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Over US$4 500 was raised through the ABC Auctions App in the Husqvarna Mudrun Kidzcan Charity Auction.

A big thank you to the buyers and donors who made this possible.

100% proceeds towards Kidzcan Zimbabwe.

KidzCan Zimbabwe Beta Holdings Cutting Edge Zimbabwe Driptech Irrigation Nemchem La Rochelle Centre KFC Zimbabwe FUCHS Lubricants Zimbabwe One Stop Solar The Stable Winery Zimbabwe Cricket Sabre Business World Bushman Rock Safaris Far and Wide Zimbabwe Husqvarna Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp
Will you be joining us for this Live programme in Digital Marketing at Sabre Business World in February?
Friday has come and gone and my first exhibition in Zim in 5 years was more than worth the wait.

Thank you to everyone that took the time out of their Friday evening to come through and join us - it was a gathering to remember.

We would also like to say thank you to everyone who made a donation, your support is invaluable. The amount raised will go a long way to ensuring that the rangers at Gonarezhou National Park working with the Gonarezhou Rhino Reintroduction Project risking their lives to protect these beautiful animals are well equipped and taken care of.

Thank you again to Sabre Business World for hosting the event, it was an incredible evening!

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Today is the day! My first exhibition in Zim in 5 years starts at 17.30 at Sabre Business World Looking forward to seeing you there.

Please remember to support Gonarezhou National Park by donating to their ranger monitoring team working with the Gonarezhou Black Rhino Reintroduction Project.

"Black Rhino Portrait"
32” x 28”
Oil Paint on Canvas

Click here to find out more about the exhibition ➤

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What is a Masterclass in Personal Development all about?

James & Kim take you through our next Masterclass due to start in June at Sabre Business World.

Sign up now by emailing [email protected]

#MasterclassZW #PersonalDevelopment #SabreBusinessWorld
Sabre Business World Number Eighteen Exclusive Guest Lodge
Short course for Sale & Marketing Professionals

In the olden days selling involved making cold calls to people to convince them to buy but in today's digital age most buyers & customers are online and people are not responding to these cold calls anymore.

Learn how to sell online with an internationally certified short course to connect with modern buyers & customers through using a range of new social media tactics and tools.

This 2-day course is perfect for sales & marketing professionals, sales teams of companies and corporates as well as business owners to rapidly learn how to sell online and acquire more prospects, reduce lead times and drive strong sales.

Duration & Dates: 2-day live training, 07 & 08 May 2021
Venue: Sabre Business World, 146 Enterprise Road, Harare
Certification: Globally recognized Professional Certificate by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) upon the passing of a 1 hr exam
Cost: USD 500 payable in 2 installments
The course fee includes the exam fee and free DMI Membership for six months.
For more info click -
The Likeable team LOVES reviews from students who attend our social media for business training! 🤩💃🌟

Here are a few recent reviews that warmed our hearts and made us feel proud of all the time, planning and effort that goes into these sessions.

We hope you’ll be on our next sessions on the 7th and 8th of May at Sabre Business World. #LikeableMediaZim #socialmediatraining
We are so proud to have our Alo Alo team operating at Sabre Business World ⭐️
#AloAlo #sabrebusinessworld
Digital Marketing 5-week in-class program for marketing & sales professionals, school leavers & graduates is starting in March Sabre Business World in Harare.
Register today here -
As 2020 comes to a close, we take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to all our amazing clients for the exciting journey we have been on together this year. 🥰🙏🥂

We feel so honoured to have your utmost trust in managing your brands and we are pleased to see them growing from strength to strength each month.

We have truly learnt and grown so much and we can’t wait to keep building your brands on social media in 2021 and beyond. Sending e-love and thanks to: The Country Club Newlands Zimbabwe Merken Group Property Shop Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp La Quizine Juniper Whole Foods Andrew's at One67 Sabre Business World Cafe Nush Enbee Stores Dori Leatherwear Security Distributors Tenga 4 Wena Ultimate Jet Boats Sandalwood Lodge Wild is Life Trust and ZEN KW Construction The Friendlies York Lodge Lush Restaurant, The Country Club
#LikeableMediaZim #socialmediamarketing
Reviews are social media gold and we were delighted to receive so many excellent ones after our recent Instagram and Facebook Social Media Marketing Trainings for Small Businesses at Sabre Business World. 🏆🤩🎊

Click below to take a look at what they said and inbox us your email so we can alert you as soon as we have dates for the next one early 2021. #LikeableMediaZim #socialmediatraining

Sabre Business World - Conference and Training Centre, Trainers, Coaches and Programmes specialising in 21st Century Success. Sabre Business World is a company that specialises in Inspiring People, Igniting Teams and Developing Leaders through providing Training and Coaching programmes to Individuals, Executives and Management Teams.

