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Plant Plan Garden Centre


Different types of palm trees, hedges, crotons, ground covers, indoors, fruit trees, shade trees, roses, succulent n rockery plants. App on 0772233551
Offers accepted on these Cycads and if you are interested kindly WhatsApp 0732607677
Dear All,

Our 7th Ndeipi Digital Magazine is full of different articles and activities from indoor gardening, to dining at a Mediterranean inspired restaurant, to shopping for antiques; and a visit to a new dog park. We hope that this magazine will give you something to look forward to this summer. A special thank you to all of our contributors and advertisers, who helped us make this issue a success. To get your own copy of the magazine, kindly follow the link below:

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Do You have African violets. The house ones and the garden ones. I need the white house one
Cycads for sale.whatsApp 0732607677
Selling Cycads and if you are interested kindly WhatsApp 0732607677
good morning, i'm looking for madre de agua plant
Thank you for the beautiful trees and all the help getting them potted and ready for a difficult overseas customer! Very helpful and highly recommended.
How do I store my beeswax wraps?

Available Plant Plan Garden Centre next to St John's College

These wraps are not only nice to look at, they keep your food fresh, much fresher than cling film.
You can find them at Plant Plan Garden Centre in Harare.
You cannot miss our colourful tins 🙂
1L-2M-1S for 15$US
Hi there your number just rings. is there another no to try ?
Morning.. do you sell black top soil by the bag?

🌱Harare’s favourite nursery located on the corner of Stokesay Close and Rolf Avenue in Ballanty


We can't wait for The Annual Garden Show. 🪴🌷🌼
Make sure you come and visit our stand... we will have an array of beautiful plants, decor and goodies!

Visit Plant Plan Garden Centre's stand at The Annual Garden Show to explore our selection of Phalenopsis Orchids, various indoor plants, beautiful ceramic pots & decor and a variety of plant goodies.


This or That? Which flower would you pick? 🤔
🪴Peace Lily (on the left)
🪴Calla Lily (on the right)
Tell us in the comments below.👇



We thought it would be nice for you to get to know all of us a little better! So each month we are going to highlight one of our fabulous employees.

Today we start with Taurai. 😁🌟

If you’ve been to Plant Plan, you’ll know his friendly face. He’s always in the front, ready to help with all your plant needs. He radiates warmth and brings so much happiness and joy to our Garden Centre. Next time you visit us, be sure to give him a hello. 👋

🪴 His favourite plant/flower: Phalaenopsis Orchids

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 23/08/2023

Taking care of plants can be a very rewarding experience. Not only do they beautify our surroundings, but they also purify the air and provide a sense of tranquility. Here are five tips to help you keep your plants healthy and thriving. 🪴🌻


We often take nature for granted. We don’t think about the pivotal role that all of life’s creatures play. However, World Honey Bee Day gives you the perfect opportunity to pay honour to the incredible honey bee. 🐝

Of course, honey bees provide us with honey, and this is one of the many reasons why we should be thankful for them! Honey is a golden, thick liquid, which is produced by bees using the nectar of plants that are flowering. The kind of flowers that bees visit will impact the texture, smell, and taste of the honey, resulting in different types of honey, including orange blossom, clover, acacia, and manuka honey.

So happy everyone! 🐝🌼🍯


We are open today from 8am till 5pm. Pop in and see us for all your gardening needs. 🌿🍄💐


Some gardening for you… 🪴🌻⚒️


How to take care of your Cactus… take a look at our top tips for these gnarly (easy growing) desert plants! 🌵


Summer is almost here… so time to grab your spades, forks and rakes and instead of heading to the gym for a workout, go into your garden as then not only will you look superb but your garden will too! 🌻

It’s time to start composting your beds. Did you know that we stock Huku Mombe compost and potting soil as well as a mushroom compost blend? For more information, pop in to see us and we’ll help you get your garden summer ready. 🌞

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 02/08/2023

🪴 SᑌᑕᑕᑌᒪEᑎTS

Are you a succulent mom? We’ve got a beautiful wide range of them available at Plant Plan. These are just a few… pop in to see us and come find your next succu plant!


