Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions

Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions


Question for members.
My son is 20 years old. Two years ago he started passing out and having grandma seizures. He has been to neurologist, endos, heart Dr. No one knows what is wrong with him. He's been put on different seizure medication that doesn't work. His passing out and grandma seizures is just getting worse. It has got to where he now quits breathing and his memory is very bad now, he's so exhausted he is sleeping about 70 % of the day, he's now having a hard time seeing, it's harder to get him to be response after one,he gets a headache on his right side of his head before and after each one. We are watching his health decline and no one seems to be able to help us. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Or any where we can take him that would be able to save our son.
are u the specialist doctor in chronic disease
I thought this was a bad way to treat a human being nomatter what disability they have. This goes to show how fast we should move to address differences between humanity because of disabilities. The plight of the deaf must be quickly addressed......
i like the art
Wish you the best on your Trust.May you please assit in finding funding partners for Mudiwa Hiv and Aids Organisation.For morf details,its on facebook.
Dear Dr. Stamps. Hope you're fine and doing well. A message from one of your old friends in the launching Partners in Population and Development and is still there as PCC of Tunisia. It will be nice to hear from you.

The inspiration behind the Dr T.J.Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions Membership-based Trust coordinated by its founder members. Anyone interested can join as a Volunteer with the chance of being upgraded to a Core Member.

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Photos from Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions's post 10/01/2018

The board of trustees, the late Hon. Dr. T. J.Stamps' family and the executive committee members.


Loosing Hon.Dr.T.J Stamps (Founder of the Trust) is a bitter pill to swallow, unbearable and difficult to come to terms with. To people with chronic conditions, the disabled and the poverty-stricken constituencies, it's a great loss and big gap to fill considering the indispensable services he provided to the marginalised groups of society locally, regionally and globally. He remains one of the fewest people in Zimbabwe and internationally whom vulnerable groups of society will forever cherish his great efforts in removing them from societal obscurity to the fore front of recognition by government and the society at large.
We therefore, as the executive committee conveying our sincere and deepest felt condolences to fellow Zimbabweans, hoping that the legacy he left will remain greatly appreciated and recognised.
We promise, as the Trust executive committee with the support of the body of trustees to continue with the programmes that we were running until the age of time for the betterment of those living with chronic conditions. Our unwavering commitment, unparalleled dedication and our sacrifice will ensure will ensure people with chronic conditions live better improved lifestyles..

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The Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust has embarked on training sign language to Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe's staff in a bid to bridge the communication gap.

Photos from Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions's post 15/03/2015

The Dr Timothy Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions (DTSTCC) held a Strategic Workshop on Friday the 13th of March.
The workshop attended by various organisations within the country dealing with people living with Chronic Conditions. The forum which included over 30 people, highlighted the need for the Trust to become a body that seeks to unite all efforts within the country pertaining to Chronic Conditions. Partnering Organisations present here realised the need for the Trust to speak as the main voice for all organisations dealing with Chronic Conditions.

It was a fruitful day and many ideas came about that can strategically place the Trust higher than what it already is.

The founder of DTSTCC, Dr Stamps, was also present at the meeting and was proud of the suggestions and debate that took place to map a better road for the Trust and all organisations working with Chronic Conditions.

Sign up as a Volunteer 12/02/2014

Sign up as a Volunteer

Sign up as a Volunteer http://wp.me/p38ais-1b

Sign up as a Volunteer The Dr Timothy J. Stamps is inviting applications for volunteers of all sizes and ages who are willing to involve themselves in the many activities of improving the lives of people living with Chronic Conditions. The Trust believes that with volunteers… [ 69 more words. ]

Vitamin C 'keeps cancer at bay' 11/02/2014

Vitamin C 'keeps cancer at bay'

Interesting factoids coming from Belfast, worth a read......

Vitamin C 'keeps cancer at bay' High doses of vitamin C can boost the cancer-killing effect of chemotherapy, according to new research.

Trust ventures on Sign langauge DVD 27/01/2014

Trust ventures on Sign langauge DVD

Trust ventures on Sign langauge DVD http://wp.me/p38ais-15

Trust ventures on Sign langauge DVD The DTSTCC has embarked on the creation of a dvd for sign language training that will see great improvements in learning the language for the deaf within the country. It has been noted that a lot of people within the country have very little… [ 276 more words. ]

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Register here

The Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions is always looking for volunteers to help in their many activities, and if you are interested in helping out members in your community, why not visit our site and register here

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Cancer survivor gives thanks

Read more on our web about Mrs Machemedzi http://wp.me/p38ais-H

Cancer survivor gives thanks Ms Netty Muchemedzi was diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma, a subtype of cancer of the cervix, in April 2013. Due to financial constraints she could not pay for the required tests and treatment and wa...

