Youth Alliance For Safer Cities

Youth Alliance For Safer Cities


Today our team members participated in a capacity building workshop that was focusing on governance which was led by Youth Alliance For Safer Cities . We believe that the knowledge we received will help us work towards promoting good mental health and well-being in our communities.
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Happy Birthday my God given Sister
Reflection on leadership journey 🙏

Training of young leaders on dealing with internal and external challenges. 🧠 Brainstorming sessions on post bootcamp training of youth led organizations on drafting policies, implementation and collaborations.

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House of Arts and Second Chance Foundation joins hands to host a Mental Well-being and Su***de prevention Mic Session Cocktail Night .

A lot of entertainment, mental well-being sessions and dancing into the night. We welcome you to join in on the fun or consider a sponsorship to help us reach our giving goals. If you can't make it, please consider support by making a donation to help us reach our Goals.

Payments are done at 54 Jason Moyo
3 anchor house 4th floor Company name:Second Chance Foundation
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It was a day of building and strengthening teams, physical and mental exercise as well as fuuunnnn💃🏻🥳😁. The K2C community treasure hunt facilitated by Yellow World was an educative and fun activity which addressed safety of young people and their participation in community development through an array of games and challenges. We are happy that the participants learnt how to address the different safety issues that affect them in their community, while realixing the importance of collaborating instead of competing with each other🌻🌻


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Crime and violence Hotspot areas in Epworth.
Safe and Inclusive Cities
Youth Alliance For Safer Cities
Covid19 is real and Nompumelelo a young person from Bulawayo is here to remind everyone to #maskup and practice social distance. Join in the fight against Covid-19, Mask Up!!!

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Covid-19 has been afffecting our day to day lives as Youth. We have been trying to adapt to each and every situation, but we don't know which direction are we taking tomorrow. They loosen and get strict. Close and Open Activities.

Today we have Nompumelelo in the centre of this intersection, where she meets people from different direction and failing to come together for one posetive purpose. She will be very happy if we meet at this intersection to fight Covid-19 in all directions.

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Youth Alliance For Safer Cities
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The City of Bulawayo
*Agro Forestry Online Training: Tuesday 23 February 2021 (09.00am to 04.00pm)*

_By: Agro Forestry Association in Partnership with Forestry & Citrus Research Company a member of the International Union Of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO)_

*Major Topics*

(Alley cropping, riparian buffer strips, silvopasture, windbreaks, forest farming, Bamboo and Rattan technology. Rubber technology ...)




*Training Fee*
US $5.00 ( Or EQUIVALENT: ZWL $)

To participate in the training contact us below:

*Agro Forestry Association*
Email: [email protected]

*Forestry & Citrus Research*
Email: [email protected]

*Professional Agrologists* 0779200157 (Takudzwa)
0777989856 (Leslie)
077 985 2406 (Chipo)
"Celebrating Biodiversity through Baobab tree"

PUMULA Youth Leadership Forum in solidarity with the world handed over 25 baobab trees celebrating Word Environment Day in Pumula today.

STANLEY MOYO PYLF Public Relations Officer.

Contribution in the fight against deforestation in our community PYLF's push is to plant more trees and create fruit forests in the community for the coming generation.

Different trees have donated to churches, city councils facilities and government premises recently.

Addressing the leaders PYLF Organizing Secretary Givemore Mangena said the youths will continue to the best they can in order to protect the environment.

"We are also worried with the level of sand poaching that is happening in Ward 17 hence we appeal to our City fathers and mothers to tighten up security in that area in order to protect the environment, animals and children from drowning in those pits," said Mangena.

There are many significants of a baobab tree.

Muziwandile Ncube who is in charge of Imvelo Youth Project Pumula Youth Leadership Forum's initiative gave an interesting narrative about Umkomo/Muuyu.

"Other than being a fruit tree, the Baobab is used for dye, making mates which are natural to the environment, if they are nolonger in good condition you just through away it has no effect to the soil but becomes manure. Baobab fruits there are mainly rich in potassium, iron, vitamin C and calcium." Ncube said.

He added; "In Pumula there are only five baobab trees so the main thrust is to plant more baobab trees in our community to make them more."

This year's theme is "Celebrating Biodiversity". The baobab seeds are also used for making oil and Coffee.

Councillors thanked the youths for participating in protecting the environment.

Councillor Moyo gave thanks to the Forum and gave emphasis on the issue of cutting down trees, she encouraged people in the community to do reforestation.

"We are proud of the youth we have today, the future is proud to have such a caliber of young people who are walking the talk in developing our community," she said.

The Baobab trees were handed over to the authorities which are Bulawayo YASC Leadership, Safe and Inclusive Cities, Councillor's and WADCO and nearby residents.

Attending the commemoration was, Ward 19 Councillor Clayton Zana, Ward 17 Councillor Sikhululekile Moyo, Youth Alliance for Safer Cities, Safe and Inclusive Cities, Men's Forum, Section Leaders, Esilwani Youth Center Official, Residents leaders from both Pumula Old and North.

