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We started out in the timber flooring industry in 1999 and currently export our Rhodesian Teak, Leadwood and Rosewood furniture and flooring to 19 countries across the globe. We utilise the very best in raw sustainably harvested timber from its source in Zimbabwe and value add it to final, high quality furniture and flooring products, making our world-class merchandise affordable and our prices vi


Spot the beautiful brass detailing separating the gorgeous rich teak, from the buttery blonde oak ✨☁️

Tiny details is what sets us apart!

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2023 Design Trends We Are Loving!

1. Lighter, Brighter Wood Finishes
Wood flooring with character-rich, lighter stains shows no sign of waning in popularity. Homeowners are primarily using engineered oak as well as solid teak, but walnut is starting to surface more, especially with lighter finishes.

3. Pattern and Color Play
When it comes to floor colors, muted shades are taking hold. Browns have become a popular alternative to black as they are better suited to play off the tones and materials that are sweeping the design world, like terracotta and shades of green

4. Neutral Shades
While color trends come and go, neutrals will always have a place in design. But staying neutral doesn’t have to mean playing it safe or skipping character-rich details.

5. Engineered Flooring
Though laminate flooring, vinyl flooring & tiles are still very popular, homeowners are prioritising the look and feel of natural timber flooring. Engineered flooring is simple to install, holds many of the same properties as a solid timber floor and is a very stable product.

6. A Dark and Moody Feature/Room
Whilst bright, beautiful, seamless interiors are very in at the moment, it is becoming increasingly popular to create a dark and moody feature room or a space which brings a unique element of personality and class into spaces.

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We highly reccomend using our reccomended installers when installing your flooring.

Using our installers ensures:

1. you will have a highly skilled and well trained team on site. 

2. Our flooring warranty will not fall away as we stand by these installers work.

3. We will be able to rectify any issues, may they arise due to the nature of our relationship with our installers. 

4. All of our photographs are own very own installations which have been installed by our recommended installers, so you can feel confident in our teams  previous work.


We would like to introduce our newest member of Pride of Africa.

Given is our powerhouse salesman who will be assisting our clients from start to finish.

He is always happy to help and goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.
Please contact him on +263771783750 and you’ll be taken good care of ✨

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This is why we do what we do!

Our sustainably harvested, local teak decking and flooring pictured here, showcasing the best of Zimbabwe at a camp in Mana Pools National Park.

Our products blend in with the surroundings, whilst simultaneously adding a rich, earthy African touch to the scene.

These products boast:

✨ Low Maintenance
✨ 20 Year Warranty
✨ Sustainable & Eco Friendly
✨ Natural
✨ Customisable

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Sustainably , Locally harvested and manufactured teak decking . Beauty , Durability on your doorstep .

Photos from Zuberi Flooring's post 07/08/2023

More amazing installs from Zuberi


Beautiful hand cut in our own factory Oak and Walnut Cobble. Dare to be different


Our passion project has led us to some incredible places.

From simply trying to enrich our forests eco system with bees to being rewarded with the most glorious honey, we have loved every minute of this journey!

And it seems all of you have too 🥰

So we have expanded our stockists and we look forward to supplying Harare and beyond with our favourite little local product!

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 02/08/2023

Has winter felt a bit too chilly this year?🥶

Carpets are a great flooring option if you are looking to warm up your home ✨🏠 They provide actual thermal insulation and resistance, retaining warmth for longer periods of time and creating a more comfortable and cosy interior 🤗

With a wide range of colours and styles we have something for everyone no matter your budget!

Simply contact us, and we will take care of you from measuring your space to project handover, we have got you!

If you have a designer, send them our way as we love to work hand in hand with designers to ensure a seamless, wonderful experience ✨


Mondays at Pride of Africa are always about inspiration ✨🥂

The buttery, warm aesthetic created by oak flooring completely transforms any space.

Pictured: Oak flooring & Ceiling

Photos from Zuberi Flooring's post 28/07/2023

Beautiful teak screens


When building its all about trusting the process!

Here at Pride of Africa we walk the long road with our clients from start to finish ensuring that every little detail is taken care of.

We are currently creating a beautiful showroom and the attention to detail is spectacular! We are so excited to share it with you ✨


Calculating the amount of flooring packs you will need for a room is a surprisingly easy task. You will need to know two things, the m2 of your room and the pack size of your chosen flooring. It’s important to know that all floors have different pack sizes so the amount of packs you need will depend on which floor you have chosen. In this guide we show a step-by-step of how to calculate how many packs you need.

1. Measure the width of your room
Using a tape measure, extend it from one wall to the wall opposite. Take a note of this number in meters, this is the width of your room.

2. Measure the length of your room
Measure the other two parallel walls in your room also using a tape measure. Note this number down in meters, this is the length of your room.