Picabella Gold Fertiliser available in store 🌸🌸

Pop in and get yours!! 😊

🌱 ᗪᗩᗰᗩᖇᗩ ᖴEᖇTIᒪIᘔEᖇ

Picabella Gold fertiliser is not only for roses, you can use it for flowers, fruits, vegetables and even trees. Available in our little Garden Shed Shop for $12 a bag.


🌿 SYᑎGOᑎIᑌᗰ

Syngonium is a popular trailing houseplant with attractive heart-shaped leaves. Also known as the Arrowhead or Goosefoot, this sub-tropical plant is versatile and easy to care for, making it an ideal indoor plant at home or office.

Care Tips: Grow your Syngoniums in bright, indirect light, avoid direct sunlight as this can scorch the leaves. Water regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.

Pop in and grab your Syngonium today from Plant Plan!


🍂 ᑕOᖇᗪYᒪIᑎE

Also known as ti plants, the cordyline will bring some bright colour to either your indoor or outdoor garden and they are very easy to maintain. They just need warmth, bright and indirect sunlight, rich soil, and regular watering.

Pop in and grab your Cordyline today from Plant Plan!


🌿 ᗩGᒪᗩOᑎEᗰᗩ

If you're looking for a beautiful, easy-to-care-for houseplant, the Aglaonema (aka Chinese Evergreen) may be the way to go. Beloved for its (nearly) hands-free care, this plant is simple to nurture, provided you follow one simple rule: The lighter the variegation on the plant's leaves, the more sunlight it will need. Once you understand how that applies, you should have no problem helping it thrive. Beyond that, keep your plant warm and moist, and you'll be rewarded with a long-lasting, stable houseplant that will not outgrow its pot anytime soon.

Available for $5 each at Plant Plan!


💦 ᗰᗩKIᑎG ᗩ SᑭᒪᗩSᕼ Iᑎ ᒪIᖴE

Did you know that 97% of the world's water is salty?

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 17/07/2023

🌷 OᖇᑕᕼIᗪ ᗯIᑎTEᖇ SᑭEᑕIᗩᒪ

People often ask, "How do I care for orchids"? The truth is, orchid care is not difficult; it is just different. With proper care, an orchid can be in bloom for months each year and can live indefinitely. In this respect, orchids are an excellent value as far as blooming plants go.

Good orchid care simply requires basic knowledge about orchids and how they grow. Pop in to see us and we’ll give you the full rundown on how to care for your orchid. PLUS WE HAVE AN AMAZING SPECIAL ON - CHECK IT OUT!

We are located on the corner of Stokesay Close and Rolf Avenue in Ballantyne Park, Harare.


🪴 ᑭᕼIᒪOᗪEᑎᗪᖇOᑎ IᗰᑭEᖇIᗩᒪ GᖇEEᑎ

This simple yet elegant-looking Philodendron is characterised by its upright, green, and glossy leaves and is a stunner in an indoor setting. Also termed the Green Philodendron, it has the reputation of being easy to care for and maintain. It needs bright, indirect light, well-draining soil, and moderate humidity to thrive.

Available at Plant Plan for $50 each. Hurry while stocks last.


🌸 TᕼE ᗩᑎᑎᑌᗩᒪ GᗩᖇᗪEᑎ SᕼOᗯ

It’s that time of year again… make sure you save the date for this year's Garden Show!

We can’t wait to see you there. 🌼

Annual Garden Show

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 07/07/2023

🖤 ᘔᗩᗰIOᑕᑌᒪᑕᑌS - ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᖇᗩᐯEᑎ

This incredibly unique plant is very undemanding and grows well in almost any location. It is also known as the ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant and it only turns dark with time - the fresh leaves start out bright green and gradually turn black.

They are drought tolerant so allow the soil to dry out entirely before watering again. They are known for being able to grow in a range of lighting conditions from bright indirect light to low light so they make great indoor plants for your home or office.

Available at Plant Plan for $40 each. Hurry while stocks last.

