Munyaradzi Magura

Munyaradzi  Magura

Munyaradzimagura is an author of greatness-ignition messages. He shares motivational sentiments. His passion and calling is achievement Race to greatness

[09/05/16]   Painful but not killing

What does it take to kill your vision?. What does it take for you to surrender?. Be the righteous biblical Job. He was troubled and tested. You may lose your current material, fail ,but still like air you can rise. It takes courage,faith,patience and determination to realise your star and esteem in life.
Pain is not death. You may be ambushed here and there ,but its passage of time. Stand firm and bold till you reach the summit-where you realise your full potential. Everything you confront is just a normal. You may be teased but not killed. Suffering for a while, and enjoy the long term blessings and glory. It may be a nuisance but not piss off your vision,mission. There is no easy work to greatness. You have to take sweaty steps and exert your full energy. Don't be afraid of big problems . All you should see is endless possibilities and the land of honey. Nomatter what challenges you, rise also to challeng it. Your pain is your testimony to your grand ,grand children. Your pain grows when you just sit idly and waiting for physical change. Self-pitying intensifies the agony that would not amplify anything. Be brave and carry your cross. You may be haunted by problems you imagine as insurmountable. That is a dark shadows. Take your vision lens and envision through your pains. Suffering is just a tease and test of your mental,physical and biological strength. You have to endure the short lived hardships. They become real when your mind felt the obstacles. Keep working daily but not restlessly. Feel the momentum pain.

I recall vividly the time when i was at high school in a remote ,poor rural area . It was never an exciting era. Learning was so difficult that i sometimes was tempted to quit. To pass with flying colours was dream not acted upon. We have to organise and share the few reading material. I have to spent sleepless nights trying all i can. I never treasured learning. But actual i worked hard and painfully and succeeded greatly at A level.
Still you can rise above the your ceiling when you endure ,hold faith. As you sprint your greatness journey,feel the short lived difficult but don't forget to march forward.

[08/26/16]   challenge fear ,and join greatness crusade

Do not allow the threat of fear steals your vision. It only becomes real when you accord respect , veneration and a trophy.
Isiah 41 vs 10 put it in most enforcement way to with hold courage," be not afraid , for i will be with you". You are not alone. your mighty God is omnipresence. Fear is just an illusion. Challenge what you fears and join the crusade to greatnes.fear not , and it becomes extinct. Every you meet would be huming the threats ,not the possibilies. Be the first to tame fear and sought faith. Never let fear intimidate you vision. Nothing is unfathomable and impossible when you believe you do. The is much you can do . Keep faith ,rather than fear. Strengthen faith and courage, rather than fear. Explore more. Fears little. Never let a veneer of fear overshadows you mission. You life purpose is no playing horrendous films in your mind. You were destined to do more. You can choose to dare try. Try and tape the endless possibilities. Do join the chorus of greatness" fear nothing,fear not" ,

Always stay engaged . Be surrounded with people that displays positivity, committment and great aspiration
Be bold and valiant and stand to the realities of not be ashamed by failure. Rise and challenge what you think you fears!

[08/20/16]   Situational awareness is key to greatness when you don't know where you are ,you are abusing your presence. It takes great mind awareness and alertness to reside in this galloping world. Stay alert. You should be very sensitive to your geography and problems to be solve. Be alert. You are in life battle. You can only triumph when you have knowledge of what you are pursuing . You may end up running away like a mad rat because you are not familiar with possibility near you. Stay tuned. Know who you are when noone else does. Leaders without situational alertness abuse their positions . Great leaders stay alerted ,know how to handle every circumstance. They knows the kind of approach to every problem and crisis. They are visionary and bold. You may felt a victim when you don't know where you are. You may go nowhere when you are not aware of happenings. To achieves greatness, stay tuned. Alertness is the perception ,readiness to environmental elements with respect to episodes. When you don't know what is happening ,where you are you may be tested to take hasty decision in relation to what you have at hand. We are what we look for change. We should change. To achieve greatness you should be a change agent. But in times of change it is very important that you have situation awareness. Times are never stock-still . Keep snowballing your horizons. You have much when your mind is present in every life moment. Keep informed about the present but don't be so much stuck in history. Develop alertness of wherever you find yourself in. Don't be afraid to know what goes around you. Situation awareness makes you take the right strategy ,move ,procedure . Keep looking ,thinking and learning . Know you candlestand by beautifully reading materials that are blasting. Your geography knowledge,you way to tackle every situation!