End of Year party and reflections 10/01/2014

End of Year party and reflections


Please note that the we have changed our logo to the one with a capital letter A. All necessary consultations have been made from the Founder, the Board of Trustees and the Executive


It is 01 December once more dear friends. Every year in December on this day, we commemorate World AIDS Day. Every year on this day we pause and reflect on how far we have gone in keeping the promise to combat AIDS, and we evaluate our successes and failures. Today, none amongst us can say they have neither been infected nor affected by AIDS. None amongst us can safely say they have no family member, colleague or friend infected by AIDS. This is a challenge above individual interests. It is about development, human capacity, growth and the survival of humanity. We all have a role to play in the global anti-AIDS movement. The Dr T.J Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions joins the rest of the world in commemorating this day. AIDS is a chronic condition and as a Trust, we will continue channelling our energy, efforts and resources towards achieving an AIDS-free generation. We believe it is possible. You too should believe.


Our very first batch of clients. We are very excited to be in the society, were it matters most and executing our duties.
Chronic Conditions are all around us and yet people rarely take a look at some of the least mentioned and prominent. We are here to bridge that gap, here to work together and promote a healthier society.

Timeline photos 11/07/2013

Timeline photos

The inspiration behind the Trust, Honourable Dr. Timothy J. Stamps.


Hi Guys, this page is certainly getting more hits straight after we announced we are changing it, but it is still ok. We will still continue with this page until at a time when everyone has made a swift transition to the new one. Just for your assistance, the new page has been created under our very own identity, namely, Chronic Conditions. So if you type in Chronic Conditions on the search tab, you will find that imaginary friend of ours and consequently his new page, The Dr Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions. Please feel free to access Chronic Conditions and like the new page as we will be moving there permanently in due course... Thank you for support...

Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancer Stem Cell Could Be 'Achilles' Heel' of Cancer 27/02/2013

Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancer Stem Cell Could Be 'Achilles' Heel' of Cancer

Hi guys, I thought this would be an intersting read.http://wp.me/p38ais-h

Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancer Stem Cell Could Be 'Achilles' Heel' of Cancer Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancer Stem Cell Could Be 'Achilles' Heel' of Cancer Sep. 10, 2012 — Scientists at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have discovered a subpopulation of cells that display cancer...


To all members, can we meet for our Wednesday meetings same time, same venue. Thank you. see you there.


Attention to all following this page. Watch the space as something new and exciting is coming. Be part of it...


Attention Members
Please be advised that there will be a meeting on Wednesday the 30 January, 2013 at 1630. Venue usual meeting place. Phone the administrator to confirm attendance, Mrs Taika on 0773 254 542. thank you.


It's the 1st of December once more, and World Aids Day is upon us. Remember; today is only but a day in which we evaluate our efforts in the fight against AIDS, not the only day where we get to fight AIDS for it is a perennial fight. So here is the challenge: GET TESTED TODAY and keep it real. That will be a great way of observing the day!


Dear Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust administrators I am calling for us to resume our meetings on Wednesday next week at our usual venue please confirm your attendence on my usual number. Max current chair


on the fourth of February it is going to be World Cancer Day...

Timeline photos 01/12/2011

Timeline photos


“No terrorist attach, no war, has ever threatened the lives of more than 40 million people worldwide. AIDS does.” Today is the 1st of December and is World AIDS Day. A few years back a commitment was made, to stop AIDS by 2015 under the banner "Stop AIDS Keep the Promise". On this day we take stock of how far we have gone in curbing the spread of this pandemic, and evaluate our efforts in stopping the emergence of child-headed-households, wholesale deaths, and the wide effects of the disease, seen and unseen. We recognise the srides taken by Zimbabwe through the multi-sectoral response coordinated by the National Aids Council and commend the work being done by various stakeholders. Together we have witnessed the decline in the prevalence rate from over 30 to 13 percent. We are moving forward. As the Dr. Timothy Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions, we will continue supporting initiatives and starting more. We will continue calling for increased access to medictaion, and increased awareness to halt the ravaging effects of this chronic condition. AIDS affects all and its scale requires positive efforts by all. An AIDS free generation is possible, and it begins with you!


"Diabetes is the major cause of blindness in the world, but diabetes is detectable through a comprehensive eye exam so we are appealing to the public with or without diabetes to visit any of their eye doctors to be examined," says visiting American Dr Woodward. Let's go and get examined!



Visit the link http://drtimothystampstrust.wordpress.com/ for a view of the newly emerging website for the trust. Keep checking the site for updates and link it your page to receive notifications

drtimothystampstrust The Dr Timothy J Stamps Trust on Chronic Conditions is a special place in the hearts of the many people who support and run it administratively.



Read this article published by the National Academy on Aging Society on the impact of Chronic Conditions.


Timeline photos 26/02/2011

The inspiration behind the Trust, Honourable Dr. Timothy J. Stamps.


a clean enviroment promotes good health zimbos pliz Harare is our city not a trash can. Inga tinogeza wani ko hunhu wekurasa marara pesepese hwakabvepi?


Chronic conditions have for long been at the periphery of health services programming in Africa, save for HIV/AIDS, yet cummulatively they account for many deaths in the continent. Zimbabwe should take the lead in addressing this anomaly, and our Trust is striving to make this happen. Be a part by supporting us in any way you can. Share information and volunteer with us!


6th Fl Club Chambers Building, Cnr N. Mandela/3rd Street

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