Kariba Ferries

Kariba Ferries


Hi guys, do you know if the ferry will operate on the 17th or 18th Dec at all? Thanks!
Hi guys, hope all is well? Do you happen to know if the ferry will be operating on the 16th or 18th Dec? Cheers 🙂
We've booked for the 14th of April 2020 leaving from Kariba to Mlibizi. But still no other bookings yet so it will probably not sail..

We REALLY hope there will be more bookings so we can experience the ferry crossing 🥺🥺

So maybe more people for the 14th April?? 🙏

Linking Mana Pools, Kariba , Mlibizi, Hwange, Victoria Falls We are a passenger car ferry service running from Kariba - Mlibizi - Kariba. We have been in operation for 36 years, and continue to link travellers and tourists to locations such as Mana Pools, Kariba, Mlibizi, Hwange, Victoria Falls.

Save time, fuel, money, frayed nerves, over 1250Kms of driving and at least one night’s hotel stop by taking your car the length of the lake using the Kariba Car Ferry service. You and your family can relax in the spacious panoramic windowed saloon, laze on the partially shaded deck or enjoy the upper shaded deck whilst someone else does the driving. The Voyage takes approximately 22 hours in each

Operating as usual


Things are starting to pick up as people start to look at travel to zimbabwe again.

We now have 3 confirmed sailings as follows:-
From Kariba
6th June 4th July and 8th August
From Mlibizi:-
The day after the above dates.

Sailings that are close to confirmation from Kariba:-
26th May, 25th July and 15th August
From Mlibizi:-
The day after the above dates.

It is worth while Checking with us to see if we can accommodate you on other dates as well.
Contact us on [email protected] or WhatsApp 0772232155 Allan


With all that is going on in the world as far as the pandemic is concerned, to jab or not to jab, wear a mask or not, social distance or not etc. who really cares when all we want to do is get out in the fresh air and relax. What we really need is for our land borders to be fully re-opened and allow tourism to resume to its potential. Lets all put a positive thought to this objective please.

In the mean time we are receiving quite a lot more enquiries than before and are hopeful that a relaxation of the border restrictions in the not too distant future will see us being able to resume normal services.

We are taking bookings right now and some dates are looking really positive and who knows your enquiry/booking on any given date could mean the difference between us confirming that sailing and having to disappoint those that have taken the plunge.

Please contact us via our our email [email protected] or the website www.karibaferries.com or WhatsApp 0772 232155

I am ready and waiting for your contact. Please note that all bookings at present are obligation free whilst there is so much uncertainty in relation to the pandemic. So you have nothing to lose by making a booking

Home - Kariba Ferries 08/08/2021

Home - Kariba Ferries

We live in the eternal hope that our borders will reopen soon. We do have a number of sailings that have optimistic poeple who have booked for the remainder of this year.

2022 schedule is also available on our website.

We look forward to offering our full service in the not to distant future.
Bookings can be made on line www.karibaferries.com or by emailing [email protected] or WhatsApp +263772232155

Home - Kariba Ferries Save time, fuel, money, frayed nerves, over 1250Kms of driving and at least one night’s hotel stop by taking your car the length of the lake using the Kariba Car Ferry service.


We are trying to maintain a schedule but with our borders remaining closed it is not doing our cause any justice.

Due to the situation we are accepting bookings on an obligation free basis, so if you are wanting to use the ferry please contact us and get the numbers up on your desired sailing date and hopefully fulfill your desire to use the ferry service. Email [email protected]. zw. WhatsApp 0772232155


Hopefully everyone is keeping well and in good spirits in spite of this dreaded virus.

Kariba Ferries is still operational and we are available to take bookings in the earnest hope that the scourge of the virus will ease.

If you are among the optimistic that are still planning a holiday in Zimbabwe please do consider booking the Ferry. Please note that because of the uncertainty of the future, bookings are made obligation free on your part with the exception of, if you do decide to cancel a booking please let us know so that we can adjust our booking sheets. We are not even asking for a deposit.

Contact Allan on +263 772 232155 or email us on [email protected]

Here is looking forward to seeing you in the near future.

Please Keep safe


I thought I saw a message from someone named Sara on messenger but when I looked to open it, it had disappeared. If you see this message please email me on [email protected]



We are attempting to get some sailings going but bookings have been very slow.