[08/04/16]   Create it- or be future optimistic

You may chose to create it. Yesterday is history and the future is existing. Chose to live in the later. Its impossible to change when you refuse to create ideas. Create what you want to be. Your future is not by accident. Live to create ,modify what is not working. Your space really exists calling for prompt action. Life is about facing realities of the future. You are the change ignition key. Refuse to fade quickly. There is your abundant space- create it. You can effect positively. Your space is not a rotten one. You have energies and powers to bring development. Create or destroy it ?. The choice lies in you. Be valiant and take a grit action. Life is editing your 3gp image. Its removing any negative mark,shaping ,painting and adjusting its brightness. Create your life and audit it ruthlessly. Create a positivity space in your negativity enclave. Never be obsessed with impossibilities. Pave way for possibilities. Chose to focus on your future-focus on where you are going. Create a favourable scenario to make it interesting. Create or search for solutions. Always find yourself an answer and accountability. You are responsible by no accident. Its not enough to create ideas, create action. Clear you way. Never blame. Stop the zero profit game of complaining. Sometimes you create those miseries. Be in a position to create good not bad condition. To predict the future , create it!. Don't just sit there in empty and resigned mood expecting greatness natural. It is when you rise,lead and work extra mile to realise greatness. It is when you complain less and create more. You do not have and cannot afford the luxury to create conflicts. Create innovative ideas. Create a change to people surrounding you. Create a focus. Create today. Create a better future and tomorrow. Be optimistic while you create your bright tomorrow. Go for greatness by creating and lay a foundational step!

[07/24/16]   Courage is all what you need

Some of us face challenges,big or small,. But essential is Courage; (also called bravery and bravado) is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. Physical courage is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death or threat of death, while moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, discouragement, or personal loss.In some traditions, fortitude holds approximately the same .

[07/23/16]   You are alive

the worst mistake you can allow is thinking when you could resigne. You still have much. Explore the possibilities of life. You are piled on the shelf of life . Never take yourself off . In you lies lies prospective generation. In you lies bigger solutions to tame your challenginges and "impossible" . You have time to do much. Never act like a lost sheep, rather let the words"am alive " whispers to you at the end of your trying day... You are on the spotlight . Kick your way. The world you reside is throng its eyes of disheartening you. Rise and defy the odds because you are alive. Give life meaning. Rise and shake off laziness. Live life at any moment . The strength within you cannot be easily blown away. You are an aeroplane and whatever direction you take ,you have to face opposition from Mediocre mindset. Strong waves and tidal waves does not necessarily mean you have to park. So long as you are dressed with positivity ,you are alive. Positivity will not eradicate all your challenges ,but but taming you impossible and fears and lit dark mindset and set you on on living space. The world we are residing has challenges,hard to bear but demands you to be "alive and present". You cannot hide life by pretex of death when you still have a pulse. Things may go uphill but as long as you are alive and feel engaged you won't be behind. Feel the present,forget your ,past , dream and wake to the reality of your vision. You can explore and tape more if you are alive. Refuse to die when you have much to tap. Be alive and unleash you greatness! The is hope in you!


Patience is not about waiting but how you do during waiting. Its not about doing nothing

[07/14/16]   Execute your strategy to acHieve Greatness

the best prediction of the future is creating it and take rational action. And the smallest action taken is grandest than any intention. To achieve ,execution of plans ,target and promises is necessary. It is not enough to strategise without bracing; its not enough to think and dream without working for the initiative. Its not enough to race for certificates without accomplishment and being principled. The biggest challenge is taking action. Setting your plans and through them away is enough. See through your imperfections lens and work to the fulfilment of dreams. Failure is there. You had failed because you tried something. Alas,it is a great disappointment and disgusting to realisation failure at the heart of achievement. Deciding is not enough without action. Rise and take action. Be a mimic of doers not whispers of negative sentiments. You need to take plan into effective implementation. Effectively brace your strategy and soak it it into leadership journey. Even in hardships,carry your cross and bury humiliation and birth glory. Strategy is more than mere setting of of plans and wait for someone to overtake. You need to execute anything started . Strategy(from a Greek word strategia ," art of troop leader ;office general,command,generalship") is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under uncertainTy conditions- especially in war , VUCA miasima. In the sense of "art of general" ,which encapsulate several subsets of skills including tactics , siegecraft ,logistics. The term came into effective use in 6th century C.E in east Roman terminology, and was translated into western Vernacular languages only in the 18th century. From then strategy was needed in war-employing strategy to capture enemies. There were not simply decided and set aside. They were effectively adopted to win every battles. In this unusual world where things seems going uphill, you need too to execute your strategy inorder to survive. Until 20th century the word strategy came to denote " a comprehensive way to try to pursue political ends including threats and actual use of force in dialectic of wills. Strategy execution is as important than you imagine. Resources are easily available to achieve limited goals. Strategy generally involves you setting goals,determining action to take and achieve and mobilizing resources to executive actions. Decide what to do now and how you can tackle it. Exert massive determination . Never give up taking action. Have a passion while you crusade your long sprint journey. Rise and race to Greatness!


