Jibilika Festival

Jibilika Festival


Yahya Goodvibes real name Mitchel Mutongwizo is a Zimbabwean
media personality.Yahya GoodVibes was born in Harare .Yahya GoodVibes was born in 1998.

Her first appearance was on ZBC News Online in
2015 on @YGT , (the Young, The Gifted and Talented). She also
appeared on ZBC in 2016 on the show Urban Pulse which was about
youth development.

Besides being a broadcaster, Yahya is a brand ambassador, social
media influencer and public relations officer. In 2018, she hosted
more than ten events including the Big Turn Up, Jibilika Festival ,
Fashion Hub, earGROUND Concert, Chitungwiza Music and Lifestyle
Awards and The Glam Awards. Yahya GoodVibes was selected as a
youth representative for Southern Africa Magazine Umunhle and also
qualified for the Top Radio Presenter Masterclass 2020.

She won Changamire Awards Best Co-Host 2019. She was
nominated at the Glam awards for the Best Youth TV Personality and
also at the Teenage Awards as the Best Presenter.
If you are interested to be part of program.App me 0777906913

[ Today we speak to a veteran in the industry FungieChana ]

Q :: I can safely say you are one of the veterans of the industry and you have greatly shaped the dance industry. What changes have you seen from your early days till to date ?

A :: munity is that there is better talent than before The Dance community has grown and if you are clever you are able to strategize on which style of dance you want to venture into search for an expert in that certain dance e.g FungieChana to learn from and go learn them you don't have to go on YouTube to learn or use dvds like we used to do it back then.

Q :: Gone are the days when we used to see dancers from across the country coming to dance competitions and festivals. Does this mean we are giving up on dance ?? What's your take ??

A :: I would not say gone are the days when other dances from other cities would come to Harare for dance competition, because last year on June 12 2019 Break Nation dance crew won the inaugural ZLG Afro joy dance competition and in 2nd place we had the great Supergeeks DanceZw From BYO. In that same year Jibilika Festival hosted Battle Rivalskool dance competition Tanaka Nicole from BreakNation won & dancers from Gweru came and participated the previous year before that Rayaaz Mushina From Gweru had won that same dance competition here in Harare.
We need more Dance events & more dancers from other cities to take part in dance events in and outside of Harare. That's what we need to say.

Q :: You have a unique style of dance which is mostly practiced in France can we say you draw your influence from France ??

A :: Thank you for the compliment.

The styles that I do are not only dominated in France but all over Europe,Asia,Africa and America
France is a power house in the Hiphop dance scene.
In my career the first major big dance competition I took part in with Inmates dance crew was organized by the Alliance's de France's Harare in 2007 Hip-hop Night dance competition.
HipHop Night competition gave me & Inmates Dance crew a big boost till this day I think that is the best dance competition ever to be done in Zimbabwe period.
For those who don't know. Inmates dance crew were the Inaugural Winners for The first ever Jibilika dance festival HipHop section that was held at 7arts theater Avondale Harare on the 17th of November 2007
Inmates crew Members at that time were the following:
Fungie Chana -Mr Grillz Carter
Blessing Fire -Christyle
Adrian Zinasi -Professor
John Cole - bboy JohnnyBoy
Basil Chirengendure - Dragon
Leroy Moses -bboy rock steady
Francis Fire -Sly
Mullin krienke
Anesu Gome - Expensive
I am highly influenced by a lot of dancers from around the world and from France i have a good relationship with a few french dancers

Q :: From the 2000s until maybe around 2014 we had so many crew. Now we have more solos. What lead to the down of the crews. ?

A :: The problem and reason why we don't have a lot of crews and solos is in 2 parts

1. Dance competition organizers would not pay the winning crew the cash prizes. This problem did not affect crews only but also solo dancers experienced it. Lake of true real dance competition with trust worthy organizers.

2. In all dance crews the aspect of leadership becomes a problem Not having one vision kills crews. Money issues kills crews.

Q :: Zimbabwe has been dancing for as long as any other country. Why can't we compete in other big competitions out there ?

