Free Africa

Free Africa

Trapped in a construct. Only a change of mindset can really FREE AFRICA.


The incapability of our people to stand up for ourselves in the world arena has become our worst vice let's get behind the petition for africas security council seat by P Mashingaidze just share the videos below and you will have done something for future of africa. Let's do it


What is the future of Africa's energy supply? Do we need to go nuclear or is solar the way to go on the continent known for its sunshine?


If black people where serious about who they are and where they come from ..our society would be better and progressive .. The only independence recognised under the sun is economic independence.. We are the starving rich we have everything besides ideology ideological empowerment is what we need

Timeline photos 20/11/2015

On this day in 1884, European nations would come together in what would be known as the infamous Berlin Conference to chop up Africa into 50 different countries

On this day in 1884, European nations would come together in what would be known as the infamous Berlin Conference to chop up Africa into 50 different countries for their selfish gain.

Before this conference occurred, as much 80 percent of Africa was under traditional and local control.

By the time Europeans had their way, 90 percent of the continent was under European control.

NewsOne reports:

"Africa’s colonization by other major powers of the world at the tail end of the 19th century spelled doom and division for the mighty continent. It wasn’t until 1950 that Africa would begin the tough process of gaining much of its independence from Western Europeans. On this day in 1884, the Berlin Conference began the process of dividing Africa and its rich resources."

It always amazes me that this group could just decide to move in -- and in some cases -- take over what doesn't belong to them.

But then again, I guess I need only look at the Native Americans as a supreme example of how such a thing happens and is carried out.


Africa has to move from being the biggest consumer group to the biggest producer consumerism is our biggest enemy thoughts?


Polictical freedom is empty without economic independence! The people are poor and hungry ..

black and emancipated 2 15/08/2015

Ideological Empowerment for Black Societies | Cde Mashingaidze

black and emancipated 2 Ideological Empowerment for Black Societies | Patson Mashingaidze


The whole Al Bashir issue raises a lot of questions. Then we have Burundi. What's next?


How can I help the poor if im one of them? Doctrine of inferiority. Free yourself from that mentality. Salvation of the poor will never come from the rich.


Our minds as Africans are so colonised we even look to our former colonisers
to fix our problems as if they caused them. Time to move on and accept


Historical records of the period leading to the 1896-97 First Chimurenga/Imfazwe, depict a story picture of a systematic violation of the rights and dignity of the indigenous people under white domination. Confirming the official sanctioning of this policy, the Rhodesia Herald of 19th April 1895 reported thus: For the Rhodesian it was absurd to take the untutored savage, accustomed as he is from time immemorial to superstitious and primitive ideas of law and justice, and suddenly try to govern him by the same code of laws that govern a people with many centuries of experience and enlightenment.


Mental slavery is the worst because emancipation is only possible through your own effort. Its a personal struggle.

Mobile uploads 18/08/2014

Young African girl at a Belgian "Human Zoo" in the 50s

Photos from Free Africa's post 18/08/2014
Venezuelan vice president says Chavez was infected with cancer by foes 05/03/2013

Venezuelan vice president says Chavez was infected with cancer by foes CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was infected with cancer by imperialist enemies, his No. 2 alleged on Tuesday, adding that the socialist leader was suffering his hardest moments of

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on U.S. intercepting Zimbabwean goods 05/03/2013

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on U.S. intercepting Zimbabwean goods Pres. Robert Mugabe discusses promise broken by the British, and U.S. intercepting Zimbabwean goods.

Thomas Sankara - the Upright Man 30/01/2013

Thomas Sankara - the Upright Man

Thomas Sankara - the Upright Man Documentary about Thomas Sankara by Robin Shuffield. Distributed by a company called 'California Newsreel' but put here on youtube for everyone else who does...

Sanctions 'not serving anyone': Biti 13/01/2013

Sanctions 'not serving anyone': Biti FINANCE Minister Tendai Biti has told Canada and other Western countries to lift sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe because “they are not serving anyone”.


TRUTH ABOUT ROBERT MUGABE pt.2. This is not my video but the video of black truth hurts he is a brilliant man.

The truth about Robert Mugabe Part.1 27/12/2012

The truth about Robert Mugabe Part.1 This is not my video but the video of black truth hurts he is a brilliant man.


Lets support African music

Blood Coltan (2008) 17/12/2012

Blood Coltan (2008) This is a story about the real costs of our need to stay in touch. Mobile phones have hidden tariffs with unimaginable human consequences: r**e, murder and i...

Robert Mugabe and me – how a despot has clung on to power 16/12/2012

Robert Mugabe and me – how a despot has clung on to power In 2007, live on British television, the Archbishop of York, Bishop John Sentamu, cut his collar up with scissors to protest against Robert Mugabe being in power. He said he would only replace his collar if Mugabe were removed.

Black Pharaohs - National Geographic Magazine 15/12/2012**er-text/1

Black Pharaohs - National Geographic Magazine From the February 2008 issue of National Geographic magazine. For 75 years Nubian kings ruled over ancient Egypt, reunifying the country and building an empire. Until recently, theirs was a chapter of history lost in the shadows.


With the support of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), lead by Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the United States introduced economic sanctions on Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, 2001. (ZIDERA). Through this enactment Zimbabwe’s access to finance and credit facilities was effectively destroyed.

Sanctions on Zimbabwe were placed by Britain her allies in the European Union, the United States, New Zealand and Australia under the guise of promoting democracy and punishing individuals deemed to be stifling democracy and democratic institutions, however the real reasons for the imposition of the sanctions on Zimbabwe were rooted in racism and the desire to reverse the land reform process which was meant to redress colonial injustices that saw a minority of white famers owning vast swathes of rich fertile land at the expense of the indigenous black majority.

Eleven years down the line, sanctions are denying children books and pencils, with the decline in normal economic activity there has been a huge increase in poverty and high unemployment. Sanctions have torn the social fabric of Zimbabwean life creating an increase in crime, divorce and prostitution.

The continued extension of the sanctions and the recent addition of Mbada diamonds and Marange Resources , companies at the backbone of Zimbabwe’s diamond industry and crucial to the economic revival of Zimbabwe’s economy on the US sanctions list only adds to increase crime, corruption and violence it will also accelerate the already dramatic fall in living standards, the collapse of the infrastructure, and a serious decline in the availability of public services.

Free Africa calls upon the government of the United States of America lead by Barack Hussein Obama to unconditionally lift of all forms of sanctions imposed on the sovereign people of Zimbabwe, only the people of Zimbabwe can determine their future.

Free Africa also calls upon all progressive nations and people of the world to speak out against the evil of these diabolic sanctions on the peace loving people of Zimbabwe.


our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. we spend too much time confiding in our weakness thinking that its our strenghts. we are the rulers of our own destiny. zimbabwe belongs to us and so does your own nation of sovereignty. take whats yours comrades


Africa beware with leaders like the shower taking Jacob Zuma Africa is in for modern day colonialism, how do u get to support NATO forces to bomb Libya. don't give me the crap about democracy it just doesn't exist even in heaven, the Americans would never allow a communist to enter the White House, so whats good for the goose must definitely be good for the much for the African union and African unity this continent is doomed

Timeline photos 24/08/2011

What we do to ourselves!

Timeline photos 24/08/2011

What they did to us!


We take this time to bid farewell to a gallant and distinguished son of Zimbabwe a REVOLUTIONARY par excellence General Solomon Tapfumanei 'Rex Nhongo' Mujuru R.I.P Comrade

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