Guimak Electronics t/a Nogulus Investments

Guimak Electronics t/a Nogulus Investments


ENGLISH IT'S NOT FOR US😂😂 NEKUSVIKA KWESE UKU BABA VATADZA PAKANZI GuGuimak Electronics t/a Nogulus InvestmentslGuimak Electronics t/a Nogulus Investments/Guimak Electronics t/a Nogulus InvestmentsGuimak Electronics t/a Nogulus InvestmentsGuimak Electronics t/a Nogulus InvestmentsoGuimak Electronics t/a Nogulus InvestmentsnGuimak Electronics t/a Nogulus Investments
*Nyabira Lifordia Stands for Sale*

*_New Parliament side phase 1 to 3 now ready to Build_*

*The new city site*

*°Well serviced*

🚽 *°Sewer*
💡 *_Zesa_*
🚰 *_Water_*
🛣️ *_Tared road_*
📑 *_Tittel deeds_*
✅ *_Ema Approved the land_*

*_The price is 💵💵$34/sqm_*

The place that you don't even doubt

Everything that you need is there,that is the place to be

The Deposit of every stand is 💵 *_$1000_* You are free to pay even more than that at first💵💵💵

then monthly instalment is 💵 *_$170* minimum. You can pay more than *_$150_*💵💵 if you can... Even *_$200_,$300_* even *_$1000 or $5000_* you know the amount that you can afford then payment period is *_60 months/5yrs_*

The sizes of our stands starts from *284 to 700²m*

You start to build on your stand when you pay upto *60*% of the total price of your stand.* Thats when you will be given agreement of sale then you get the title deed when you pay the full amount

Eastview phase 4, near Arcturus road, 300 square meters with a borehole( 10m deep)
Semi finished 7 roomed house, ( roof missing)
Comes with a 3 roomed tiled cottage fully functional
Papers..... A udicorp card from the local gvt....
Price.... 23k
For more information please

Follow this link👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

📬 *_WhatsApp_* shayne +Im+very+intrested+in+the+stands+at+Nyabira+Lifordia+at+the+new+parliament+side+phase+1+to2

*Design | Print | Branding | Signage | Marketing*

- Business cards
- Designing
- Logo Designing
- Receipt Books
- Banners
- T-Shirt Printing
- Caps Printing
- Key holders
- Posters
- Fliers
- Stickers/ labels
- Vehicle Branding
- Branded Face Mask
-Shop / Office Branding
-Mug Printing

*A business with no Sign is a sign of no business.*

*Call | Text | App*

Contact our Sales Representative
*0778000108 | 0715626659| 0786722549| 0776650367*

💯 satisfaction guaranteed
*best prices ever*



* share...*
Van Choga
Bought a dstv yesterday, but seems it's not registering, what could be the problem?
Ecco 32 inch marii?
Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor
2001 model
Drives well,but suspension needs to be serviced
PRICE:US$2200(note my price is in US dollars
Please I want serious buyers only,I am not taking swops/payment plans.Just straight cash
Zinara expired last month & I have not used the car since then.
Contact me on 0774 513 733/0733 427 837
Well done chibaba,,, will support you

Electronics Shop ,under the banter going green


These gasoline water pumps are a visit to our shop away from meeting all your agricultural needs. They are available at GuiMak Electronics (Shop number 93, Chinhoyi Street, Harare- next to Nicky's Mall).


To our valued customers

As I pen this letter to you, we are just 3 months from the end of 2022. We started the year with the same determination and ambition — to do our best in the ex*****on of our duties, for the growth of this organization we love so much.

In some cases, we have not done well, as we make mistakes just like everyone else but the most important thing is; when you make a mistake there are three things you should do afterwards; admit it, learn from it and don't repeat it.

There are some things we have introduced this year, which we believe can improve our brand, like the incorporation of univerisity interns. We had two in 2022 and might have others next year. The idea is to embrace diverse ideas while creating opportunities for the young ones. One of our interns got a distinction in his On the Job Training and we are truly humbled by that.

Heading into 2023, we shall in every way possible strive to do our best and we thank you for your unwavering support.

Makani Guidance K.


GuiMak, JB, Salim, Bala, kuma 6pm kana mashop avharwa. Who else is there?


Siyanai nazvo zvema runner izvi. Huyai tikupei ma TV aya, haadhure aya.


We are not in any way interested in competing with anyone. In fact, we hope we ALL make it.

For your all quality, durable but affordable electronics, visit GUIMAK ELECTRONICS, shop number 93 Chinhoyi Street next to Nicky's Mall.

Or get in touch with our head of sales on 0773585195.


This is a scene from TV, and since we sell TVs at wholesale and retail prices, we decided to steal the discussion.

Muskana anokuudza straight to your face kuti anokuda, ari brave or ari loose? (100 marks)


If you break the world record while running away from a lion, no one will recognize you. But if you do that at the Olympics, not only will you get recognition, you will also get a lot of money.

That is our belief and that is why we aim to do the right thing at the right place.


This is not our handwriting, nyaya dze social media dzonetsa. But our own handwriting is that ma Gas Cylinders, Gas Stoves, tinawo. Pay us a visit


Today we wanna talk about Kelvin, the longest serving member of the current GuiMak Electronics staff. We appreciate you Tembo, keep on working hard, one day is one day.


Test your mathematics skills here. Tiudzei answer tione


Early morning message, we are your solution when it comes to the original home appliances.


Happy Birthday to a man whose music we enjoy a lot at our shop — Leonard Karikoga Zhakata.


The message is simple folks, if you want quality but affordable electronics, come to our shop. Tag 98 and others and come with them!