A :: We can compete but these are reasons why we haven't done so
Lake of planning
Lake of seriousness
Lake of information
Lake of support
Lake of funds
We are not that hungry as we were 12 years ago

Q :: You have mentored a lot of young dancers some are already making a name for themselves. Can you give us a few names ?

A :: Malcom Chirove Professionally known as Malowizy you can look him up on Instagram @Malo_wizy
Liessel Sandram professionally known as Liessel SlimWeng Sandram look him up on Instagram @slim_weng
Sean Ace dj @aceforever

Q :: We have the likes of Roki, Takudzwa Madaka, and many others who are out there uplifting Zimbabwe. What can dance promoters do in uplifting more of these youngsters ?

A :: TK&Roki before they moved out of Zimbabwe you could see the hunger and the passion they kept on going. Promoters & Dance teachers Encourage the dancers not to cut corners. Dance promoters do not pay dancers what they are supposed to get. Dancers listen and learn don't be those who say "I know it all", when you don't.
Learn & practice

Q :: Any projects coming in the near future ??

Yes future projects are coming. You will know in due time.

Q :: Do you see yourself retiring from dance and venturing into something else or this is it for you ??

A :: I do not see myself retiring. I am going to venture into other things but dance I will not stop 🛑 2060 ndenge ndichiripo.
Hello am Mr Farai Meki from National Dance Association of Zimbabwe .We are looking forward to work with you

Q :: Who is Panashe Gabi ?

Panashe is a 23 year old young man Who is greatly vested in dance. A very humble and hard working guy who is open to work with anyone.

Q :: What is dance to you ?

Dance it's a lot to me. Dance is like everything to me. Dance is who I am. Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to be a dancer. Dance is life.

Q :: You have been dancing for many years now. Do you think dancers are getting the opportunity they should be getting ?

I think some of the dancers are not getting opportunities especially from my hood. There are a lot of solo dancers and as well as crews. They can not afford to participate in some of the competitions because of lack of funds. Funds to even get their uniforms on point or to move about. Even the registration fee is a challenge so getting to these platforms is a challenge. I hope that these promoters would look beyond that. Chitungwiza is reach with Talent.

Q :: What genre of dance are you in to ?

Well the genre I'm in to for now, to be exact I used to a Krump dancer but now I'm now an all rounder dancehall, hip hop, Afro, housing, Krupp. I think I'm a urban dancer but krump is at heart.

Q :: Besides dancing how else do you make your money ?

Besides Dance I'm also doing a poultry project and well as running small tuck shop and I can say its going well. Also just buying and selling you know how these streets work haha 😂.

Q :: Lets talk about the year 2017 when you made the headlines. You won the first edition of Jibilika Festival Battle Rivalskool . How did You feel ?

I felt great. The feeling was overwhelming I couldn't believe. I did not realize the magnitude then it hit the papers. Just seeing my face in the news papers it was an awesome feeling. I felt that I have made it.

Q :: When you got to France 🇫🇷. That must have been overwhelming. Looking at the dance scene in France what can we learn as dancers in Zimbabwe ?

Well I learnt a lot. I saw a lot that moved me. As a dancer you should give more time to your dreams give more time to your talent. You might have talent but you have to exercise your talent so you can boost yourself. You also have to research if you are a battle dancer you have to know what goes down. You have to research and know about the music. You have to know technicality and as well as musicality. Also and being humble.

Q :: What are some of your achievements ?

Some of my achievements in dance, I have been on big platforms like Miss World Zimbabwe , Miss Tourism Zimbabwe . I have also worked with different artists like Takura Life and Killer T just to name a few.

What gives you inspiration to dance ?

Well I'm greatly inspired by other dancers and my parents inspired me a lot. My parents used to be dancers way back. Way back when my father gets home from work he would take off his suit and gets into rehearsal gear.

Who are some of the people you respect in the Industry right now ?