3. Multiply the length of your room by the width
Multiply the length by the width of your room. To ensure there are no errors, use a calculator to do this. This is the size of your room in square meters.

4. Add 10% to account for any errors
Add 10% to the figure calculated in step 3 to use as wastage. This will account for any errors that can be made when laying flooring. This will ensure you have enough flooring to complete your room without having to order more or leave your floor unfinished while waiting for the additional packs to arrive. As oak is a natural product our flooring will differ slightly from pack to pack, therefore this step is essential for a consistent colour. This is number is the m2 of flooring required.


Width x Length: 4m x 7m = 28m
Add 10%: 28 x 1.1 = 30.8m
How much flooring you need: 30.8m2

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This solid oak wall cladding is everything we love about natural, organic design ✨

It is a simple way to elevate your space, adding dimension and texture, as well as truly adding value to your property.

This project features solid oak cladding as well as engineered oak ceilings and engineered oak flooring.


It is truly an honour that we at pride of Africa work closely with such talented designers and architects around the globe.

We are able to become truly creative with our products, creating spaces which emulate sophistication as well as the client’s personal style.

Whether this means we are cladding the homes external, cladding the roof, designing a custom flooring pattern, curating a colour unique to you, the list goes on and on.

We always recommend you invest in a professional to truly get the most out of your spaces.

Photos from Zuberi Flooring's post 18/07/2023
Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 17/07/2023

Which is your favourite space?

Flooring is an intrinsic part of any space.

When choosing your floor you should consider the colour and style and the way they contribute to your overall aesthetic.

However, you should also consider the properties of your floor.

How do you want it to feel? Do you like the feeling of natural wood over synthetics? Do you want the floor to warm or cool your space? What type of maintenance are you looking for?

We know it all seems daunting, however we are here to help and we are able to guide you into making the perfect choice for space and budget.


Did you know that you can simply put your engineered oak flooring onto your walls to create a warm, unique feature wall in your space ✨

This method of cladding is a simple process with an elegant and dramatic result.

Product: Engineered Oak
Location: showroom in Sandton ✨🥂🌞


Our teak off cuts are back in stock 🔥😍🪵

Get yours today!

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 12/07/2023

“Thank you Pride of Africa , for brining the warmth , colour and feel of home all the way to Canada. The quality is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. I absolutely love my floors. Thank you.”

What a beautiful review from our Canadian client who we sent our prefinished teak flooring as well as an array of gorgeous table tops to.


What do you think?

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 10/07/2023

Let your Monday be all about perspective ✨

We are absolutely obsessed with this beautiful installation. Our solid oak staircase is a statement which suits any style decor.

If you are wanting a beautiful staircase, let’s make the magic happen together 🌟


Beautiful nooks featuring our parquet blocks ✨ we love the warmth, elegance and natural look our floors bring to any space!

This flooring is also super affordable especially considering how fantastic it is 🌟

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 04/07/2023

Beautiful Highlands house 🏡 !


Get COSY 🔥 our teak offcuts are the absolute best in the business for so many reasons!

Teak burns for ages, and creates a lot of heat whilst doing so. Our teak offcuts are also byproduct of our flooring, we already harvest our timber sustainability, but we take it one step further and try to reduce any waste wherever we can.

For only $6.50 you get a 50kg bag which lasts such a long time due to the way teak burns 🔥

Stock up now as our offcuts fly out of the factory!

Simply pop into 21 woodlands rd, Mukuvisi Business park, Masasa or call ahead and reserve some bags 😊



We are loving this trend of pairing warm textures with cool tones ✨

The design process behind each space is incredibly intricate, yet we stand by our products - timber will always be timeless, no matter what trends come and go.

You can always count on a a wooden floor to warm up your space with its neutral, natural look and feel. Or you can add elements of wood throughout your space to break any monotony 🥂

What do you think?



Our honey is available at & ()

Our bees have been working so hard to try keep up with the demands of honey, but in the name of sustainability, we are taking things slow and letting nature do it’s thing so we can enjoy and value together 🍯


Every space needs a beautiful base 🥂 so inspired by this gorgeous kitchen!

Our oak flooring will create this seamless, buttery, natural look so effortlessly ✨

Flooring is how you start the visual process, so think carefully about the look and feel you are wanting to create and keep in mind, nothing will ever compare with a hardwood 🥂

We do however have beautiful alternatives in stock, so stay tuned to see what’s coming up for us 🥂✨

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 14/06/2023

Reposting this gorgeous modern space by

Our Savannah parquet is absolutely perfect for any space, but we love seeing commercial spaces embracing all the wonderful qualities of this floor.

✨ it is elegant and timeless
✨ the beautiful natural colours of the flooring is a perfect back drop for any pops of colour.
✨ solid teak flooring will last a lifetime, making it the perfect option for a low cost, durable floor.

What do you think?

