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Education is what we care about We have been in operation on a smaller scale since 2009. We have met the educational needs of our clients from creche level to A level.

Special emphasis has been placed on English Language, English Literature and Geography, though we are working on adding the other subjects being done by students at the different levels. Our aim is to be established as a home school that caters for the wholistic needs of our children. For now though, give us a buzz on +263 772 963 490 and we will see how we can be of assistance to you.

Operating as usual


Brush up on O Level English Language via whatsapp to be exam-ready. Every lesson includes exercises to be marked by me and can be individualised to suit the needs of each student. English Literature and Geography are also on offer. Get in touch on 0772963490 (whatsapp) for enquiries


Tip number 2 for answering comprehension questions is linked to the first one. When you are reading you may not understand the meaning of every word as you go. As a matter of fact, you may actually be seeing some words for the very first time! Before you start hyperventilating, there IS a way around this.

Don't try to decode it in isolation. Look at the words that are around the word that you don't know. Very often what is being talked about will point to the meaning of the word. This is called finding meaning in the CONTEXT of the story. Doing this will help you with the question that requires you to define some terms found in the text.


One of the questions that we have come across is, how does a student even understand what a comprehension story is all about in the first place? Before looking at exam questions and figuring out the key terms there, an appreciation of the story is key. We've decided to go right back to basics. We'll post the tips that we share with our students!

The first tip is:
Read the story!

Captain Obvious to some but it actually is important to fully read the story at least once. While skim reading (scanning for the important details) is helpful, you need to know the whole story to be able to answer questions on it.


Even though it seems June exams are still far away, they really are just around the corner. Don't go to battle unprepared! This holiday we are doing a crash revision programme in 'O' level English Language and Geography. Get in touch to be a part of it.


Get home-based education for your primary or high school children for $300 per month for an individual and $200 per month for groups. We also teach Conversation English to people of all ages. Get in touch to find out how we can serve you.


English as a second language, aka Conversation English! We're having fun with this. 08/02/2017

WhatsApp Group Invite

Have you made the decision to homeschool you high school going child, or are you seriously considering it? Here is a whatsapp group where you can chat with parents and educators that advocate for home based education. Have your questions on extra curricular activities answered by those in the know. Follow this link to find out more: Follow this link to join


Education is the leading of human souls to what is best, and making what is best out of them.

John Ruskin


Home based education from primary school need not be a headache. Parents have been doing it since time immemorial! Here is a little information on how we go about it:

For all of our primary school students we are using a Curriculum Support institution that has been around since Rhodesia. Parents have the freedom to choose what subjects they want their children to do from a wide pool of options. Grade 7 pupils write exams at any Zimsec registered school in October with other learners. We can give suggestions for after school activities where children build on their interests and social skills. Our fees are also quite affordable at $200 per month. 31/01/2017

Higherlife Foundation

If you know someone who needs this please do pass it on.

The scholarship includes fees and tuition from early childhood to high school and has been running for the past 19 years.Our biggest programmes are currently running in Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Burundi.

In Zimbabwe the scholarship supports eligible children in Grade 1 to Form 4.

*Who Qualifies for The Scholarship?*

Orphaned children who have lost one or both parents. Orphaned children who have lost a breadwinner. Disadvantaged children with both parents but who are old and unable to fend for the children.

The applicants must be orphaned and disadvantaged children. Applicants must be less than 21 years unless recommended by the Board of Trustees or Patrons.

Scholarships are restricted to day and boarding government, non-government and mission schools in Zimbabwe.

The Scholarship does not sponsor children undertaking their studies outside Zimbabwe unless authorized by the Patrons.

The Scholarship is valid until the student attains a tertiary qualification

*Documentation Required*

Applicant’s certified birth certificate.
Deceased parent’s or guardian’s certified death certificate.
School invoice and banking details showing the amount of fees to be paid.
An affidavit in case of missing or no documents.

Where the beneficiary does not have the deceased’s death certificate, a letter from the school authorities or local leadership to confirm the child’s orphan- hood will suffice.

