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Videos by Kisses4Jack-Upcycled Decor and Crafts in Harare. We sell Hand crafted,unique home decor products and gifts using up cycled,repurposed items.

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Hello dear friends. After a much needed holiday we’re back in the studio. Amazingly the orders have been piling up.. we’re so grateful for all your support in these uncertain times. Thought we’d start our year off with a little behind the scenes video of how we do what we do!! This hand painted board actually took a grand total of 6 hours 🙈 but here’s a few seconds of it!! (Sidenote this is like my 100th attempt at doing one of these videos. The first one I actually did on slow mo by mistake if you can believe it- I sure couldn’t. 🤣) Hope you enjoy watching some of the process. A whole heap of love and time goes into these beauties! 🌸🌺💕❤️

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