Mugeks Logistics Pvt Ltd

Mugeks Logistics Pvt Ltd

Mugeks Logistics is the leading name in corporate fiscal compliance, customs and freight management in Zimbabwe. ZIMRA - TAX SERVICES - eFiling, VAT, BPN Registrations, PAYE, QPD, ITF 12, ITF 16, Penalties/Fines and Appeals.

CORPORATE SERVICES - Company Formations, CR 6, CR 14 and changes, Annual Returns , PBC & Shelf Companies. BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - Statutory Requirements, NSSA, SPB, ZimDef, Vendor No etc, Cashflow projections, SME Audits. IMMIGRATION SERVICES - Visa Applications, Residence Permits, Foreign Direct Investment Consultancy. CUSTOMS SERVICES - Customs Clearance, Import/Export, Warehousing & Storage, Import/Export Permits, RIB, RIT


Operating as usual

[04/26/21]   ITF12C 2020 due by 30 April 2021 visit our offices today or call us

[12/01/20]   Re-register your companies in time dont wait until its late

[06/12/20]   Now PRAZ done online contact us

[05/27/20]   Most of ZIMRA services are done online whatsapp our offices on 0772384179

[05/17/20]   Post Covid era no business is allowed to operate without clearance from both ZIMRA and NSSA call us to reguralise your business

[04/21/20]   In terms of Zimbabwe Income Tax Act dormant companies must submit NIL returns with ZIMRA.

[04/16/20]   How to register your company with Zimra,NSSA,Vendor No,Procument Board(for tenders) visit our website or whatsapp 0772384179

[04/16/20]   How to open a registered company in Zimbabwe? Public Limited,Private Limited,PBC,Co-op call us or whatsapp 0772384179

[04/10/20]   COVID-19 shows flu-like symptoms, but you can reduce risk of infection by practicing social distancing & good personal hygiene eg washing of hands with soap.

[04/10/20]   Directors,Management and the whole Staff wish you are Covid free Easter Covid 19 IS REAL

[04/08/20]   Statutory Zimra returns are still mandatory during lockdown call our cell numbers for help (0712937716/0772423976)

[04/01/20]   Covid 19 is real stay home we can do all your statutory returns from home.

[03/26/20]   TF 12 C - Income Tax Self Assessment Return

Every Zimra Registered client who has the Value Added Tax head must submit an annual tax return to Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). The Client should have done Financial Statements for the previous tax year usually ending at 31st December, The Return should be submitted on or before the 30th of April failure of Which Penalties apply

Give us a call for more Information

[03/09/20]   Statutory fees at deeds office have gone up visit our offices to regularise your company now

[12/17/19]   You can have a registered company within 3 working days visit our offices for more information

[12/17/19]   2020 Tax Clearances now open visit our for help

[10/06/19]   All companies with shares in USD must be redominated visit our offices for more

[05/21/19]   Very soon Zimra,NSSA,Deeds (Companies ) &Zimdef will be linked please come to our offices and update your records to avoid inconveniences

[04/17/19]   End of year Zimra financial accounts ITF12C due end of April visit our offices to avoid penalties contact us

[02/04/19]   Visit our offices for your 2018 ITF12C

[12/25/18]   Tax clearance season is upon us visit our offices asap

[10/14/18]   Visit our offices to update your Zimra and Company returns


Get Your Small to Medium Business Registered

Many small to medium business people in Zimbabwe struggle to keep up with the compliance demands of a registered Private Limited company. Yet there is a facility specially designed to cater for small to meium enterprises (SMEs). It's called a Private Business Corporation (PBC). To register a (Pvt) Ltd you need a minimum two (2) directors but with a PBC you can go it alone. No need to rope in a partner just for the sake of registering a company. Give us a call or visit our offices for a friendly chat. What you require, we acquire.

[02/21/18]   Are you failing to get your Tax clearance because of fiscalisation visit our offices for a solution

[01/17/18]   Zimra system delaying in issuing tax clearances visit our offices for guidance

[12/07/17]   Vat machines are real visit our offices for more information.

[10/11/17]   You can only get licences (import or export) at the Ministry of Industry and commerce if you are up to date with your Standard Development Levy visit our offices btwn 8-5 Mon-Friday for more information.

[10/05/17]   Visit our offices for company annual returns updating of Cr 6,Crime 2,Cr14 and many more

[07/12/17]   Motor Vehicle change of ownership visit our offices

[06/29/17]   Most companies do not know that annual returns are a must with the registra of companies visit our offices for more information. 06/04/2017

Mugeks Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

What is a tax clearance or ITF263?

A tax clearance certificate is a document that is issued by the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to a person liable to pay tax under any of the Acts administered by ZIMRA. The certificate is issued upon request to a person whose tax affairs are up-to-date or has made satisfactory tax compliance arrangements with ZIMRA.

Benefits of a tax clearance?

Tax clearance does not necessarily offer a direct benefit. It is usually needed as a requirement for doing business with other companies. There are certain situations in which your business may need tax clearance and some benefits a tax clearance certificate may give your business:

1.To participate in government tenders (almost all governement tenders require a valid tax clearance as a condition).

2.To participate in public tenders (this is mostly because tax
registered companies prefer to do business with other tax registered companies).