Operating as usual


A healthy balance between work and life creates happy committed team members. If you are leading a team of people an important part of your job is to ensure your team members have direction and belonging so that they are happy, healthy and fulfilled. Teams of happy people can achieve amazing things together. To find out more about the Ignite your Productivity course click below or email [email protected].


In life, you have to be Goal Oriented so that you know what milestones you must achieve. If you want to take control of your future and become the best version of yourself, check out the highly motivational, potential unlocking Ignite Your Success Course at The next course starts in June 2022 and registration is open


Is your team aligned with the goals you want to achieve in your business? Do they know their part to play in achieving success? The Ignite your productivity course will align your team which will enhance their focus and boost their productivity. To find out more go to or email Contact Kim on +263772337586 or Josh on +263 782639631 or email [email protected]


We will help you Plan for Success for yourself and your business. To learn tools, tactics and strategies to build and lead a successful business, enrol on the next Ignite Your Business course - go to


We will equip you with the skills practised by successful, motivated and happy people around the world. Be clear on what you want out of life so you know what gaps to close. Enrolment is open for the next Ignite Your Success Course starting in June - Take control of your life and live life on purpose - to find out more go to


The Future Ready course for 6th formers and school leavers teaches young people the tools to sharpen their focus and unlock success through discovering and defining their ambitions and setting goals for their careers. To find out more about the FutureReady course or to enroll go to


Your team will be motivated and inspired so that they bring their best selves into each day. To find out more about this course contact Kim on +263772337586 or Josh on +263 782639631 or email [email protected]


Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe. We are proud to be Zimbabwean and feel blessed to live in this beautiful country.


We wish you a blessed and memorable Easter. May you celebrate this day with your loved ones over feasts and laughter.


Clarify your Ambition and Vision for your Business with our Ignite You Business Course. We will share with you the tools and tips on how to achieve this. Enrolment is open for the next intake - for more information go to


Here’s how to be an accountable person in life. What to learn more? Visit our website


Your team will get the tools needed to become all this and more. You and your team can join this course. To find out more email [email protected] or call Josh on +263 782639631.


Happy to be in Kwekwe training again.
Sally Paterson Palmer and Yolander Maphosa .


It means the world to us when we see how we are changing people's lives like this. Want to change your life? Visit our website and find out how.


Sabre is the spot for you and your business!

WOW your clients or team by hosting your event at Sabre. Modern, equipped and serviced rooms available for meetings and business events.

Photos from Sabre Business World's post 08/04/2022

A very well done to the Ambitious team from @Natpak Africa who completed the Ignite Your Business Course this week with Brendan Palmer.
It’s been a great journey with you all and we wish you every success. Keep implementing what you learnt 👍

1. Inside the comfort zone you die, outside you grow.
2. Find a way
3. Life goes up and down. Prepare for anything and everything and fortify your mindset with strong philosophies.
4. Have discipline. Small things done consistently will set you apart from the masses. Always pursue wisdom from
talking to people who have succeeded in life.
5. Always look at the numbers. Numbers are factual and unemotional. A Business without numbers is just a hobby.
6. There is always a way if you really want it. Go find a way.


It was great to be in Kwekwe again this week training the Ignite Your Productivity Programme

The key learnings were...
- Define what you want out of life and align this with the company you work at. Then go and deliver results and close gaps between where you are today and where you want to be in the future
- If you treat your work like a job, you will be Just Over Broke forever. On the other hand if you if you align your efforts with the business ambition, you will deliver extraordinary results and execute your genius with passion and purpose

Check out the Ignite Your Productivity course to strengthen your teams alignment, boost motivation and build a results based culture

Photos from Sabre Business World's post 07/04/2022

Huge Congratulations to the committed graduates who just completed the Ignite Your Business Course ⭐️⭐️
Wow what a wonderful 10 week journey of learning and growth.
It’s been a privilege working with and getting to know each and every one of you and we wish you focus, courage and determination as you lead yourself, your team and your business to success.
Go and Live your best life and I look forward to hearing your success stories
Best wishes, Brendan.


