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Building the future, through dreams. Funga Holdings is a Consulting Agency established to aid in the development of the Zimbabwean Economy through assisting players mainly Start Ups and SMEs in this poorly performing economic environment.

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Due to the fact that we have failed to rebrand to Funga Holdings as we have been denied access to do so, we strongly encourage you to like our new page Funga Holdings,,, any inconvenience caused is sincerely regreted.


Funga Holdings uses Blue and Red for most of its designs, Blue for proffessionalism and Red for Impact.

Funga is a native Shona name which means Think in the English language.

Our Logo
The F inside the African map represence the company brand name Funga. The African map represence the origin of Funga. The circle which covers the African map represence the world as a whole, therefore giving the meaning that Funga aims to become a global competitor in its service provision field. The broken line at the beginning of the circle represence how the world of marketing is broken now and the problem we want to solve, the line becomes bold towards the end representing the stability and a level of proffessionalism we want the marketing world to be globally. Last but not least, the arrow represence the world rising to a new level of marketing through Funga Holdings.


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The Management and Board of Corporate Future wishes to announce that the company is re-branding to FUNGA HOLDINGS. This development comes after the Management and Board of the company went into progressive deliberations about the issue and finally came to agreement that the move is necessary for the future orientation of the company.

The company will begin the re-branding process with immediate effect that means there will be many changes in the company's details and some strategies, ie. Name, logo, email addresses, social networking platforms, market strategy and plan, amongst many others as will be highlighted in due course.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused as we sincerely regret.


Please tell us what you think about our new Company Logo and Name,,,


Corporate Companies are misunderstanding the role that PROMOTIONS play in marketing of their products and services.

Dont just advertise for the sake of it or lower prices because someone in your industry has done without knowing WHY.

MONITOR AND EVALUATE each promotion you conduct and find if it is bringing you the intended results you want...


Do you know what is COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE? Do you know what your products' COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE? Do you wish to discover your products'COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE...

If you do, get in touch with us today and we will help you to get ahead of your competitors by having a MASSIVE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in any given field of business...

Inbox us now here on FACEBOOK,
email [email protected]
Or whatsapp, call or text +263771683561


Check out Vested Interest Zimbabwe: Robotics, and you'll get an introduction to the technological world of Zimbabwe. Today...


The greatest danger for your product and/or service is the fact that it can never be too perfect for everyone. In order for you to ensure that you know exactly what your customers want to buy from you; you should be able to engage vast networks so as to get endless customer’s feedbacks every time. Customers’ feedback will help you in knowing what your customers think about your products/services; and this information enables you to pay special attention to the areas of need in time, every time.

Nokia believed their product was too perfect for the target customers but when Apple showed up Nokia became a thing of the past.

Relevance is very important in product manufacturing and development. However, the most important relevance is the one that we get from our current customers and our prospects. There creating unlimited communication and exchanging of information.

Keep the conversation open and endless all the time. Contact us today and we can help you with unique ways to get valuable customer feedback from your customers and prospects. Send us a message today and get help. Alternatively email us on [email protected] or 0771683561.


Your greatest competitor in your industry is your target customer. Because you started your organization to meet their needs and wants, therefore every invention(product/service development) should be customer driven. Do not be mistaken by focusing much of your resources racing with other companies offering the same products/services as yours; as your primary competition.

Get to know about your customers/competitors; where they are, what they are doing, what products/services are they using in place of yours, what it is they like about you and that they do not want?

For more on how to go about this inbox us here and we will be ready to help. Alternatively you can call/text us on +263771683561 or email us on [email protected]


The General, who prepares best before any battle, will surely become victorious at the end of the war. Your business is the battle; your market is your battlefield. Why take your business for granted by going into the battlefield unprepared.