I respect a lot of people in our industry but one man who stands out for me is Plot Mhako. Not a lot of individual do what he does. He is the only one right now I know who is trying by all means to uplift Zimbabwean dance especially hip hop. Not many stages notify hip hop like what jibilika does. Massive is also someone I look up to. Also I respect Adam Kudzie who always tell things as they are and try by all means to lead me on a good path. Also one man to never forget is Blessing Bboychristyles Bfire , a man who taught me a lot. When I went to France he is the one who I went with and I learnt a lot form him.

Q :: How do you balance work and dance ?

For me it's not that complicated because everything to me is timed. Dance is first so if there is a rehearsal I am to attend I will attend.

Q :: Any social media handles ?

Facebook it's Panashe Gabi and as for Instagram it's Gabi Panashe

#YouthCulture #YouthImpact #StayCreative #StayHomeStaySafe

Morset Billie is a creative enterprise consultant who also writes and performs poetry. He holds a bachelor's in International Marketing with 5 years of experience in brand development and events management within the arts and culture sector.

Morset is the Events Director for Page Poetry Alive. He has also had the privilege to work with notable players in Zimbabwe's cultural sector. Examples include the British Council Zimbabwe, LitFest Harare, Intwasa ARTS Festival koBULAWAYO , Jibilika Festival, Patsime Trust, Music Crossroads Academy Zimbabwe, and @Arts Hub Zw. Beyond Zimbabwe, he has worked with Tumaini Festival (Malawi), Nafasi Art Space (Tanzania), Soma Book Cafe (Tanzania) and @Vrystaat Festival (South Africa).
Morset has performed in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania. He has showcased at poetry slams, exhibition opening events, festivals and conferences. His work has been featured in magazines and newspapers.

By providing creative enterprise solutions, Morset aims at developing art brands for the overall growth of the arts and culture sector.

Q :: Tell us about Page Poetry Alive

Founded in March 2017, Page Poetry Alive (PPA) is a Harare based literary and performance art collective which aims to develop communities through dialogue and expression. PPA does poetry reading sessions, book drive campaigns, book launch hosting, skills development programs for literary artists and art exchange programs involving creatives from different backgrounds and art disciplines.

Q :: you are the Founding Partner of Page Poetry Alive, how have you been helping out poets.?

PPA has a residency program where poets are incubated while getting access to various platforms. Besides those, PPA has done master class sessions and exchange programs for the development of artists through sharing and collaborating. Since the first page poetry reading session in March 2017, PPA has hosted many artists from various art disciplines through its programming.

Q :: You have been in the industry for a while now. How have you managed to monetize your craft. ?

Well there is a lot that a poet can make money from. You just need to do a proper research. Doing paid performances for different occassions. Weddings, parties, art events, etc For live or virtual audiences. Participating in writing competitions. Mostly found online. Doing scriptwriting jobs for film makers. Creating high traffic blogs. Offering translation jobs if fluent in more than one language. Doing eBooks using platforms like Kindle. Offering customized poems on platforms like Fiver. Selling poems for special occasions like Mothers Day, Weddings, birthdays, etc. Participating in poetry slams.

Q :: You have mentored some poets. Can you give us a few names

Kudakwashe Rice , Lennox Makurumidze (The Unspoken) and @Yanta limey

Q :: Do you see the graph in the arts industry going up or going down?

Just like any other country, Zimbabwean arts industry has been and is still being affected a lot by the current Covid-19 situation. But the future lies in creative thinking and consistency. Collaboration between sectors and finding ways of monetizing online work are the key areas to consider at this point. In as much as our current environment is not really supportive of online business, we have to find means to take care of that challenge. I see great potential for growth.

How can people get hold of you?

E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: ‪
+263774852422‬ | ‪+263735574886‬
LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: Morset Billie
Instagram: morset_the_poet

#YouthCulture #YouthImpact #EaseUp #StayCreative #StayHomeStaySafe

Zimbabwe's premier annual festival of youth culture. The festival celebrates Hip Hop and different elements of youth culture focused on social impact

The Jibilika Dance Festival is Zimbabwe's premier annual youth dance festival.It was established in 2007. The festival selects 10 groups from each of the country’s 10 provinces to take part in the national finals. The thrust of the event is to stimulate dance as a means to empower, build capacity and develop talent while entertaining. The event also encourages various dance cultures with the thrus


Lets do this again! It's been long

FRENCH Opportunity for Zimbabwean artists : 10th Ultimate Battle Rivalskool 23/08/2021

FRENCH Opportunity for Zimbabwean artists : 10th Ultimate Battle Rivalskool

For this year 2021, we are launching a call for participation to all dancers, singers and musicians from Zimbabwe who wish to participate in the tenth anniversary edition of BATTLE RIVALSKOOL which will take place on 9 and 10 October 2021 in Paris.


