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Trick or treat?👻🏳️‍🌈

M.U.A @zimua_by_shannon
Accesories @zimua_by_shannon
Muse: @blackmajorityofficial
Photography @toraphotography_1
Concept @zimua_by_shannon

#halloween #halloweenmakeup #spookymakeup #halloween2021 #creativemakeup #zimbabwe #see #scary #pride #africanwoman #gorgeous #blacklipstick

Trick or treat?👻🏳️‍🌈

M.U.A @zimua_by_shannon
Accesories @zimua_by_shannon
Muse: @blackmajorityofficial
Photography @toraphotography_1
Concept @zimua_by_shannon

#halloween #halloweenmakeup #spookymakeup #halloween2021 #creativemakeup #zimbabwe #see #scary #pride #africanwoman #gorgeous #blacklipstick


Point of view🤔 #makeup #crazy #view #invertedmakeup #woman #gorgeous #100daysofmakeup #tiktok #zimbabwe #zimmua #zimua


Carnivorous flowers in cartoons be like🤣 Aint feeling well y’all, hurt my leg while doing fire drills so in therapy (makeup studio)🤣 #petal #makeupartist #makeupideas #zimbabwe #zimbabwean #therapy #tiktok #instagood #zimmua #zimua

Carnivorous flowers in cartoons be like🤣 Aint feeling well y’all, hurt my leg while doing fire drills so in therapy (makeup studio)🤣 #petal #makeupartist #makeupideas #zimbabwe #zimbabwean #therapy #tiktok #instagood #zimmua #zimua


Trying out this TikTok irrrem😅🙈. #tiktok #makeup #trending #zimbabwe #zimbabweans #crazy #beauty #love #makeupartist

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 01/03/2021

Hello ZIMUAnation🙋🏽‍♀️ we're really sorry we've been MIA but we believe these 28 looks will make up for lost time... We call this collection THE MONTH OF LOVE 💖💚💛🧡❤️🤎🖤💜💙(Feb 2020)... The looks were inspired by Valentine's day🌹. They represent different kinds of love. We even have Nudes in the mix🤭...

We hope this brings a great end to your February as well as kickstarts your March. If you recreate any of the looks or make your own version do tag us. The 28th look is not on the line it will be on the status💋

#February #Makeup #Zimbabwe #valentines #love #2021 #zimmua #zimua #neonmakeup #inlove #chocolate #lotd #headwrap #doek #glossy #color

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 26/12/2020

🐆Boxing day🥳🎀

Presents presents🤗🤗
What's your present this year? Are you giving yourself any presents? Well, we are🥰😘... All we want for Christmas is growth. Let love, wisdom, territory, skill, network, net worth, and other good things that you are not sure you need yet GROW😊💃🏽💃🏽

Claim it and put in the work💞❣️

So the new me comes in leopard🐆 print wrapping because it's pretty and poweful🥰😜 and a sprinkle of gold✨...😉

Makeup ZIMUA_by_Shannon
Photography Rapture Images

#christmasbox #boxingday #leopard #animalmakeup #leopardprint #glitter #makeup #newme #lotd #extra #eyeart #zimbabwe #zimmua #love #growth #skill #prayer #blessings #christmas2020

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 25/12/2020


We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas....🎊🥳🥳❣️ 🎅🏽HO HO HO 🎄🎄. Presents presents presents. You gotta love this day🥰... Just waking up to a "Merry Christmas" not a good morning just makes you smile even as a text message.

Do enjoy your day and spread the love🥳🥰❣️

Makeup ZIMUA_by_Shannon
Photography Rapture Images

#merrychristmas #hohoho #love #christmasmakeup #beautiful #gingerbreadman #happy #smile #zimmua #zimuabyshannon #makeup #lotd #zimbabwe

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 24/12/2020

It was the night before Christmas...........😱

🎊🥳🎉Christmas is the time when many people around the world spend quality time with their family💞. My favourite part was the Christmas movies🎥 with a cup of hot chocolate☕. Now that I am a mother👩‍👧 I get to pass the stories📚 on and it's awesome🥰🥰

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone😘😘 We wish you a Merry Christmas, don't let the Grinch steal your Christmas😉

Foundation mixing
Photo Credit
Makeup by

#Grinch #Grinchmakeup #christmas #christmaslook #merrychristmas #festive #love #happy #christmasspirit #makeup #cosplay #christmas2020