It was a countless pleasure as the stakeholders were very pleased and overwhelmed.
"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

YOUTH Alliance For Safer Cities in partnership with Safe and Inclusive Cities handed over two jojo tanks and Personal Protective Equipment to Isilwane Youth Centre and St Peters Community Centre yesterday.

STANLEY MOYO and HAPPY MPOFU, Skys Trending News.

In contribution to the fight against novel corona virus, and making sure the community have access to clean and portable water to wash hands, drink and to stay safe from Covid 19, Youth Alliance for Safer Cities (YASC) a consortium of youth led CBOs, groups and individuals whose main thrust is to advocate for the realization, advancement and equality of distribution of resources to the young people, Together with Safe and inclusive cities held a successful handover with different stakeholders from Bulawayo.

Ward 19 councillor Clayton Zana applauded the youth who advocated and led others in the development of the community.

"I'd like to thank the youths, in particular if youths are leading in developmental issues we are assured that we have got a future, because our future is in our children," Zana said.

He also encouraged the youths to share and spread information, such concepts and agendas that raise awareness about development in Pumula.

"We have challenge of the youths who are unemployed and are at home. There are always looking for substances and drugs they have lost important priorities," Zana added.

The Member of Parliament for Pumula constituency, Sichelesile Mahlangu appreciated the partners for stepping up in this time of need.

"We acknoledge all protocol and the youths who are making a difference to create a safety community. Atleast youths to join play together and teach because young people understand each other very well and to canvass more for Pumula police and the library," Mahlangu said.

"We need youths who inspire other youths from staying at bridges doing illegal things and to help in fighting crime in our society," Hon. Mahlangu added.


Youth Alliance FOR safer cities is a group of focussed young people who are working to make the city safe for everyone by engaging local authorities

Operating as usual

Photos from Ndinewe Foundation's post 23/04/2022

We are glad we had an awesome time together. We strongly believe in sharing the knowledge and skills so we grow together.


Happy Birthday Leadership!

Today as House of Arts Association we would like to wish our Executive Director happy birthday. Casper founded the Association in 2016 and has been a great leader ever since then. He has created a creative and open environment for us as the team to work in. Apart from that he has created networking opportunities for the team and organization. We are proud and blessed to be associated with a multi award winning leader who is young, vibrant, talented and has great maturity and wisdom. May your day and future years to come be blessed.

Photos from House of Arts Association's post 27/02/2022

Welldone Yellow World, House of Arts and Dreamtown.


We thank all Zimbabweans who took it to social media to express their views on the data increase and advocated for a revert to previous prices. We are glad that data prices were reverted to their previous prices. We remain committed to the call of making young people's lives thrive in all spheres of life through continuous engagement with our Government.


Today young people in Zimbabwe have woken up to a shocking data price review by a Government entity. Data prices have been reviewed for the third time in this quarter and now with an unimaginable 250% increase making the lowest data cap price to be $155USD. An average young person in Zimbabwe earns $1USD per day. Before the price review Zimbabwe was one of the countries with the most expensive data in SADC region and the review makes the country have the most expensive data in Africa and be amongst the top three in the world. In this era, access to data should be treated as a fundamental as the world has gone digital. This increase in data fights against the Government's mantra of 'leaving no territory behind, leaving no one behind.' The Second Republic under National Development Strategies 1 and 2 seeks 'to attain an upper middle income society by 2030.' This price review fights any effort that has been made by the government to attain the vision 2030. We therefore are calling upon the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe Potraz to make data prices be restored to their previous prices.


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Today, the Youth Alliance for Safer Cities joined forces with the Ministry of Youth Sport, Arts, and Recreation, the House of Arts Association, the National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe, youth associations, and other stakeholders working with young people in Hatcliffe to commemorate National Youth Day District Commerations. Today, young people engaged in a variety of activities. They raised awareness about the prevalence of drug and substance abuse among young people and held a dialogue on possible interventions that the Zimbabwean government, young people, and stakeholders may take to reduce drug and substance abuse among young people.

Photos from Youth Alliance For Safer Cities's post 17/02/2022

Today marks the end of the two day entrepreneurship training workshop YASC held in partnership with Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation in Hatcliffe. The workshop was facilitated by Alliance for Development Africa. The workshop was attended by 45 young people.


Help us wish our Leader, Tatenda Churu the Executive Director. Amongst many other achievements, Tatenda led Youth Alliance for Safer Cities to mobilize, capacitate and strengthen more than 250 groups across Zimbabwe. YASC has supported 150 youth groups and 800 Young People with a Covid-19 relief fund complimenting the government’s efforts to relieve the young people who were affected by the Pandemic.

She has also led the team to create platforms for constructive dialogues between the Young People and and people in Authorities, including National Level Symposiums where even the Ministers would Attend.

YASC petitioned the Parliament of Zimbabwe to review and ammend the CDF constitution that guide the Disbursement and implementation of CDF. The petition was for parliament to make adjustments on composition of CDF committees to have intentional inclusion of young people

YASC advocated for business and operating spaces for young people. In Hatcliffe a group of young women were given a space to do mushroom farming and in Epworth, the Epworth Local Board availed space for young women and women market space which was later built by UN Women and Katswe sisterhood.

