Upendo na Uzuri

Upendo na Uzuri

Upendo na Uzuri love and beauty is a beauty school and hair salon. We are more than just a hair salon as we provide you with a place to make new friends,network and learn a thing or two about life and business.

Operating as usual


Short Afro


Bulk Afro styles


What is your most preferred length of braids


Which faux locs would you prefer


How do you love to wear your dreadlocks. drop a pic in the comment section


How do you usually plate your hair without braiding it. Please drop your pic in the comments section

thetempest.co 19/02/2019

5 natural hair lessons I definitely learned the hard way

thetempest.co I've had my naturally curly hair now for nearly a year. Yay me! My hair has improved so much from this year of keeping it natural. In the first months after cutting my hair, it was healthy and growing

[02/11/19]   Aloe Vera use to obtain a good texture
1.Take couple of leaves and scrapr the gel from inside
2.Blend well and apply to hair and scalp
3. Wrap hair with with a warm and damp towel
4. Leave for at least 15-30 minutes
5. Rinse hair well

[02/04/19]   Texture. What texture of hair do you want. to have a good hair texture one has to 1. make use more of omemade products because they have less harmful chemicals in them that damage the hair
2. Put oil at the endsof wet hhair
3. eat healthy food thats means letting go of all the junkies
4. Use Aloe .......TBC

[01/28/19]   This week lets talk about hair volume.If you like volume then do the following.
1. Sleep in a bun
2. Apply dry shampoo
3. Place hot rollers
4. Blow dry upside down
5. Back brush
6. Boost roots
7.Change your shae position
8. Crimp our roots

[01/21/19]   This week we are focusing on hair growth. Here are some of the ways you can follow.
1. Moisturise hair regularly.
2. Deep condition weekly
3. Do protective hair styling
4. Reduce stress
5. Massage scalp regularly
6. Eat plenty of protein, omega 3, fatty acids, biotin and vitamin C
7. do away with the cotton pillow case

[01/14/19]   Today lets focus on hair moisture.
what to do to keep your hair moistirised.
1. Use moisturerisers wit water as the 1st or 2nd ingridient
2. Avoid Heat
3. trim Regulary
4. Seal moisture with oil
5. Keep hands off the hair
6. Deep condition regulalry
7. sleep with a satin bonnet or pillow

[01/08/19]   Welcome to 2019.
What are your hair goals, is it texture, length,volume, moisture.Watch the space on how to obtain your goal.

[12/20/18]   Happy Holidays and Prosperous 2019🥳🥳🥳🥳


How do you prepare your hair for a good night sleep?


would you rock your natural on your wedding day.




Yes or No


whats your take 1,2 or 3


going Bulky


Long Braids🤔


would you go for grey braids?


How do you maintain your cornrows and make them last longer


how do you maintain your short hair, lets discuss.


how would you love your Marley braid plaited?

[06/21/18]   Are your nails really fragile, not to worry just buy colourless nail polish and drop a piece of garlic in it and use it like that.....i know the smell of garlic is unbearable but hey it has its benefits

[06/18/18]   Did you know......
That you can use an egg to condition your hair

[06/15/18]   Weekend settings

[06/13/18]   Team natural
Celebrating the ladies with natural hair

[05/29/18]   It all comes down to the type of shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer you use for your hair. Choose the type that works for your hair for some herbal oils work wonders but for some its the opposite

[05/28/18]   good morning
hope you all had an awesome weekend. this week we are going to be looking at ways to avoid weak and brittle hair for both natural and chemicalised hair

blackhairomg.net 04/11/2017

Grow Your Hair 2 inches In 7 Days - POWERFUL DIY Hair Growth Serum

Try this DIY hair growth serum

blackhairomg.net Melissa says that her DIY hair growth serum will grow your hair 2 inches in just one week using all natural products, aloe vera, Jamaican black castor oil and...


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