Symmetry Pilates by Lianne Merdjan

Symmetry Pilates by Lianne Merdjan


For the fist time in Harare, Yoga Level 2! Open to all.

A Pilates studio in Milton Park offering Matwork, Reformer and Wall Spring classes as well as privat

Operating as usual

Everyday Mistakes That Are Causing You Neck, Shoulder Or Back Pain 14/02/2021

Everyday Mistakes That Are Causing You Neck, Shoulder Or Back Pain

Everyday Mistakes That Are Causing You Neck, Shoulder Or Back Pain Did you know wearing the wrong shoes could be hurting your neck? Or carrying your handbag to work every day could be putting your back out of whack? When it comes to the human body, everything's inter...

Ten Tips To Avoid Text Neck Posture 14/02/2021

Ten Tips To Avoid Text Neck Posture

Ten Tips To Avoid Text Neck Posture Pilates Plus Fitness Studio - Ten Tips To Avoid Text Neck Posture : When was the last time you used public transport? Nearly everyone is on a mobile something…phone, tablet, laptop or reading a book/magazine etc. And nearly everyone had TEXT NECK POSTURE! ...


“Breathe in. Fill up. You’re filling up slow but sure. Do this twice a day. Every morning and every night.
Limber-breathe-relax. Give this trio a try... You’ll live to be a hundred”.
- Joe Pilates/How to Stay Fit Lying Down by Beth Brown Pageant/1963

How Pilates can benefit your cycling | Ride24 06/02/2021

How Pilates can benefit your cycling | Ride24

How Pilates can benefit your cycling

How Pilates can benefit your cycling | Ride24 Too many hours on the bike, can strain your posture and limbs. This training regime helps to prevents that.

The Forgotten Art Of Squatting: An Antidote For Damage Done To Our Bodies From Sitting? 27/01/2021

The Forgotten Art Of Squatting: An Antidote For Damage Done To Our Bodies From Sitting?

The Forgotten Art Of Squatting: An Antidote For Damage Done To Our Bodies From Sitting? The invention of the chair was really a total game changer in regards to how our bodies function and which parts of the body we are using on a regular basis. The chair took all of that pressure off of our rears and backs, and relieved some of our weight for us. Of course, we […] 20/09/2020

How to Create Healthy Habits and Keep Them Incorporating positive changes into your routine can have ripple effects on other aspects of your life, with each small success spurring you on to make bigger changes. If you’ve struggled to implement healthy habits, read on for some tips to help you set yourself up for success.


Activewear By SH

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Black Flow (plain fabric) - U$50
All other Prints - U$45 30/12/2019

The 100-year history of Pilates: from niche workout to global fitness phenomenon Vogue looks back at a century of Pilates – from prisoner of war camp workout to global fitness phenomenon that shapes the bodies of dancers, supermodels, Hollywood stars and millions of others the world over.

20/11/2019, Inc

The Knee: The Stupid Joint
Courtesy of Ellie Herman Pilates Union


Pilates Nerd



Wynberg Pilates Studio

As we move toward an era that celebrates "natural health" rather than "fabricated health" this is an interesting read!


Raising Devon: Caring for troubled children

These are the practical coping skills needed by special needs parents and kids with developmental trauma.


Pilates Village

"...researchers found, someone’s chances of dying prematurely continued to drop the more he or she moved, up to a plateau at about 25 minutes per day of moderate exercise..." Get moving with Pilates, yoga, and Nia!!!

12/08/2019, Inc

The 10 Minute Plantar Fasciitis Cure
Courtesy of Ellie Herman Pilates Union



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Fit First Pilates Studio

"Keep reading for everything you need to know before your first Pilates workout—plus, all the health benefits to expect after taking up the muscle-shaking sessions."


Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind



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Fit First Pilates Studio

"Pilates is a wonderful tool for helping a client who is recovering from an ankle injury, as weight and impact on the ankle joint can be less during Pilates than during many other forms of exercise."


Fit First Pilates Studio

"The psoas muscle lies deep in the core of the body. For those of us in Pilates and other exercise sciences, where attention to the core is paramount, the psoas is an important yet enigmatic muscle. Our understanding of what the psoas is and its role in the body is still changing. One of the reasons for that is the work of expert Liz Koch, who has been investigating, teaching, and writing about the psoas for over thirty years. In an interview with Liz Koch, author of The Psoas Book and Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, and Dance, we wanted to explore the unique nature of the psoas as well as how to work with the psoas through movement and release with some Pilates-specific questions. Here is what we learned."

01/04/2019, Inc

Why Pilates Doesn’t Guarantee a Flat Stomach
Courtesy of Pilates Collective Denver


BoneSmart Pilates

"Supervised, well-chosen regular physical activity such as Pilates can significantly increase bone mineral density." 19/03/2019

Neuroscientists have identified how exactly a deep breath changes your mind During times of stress, or when heightened concentration is needed, focusing on one’s breathing or doing breathing exercises can indeed change the brain.


BoneSmart Pilates

Here are 16 amazing health benefits of pilates and 10 tips for beginners.


Rantings of a Beautiful Mind

19/02/2019, Inc

Pilates For Heart Health: The Benefits, Risks, and Rewards
Courtesy of Pilates Anytime

05/02/2019, Inc

Pilates used for rehabilitation and is gaining popularity as an engaging exercise



Pilates abs of steel .....

24/01/2019, Inc

What is the Role of Pilates in Weight Management?
Courtesy of Marguerite Galizia - Pilates


Pilates Method Alliance


#pilates #pilateslife



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29/11/2018, Inc

Health Benefits Of Pilates Go Beyond A Strong Core, Science Says




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