FRENCH Opportunity for Zimbabwean artists : 10th Ultimate Battle Rivalskool For this year 2021, we are launching a call for participation to all dancers, singers and musicians from Zimbabwe who wish to participate in the tenth anniversary edition of Rivalskool, which will …


Performances _ The Day of The African Child 2021

CHIPAWO in Partnership with SayWhat / Jibilika Dance Trust / Elysium Magna /
The Jesus Project / The Gifted Steppers (Nigeria)
African Committee of Experts on the rights and welfare of the child have launched Africa’s Agenda for children 2040 , fostering an Africa fit for children with 10 aspirations

Zimbabwe children and you young people join the rest of African in celebrating 16 June The Day of the African Child.

MUSIC CREDIT : Victor Kunonga _ Maidarirei / Micheal Jackson _ They don't care about us.
Theatre In the Park Harare


Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Initiative 2021 hosted in partnership with JIBILIKA presents // DANCING THROUGH THE PANDEMIC -“Resilience & Opportunities” _ On Thursday 27 May // 2pm CAT



news.sky.com 07/12/2020

Olympics 2024: Breakdancing confirmed as new sport for Paris games

BREAKDANCE CONFIRMED FOR 2024 OLYMPICS _ https://news.sky.com/story/breakdancing-confirmed-as-olympic-sport-for-2024-paris-games-12154546?fbclid=IwAR3oM1nq0n3USqaAQL8gFvgZZ1JEdm0SxMsXMfXcwpxVNKcegigrZl7Wtv0

news.sky.com Skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing will debut at the delayed games in Tokyo next year.


SOCIAL INNOVATION + IMPACT _ JIBILIKA a Zimbabwean organisation promoting various elements of youth culture to impact the youth and communities for 14 years.

SOCIAL INNOVATION + IMPACT _ JIBILIKA a Zimbabwean organisation promoting various elements of youth culture to impact the youth and communities for 14 years.


It is saddening that we have received the news of the passing of one of the best hip hop artist and producer in the country. Cal-Vin who was a great friend of JIBILIKA. He took part in several projects such as the Jibilika Festival and the Step up 2 HIV campaign. His love for hip hop and desire to see a just society and progress for the youth will forever be remembered and celebrated. From us at JIBIKIKA we wish his family and friends strength and comfort in this time of bereavement. May his soul rest in peace


SCARA _ Tha Last Dance + Drum Beat . A JIBILIKA Tribute. Fare the well champ! Here are some memories she shared with Delroy Maripakwenda

SCARA _ Tha Last Dance + Drum Beat . A JIBILIKA Tribute. Fare the well champ! Here are some memories she shared with Delroy Maripakwenda


SADDEST NEWS] Delroy Scara Maripakwenda has died. This is extremely sad. We have known and worked with Delroy for so many years since he was a very young boy. We travelled, we performed, we trained, we laughed. Always jovial, always kind, always respectful, always willing to help, always smiling. One creative genius, multi-talented, innovative and hard working artist. This is not only a loss for his family but the whole nation has been robbed of a creative whose impact and potential was life changing and not fully realized. Rest in peace Delroy Scara Maripakwenda.


reWIND«« 5 Years ago _ JIBILIKA FESTIVAL _ Rap Cypher _ BYO Theatre//

reWIND«« 5 Years ago _ JIBILIKA FESTIVAL _ Rap Cypher _ BYO Theatre//


WordNest Rhyme Session _ Virtual LockDown Performance #1 _ featuring three artists // Juan a singer, Merlvin a Rapper and Kuda Rice a Poet. #Jibilika

WordNest Rhyme Session _ Virtual LockDown Performance #1 _ featuring three artists // Juan a singer, Merlvin a Rapper and Kuda Rice a Poet.


