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Avondale Bookshop


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This bookworm boy Rodreck Nyamande is travelling all the way from Cape Town collecting books to donate to the people affected by Cyclone Idai. This is brilliant Rodreck Nyamande Let's help his cause by sharing, supporting with voluntary drop off points as well as donating books old and new. For those near Waterfalls, drop off your donations @ 7/357 Montgomery Road, Prospect, Waterfalls, Harare. #SaveTheBookWorm
Hi , am looking for the Hardy boys novels or Nancy Drew novels, do you have a Collins dictionary?
Do you the book called :The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene?

Located at one of Harare’s prime shopping areas Avondale Bookshop is a true mark of distinction. We stock Books, School Textbooks, Office stationery, Educational Supplies, Gifts, International Newspapers, Magazines.

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The magnetic book on how to garner influence in your field and trend. If you love real, proven principles, this one's for you with lot's and lot's of Case Studies. Learn how to wield influence.
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The Art of War by Sun Tzu
I lot has bee said about this book. It's historical significance along with its relevance to the modern life through the lens of battlefield tactics makes it quite an interesting read. The kind any booklover would easily enjoy. #books


Just a little book, work a lot! Every page has something to say, literrally. It straddles the fine line between common-sense and mordern wisdom. Great for anyone wants to excel in the marketplace.


The Axe and the Tree is a Historical account of Manicaland during the Zimbabwean War of Liberation. Narrated by the founding missionary of ELIM Mission Church in the region, it is great for insight as it is an entertaining flashback.


It's a funny feeling...that makes you look forward to the next one.


Controversial, Hilarious and of course loaded with interesting theses...such is the nature of the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe- Prof Arthur G. O. Mutambara, and they say the acorn (Book) can't fall far from the tree either. A story of Humble beginnings, Striving for Relevance, Education and Politics in Zimbabwe.
Available at Avondale Bookshop in Paperback and Hardback.


Millions of copies later, this little book still rocks! A book on following your dreams. The story of Santiago and his dream makes for a captivating read yet also resonates with a great many people...a little book worth reading!


Now in Stock, 2016 Diaries.

Great Assortment of Colours, Sizes and Designs.


Get to Know Zimbabwe with "Beneath a Zimbabwe Sun"


Improve Your Life and Work with words from the Gurus!


A 21st Century dilemma. Lol!


"A Bookstore is Hospital for the Mind"


We have just the right Stationery for your Office.

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Some cool words for parents.


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Avondale Bookshop

Located at one of Harare’s prime shopping areas Avondale Bookshop is a true mark of distinction. We stock Books, School Textbooks, Office stationery, Educational Supplies, Gifts, International Newspapers, Magazines.

[05/20/14]   Blessed is the person who sees the need,recognises the responsibility and actively becomes the answer-William Arthur Ward

[05/20/14]   The pessimist complains about the wind;the optimist expects it to change;the realist adjusts the sails-William Arthur Ward

[05/05/14]   A person who does not know his own value,can never make our company valuable-Harvy

[05/05/14]   An army of sheep led by a lion can beat an army of lions led by a sheep-Gilchrist

[04/24/14]   Where there is competence,there is no competition-Unknown

[04/24/14]   Trust is not a virtue,but a privilege that we enjoy in people's minds-Dhirubhai

[04/23/14]   Mediocrity is like quicksand.Once you are trapped in it,it's virtually impossible to come out-Dhirubhai

[04/23/14]   Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life-Confucius

[04/17/14]   If you have eight hours to chop a tree,then spend six hours sharpening the saw

[04/17/14]   A man's dreams are an index to his greatness-Zadok Rabinwitz

[04/08/14]   The value of an education is not learning of many facts,but the training of the mind to think about things that cannot be learned from textbooks-Albert Einstein

[04/04/14]   When life hands you a lemon,make a lemonade-Norman Vincent Peale

[04/04/14]   Realise that there are no hopeless situations;there are only people who take hopeless attitudes-Norman Vincent Peale



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