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 03/07/2023

💐 ᑎEᗯ ᗩᖇᖇIᐯᗩᒪS 💐

Our new stocks have just arrived and they are GORGEOUS! Come and see for yourself… 🤩

- Calandiva: $10 each
- Mini Orchids: $30 each
- Single Stem Orchids: $40 each
- Two Stem Orchids: $45 each
- Anthuriums (XL): $50 each
- Zamioculcas: $40 each
- Peace Lily: $30 each
- Areca Palm: $35 each
- Philodendron Prince of Orange: $50 each
- Philodendron Imperial Green: $50 each

Hurry while stocks last!


🌺 ᗷOᑌGᗩIᑎᐯIᒪᒪEᗩ

If you're looking for a tough tropical vine with lots of colour you've found it. Bougainvillea plants are tough as nails, which includes their nail-like thorns. These plants put on a spectacular show of colour and are easy to care for - they love the sun and are fairly drought-tolerant.

Available at Plant Plan for $10 each. Pop and choose your favourite colour.


👣 ᑭᑌT YOᑌᖇ ᗷEST ᖴOOT ᖴOᖇᗯᗩᖇᗪ

How funky are our feet? 😂
Available at Plant Plan for $25 (for the pair).

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 24/06/2023

🧚‍♀️ IᑎTEᖇᑎᗩTIOᑎᗩᒪ ᖴᗩIᖇY ᗪᗩY

International Fairy Day is celebrated every year on June 24. The idea behind the day is to appreciate and uplift the celebration of mythical creatures such as fairies and to use their tales to teach valuable lessons to the children.
The concept of having a utopia where there are fairies and mythical creatures and that anything can happen, drives the children to aim for the things that are considered impossible and with the confidence that they can do it. So in demonstrating the belief that fairies exist, we celebrate International Fairy Day.

Did you know that we have an array of fairy products available at Plant Plan? Bring the kids and come see for yourself… 🧚‍♂️

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 22/06/2023

🌿 ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗯOᖇᒪᗪ ᖇᗩIᑎᖴOᖇEST ᗪᗩY

In honour of , we are doing a ONE-DAY ONLY SALE at Plant Plan with a $5 discount on any of our orchids and our tree ferns.

So hurry on down and visit us today - we close at 5pm and we are located on the corner of Stokesay Close and Rolf Avenue in Ballantyne Park, Harare.


💚 ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᖴᗩTᕼEᖇ’S ᗪᗩY TO ᗩᒪᒪ TᕼE ᗪᗩᗪS!

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 14/06/2023


We have a variety of inspirational stepping stones available for $5 each. Pop in and grab yourself a daily dose of inspo.



In light of and the campaign, we would like to encourage all our Plant Plan clients to bring back their plastic trays and we will recycle them so that they don’t end up in a landfill. And for every 5 trays (or more) that you bring, we will give you one of our free homegrown succulents.


🌱 ᗯOᖇᒪᗪ EᑎᐯIᖇOᑎᗰEᑎT ᗪᗩY

This year's theme is and the focus is on solutions to plastic pollution. The world is being inundated by plastic. More than 400 million tonnes are produced every year, half of which is designed to be used only once. Of that, less than 10 per cent is recycled.
To get involved, try to minimise your own personal plastic use and organise your own community clean up - every performance, no matter how small, matters.

From all of us Plant Plan, we wish you a happy .


🌵 ᗩᒪOE YOᑌ ᐯEᖇᗩ ᗰᑌᑕᕼ


🌻 ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗩᖴᖇIᑕᗩ ᗪᗩY

From all of us at Plant Plan! Don’t forget we are open today from 8am to 5pm and we have our ᗩᖴᖇIᑕᗩ ᗪᗩY SᗩᒪE happening with reduced prices on our orchids. Hurry while stocks last!

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 24/05/2023

🌷 ᗩᖴᖇIᑕᗩ ᗪᗩY OᖇᑕᕼIᗪ SᗩᒪE

For one day only we are reducing the price of our orchids! Pop in tomorrow, the 25th of May and get yourself one of our stunning orchids.

We will be open from 8am to 5pm! Hurry while stocks last.