Photos from Zimbo's Flooring & Decking Solutions's post 12/06/2023

Wooden floorings and winter ❄️

Wooden flooring boasts of its cozy qualities in winter, timber is an incredibly neutral product which does not change with the weather unlike other flooring types. It remains nice and warm during the winter, and that’s what we’re all about! 🥰

If you have wooden flooring have you noticed this?


Get COSY 🔥 our teak offcuts are the absolute best for these chilly winter evenings!

For only $6.50 you get a 50kg bag which lasts such a long time due to the way teak burns 🔥

Stock up now as our offcuts fly out of the factory!

Simply pop into 21 woodlands rd, Mukuvisi Business park, Masasa or call ahead and reserve some bags 😊

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 08/06/2023

Father’s Day Giveaway! 🥳

We would love to help celebrate and enrich Father’s Day with you!

One lucky winner will walk away with:

1x Fieldbar (cooler box)
1x stick of biltong
1x six pack of your dads favourite beer!

To enter:

1) Like this post
2) tag two friends in the comments
3) bonus entry - share to your story and tell us your favourite thing about a father / father figure in your life!

Good Luck 🥂😍

Winners announced on Friday 16th June! Hopefully you get to share one of these wonderful gifts with your Dad 😉


Winter light shining beautifully on one of our teak table tops (live edge slabs) ✨

Each piece is completely unique and we have a beautiful wide range to choose from. Simply pop into our factory in Masasa and choose your very own.

You can take it as is, or we can plane it for you (and varnish) and even put it on a base so you have your very own console/table for your home. It’s your choice ✨

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 05/06/2023

Happy World Environment Day 🌍🍃🌳💚

Here is a picture of our actual forest flourishing and filled with trees and biodiversity. It looks more full and more rich than when we first arrived and it will continue to look this way!

At Pride of Africa we take our environment very seriously.

We do everything we can to combat the deforestation which occurs on a daily basis. We strive to provide timber that we can guarantee is SUSTAINABILITY sourced and we are proud to say that our teak is just that! 🌳

Working closely with our country’s forestry department, we are constantly working on ways to rejuvenate our forest, whether it involves mass replanting schemes, giving away firewood or introducing bees to our forest 🐝

We love our forest 🌳 and we’re always finding new ways to become increasingly sustainable!

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 02/06/2023

Beautiful spaces don’t need to be more expensive, they just need to be well thought out. Invest your money in beautiful foundations, walls, & of course, floors and the rest will fall into place ✨

Friday design inspiration via a__works .works


These chilly winter mornings are upon us, luckily it’s still warm enough to soak up the sunny rays on these gorgeous warm afternoons ✨

Our spot of choice is obviously on a teak deck, and more specifically our deck at the gorgeous ✨🐘🥂🦛🌞


Happy Africa Day ✨

Africa - a place of magic, music, rhythm. A place where the people are resourceful, resilient and charismatic.

We love being a part of this story, where we manufacturers are stewards of a beautiful forest, enriching and enhancing the diversity of the flora and fauna whilst providing beautiful products for our wonderful clients.

We strive to enrich all that is Africa, thank you for being on this journey with us because the best is yet to come 💕


Morning light shining on our beautiful oak flooring ✨

We absolutely love becoming a part of your home and we’ve heard you love it too 😉

Contact us to enquire about our 10mm oak which is a lovely hardwood floor suitable for homes. It is more affordable than other oak flooring on the market and we’d love to explain more about the flooring qualities if you are interested!

Contact us on: +263 77 226 4556 🥂✨🌞

Photos from Pride Of Africa Zimbabwe's post 15/05/2023

In winter hydration is key 🔑

Just like us, our flooring also needs a little extra TLC.

We have the best flooring maintenance kits for you to ensure your flooring is kept looking it’s best though out the harsher months ❄️💙

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Our Story

We started out in the timber flooring industry in 1999 and currently export our Zambezi Teak, Leadwood and Rosewood Flooring, Decking and Cladding to 19 countries across the globe. We utilise the very best in raw sustainably harvested timber from its source in Zimbabwe and value add it to final, high quality flooring products, making our world-class merchandise affordable and our prices virtually unbeatable.

Customised, innovative design is a fundamental part of our business and our team of designers and carpenters relish the opportunity to create new and interesting pieces. We pride ourselves on quality, generation-taught craftsmanship, and our products come from full forestry accreditation and carry warranties against decay and moisture.

We have began to establish a cladding product line that will bring unique contemporary architectural design finishes a lot closer to home for those who appreciate the aesthetic love of wood finish on walls.

In realizing the unique and varied nature of client requirements when it comes to floor finishing, Pride of Africa Exports has established strategic partnerships with the leading Carpeting Houses, including Van Dyck, Belgotex and Nouwens in order to satisfy total floor covering requirements for our projects per client specification. These synergies enable us to provide unparralled service in the market today.

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