Keep inspiring


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos

[07/11/16]   Greatness is from Street sweeper to a superStar

Greatness is a step up migration. The is no short sprint to greatness. It is proactive voyage. Its for those who have passion courage and patience. Success is attributed to massive determination. Whatever you are pursuing,do it with bold action and courage. Any move you embrace is important and every occupationa you hold is essential. Small steps you take are as important than you imaging. The little that you take counts and ignites bigger things. Never languish in despondency and despair. Greatness should be your calling. Have a passion. Never consider your current academics when deciding what you should do. Do what you can. Use what you achieve what you desire. Always like and count your blessing when other are disheartening you . It is when they exhorting you to quit. You are a street sweeper today and a superstar tomorrow. You are sole trader today but producer of tomorrow. Go for greatness ,stepping from here to there!. You destinations on the interim will be your testimonies tomorrow as you unleash what is inside you

[07/07/16]   MoVE oUt of lazinessArena
Zero will start happening when you are comfortable in being inactive. Winners are not only strong people,but those who can kick all odds and raise again. Live life without limits. What should limit you should be the sky. Rise and hold your mate and start engaging. Choose to be active every day. Life is for people who are participatory . Never envisage someone can do something for. Always find yourself be engaged. Stop pointing your thumb at people and remember the other four are pointing you. The worst thing you can allow is allowing laziness to permeate deeply. Exit your laziness zone. Move into action. Dance to what is playing,not to that you wish you could be play. Learn daily. Extent your horizon of understanding. Apply your knowledge. Never wish you could not do it. Shake mental stagnation. You are the shake. Rise and change. Focus on. Move out of laziness arena! Yet doing your persistent small step towards greatness

[06/27/16]   Do what you can, with you have,wherever you are
You have the abilities beyond your imagination. You have strength above your limits. The strength you possess lies not within your muscles,but your spirit to serenity. You too can lead. Leadership have nothing to do with locality nor Geography. Your mind is your garden. Whatever you sow grows. Lead from where you are with the few that you possess. If you cannot do great things,do the small things in a great way. Lead and embrace the title. Leadership is not about titles,following flow charts or being a coward in life but holding influence. You can change. Familiarise yourself with what you have. Raise you words not voice. Rise and take action.

[06/22/16]   Even when its painful, never back down


Invest in planning
if you look back you become smarter,when you look up ,you are matured,when looking forward, you are indispensable

Do you need more time?. You don't need more ,you need to be more disciplined to deliver more. You live by planning. When you fail to plan,you cease to enter the greatness plan. Plan what you should do. Set your daily usage target. Set reasonable goals. Planning is vital and forms the basis of life. When you fail to plan,you plan to fail. Whatever you take,take seriously. Look what is beyond you. Plan on how you would spent the day. Set smart objectives, and yet focusing on where you are going. Get settled and embrace deep thinking. Decide what is not functioning,which needs repair,where to source funds for the investment. Never haste. Greatness is not about how quickly you act,but how you do it. When you haste ,you make gross mistake. Whatever you set must be specific. Invest in planning. Its not about just going. Focus on where you are going. Set reasonable goals. Forever committ yourself to greatness by think afore you act!

[06/20/16]   Success succeed failures. When you never fail ,realise you won't see the greatness enclave

[06/20/16]   Life is the art of taking charge,responsibility, action and showing commitment

[06/18/16]   Life is a journey

the formula for succes:is under pressured and over delivery, hard work compounds achievement ,keep moving, change what you have, the greatest glory you have is to appreciate what you have , life is a journey, have courage and hope, the true madness is to expect different result with same action, life is is tough and you have to be tougher, never let what you hold go so easily,
hold what you have, keep moving, your

thoughts defines what you will be , keep enduring, Always find pleasure in your search for greatnes, never thought the all you see is th whole, you still´have much to tape,´hold courage, stop ´point game of blaming people , find what you can do, Never despair , The strength you posses is immeasurable , Never wait, dance , always find energy in what matters , never enter into conflicts, in real life, take heart, commit yourself toward achievement, there is no excellence in absence of mistakes , Grow daily ,gradually, keep focus, forever commit yourself!



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