therefore, as we live through the next 28 days, we will do the least we can do, within our powers, and take the time to share some of our archival images.

We trust that you all appreciate that we have had more activities at Artillery, than what actually feature on our social media pages... Essentially this was because we chose to resist the lure of blowing a trumpet to state our cause. Opting, instead, to nurture our space organically, as we have managed to do... Of course, as mentioned before, it was a season of naivety and with that comes doubt. However, now we appreciate the necessity to archive our stories, therefore, in light of that, we would like to share more, from the beginning of Artillery, right up to our contemporary existence.

As we prepare to observe our 2nd Anniversary, on the 28th of September 2020, we hope that, between now and then, we will find our feet and regain our strength to soldier on and share some aspirations for the future, regardless of whether they will be destined to materialise or not.

Until then, please, join us on this journey of storytelling and feel free to share any pictures you may have taken whilst at Artillery. That perspective of your experience within our space is truly special to us... Let’s tell these stories, together.

That is all. Until tomorrow… Au Revoir.


A Talkversation with Zandile Masuku

The first time we met Zandile Vanessa Masuku and we familiarised with her work was virtually through social media channels… Then we heard a few other voices mutter her name, with much praise, in numerous corridors… Then a few other virtual instances, as her works featured mysterious in various galleries in Harare, whilst she radiated so powerfully from Bulawayo, in absentia. Her work precedes her personality, but her personality, now that we have been honoured to meet and engage with her during numerous occasions, we can attest, is pure gold! She is a being after our souls and we are submissively and voluntarily in captivity of the wonders she unfold through the expressions of her artistic prowess.

To those who have never met Zandile or have never seen her work. Please, feel free to watch this short documentary, and embrace a glimpse of this trail blazing art aficionado. It’s a good starting point.

We extend many thanks to the producer of this production, as they have afforded us the conceptive experience that has now culminated into this wonderful exhibition.

We can’t wait to share Zandi’s magic with you!

Please, do join us this Saturday as we open her second solo exhibition and a first in Harare.

Hurry, whilst stocks last! ;-P

Zandile Masuku Documentary


Art Re-View Zim

A very precise narrative of Mukudzei Muzondo's exhibition, by Art Re-View Zim. Thank you for visiting the gallery and interrelating with the art. Your translation is, indeed, as wonderful as the artworks on show.

For those who have not yet seen the exhibition, feel free to pop in during our opening hours and explore your avenue of thoughts... "Allegories of Thoughts" is currently on show, until 30th August 2019.

#PS: For a catalogue - please inbox your requests.

Mukudzei Muzondo uses symbols to convey complex and hidden meaning. Connoisseurs will find talking points. The general public may be perplexed. But the majority will realize why they don't know everything there is to know.

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