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 23/12/2020

🧑‍🎄At the end be Merry🎀🧑‍🎄

🎅🏽X-mas season is here and even though we felt like we were having meltdowns😩 through out the year, now we celebrate🥳. This year was full of emotional growth for me, I was intensely happy🤩, sad😞, struggled😖🥺 and a whole lot more but I conquered 🤪😏💃🏽💃🏽... Lessons learnt
-control what you can
-leave what you can't to God
-never give up

So i created this look to show that nomatter what your 2020 was like, it is time to celebrate life and thank God 🎊

Makeup ZIMUA_by_Shannon
Photography Rapture Images

#lotd #christmaslooks #sfx #meltdown #makeup #christmas2020 #love #happiness #MerryChristmas #zimmua #zimuabyshannon

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 20/12/2020

Twins Make Up Part 3

Meet the Bananatwins 🤗
In the festive spirit we bring you these two as a symbol of family and unconditional love. A love that started from conception and is still going. And like every set of twins there is a spokesperson😂 but am just gonna mind my business and not call anyone talkative🤭... They're not just pretty women, they're funny and they work hard. Follow them if you need a laugh🤭😅

Wishing you an awesome and fun-filled festive season.🎊🎀🎉 Stay safe💞❣️

Makeup ZIMUA_by_Shannon
Photography Rapture Images
Models Bananatwins

Next posts 23-26/12/20
Christmas looks😉

#zimuabyshannon #makeup #christmasmakeup #hohoho #zimmua #family #merrychristmas #xmas2020 #twingirls #twinsmakeup #lotd #ootd

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 17/11/2020

Better late than never🤭
21 days of Halloween

Those of you who follow my insta know that I promised to share 21 Halloween looks. I did these because I have always been fascinated by movie characters and this was the pefect opportunity to challenge myself as well as have some fun. I realised that glitter is a REAL pain in the eye🤣🤣 literally. Got super busy and never got to posting them but here we go guys😊😘 I hope you get inspired too💃🏽

#zimmua #makeup #makeupideas #zimuabyshannon #firefightermua

Photos from ZIMUA_by_Shannon's post 24/09/2020

SFX Makeup
❌This is makeup
❌This is makeup
❌This is makeup
❌This is makeup

Horror movie? Action movie? Firefighting movie? 🤔🤔
I made this from scratch with mostly things in the pantry and my dressing table🤭 After the cut off finger I was asked by a lot of people if I could do other parts so I decided to try a leg amputation😊. What do you guys think?

#halloween #zimbabwe #sfx #africanmua
#makeup #gory #halloweenideas #scare #zimmua #zimbabwe #zimuabyshannon #talent #instagood #mood #cosplay


🥺🥺🥺 when hard work keeps paying off.💃🏼💃🏼 There is no great honor than being recognized for all you do. Brands support brands.💯 Little me in a whole magazine?🤭 I am greatly honored to be featured as zimabroad 's person of the week. For the full story visit www.zim-abroad.com

Thank you Rapture Images for the beautiful pictures and the unwavering support. Miss Kim_May_Zw for being an awesome daughter and model😘❤️. Thanks mom for believing in the dream, finally😂🙊. Zim Abroad Magazine add this to those highlights in my career lol

#grateful #milestone

🥺🥺🥺 when hard work keeps paying off.💃🏼💃🏼 There is no great honor than being recognized for all you do. Brands support brands.💯 Little me in a whole magazine?🤭 I am greatly honored to be featured as zimabroad 's person of the week. For the full story visit www.zim-abroad.com

Thank you Rapture Images for the beautiful pictures and the unwavering support. Miss Kim_May_Zw for being an awesome daughter and model😘❤️. Thanks mom for believing in the dream, finally😂🙊. Zim Abroad Magazine add this to those highlights in my career lol

#grateful #milestone



Since I have had Jah Master 's ...Hello Mwari on repeat i was like lemme join the #hellomwarichallenge the only way I can😂😂.