Apply Now! OR Download the forms below

Primary & Secondary Form Tertiary Form

Our Head Office (Zimbabwe)

Suite 5, Westgate House East
David Frost Way, Westgate
Harare, Zimbabwe

[email protected]

+263 772 222 922
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Hello everyone! As providers of home based education we are looking for 10 'A' level pupils that are interested in doing 3 lessons per week that are 2 hours long. Subjects on offer are English Literature and Geography. It will be intensive and fun, as learning should be! We are also looking for 10 'O' level students that want lessons in English Language, English Literature and Geography. All this for a discounted rate of $200 per month per child. The one that provides the venue gets a whopping 50% discount on that. Give us a buzz if you are interested.


We are all about homeschooling! Have you made a plan for your children yet? Get in touch, it isn't too late.


Happy holidays to you all!


Contact us for affordable homeschooling options. Registration is underway for the new year.


The time is now to start putting together the stationery needed for the next term.


Well done grade sevens!! Registration is still in progress for next year's exam class. Get in touch with us.


We are excited to announce that we are now offering HOME SCHOOL classes for all primary levels starting January 2017! Each class will have at most 10 students for maximum individual attention. We will be working with Curriculum Support to ensure that your child gets the very best education. Our fees are payable monthly or termly. Registration is currently underway for $15.

Contact us in our Facebook inbox, email [email protected] or call/whatsapp 0772963490.


Homeschool...a thing of the past or the future of affordable education in Zimbabwe? We're leaning towards the latter. We are here to improve children's learning experiences through structured home schooling programmes. Small classes manned by experienced staff mean more individualised attention for each child. 2017 is looking really good!


Opportunity! Does anyone have a dining room (or any other room) in Harare they'd be willing to rent out for educational purposes during the week? The ability to accommodate 10 people is a definite plus. If making some extra money tickles your fancy please get in touch asap. Thank you!


Something is brewing for the new year! We're excited and will share soon. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Lets end the year with a bang exam classes!


Happy holidays everyone! In the coming year we will hit the ground running! God bless you all.


Happy mother's day to all the mamas out there. We celebrate you all today. God bless


Good morning one and all! Enjoy a well deserved break this weekend


Exams have begun already. We wish everyone who is writing all the best. Keep reading till the end.


As exam time closes in, have your kids been studying? Each subject should get some attention every day.


In all my years as a tutor one of the things that break my heart is hearing children tear themselves down because their teachers have told them they are useless and will never do well. Please help your children to understand that the power is in their hands. Practice really does make perfect.


It has often been said that failure to prepare is preparing to fail.
Arthur Marara


There is no success without preparation...preparation is not an event, it is a process.
Arthur Marara


If anybody knows a mature business studies teacher please give us their contact details or have them contact us. They are urgently needed. Thank you


Richmond Academy in Zimbabwe

Group and individual private lessons available for Preschool English, Primary English, O and A level English Language, Literature and Geography. Limited spaces available so make your bookings early. Lessons to be conducted in Greendale or at the venue of your choice. Whatsapp 0772963490 or email [email protected] for more information. Check out our page Richmond Academy in Zimbabwe where we post edu-nuggets and timetables.

Education is what we care about


Richmond Academy in Zimbabwe

Group and individual private lessons available for Preschool English, Primary English, O and A level English Language, Literature and Geography. Limited spaces available so make your bookings early. Lessons to be conducted in Greendale or at the venue of your choice. Whatsapp 0772963490 or email [email protected] for more information. Check out our page Richmond Academy in Zimbabwe where we post edu-nuggets and timetables.

Education is what we care about


The holidays are around the corner, any plans for your kids this holiday?


We're getting ready for a new bloc of extra lessons starting in July. Feel free to start registering your children for lessons


Hello everybody, how has your week been so far? Today we feel literary...if music be the food of love, play on! Gotta love Shakespeare.


Hello good people, how has your week been? How early do you get your children started on a study schedule? Lets chat


Pre-school English
Primary School English
English Language
English Literature



78A Coronation Avenue, Greendale

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