Welcome to GuiMak Electronics. We are a wholesale and retail electronics shop located at number 93 Chinhoyi Street, Harare (next to Nicky's Mall opposite Gulf Complex).

We specialize in quality, durable but affordable electronics ranging from;

•Water Pumps
•Smart Televisions Sets
•Electric Refrigerators
•Gas Refrigerators
•Solar Panels
•Solar Batteries
•Gas Stoves
•Electric Stoves
•Gas Tanks
•Jack Hammers
•Welding Machines

... and many more.

For more information, visit us on the aforementioned adresss or contact our head of sales on 0773585195.


We understand the struggle, but in terms of the last option, we have you covered. We sell wall mount stands. Come to number 93 Chinhoyi Street, Harare (Next to Nicky's Mall )


Zviriko futi


We have a Gas tanks galore at GuiMak Electronics, visit us today and get value for money. The shop is already open


Instead of doing things that might complicate your life just to beat the cold weather, simply get this potable and affordable electric heater from GUIMAK ELECTRONICS, and save yourself the trouble.


The Management, and staff of GuiMak Electronics express their deepest condolences to the family of mukoma Stephen Kuhudzai, better known as "Giant", following his tragic passing on, on Sunday.

Giant, as we fondly referred to him, indirectly, contributed a lot to our organisation and we are very saddened by his death, and the circumstances leading to it.

May his dear soul rest in eternal peace.


58 'GOAL! Vinicuous puts Madrid ahead

Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid


Correctly predict the score line, scorer of the winning goal and stand a chance to win either a Liverpool FC jersey or a Real Madrid FC Football jersey.

To qualify.....

1️⃣ Like and Follow our page GuiMak Electronics and tag at least 5 friends
2️⃣ Share our Social media page GuiMak Electronics
3️⃣ Engage our last post for an extra entry

Usatengese chigunwe👆🏽 kuti upfeke original football jersey, just be part of the Guimak Electronics family.

Entry closes at match kickoff time at 8 p.m, 28 May 2022.
T&Cs apply.

GuiMak Electronics.... Together we can

All the best!


Advantage yekudanana nemusikana ane mota ndeyekuti umomufonera achiuya pawada. But disadvantage ndeyekuti anogona futi kungouya paada iwe usingade. Nyaya ingoripo ndeyekuti we have a battery-powered Grass-Cutter, no petrol required, you simply recharge- 20.Ah Lithium Battery.


Instead of saying 'Munovhara Nguvai', or 'Sunday munenge makavhura here?' when prices are sometimes out of reach (something not to be ashamed of in these tough conditions), talk to us regarding lay-by. We accept.


This DEFY microwave is so quiet, zvekuti you can hit up your sibling's left overs at midnight without them even hearing anything.

Its available at GuiMak Electronics, number 93 Chinhoyi Street, Harare.


Our first muilti-media advert with a voice over. We are GuiMak Electronics.


Gone are the days when you would say 'ndoda kutumira microwave kuSouth'. Nowadays you just come to the CBD (93 Chinhoyi Street) and we will give you an original microwave at an affordable price. Life made easy.


The management and staff of GuiMak Electronics wish everyone associated with the organisation, a Happy Easter Holiday.

We urge you all to be mindful of the fact that as much as speed thrills, it also kills, which is why it is of great importance to drive safely.

As usual, our shop will be open during the holidays, so that you spoil your loved ones with quality, durable but affordable electronics.

Guidance K. Makani


Zviye zvekuti 'Handipere Power', maizvitaura pa Christmas. Akaenda magetsi rinopera. Get affordable but durable solar batteries from GuiMak Electronics (93 Chinhoyi Street, Harare) today.


When you are given 7 hours to cut a tree, it is wise to spend 5 hours sharpening the knife. That is how important preparation is..




REMINDER: We also carter for those in the Diaspora. Simply get in touch with our sales team on 0773585195 or 0733337126 and order what you need. We can even deliver if need be.


Interested in starting the vibrant car wash business? Get this Gasoline High Pressure Washer from GuiMak Electronics today.


If quality, durable but affordable electronics is what you are looking for, then we are what you need. Visit us at 93 Chinhoyi Street, Harare or contact our sales team on 0773585195.


Saturday is about good vibes and spoiling your loved ones. Visit GuiMak Electronics (Number 93 Chinhoyi Street, Harare- next to Nicky's Mall) and get affordable but durable electronics.


Have you ever shopped at GuiMak Electronics? How was your experience? Were you treated well? Did you like our service?


Hello from our Marketing and Advertising team. As an organisation, we might be walking slowly, but we are not walking backwards.


Usanyeperwe panotaurwa nyaya dzeku Ukraine. Huya tikupewo smart tv wozvionera 24 hours, hadzidhure idzi.


We will never get tired of telling you this, kana usina power mumba haufadze madam. Beat the current power cuts by getting this 100AH 12v solar battery from us and put that smile back on her face.


Our 2022 message is simple; be a Warrior not a worrier. A big thank you to our leadership for this amazing gift, we promise kuibata zvakanaka.


Right so nhasi we just wanna take some time to appreciate our customers and business aides. Those who constructively criticize us and encourage us with facts, not those who just say 'keep pushing', as if we are pregnant.

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We understand the struggle, but in terms of the last option, we have you covered. We sell wall mount stands. Come to num...
Our first muilti-media advert with a voice over. We are GuiMak Electronics.
If quality, durable but affordable electronics is what you are looking for, then we are what you need. Visit us at 93 Ch...
Guidance arriving at work this morning after clinching the Generators deal last night😁😁


Solar Panels, Solar kits, Gas stoves and Gas tanks, LED Televisions, Radios and any other entertainment apploliances you may think of.




Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday 08:00 - 18:00
Sunday 08:00 - 13:00

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