Products used
L.A. Girl Cosmetics pro concealer
NYX Professional Makeup lipstains
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow liner
Sleek MakeUP acid palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills palette
NYX Professional Makeup metallic lipscream
Huda Beauty lashes
NYX Professional Makeup milk pencil
itel Mobile Zimbabwe inspo
ZIMUA_by_Shannon makeup

#inspiredmua #zimartists #zimmua #makeup #cosplayzw
#cosplayza #hellomwari #crazymua #africanmua #art

P.S thinking about using local brands etc for my crazy looks🤔 What do you think? Tag the ones you would like me to use timboona k*t anoita here. Even asiri makeup


2face part 2

Ever felt like there is another person inside you?🤔 The one that has all the ideas and surprises you all the time?🤦🏽‍♀... Sometimes I speak wise words & shock myself lol. 😂😂🙊

#inspiredmua #makeup #illusions #zimbabwe #facebook #lookoftheday #lotd #livelaughlove #zimmua #film #crazylooks #undiscoveredmuas


Feeling emotional


To think that though this is only MAKEUP? There are people out there experiencing this 💔💔 My heart breaks as I look at this and realize the pain in the world🌍. It is not only physical abuse but there is also emotional, psychological abuse etc. Change begins with you and if we all individually HELP these people however we can even with emotional support👥 we would save a lot of life as most cases end in suicide🥺. I know how it feels to prefer death but I had someone who HELPed💓💗

#makeup #stopchildabuse #stopgenderbasedviolence #stopgbv #help #depressionisreal #gory #woundmakeup #protectthechildren


*Boss moves*👩🏽‍💼

Before meeting her I knew her from social media👀. @Hadassah Chaza is a young focused lady whose energy levels are soo high💯. As I was doing her makeup she was telling me about her work ethics & what she has studied as a marketer. I learnt soo much from her💖😊 and as a woman who talks about queens fixing each other's crowns, she walks the talk👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 thank you boo for showing out💫. This is ZIMUA's brand ambassador💋💋...

Follow E2:7 Branding
Model Hadassah Chaza
MUA ZIMUA_by_Shannon
Photography-: Rapture Images

#zimprenuers #bosslady #bossmoves #brandambassador #zimuabyshannon #zimmua #subtlemakeup #naturalmakeuplook #officemakeup #queens #nudemakeuplooks #lipgloss #zimartists


Feeling crazy

The African Avatar Awakening☄️

When I watched Avatar for the first time I wished I was Na'vi🙈. Weird right? She looked so pretty☺... Now with the crazy talent I have I get to be whoever and of course I had to be Avatar Shan😂😂. This is all makeup and I made the ears and styled the hair myself🥰. Let me know what you think in the comments and your favorite sci fi characters. Tag the sci fi fans you know. Would love to know what movies they recomend🙈.

#Na'vi #AvatarTheLastAirbender #Avatar #Awakening #CrazyMUA #fantasymakeup #illusionist #zimmua #zimua #zimua_by_shannon


ZIMUA_by_Shannon's cover photo


My Sanctuary🥂

When God says yes doors open and things start happening beyond your wildest dreams💫. When the year started, I honestly never thought I'd have a home studio by this time this year😅😅. SOMEBODY PINCH ME🙈. I discovered the world of makeup in 2016 & since then I knew I'd be pursuing it, but the struggle of having to explain this to my mum🤦🏽♀.... So I had to get a formal job, but I wasn't about to get a job I didn't like🙅🏽♀️. I was growing my hustle while job hunting & I finally got the offer I knew I couldn't pass😁
.. It was a challenge that had all the crazy, humane & adrenaline I live for😂🤣. So I took off for training and became a firefighter, that experience is a story for another day tjooo🥵. Being a firefighter also contributed to my decision of opening a studio in the GHETTO. The GHETTO is home to a lot of talent & I needed to honor my township because this is the heart of ZIMUA. It is where it all began & it's where most of my ideas are born. The people I want to inspire are from different backgrounds and I need you, YES YOU👇🏽, to know that, it doesn't matter where you are, where you come from, as long as you believe it will happen. I started with $1 worth of data bundles & an idea. Today I'm here launching a state of the art studio in the ghetto🥳🥳... I still have a long way to go but when you dream, work hard & see results... You gotta stop to give God thanks and praise for how far he has taken you👏🏽. It has been difficult & I've failed thousands of times, have doubted😶 myself & my dreams but I always remember that God gave me the idea for a reason and all I need to do is to believe in myself, work hard & learn from all my failures💯

I need to thank ZIMUAnation, my mentor and besty for believing in me when I doubted myself and always going out of your way to make sure the dreams happen. My mum for being a challenge when I needed to learn to be strong, as well as for being my support system when the time came🥰, my daughter for being my motivation. There wouldn't be a ZIMUA without these people👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Last but not least, I want to thank ZIMUAnation, all my clients, past, present and future as well as everyone who refers and spreads the word about our work. You guys are awesome. #Makanyanya