Get professional help in the Strategic Planning of your battle. Let us help you with researching, writing and implementation of those outstanding plans; We do business plans, marketing and advertising plans, defining the needed marketing strategy and many more. THE GENERAL WHO PREPARES BEST WILL WIN AT THE END…


Take advantage of the ongoing promotion by Entrepreneurs Association of Zimbabwe. The Organization is writing 50 Business Plan for the first 50women. Please share this message to all women who may be interested;and they can get all hold of Richard Fani on 0771683561 or email [email protected] or direct to the Association Page @eazimbo or email [email protected]


Follow Corporate Future today get an introduction to the modern world of Marketing, Advertising and Branding. Contact CF for more information. 25/03/2018

How relationship marketing can change the perception of customers How relationship marketing can change the perception of customers By Richard Fani When I was in High School doing my A-Level studies our Divinity 16/03/2018

Why most companies are failing in Zimbabwe.

Follow the article and get to understand why companies are failing in Zimbabwe. Why most companies are failing in Zimbabwe. How you can avoid business failure. By Richard Fani Why are most companies failing in Zimbabwe? There are 06/03/2018

Three Things That As An Entrepreneur You Should Know About Your Market

What you should look out for before investing into any business. By now I believe most people who undertake new businesses have had several encounters with helpful articles, NEWS letters, blogs, books among many


3 Things that as an entrepreneur you should know about your market.
1) You market is looking for something that will solve their problems.
2) Your market is looking for the best quality product/service.
3) Your market needs to be continuously reminded of the existing products/services.

Full article coming soon. Share this article with friends, colleagues, invite them to like our page. THANK YOU...


3 key things that as an entrepreneur you should know about your market. Full article coming soon... Share our page with friends, family and collegues. THANK YOU!


If you take time to understand your market, you will know how to handle them.


So you have identified your market.

Is it the HONEST TRUTH that your product/service will address the problem(s) faced by that market?


To understand the economic setting of these African countries, it is important to appreciate our colonial economic history. And in the process we will understand why our economies are failing to deliver the much sought after results. #BuildDreams #BuildAfrica


So you want to start a business?

Perhaps the first, and perhaps the most important, thing to do is DEFINE YOUR TARGET MARKET.


How to advertise your goods/services.

Research more about your targeted audience. Find out what they may be doing at a certain time, their area of activeness, will they be on social media during the day or maybe they will be on the road driving to or from work.

Having this knowledge allows you to specifically target a certain audience and can bring you results you would never have expected.

CORPORATE FUTURE building the future, through dreams


Every choice that we make when we choose the type of goods/services to buy/use have been influenced directly or indirectly by the forces of MARKETING.

When selling your products remember that your sales may rise than what they are now if you employ the secret ingredient called Marketing.

CORPORATE FUTURE building the future, through dreams.


#HIFA2017 dates adjusted to coincide with last week of Zim school holidays. #HIFA2017 will run from 2 May to 7 May.



the First Television set in its inception. fast foward to the 21st century and take note of the changes.



So you have that business idea that you know will take you to greater heights in these trying times. Do not hesitate to connect with us at [email protected].

Our duty is to make sure that ideas, including yours, are converted into tangible results. We believe that ideas are worthless if they are not followed up with action.

Make the right choice and partner with us as we are giving you an exciting 6(Six) months of free service ,valid upto 30 june 2017, to make sure your dream is realised.

We shall be commited to;
-generating a business plan for your idea
-advising on different means of financing your new business
-conducting a market research for your product/service
-marketing and advertising your products/service.

It is also our duty to make sure that your business is formalised. Hence we shall assist you in;
- company registration
- creating a company brand
- company profiling
- tax clearance



CORPORATE FUTURE wishes you a productive 2017. In this year CORPORATE FUTURE brings you various opportunities to grow your business through innovative ideas. Please take note that at CORPORATE FUTURE we will be offering our online platforms for free for all sorts of advertisements, take this opportunity to get your product known out there by a potential customer.

To participate simply email us your advertisement to [email protected]


Follow us on Twitter and Instagram... simply search Corporate Future


Corporate Future 07/12/2016

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Corporate Future provides your business with the right modes of advertisements. We provide both competative and informative advertisements. Our aim is to create and preserve continuous communication between your business and your current and potential customers. We connect you with your targeted audience East to West and North to South of Zimbabwe.

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advertising tips: Simple tips to make sure that your business´s advertising is as effective as possible.


Merch Insider

Amazon's new revolutionary platform handles the production, promotion and selling for you at no cost! Your ideas is all they need!


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