3.To prove that you are tax compliant (a tax clearance certificate is proof that you are paying taxes or are putting your tax issues in order).

Who qualifies for a tax clearance?

Tax clearance is available for anyone who is liable pay any form of tax to ZIMRA. This includes both individuals and companies.
Individuals or companies that have paid or submitted tax returns.
Newly registered companies that want to trade with tax clearance requiring businesses but have not yet paid tax to ZIMRA.

Procedure for getting a tax clearance certificate

The procedure for obtaining tax clearance in Zimbabwe is as follows:
1.Register with ZIMRA by submitting the required information about the company and its directors.
2.Obtain BP number
3.Obtain PAYE & Income number
4.Request the tax clearance certificate

Visit our nearest office for more information or simply dial 0772423976 or you can visit our website.
Get registered with Zimra and obtain your Tax Clearance THINK MUGEKS .. CALL NOW 06/04/2017

Mugeks Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

reasons why you should register your own company

1. To be more professional

First impressions are important they say. This is even more true in business. Would you prefer to buy an expensive smartphone that has been created by an individual or by a company? That’s the power of registering a company. It establishes you as a professional in your field. You prove to the world that you are legitimate and are not after a quick buck. It shows your customers that you are serious and will not simply disappear tomorrow
2. To protect and secure your business name

Registering your business name protects it from being used by other businesses. When you register a company, the name that you choose is reserved to you only. You may not have plans to start operating right away but registering that name that you have always wanted ensures that its available to you when you are finally ready to launch your dream business. Once your company name has been incorporated and registered, you can further restrict its usage by registering it as a trade name or trademark. This ensures that no-one else can legally use it.

3. To get access to funding

One of the advantages you enjoy when you register a company is the increased access that you get to funding sources. There are various government loans available for youths and small businesses. In addition, various economic development agencies, banks and NGOs provide low-interest loans to small to medium enterprise owners who may not qualify for traditional commercial loans.

4. To separate personal and business finances

Most small business owners discover painfully that mixing business and personal finances is a recipe for disaster. The majority of small businesses that fail fall into this trap. If you keep business finances in your pocket you run into the temptation of ‘helping out Uncle Thomas’ when he asks for financial help. And when month-end comes you discover that you don’t have enough to pay for business rentals or suppliers. Having your business incorporated helps you separate these two so that you don’t run into problems tomorrow.

5. To participate in tender processes

In order to apply for both government and commercial tenders you need to be a legalized business entity. All tenders have on their top of the list the requirement to be an incorporated company. Simply put: ‘No registration papers, no tender acceptance’. Most tenders are advertised for big contracts and orders, so this represents a very real opportunity for your business to break out and make some large amounts of cash. Don’t neglect this.

6. Lower taxes

When doing business you have the option to do so as an individual or as a registered business. When you trade as an individual, you pay tax on the additional income you receive from your business. Unfortunately you don’t get any tax deductions on the expenses you incur in running the business e.g. internet costs, telephone costs, transport, rents, etc. These are all regarded as personal expenses more or less. One of the more appealing reasons for registering a business, as opposed to simply reporting your additional income, is the extra money you have left over. In Zimbabwe, businesses receive tax deductions for business-related expenses, including use of your car, a home office or a rented storefront, insurance, and more.

7. Liability protection

There are two types of businesses registered in Zimbabwe and these are the Private Limited Companies and Private Business Corporations. The business is treated as a separate legal entity from it’s owners and enjoys corporate citizenship in Zimbabwe as if it were an individual. Both types of businesses offer limited liability to their owners or shareholders. Both business types provide personal liability protection for business decisions or actions of the business. This means that if the company incurs debt or is sued, its members are not required to satisfy the claims with their personal assets. By registering your business, your business and personal assets are separated from each other. There are many reasons to incorporate but for the protection of your family, this may be the most important.

8. Business continuity

Do the names Irvines, Microsoft, Facebook or Google sound familiar to you? Good. What do they all have in common? They were started by individuals. And because these individuals registered their companies it means their businesses are able to continue without them. They are now separate entities from their person. That’s the power of registering a business. It ensures the continuity of your business beyond just you. Customers are interested in knowing if your company has a future and if the company is able to continue serving them in your absence.

There are more reasons why business registration is a good idea but this is a good start.

Do you need to register a company of-course you do THINK MUGEKS LOGISTICS visit our nearest office at Hurudza House N/Mandela and Park Street or simply visit our website for more information

[03/30/17]   A responsible company pay tax and corporate tax is only levied on profits.Visit our office to know whether to pay tax or not.Dont just pay for the sake of paying Zimra is there collect the correct tax 30/03/2017

Mugeks Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

Investing time into business into business is key to turning your dreams into reality. Are you thing of starting your own Company? Perhaps you are asking yourself some of these questions
1. How do l choose a name for my company
2. How do l register my company
3. How do l apply for a Zimbabwe business partner number
4. What taxes do l need to pay
5.How do l obtain my Tax Clearance

Guess what? Mugeks is there to provide answers to all your questions, Simply pay us a visit at our nearest office or visit our website for more information

!!!! Think Mugeks!!!

[02/10/17]   Register your company now as low as $75 only

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Get Your Small to Medium Business Registered
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