Throwback] 3 years ago _ Jibilika Festival _ in HARARE __ on this date


Throwback] 5 years ago _ Jibilika Festival _ in Bulawayo __ on this date


THROWBACK] 3 Years ago _ 10th Jibilika Festival


August 12 is International Youth Day and the theme is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. The theme seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.


JOHN COLE _ Live _ Multi-award winning Choreographer / Dancer / Recording artist speaks to Plot Mhako on earGROUND.

JOHN COLE _ Live _ Multi-award winning Choreographer / Dancer / Recording artist speaks to Plot Mhako on earGROUND.


Don't miss out.

Phenomenal Lighting and power Solutions in partnership with Jibilika host Patrick Woodroffe a lighting Guru .. Join us register through 0774153441 to be part of the conversation on 2August 2020 zoom meeting


[ M A S K E D ] casting call closes this Friday. Go and comment on your favorite.


LIVE [ Dancer / DJ / Actor / Model ] Seace Ace / Dj ACE FRVR interview on earGROUND with Plot Mhako.

LIVE [ Dancer / DJ / Actor / Model ] Seace Ace / Dj ACE FRVR interview on earGROUND with Plot Mhako.


LIVE _ NONI [ Dancer | Choreographer | Community ] Plot Mhako speaks to Nyasha Catherine Madzinga a leading dancer and creative who has championed the inclusion of girls and women in dance for over a decade. A project coordinator with JIBILIKA and al

LIVE _ NONI [ Dancer | Choreographer | Community ] Plot Mhako speaks to Nyasha Catherine Madzinga a leading dancer and creative who has championed the inclusion of girls and women in dance for over a decade. A project coordinator with JIBILIKA and also a lead choreographer and dancer at JAH PRAYZAH's 3rd Generation Band.


M A S K E D Freestyle Dance Battle is in a few weeks. If you have what it takes to host the TV Show or be a DJ do write to us. [email protected]


[ Magesh Tornadoes Arts 🎭 ]

Throwback ] 2007

[ Magesh Tornadoes Arts 🎭 ]
Dance outfit Magesh stormed to victory. Magesh presented their superb choreographed pieces that resembled their trademark, clean, precise and stunning styles. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Magesh said they were happy with the victory as it means a lot to them.

“This is our dream come true, being winners for the third time. Dancing is a career that needs to be taken seriously as it will also sustain livelihoods. I thank Jibilika for the exposure they are giving to the youths as it is promoting our culture. Dance is a tool that can be used to communicate,” said Magesh crew.

Plot Mhako, Jibilika founder, said he was happy with the huge turnout at the festival.

“Dance is a culture and I am happy with how Zimbabweans are coping and accepting that it is a career.

The Herald-Zimbabwe






[ Rayaaz Mushina ]

A lot of people call you Rayaaz Mushina

" My real name is Rayaaz Nanhanga. Rayaaz is from Gweru Zimbabwe aged 25 started dancing at the age of 9 "

You have your own sophisticated technique. Who was your most influential teacher and why?

" I ddnt really have a teacher but ther are people who have helped me grow and inspired me I'd say Dray one of the guys I grew dancing with has taught me how to be original in whatever you do. "

Looking at our industry, do you think our industry is on the right track or we are going backwards.

"The industry is on the right track at times it may seem as if we are going backwards but I'd like to think we are moving forward but at a very slow pace."

Some dancers have been putting up the word exposure. Do we have stages in Zimbabwe that uplift dance from the roots. Are these promoters doing enough ?

"Yes we do have stages that are allowing dancers to do the most and be uplifted,promoters may face challenges in trying to relate on what exactly is required in making it a total success as some of them donot have dance experience or expertise but some are doing their level best which brings motivation and encouragement. "

Lets talk about Jibilika Festival BATTLE RIVALSKOOL. How did you feel after winning the second edition in 2018

"I was so overwhelmed and excited after winning rivalskool I had entered the competition not aiming to win but to learn and showcase what I had to when I won it was one of the most amazing moments in my life."