There is a confirmed sailing departing Kariba on 2nd January 2021 and from Mlibizi on 3rd January 2021

Bookings can be made by contacting us by email using [email protected] or go direct to our website www.karibaferries.com

Call Allan 0n +263772232155. This is a WhatsApp number as well


Schedule - Kariba Ferries - September 2020

Finally the restrictions have been lifted on the commercial boating traffic on the lake and we will be able to operate once again assuming we have sufficient numbers to justify sailing.

Please visit our website http://www.karibaferries.com/booking/ to view our provisional sailing dates or contact us by email on [email protected] or give Allan a call on +263 772 232155 and we will see what we can do to get you on the lake again.

Schedule - Kariba Ferries - September 2020 Please note that the schedule may change.  New dates are added and existing sailings may be cancelled. You may also request a departure date using the form on the right but please be mindful that any extra sailing would only be added on a provisional basis until such time as sufficient bookings fo...


We are obviously affected the same as everyone else is in respect of the COVID-19 virus but we will continue to monitor mail and will take obligation free bookings on all our provisional sailings in the hope that travel restrictions are lifted and normality returns sooner rather than later so please do make bookings and we will deal with whether it will sail or not as and when the time arises.

Lets be optimistic about normality and maybe it will pay off


We are delighted to announce that we have added and are able to confirm a new sailing date departing Kariba on the 24th February and departing Mlibizi 25th February . For bookings please email [email protected] or WhatsApp +263772232155

All dates posted on our website are provisional but bookings are coming in and you never know your booking could be the one that tips the scales and enables us to confirm a sailing,

There are a couple of confirmed sailings later in the year as well


We are very pleased to announce that our sailing posted for departure on the 26th from Kariba and the 27th from Mlibizi has now been confirmed.

There is still plenty of space so if you would like to make a booking please get in contact today by sending an email to [email protected]


We are pleased to advise that our provisional sailing for 10th and 11th October has now been confirmed and we are open for any last minute bookings. contact [email protected] or phone Allan +263 772 232155


News Flash

Anyone looking to get on the Ferry from Kariba on Monday 20th May or Mlibizi on the 21st May. This sailing is definitely going so contact us as soon as possible for a booking. [email protected]


Bookings continue to trickle in and things appear to be looking up a bit, so please contact us for a berth aboard Sealion. Who knows your booking could be the difference between the ferry sailing and not sailing. Contact us on [email protected] or WhatsApp +263 772232155


Why are you driving when you could be relaxing on the deck soaking up the sun and sipping on a nice cold drink while we do the driving? Arrive refreshed the next day to continue your Zimbabwe experience

A number of our sailings are close to being confirmed and who knows your booking could just be the one that makes the difference.

This month we have confirmed sailings on 9th & 10th, and 24th & 25th but there is still plenty of space to accommodate you and your family/party.

Don't delay get in touch/book today


Provisional sailing dates for 2019 have now been published on our website so please go ahead and start planning your cruise experience with us for next year.

We are hoping to maintain our 2018 rates for the new year but economics will dictate policy as we get closer to the tiem

We look forward to hearing from old and new customers alike.

Zimbabwe is open for business and so are we


Bookings still continue to trickle in but not as fast as we would like to see but we are hopeful to see some changes as things improve in Zimbabwe.

Some people have opted to charter the ferry to ensure that a sailing goes. This may be an option for you so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to find out more about this


Bookings are coming through on a daily basis and we are at the stage where some sailings are not too far off being confirmed.

Who knows maybe your booking could be the one that gets us to be able to confirm your experience aboard Sealion.

Don't be disappointed make a booking today. Please remember that all bookings are obligation free up to the time that you pay your deposit so it costs you nothing more than your time to make a booking.

Just send your enquiry to [email protected]

Home - Kariba Ferries 14/12/2017

Home - Kariba Ferries

2018 is nearly upon us so start planning your trip to the reinvigorated Zimbabwe before everyone decides this is the place to visit.

We have 2 sailings departing Kariba on 25th December and 1st January and mlibizi the next day that are now confirmed so save your self a lot of driving and book on the ferry.

2018 sailings are published on our website www.karibaferries.com please visit the site and make a booking

Here is wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2018

Home - Kariba Ferries Save time, fuel, money, frayed nerves, over 1250Kms of driving and at least one night’s hotel stop by taking your car the length of the lake using the Kariba Car Ferry service.