🍋 ᑭᒪᗩᑎT ᗩ ᒪEᗰOᑎ TᖇEE ᗪᗩY

Today we are celebrating lemons! Lemons are fantastic and can be used in so many different ways. They’re used in making some delightful beverages (lemonade, pink lemonade, raspberry lemonade, ok… you’re probably seeing a theme here), and they are also used in some of the most powerful cleaners on the market. On top of that, they smell absolutely wonderful!
Plant A Lemon Tree Day encourages you to plant a lemon tree in your garden so that you can share the glories of this wonderful tree!

We have lemon trees in stock at Plant Plan selling for $12 each. Hurry while stocks last!

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 18/05/2023

🍂ᑭᕼIᒪOᗪEᑎᗪᖇOᑎ (ᑭᖇIᑎᑕE Oᖴ OᖇᗩᑎGE)

A fabulously bright and unique Philodendron, known by the name 'Prince of Orange', this hybrid plant hails from South America. Mimicking its natural environment will help to create a thriving indoor plant. They need bright light but do not put it in direct sunlight and they prefer the soil to maintain a slight amount of moisture at all times.

These beautiful giant philodendrons are available at Plant Plan for $50 each.



Currently in bloom, our stunning Desert Roses aka Sabi Stars are available for $10 each. They are often used as a bonsai plant thanks to their thick succulent trunk, thin and delicate leaves, and luscious, deep pink trumpeting flowers.
Easy to grow and maintain, they like full sun, well-drained soil containing sand or gravel and little water.

Come and grab yourself one while stocks last!


🎉 ᑕOᑎGᖇᗩTᑌᒪᗩTIOᑎS 🎉

And the winner of our Mother’s Day Giveaway is Shelley Payne Robertson

Congratulations on winning a beautiful Mini-Orchid for your mum! Please check your inbox. 🌷

A huge thank you to everyone who participated. Please come and visit us at Plant Plan Garden Centre. 🪴


💐 ᗰOTᕼEᖇ’S ᗪᗩY GIᐯEᗩᗯᗩY 💐
This is for all our FACEBOOK followers… we are giving one lucky mumma a FREE mini orchid.

To enter all you need to do is:
1️⃣ Like/react to this Facebook post
2️⃣ Like/follow our page
3️⃣ Tag your mum in the comments below

*One entry per person
*T&Cs apply
*Please note we are running TWO giveaways with TWO prizes - one for Facebook and one for Instagram.

The winners will be announced on Saturday morning!

**Please do not click any external links or give credit card details to anyone asking - WE WILL CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY IF YOU WIN.

💐 GOOᗪ ᒪᑌᑕK 💐

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 08/05/2023

🌸 ᗰOTᕼEᖇ’S ᗪᗩY

We have a beautiful selection of plants available for Mother’s Day (which is this weekend😍). Prices range from $10 upwards. We are open all week... pop in and we’ll help you find that perfect gift for that special mumma. 💖

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 05/05/2023

💐 ᑎEᗯ ᗩᖇᖇIᐯᗩᒪS 💐

Our new stocks have just arrived and they are GORGEOUS! Come and see for yourself… we’ve got some great options for Mother’s Day! 🤩

- Lucky Bamboo: $35 each
- Kalanchoe/Calandiva Pots: $15 each
- Philodendron (Prince of Orange): $50 each
- Chinese Money Plant: $5 each
- Calla Lily: $25 each
- Mini Orchids: $30 each
- Single Stem Orchids: $40 each
- Two Stem Orchids: $45 each
- Anthuriums (XL): $50 each
- Curcuma Lily: $25 each
- Peace Lily: $30 each
- Begonia: $20 each

Hurry while stocks last!


🌼 ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗯOᖇKEᖇS ᗪᗩY

Please note, we will be enjoying the public holiday and are therefore closed for the day! We will be open tomorrow at 8am as normal.

Photos from Plant Plan Garden Centre's post 28/04/2023

🗿 ᗷᑌᗪᗪᕼᗩ STᗩTᑌES

We have new stocks of our beautiful Buddhas. Pop in and grab yourself one... hurry before they sell out!

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