2019 you made it through to the finals and it was a very tough Battle throughout. It must have been overwhelming with pressure? Did you see any developments from the previous edition in terms of dancers performance

"2019 the pressure was real and yes alot of dancers showed great improvement and growth this was so inspiring to see as dancers brought something fresh and the energy was such amazing "

Every industry has its own demands. What are some of the demands of being a dancer

"As a dancer some of the demands are discipline,dedication and passion are basic principles and demands that are needed for you to achieve,succeed and grow in the industry "

Gweru is very reach with talent and culture. Are we fully exploring our abilities

" We are not fully exploring our abilities and reaching full potential in Expressing sharing and exchanging the culture and talent that is there as Bulawayo is the hub of arts in Zimbabwe our stories should also center around that talent and culture."

Voltage Crew Reloaded. Who is part of this crew and how did it come about

"Voltage dance crew is made up of 3 dancers namely Darrel, Dray and Rayaaz the crew was founded in 2012 by Rayaaz as we represent our city Gweru we entertain perform and compete."

What are some of your achievements

"Some of my achievements are representing Zimbabwe at the battlerivalskool competition in France and winning the 2019 wakeup session 1vs1 battles 2 categories afro and hip hop."

Besides dancing how else do you make a leaving

"I am a part time fitness instructor."

Thank You very much Rayaaz for being on the today. How can people get in touch with you for collaborations or anything

"You welcome and thank you very much. You can get in touch with me on [email protected] or social media platforms Instagram mushina_dancer and Facebook Rayaaz Mushina "

zimbojam.com 15/06/2020

Dancers finally get masked & can now come out to play - Zimbo Jam

MASKED DANCE BATTLE in the Zimbojam today.

zimbojam.com The law is clear ladies and gentlemen, if you are found with no mask in public you will be arrested and fined a cool $500. As things stand it appears only the musicians, a few filmmakers as well theatre practitioners could afford to buy masks or were innovative enough to make some at home. For...Rea...


Ladies & Gentlemen _announcing [ MASKED _ Freestyle Dance Battle ] a TV all styles dance battle seeking to unearth hidden gems in dance. A groundbreaking project starting at a time we are faced with a global health pandemic. If dance moves, we keep on moving!
This July! More information on registration, participation, prizes, viewing platforms etc coming soon.
[a JIBILIKA project] _ Award winning youth culture organisation. www.jibilika.org.zw


Supergeeks DanceZw

Meet a very vibrant youthful dance crew that is making impact in its community. [ Supergeeks DanceZw ]

Q :: "Who are Super Geeks & the name, "Super Geeks?"

"Supergeeks is a multi award winning dance crew which has some of the best dancers Zim has ever seen. It is made up of of 11 members. Namely Nigel Bee Reign, @David Cooper, Nkosi Tyler Phiril, @Pasha mpala, Bright Monga Dlamini, Midiah Tätéñdå Mavawani, Prince Chibansha, David Matanga, @Emmanuel Dove, @Mwezi Mwezi and Neville.

Why the name SuperGeeks ?
From the dictionary a geek is someone who is intensely interested in a particular field or hobby and likewise we are intensely interested and strongly involved in dance which makes us geeks in our own right. The word “Super” came from a super hero perspective were each super hero has his or her unique super power that define them and in that context every individual in the crew has his or her strengths in dance which makes them unique. Thus the two words combined makes *“SuperGeeks”*

Q :: The crew's aims & objectives.
Aims ?

To be one of the most influential dance crew both on local and international ground. We want our name to be mentioned every time the word dance is mentioned
To develop artistic, entertaining and strong works, that are giving and inclusive to our audiences.
To seamlessly fuse amapiano, afro and hip hop to create a whole new way of dancing that tells a story and at the same time entertaining
We always aim at being the best in everything that we do and impacting the community in a positive way

To firmly introduce people to the new way of dancing which is not only limited to the old traditional way of dancing but the diverse and creative way which fuses dance styles like hip hop, afro, traditional, amapiano, krump, Contemporary and Pansula.
To establish our way of dancing within the arts industry.
Preserving and promoting our African/Zimbabwean dance heritage in a modern context.
Utilise dance as a creative tool of learning and development within our communities in order to give people the opportunity to realise their creative potential , so as to improve their social, personal and prospects in life.

