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The Laundry Co has officially Opened in Graniteside Industrial Area. We are currently doing industrial laundry, as well as general domestic laundry.
If you have any industrial or domestic laundry you want done at affordable prices contact us on 0782476311 or 0774879935


The Laundry Co officially Opened in Graniteside Industrial Area. We are currently just doing industrial laundry. Starting this coming week, we will be doing general domestic laundry.
If you have any industrial or domestic laundry you want done at affordable prices contact us on 0782476311 or 0774897935


Remove Yellow Underarm Stains Part1.... -
Remove Armpit Stains

Yellow underarm or armpit stains on a white shirt are never a welcome sight – and here’s the kicker
– those same stains are also lurking on colored
shirts as well, just not as visible. First, a quick
primer on what causes those stains, how to prevent them and how to remove the yellow stain:
How does this happen to me?
Underarm stains are caused by the reaction between anti-perspirant ingredients and the salts in your sweat. Most anti-perspirants
contain aluminum compounds to reduce wetness.
It is the aluminum that causes the build-up and
yellowing on fabrics. The stains don’t appear
overnight, but without proper handling of
garments may happen after continuous wear......
watch this space for Part2.......


What Causes Discolored Spots on
Clothes After Washing?.......

**If you pour detergent or fabric softener or stain
removal directly onto your clothes, it can cause
problems. Add the detergent first, fill the washer
with water and then add the clothes.
**Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse
water to help remove any detergent/fabric
softener build-up in your clothes.

Do the stains disappear when you wash them
again? Or, are they permanent? Give these tips a
try and good luck!


Did you know that it is recommended to wash pillows
every six weeks? And if comforters or bed spreads are
used nightly for cover, they should be washed monthly.
There are all sorts of things lurking in your sheets,
pillows and comforters that you may not be aware of,
and they could pose a threat to your health if
cleanliness isn't maintained. At The Laundry Co, we love bedding! Like everything else we
wash, we will take great care of your favorite pillow or
beloved cashmere through, using only gentle
hypoallergenic soap and non toxic chlorine-free
whitening powder when necessary. We can even hand
wash delicate bedding items. If we are going to spend
nearly a third of our lives in bed, let's make it perfectly
clean, lovely and comfortable. Without the chemicals!


We are at almost 10 likes!!!
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It's too hot to be stuck inside doing laundry..... LET US DO IT
Fluff , Iron n' Fold laundry service $3 per Kg! Plus free Collection & Delivery!



We provide quality and innovative laundry services. Our high standards are aimed at providing clients with a quality and affordable service that will see them making us their preferred laundry service provider.
We provide a service which is best suits each individual client. We also collect and deliver laundry for clients in Harare, free of charge.
Our services include:
General Laundry Services.
Free Deliveries for Clients in Harare.
Cleaning Services.
Call or Whatsapp on 0736 540 520



16 Philipi Circle Sunningdale

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