We have good news for those that are travelling around the middle of November in the Falls area and would like to get to Kariba or Vice versa. Our sailing Kariba - Mlibizi and return of the 13th and 14th November has now been confirmed, so why not sit back, relax and let us do the driving.

We can be contacted for reservations by e mail on [email protected]


We are happy to announce that the problem with our hacked e mail account has been resolved and contact can still be made with us using the [email protected] address.

Why not treat your family and yourself to trip aboard Sealion soon. It is the best way to travel between the Falls and Kariba/Mana


To all our clients. It would appear that our reservations account has been hacked and people are getting mails from us with an urgent message and an attachment to be opened.

This is not from us please delete if you get anything of this nature.


We are pleased to advise everyone that we have added another sailing to our schedule in October specifically 22nd from Kariba and 23rd from Mlibizi.

This sailing will be confirmed shortly so if you are travelling around this date here is a way to beat a lot of police road blocks by not driving around.


We are pleased to advise that we have now confirmed the sailing on the 25th and 26th September.

If you are hoping to sail with us in the future but have been put off because your date is a provisional sailing here is evidence that you need to get your name on the booking sheet because that way we will be able to confirm a sailing that much quicker


If you are travelling between the Falls and Kariba or Mana towards the end of the month please take not that the ferry will be sailing on the 25th of June from Kariba and the 26th From Mlibizi.

There is plenty of space so why not put your feet up and let someone else do the driving.

Contact us today on [email protected],zw


We are pleased to announce that as a result of numerous requests from our clients we have made a decision to change our departure time from both kariba and Mlibizi.

With immediate effect all sailings will now depart from either port at 10.30. Passengers will therefore need to be at the embarkation point by no later than 09.30.

We trust that this amendment will make things easier for our clients in respect of their bookings prior to boarding.


Who says Prices never go down? Take a look at our revised fares for 2017. Why not take advantage of these low fares and go on a really memorable trip with us.

If you have any special requirements, please contact us for a quotation.

Our tariffs include all meals, teas, coffee etc served during the voyage. Prices quoted in US dollars.

Our vessels sail from Kariba and Mlibizi at 9am. Intending passengers must therefore be at the embarkation point no later than 8.00am. Late arrivals may miss the boat.


Adults $130.00
Children 12 & Under $65.00
Bicycles $10.00
2017 Motorcycle $100.00
2017 Vehicles 4.40m and under $120.00
2017 Vehicles 4.41m to 4.70m $140.00
2017 Vehicles 4.71m to 5.50m $160.00
2017 Vehicles 5.51m to 6.00 $180.00
2017 Mini Bus (up to 8 seats) $160.00
2017 Mini Bus (9 - 14 seats) $310.00
2017 Mini Bus (15 - 20 seats) $470.00
2017 Trailers up to 4m $200.00
2017 Karibean Cruise $180.00
2017 Trailers & Caravans (over 4m - 6m) $290.00
2017 Caravans over 6m Subject to quotation
2017 Boat on Trailer Subject to quotation
2017 Bicycles $15.00
Children 2 & under Free
Regrettably, due to non arrivals, we have to advise that we cannot confirm a booking until we are in receipt of a 50% deposit which is due within 14 days of making the booking. Should this not occur, Kariba Ferries reserves its right to resell the booking. Final Payment is due 30 days prior to sailing, likewise should this not occur; we reserve the right to resell the booking. In the case of late bookings, space may be secured via cash payment or electronic transfer.


50% of payment is required with in 14 days after receiving your invoice, remainder of the fare is due at least 30 days prior to sailing.

Cancellations will be charged at the following rates:

31 days or More – 10% of Fare
15 – 30 days – Loss of deposit
14 days or less – forfeiture of full fare


2016 has so far been a very testing period for us. The crash of the South African Rand caused many cancellations and resulted in our having to cancel a number of sailings but we remain committed to providing a service as and when we can.

In addition the political situation has not helped us but the travelling public can be assured that they are at a very low risk of becoming embroiled in any problems in Zimbabwe as our nation is generally peace loving. We believe that people are more at risk of being hi-jacked or held up in South Africa than coming to harm in Zimbabwe

We have many "Provisional sailings" for the rest of this year and also for next year. Please do not be put off by them being provisional, if we get enough people interested and committed to a sailing we will confirm it as soon as possible but we cannot provide a service without passengers.

Please make contact with us and let's see what we can do to get you aboard and have a memorable trip with us.



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