Q :: When did your choreography career begin & how did the crew come together?

The crew came together in 2014 were we started off as solo dancers who came together to share something they had in common. We performed, battled and competed but we were not strong or entertaining enough then as time progressed we discovered that there is power in choreography and that kick start our choreography career and thus we started winning more competitions, awards, travelling and performing at bigger stages

Q :: How different are the Super Geeks from other dance crews?

The brotherly-sisterly love and respect we have for each other. Each member’s opinions are not deemed invaluable and everyone is treated equally. Thus we don’t have a leader because we believe each individual is a leader in his/her own. We share a common goal and vision therefore it makes it quite more feasible to work together and the intellectual and mental capability to face and resolve problems that seem complex.

Q :: Which major competitions has the crew been involved in & any accolades so far?

*Competitions:* DreamStar Zimbabwe, Jibilika Festival, Chibuku Zimbabwe dance festival , @Belivers Boppers Battlesdance, Global Dance Supreme in South Africa
Two times best hip hop dance crew in Zimbabwe [ @ZimHipHop Awards ] (2016&2017)
Got nominated at Bulawayo Arts Awards (2019)

Q :: What's your perception on Zimbabwe or particularly Byo's choreography industry?

I’ll divide the choreography industry into two. There is the cultural/traditional way of choreography and the hip hop/Morden way of choreography. The cultural/traditional way seems to be making it and has more respect and support in Bulawayo mostly because the generation before paved a good way for them whereas it’s not the same with the hiphop/modern way of dancing. As supergeeks we believe it is our duty to change this perception and I know we will. Looking at where we were when we began I am optimistic things will get better for the industry.

Q :: Any features in music videos?

Yes we have featured on several videos. Which include
Sandra Ndebele
Jah Prayzah- Follow Me
Asaph - like so
Tha New Guy
Mimie - Ngikhetha Wena

Q :: Future projections.?

Working on having our own studio. Working on venturing into entrepreneurship (clothing, videography, Software Development etc). Working on further branding our crew and representing dance. Also Working on hosting our own dance competitions and shows

Q :: How do you balance your practice sessions & school/work?

The answer to this question is *PRIORITIES*. If you know what you want you will create time for it and make it work.

Q :: Any last words to upcomin' dance crews, Campus Moments readers & eMKlass Speaks! Anythin' Goes tv viewers & eMKlass' SoundCloud listeners?

Yeah! Persistence and endurance is key. If you love something fight for it don’t let anyone tell you how to define your own life. Set your goals and make sure you see them through, it won’t be easy but one day you’ll look back and be proud.
To upcoming dancers and dance crews work hard, be humble, don’t let the hunger to learn die. We are willing to share what we have learnt throughout the years to anyone and we are also willing to learn from you. GET IN TOUCH and lets dance!!
To anyone reading this and has a desire to learn how to dance either for fitness or to advance their dancing skills feel free to get in touch

Q :: Where can people find you

Twitter: supergeeksdancezw
Instagram: supergeeksdancezw
YouTube: supergeeks dance crew
Facebook: supergeek dance crew

Our Story

The Jibilika Festival is Zimbabwe's premier annual youth dance festival.It was established in 2007. The festival selects 10 groups from each of the country’s 10 provinces to take part in the national finals. The thrust of the event is to stimulate dance as a means to empower, build capacity and develop talent while entertaining.

The event also encourages various dance cultures with the thrust of enhancing cultural appreciation, growth, employment creation and youth engagement. The event incorporates mentorship on various youth-related issues, training and development workshops in various communities, exhibitions and performances. The event is credited for revealing and endorsing a lot of dancers and groups locally and beyond the borders.

