Olivine Industries

Olivine Industries


Dear Olivine, what happened to the sweet fragrance ingredient that made the pink Jade soap so refreshing that it would fill up the entire bathroom with a sweet aroma. 😔
Morning. When are we going to get Buttercup in the shops. We are desperate
Good day. Please can you tell me why only CASH is being accepted at your place for Buttercup?

Olivine Industries is owned 51% by I.D.C. Holdings and 49% by AICO Africa Limited. Since its establishment in 1931, our company has grown to become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of consumer and industrial products such as vegetable oils, margarines, bakers’ fats, soaps, candles, dried beans and a wide range of canned foods.


Which canned tomato product have you used before?

a. Chopped Tomatoes
b. Tomato Puree
c. Tomato Paste
d. Tomato Juice
e. Whole peeled tomatoes
f. (Other)


Would you eat 'baby food' ? Most of us probably have eaten some of 'the baby's food' at some point. Well, the truth is, there's really no harm in eating 'baby food', as long as you don't starve the baby!!
What baby foods have you eaten before?


Thursday Thought:

You are building a home and you have the option to have either a shower or a bath tub. What would you choose if you wanted to SAVE water?


Fortris is a nutritious range of health drinks made from ingredients rich in vitamin C. In the picture are 3 sets of ingredients, and the 3 juices that are made from them. Can you match the ingredients with the juices? e.g. A = 3, B=2 etc

Answers tomorrow


Do you like smelling fruits or flowers while you bath? Which of these would be your favourites at bath time?


There are 9 logos in the picture, all of them are for products made by Olivine. Can you name the products? The first person to get the most correct answers by Wednesday 2pm, gets an Olivine food hamper.

Examples: Perfection soap, Buttercup Margarine


A fruit salad can give you a healthy start to your day. In the picture is a Greek Yoghurt Fruit Tart with zero sugar, and it's a no-bake, also gluten free. (we will explain these later).

What fruits can you identify in this picture?


Describe your Friday with a word beginning with 'F'
- ours is 'Fryer Friday' yeah fry with Olivine!


Who will be the 500th person to like our page? A hamper to you and to the one who will have invited you! Let's get going!!!


Have you tasted the wildly delicious Fortris Wildberry health drink?

Visit our stand today at the Sanganayi / Hlanganani World Tourism Expo at the Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare and get to sip on our Fortris health juices, and the rich and fresh Olivine Tomato Sauce!


When you hear 'GREEN VALLEY' - which product/s come to your mind?


Fill in the blank

My dream competition would be called the ______________ and win competition


Can you name the musical instruments in this picture?


There are 3 bath soaps on a shelf and you are asked to pick one to use. Which one would you pick?

A. Antibacterial soap, germ killer
B. Skin care soap, moisturizer
C. General purpose / family bath soap


What was the Olivine dust pan made of? What other products like this can you name?


Do you remember Lido soap? This was an 80g perfumed bath soap used mostly by women. It was available in 4 colours and had rich lathering properties.

Can you name or guess the 4 colours?



Name any 3 products in this picture. Prize giveaway for the BEST 3 answers. Better still, if you're in GOKWE, a full hamper awaits the first correct answer!


Tune into 'The Rush' on ZiFM Stereo today and tomorrow to find out what we will be doing in Gokwe, and how you can participate


You would like to prepare tomato soup for dinner, and you have green tomatoes, orange tomatoes and red tomatoes. Which ones do you pick?


When you hear 'Olivine' - what comes to your mind?


Do you love BAKED BEANS on TOAST? Many people do, and it's almost a standard breakfast in many a hotel and restaurant. Well, here's an Indian way of doing it.



Which stove has given you the best cooking experience?

Paraffin (or kerosene) stoves are cheap to operate and are very energy/fuel. Paraffin is also very cheap to buy. The stoves are simply constructed and require little to no maintenance.

Gas stoves (LPG) provide instant heat on ignition, so you get cooking right away, thus reducing your waiting time. The ease of temperature control also gives you flexibility in cooking .

Electric plates take time to heat and cool down, but have a modestly less fire or gas leak hazard. They are also easy to keep clean and tidy.

Open fire cooking is the oldest form of cooking available, but very cheap, however there is plenty of heat loss and little heat control options available.



Whether you're frying pancakes, flapjacks, eggs, bacon, chicken, sausages, pizza, chips... whatever it is you're going to fry today, Olivine will make it, a HAPPY FRYDAY!


What is your favourite tomato product?

A. Tomato Juice
B. Tomato Sauce
C. Tomato Puree
D. Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Next week, we'll be letting you know why you need to eat more tomatoes!


Having bacon & eggs for breakfast? Perhaps a birthday party tomorrow and you need extra hands (and extra rice, spaghetti, fried chicken, vegetable salad....), whether you're going to have a busy, or a lazy weekend.... whatever you decide to cook.... cook it better, with Olivine!


Happy New Year to all of you, from all of us at Olivine. Have you written your new year's resolutions yet?

Share with us what you have planned for 2015


Happy Boxing day!

What did you get? Share with us the presents you received and the presents you gave.

Enjoy the festivities


The Olivine Industries Management and Staff wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015!


The Olivine Industries Pension Fund (1960) is calling on all former employees listed in the image below to contact First Mutual Life to facilitate payment of their pension benefits.


Olivine Tuku Advert

From Olivine Industries advertisement archives "Olivine Tuku Mtukudzi advert"

Olivine Tuku Advert


Jade Soap Advert

From our old videos archive. Jade Soap, enduring quality.

Jade Soap Advert


Movember Mile


Perfection Soap

From Olivine Industries advertisements archives, titled "Father Washing" this advert is for Perfection Soap


Olivine Industries's cover photo


Buttercup Margarine

From Olivine Industries advertisements archives, advert for Buttercup margarine


Olivine Oil, Buttercup Margarine, Perfection Soap, Jade Soap, Olivine Baked Beans, Fortris Juices, Jams, Candles, Soya Chunks, Curries and Mustards



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