Register for the FutureReady Course for Sixth Formers and Recent School Leavers - starting on the 17th of May 2022.

Do you have a child who is going into Lower 6 or Upper 6 or who is a recent school leaver? Do they need help planning their career or transitioning from school to the world of study and work? Do they need to clarify what they want to do in their career and develop more self-confidence and focus?

The "FutureReady - kickstart your career" course equips young people with the skills and tools to confidently make decisions about their Future. Trained by experts and career consultants from Horizons Career Coaching Africa , The Uni People , Morrisby and Sabre Business World.

The course starts Tuesday 17 May 2022 & runs over 8 weeks - we have only a few places left. For more information and to enrol, visit or call Kim on 077 233 7586.


Our rooms are equipped with TVs, sound, projector, and whiteboards. We also offer catering to suit your requirements. To find out more Contact Kim on +263772337586 or email [email protected].

Photos from Sabre Business World's post 04/04/2022

“Each of us is unique and has a special and important place in the world, we simply need to learn how to Lead, Manage and apply ourselves to live our best life”
“Live your life on purpose and set positive trends to create your chosen future”
“In a growing economy, capital (money) follows skills - up-skill yourself and your team so that capital follows you”
These are some of the key sentiments from the Ignite Alumni event we held on Friday
It was so exciting to bring together over 150 Ignite Course graduates and guests to meet each other, discuss opportunities and share the hugely positive energy with like minded, motivated, amazing people
Thank you to everyone who attended and we wish you focus, courage and determination as you build your life, your business and your career on your journey to success.
Thanks to our incredible team who work tirelessly to change lives and make a positive impact.
To develop the skills to create a happy life and a successful business check out our Ignite Courses at


You can’t be both, or can you? Which type of reader are you?


Quick Quiz, which one are you?
1. Workers keep things going, Leaders make change
2. Workers make excuses, Leaders take responsibility
3. Workers accept the status quo, Leaders make change
4. Workers wait for someone to tell them what to do, Leaders are proactive
5. Workers are busy, Leaders deliver results.


Here’s to another positive review. Have you attended a course at Sabre? Share your success story and we will share it on our story. Go ahead and share your story it will inspire someone reading the comments.


Find these books today – on youtube, on amazon, at the flea market, from a friend, on google – You never have to be the same again after today.


Water for the mind and body is what oil is to an engine. Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day helps to:
1 Sharpen your focus so you can do what needs to be done
2 Boost your Energy so you can perform like a champion
3. Cleanse our system to make us healthier so we can be happier and more productive

Sabre Business World

Sabre Business World is a training company that specialises in 21st Century Success through the delivery of practical and high impact programmes.

The Sabre Business World Conference Centre situated at 146 Enterprise Road is a conveniently located urban retreat that is a purpose built, modern venue for hire for Conferencing, Corporate Function, Trainings and Meetings.

We work with businesses and individuals to streamline strategies, maximise human performance, boost profitability and bring balance and entrepreneurial thinking to organisations.

Our programmes cover business management, goal setting, time management, leadership mindset, teamwork, finance, strategy, HR, Customer Service and much more.

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Return on time invested... ⏳💰📈
Win the morning- win the day!



Sabre Business World is a training company that specialises in 21st Century Success through the delivery of practical and high impact programmes.

The Sabre Business World Conference Centre situated at 146 Enterprise Road is a conveniently located urban retreat that is a purpose built, modern venue for hire for Conferencing, Corporate Function, Trainings and Meetings.

The company works with businesses and individuals to streamline strategies, maximise human performance, boost profitability and bring balance and entrepreneurial thinking to organisations.

Our programmes cover business management, goal setting, time management, leadership mindset, teamwork, finance, strategy, HR, Customer Service and much more.



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