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SOCIAL INNOVATION + IMPACT _ JIBILIKA a Zimbabwean organisation promoting various elements of youth culture to impact th...
SCARA _ Tha Last Dance + Drum Beat . A JIBILIKA Tribute. Fare the well champ! Here are some memories she shared with Del...
reWIND«« 5 Years ago _ JIBILIKA FESTIVAL _ Rap Cypher _ BYO Theatre//
LIVE [ Dancer / DJ / Actor / Model ] Seace Ace / Dj ACE FRVR interview on earGROUND with Plot Mhako.
[LIVE]Must Watch_  Former Heart of the RHYTHM _ host and Entertainment kingpin Dj CHUCKNOSIS Live on EARGROUND
Chenesai Mangoma of CONNECTED SAHARA _ speaks to EARGROUND on the Creative Industry #CreativesZWunlocked
CREATIVE INDUSTRY SURVEY + MAPPING Live discussion with Director of Savanna Trust, Daniel Maposa
SA based Skate champ #ChenaiGwandure coming through to JIBILIKA FEST 2018
Snippet// Rehearsal at JIBILIKA ACADEMY // Jibilika Festival preps// 2018
JIBILIKA FESTIVAL report on Chinese Global Television Network #JibilikaFest
Snippet > 10th JibilikaFEST pre-Tour in Dzivarasekwa yesterday. Check out what went down. The dance moves and great youn...



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Harare, 263

Promotion of youth culture for civic engagement and social impact

Kuwadzana Phase 3 Miracle Centre Youth TV Kuwadzana Phase 3 Miracle Centre Youth TV
Harare, +263

Empowering young people to impact and transform communities through the gospel of Christ. The Christ-centred generation. This organisation is under the Apostolic Mission in Zimbabwe.

Youth Opportunities Hub Youth Opportunities Hub
17767 Tredgold Drive, Belvedere
Harare, 00263

Youth Opportunities Hub (YOH) is a Youth Organization with a mission to impact the global youth to attain greater heights, making great Opportunities available and accessible to them.

TACC Zimbabwe Region 2 Youth TACC Zimbabwe Region 2 Youth

Go ye therefore and make all nations disciples.

Global Platform Zimbabwe Global Platform Zimbabwe
No. 26 Divine Road, Milton Park

Network for Youth-led Activism

Youth in Afcfta Youth in Afcfta

Zim Youth Afcfta Connect is a Youth based platform that seeks to enhance the realization and actualization of the African Dream of regionalism, free trade and free movement around the continent

Albinism and Female Harassment at Universities Albinism and Female Harassment at Universities
40 Epping Mt Pleasant

Hello l hope l find you well.As media students we decided to create this page about advocacy to help and teach those who harass women because of the way they dress etc and also focus on albinism how they are being harassed also.

Aagzim Global Aagzim Global
160 ED Mnangagwa Ave

The Affirmative Action Group was formed in 1994 out of frustration by the young black businessmen Hon Dr Philip Chiyangwa and Peter Pamire

UFIC - Youth Camp UFIC - Youth Camp
211 Fife Avenue
Harare, 0000

This is a Camp immersed in a faith-forming environment Founded by Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa in which the songs, games, and activities become part of a theological playground where the youth take in information about God.

Students For Sensible Drug policy Zimbabwe Students For Sensible Drug policy Zimbabwe
Century House East, 38 Nelson Mandela Avenue
Harare, 0000

SSDP is an international grassroots network of Students and Youths who are concerned about the impact drug use has on our communities, but who also know that the war on drugs is failing our generati

The Youth Envoy Magazine The Youth Envoy Magazine
Shop 1 NSSA Sam Nujoma Street Selous Avenue Groundfloor
Harare, 00263

We are a youth organization based in Zimbabwe with a Pan African vision to empower youth economic development . We celebrate Youth Champions for Agenda 2063. We Amplify experiences and discourse about youth that articulate a story of hope and peaceful.

International Global Youth Network International Global Youth Network
2898 Mt Pleasant, Heights
Harare, 00263

IGYN) is a NGO which its main aim is to plan youth programs which was established with the main aim of bringing young people together from all over the world to make this world a better place.