#homestudio #homestudiozw #zimua #zimmua #studiolaunch #onlinelaunch #makeupartist #makeupartistsworldwide #zimuabyshannon #photography #sfx #illusion #gory #sfxmakeup #zimmakeupartist #weddingmakeup #zimweddings #firefighter #firefighterMUA


Twins Make Up Part 2💥💥💥💥💥💥

These ladies say the greatest gifts God gave them was each other. They have never been alone since conception. Imagine that🙆🏾... Just knowing someone has your back is the best feeling ever🥰 and their bond is magical. They said they are each other's mirror and they dress alike all the time💃🏼💃🏼 so I knew that was them telling me not to dare 🙆🏾do different looks on them😂😂. ZIMUAnation meet Tinotenda Mazongo and Takudzwa Mazongo🥂


🤩💥Make up for a "Confident Woman"
If confidence was human it would be named Kudakwashe Masiiwa💯. This lady carries herself in a way that just makes you proud to be an African woman💃🏼. She is a trend setter that leaves you wanting more of her. I am glad I got to meet her & enhance the natural doll that's in her🥂 #Amaryllis 🌺


🎂🎂Birthday Shoot Make Up💄💄

A cut crease to die for with happy colours that match this chicca's energy😋... My best days are when a client like Gee Chada says "Do what you feel suits me" 😅 It's exactly what she said and I knew instantly what I wanted to do and she rocked it👌🏽. The level of confidence and charm on this one is inspiring. Keep shining baby girl😘😘 Gee Chada



ZIMUA_by_Shannon's cover photo


👩‍❤️‍👩Twins Make Up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This was indeed a challenge but super fun because i love challenges😂😂!
I enjoyed every moment of working on these gorgeous beauties☺️☺️...
Its not as easy as it looks as all the make up details had to be precise line upon line so that i could come with these delicious results to go with the overall theme and vision we had for the photo-shoot 😋😋😋
#chiponachido #twinzseries


Where do I even begin 😂
She is crazy, she is awesome, she is independent. The reason why i love my amazing craft is because i get to meet such phenomenal peeps like Fadzai Amanda Mavunga .
We hit it of the moment we met and she has become more than just a client but a sister & Friend a.k.a Miss Vanilla😍.
Looking forward to meeting more phenomenal queens :) :)


I miss going out with my baby girl & would really wanna go some place where we just chill the whole day guessing shapes in the clouds then ride somewhere else to watch a beautiful sunset🌄. For now all we can do is dream & make beautiful makeup and enjoy mother and daughter👩‍👧 moments as we laugh and makeup.
U can also add follow her on Instagram @kim_may_zw to show her some love💕💕
Modern mahumbwe vibes with the princess.💃🏼💃🏼
#M1 #zairegondo #bonding


Excited & nervous as I am always when trying something new. I was excited coz I knew i could do it but I also knew she trusted my work & competing with myself isn't easy since I'm my worst critic. After all is said & done I am awed by the outcome & her talent as a model. Beauty is diverse🥰💕
Thank you @Shayne Lawrence... for trusting me with your gorgeous face ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Always enjoy doing make up💄 for one of my favorite clients, this crazy goofball 😅🤭@Thisissrue a phenomenal woman making waves in the music industry.. I call this look “The transitional look” because it’s compatible with different settings or environments, whether you are in the office at work👩🏽‍💻, going out for a date with bae💃🏼 or going to church👱🏼‍♀. Its classy, sexy and just makes one stand out.
ZIMUA_by_Shannon XOXO

Make Up Is Our Passion

We are all about creativity & showing the world your character and uniqueness through the art of makeup. We provide makeup services in the form of makeovers, illusions (art) and gory (wounds). We do this in order for you to tell your story the way that helps you to get who you are out in the world 📷📷

We also offer one on one tutorials for the best results

Videos (show all)

Fresh accident wound#sfxmakeup #accidentwoundmakeup#actionmoviefx #zimmua#ZIMUAbyShannon #selftaughtfxmua
Fresh accident wound#sfxmakeup #accidentwoundmakeup#actionmoviefx #zimmua#ZIMUAbyShannon #selftaughtfxmua
With love from Africa#AfricanLady#AfricanMua#MuasKillingIt#Kisses2yall




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