YASC has been involved in emergency response by raising awareness. During the outbreaks of the cholera epidemic and COVID-19 PANDEMIC, they facilited awareness campaigns spreading information on curbing the spread of outbreaks and debunking myths surrounding them.

YASC advocated for the lowering of interest rate by Empowerbank and increase of the loan facility which saw Government increasing it from 1 million to 20 million.

YASC advocated for repurposing of land which was meant for commercial space in Hatcliffe which was being repurposed to residential stands and the City Council designated the space as commercial and now the space House big shops which afforded the residents shopping convenience as they travelled 10-20km to access shops.

Because of these and many other great works, YASC appreciate your great leadership, you are indeed a super woman! Happy Birthday Leader of the Youths!

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Leader Of the Youth!

Today we were celebrating our Head of Programs Birthday! @Tatenda Churu Tatz Kahlan has turned a year older. House of Arts is grateful for having such a Determined leader. Tatenda is in her own league, a Great and Visionary Super Woman!

Enjoy your Day Leader of the Youth!.

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Honorable Minister of Transport and Infrastural Development is now giving Road Safety Performance Review of Zimbabwe acceptance report on behalf of the President of Zimbabwe His Excellence Emmerson D. Mnangagwa after a virtual handover by His Excellence Mr. John Todt, United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy on Road Safety.

Photos from Youth Alliance For Safer Cities's post 12/01/2022

. Dr. George Vera National Consultant of the Road Safety Performance Review sharing brief presentation on the findings and recommendations.

In Zimbabwe there is road traffic crash every 15 minutes and 5 people die every day due to road traffic ACCIDENTS (RTA).

This makes road safety management an emergency as the nation has lost many lives as a result. The report entailed that 95% of RTA are as a result to human error however it had been noted by the report that the roads in Zimbabwe are not forgiving to negligence and errors of drivers hence it necessitates the dualization of all highways across the country.

Photos from Youth Alliance For Safer Cities's post 12/01/2022

. Various Government giving their solidarity remarks. Ministry of Home Affairs and National Heritage represented by Honorable Minister of Home Affairs in absenture has support to the implementation of road safety through smart policing which will help curb road traffic accidents.

Ministry of Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Honorable John Mangwiro has also acknowledged the role of the Ministry in providing timely and emergency response and also train the local people on first aid response along highway roads who are first time responders. The Ministry has pledged that it will take the report seriously.

Minister of Local Government and Public Works Honorable July Moyo representated in his absenture pledged that as the custodians of the report the Ministry is already revamping the infrasture and has been able to respond to and support the victims of National Disasters emanating from road traffic accidents.


Road Safety Performance Review | 12 January 2022

Proceedings of the Launch report

Photos from Youth Alliance For Safer Cities's post 12/01/2022

. Youth Alliance for Safer Cities is at the Road Safety Performance Review for Zimbabwe launch report hosted by United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Road Safety supported by United Nations Economic Commission on Europe and United Nations Economic Commission on Africa.

Zimbabwe through the Minister of Transport requested for the earlier to do a Road Safety Performance Review. The report will shade light on the current status of road safety which ranges from policy gaps, infrastructure development, and Response in cases of Road Traffic Accidents. The report has recommendations with which the Ministry of Transport will adopt as the country ups its game in road safety.

The report had comprehensive input and analysis from many stakeholders in the transport industry which includes Private Sector, Government Ministries and Departments, Local NGOs and INGOs. The process was facilitated by Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe on behalf of its parent ministry Ministry of Transport and Infrastural Development.


Have you ever thought of starting an enterprise and you are not sure where to start from. Youth Alliance for Safer Cities developed a WhatsApp bot that has entrepreneurship for beginners starter pack. The key topics are idea generation, business plan writing, basic accounting, basic record keeping among others. To interact with the bot type 'Hi' when you hit the following link


Register today

This exciting event brings together youth professionals from Zimbabwe and the UK where they will share and compare their experiences on how they support and build futures for young people in their respective countries.
Our special guest speakers are Nomsa Mpofu Moyo (Ministry of Youth, Sport, Art and Recreation Zimbabwe) and Abbee McLatchie (National Youth Agency).
This event was made possible by Mvuselelo Huni (Director of ORAP) and will be co-hosted by Andrew Hadley (Director of CILL) and Stanley Mudzokora.
This is the first in a series of new events brought to you by Intercom.

To register on eventbrite, click the link: 08/11/2021

Calling on young change makers to participate in the Think Like An Entrepreneur Online Youth Challenge that will be launched on 8th November and will be open for 4 weeks 💡 🗺

Be part of the change and register here:

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We are proud to announce that our Director Tatenda Churu was appointed Generation Unlimited / UNICEF Global Youth Sounding Board Member for 2021-2022 cohort. She will join other global youth leaders to be part of Young People's Action Team working hand in hand with Generation Unlimited to connect the world's 1.8 billion young people to opportunity and ensuring young people are at the centre of the first ever Public Private Youth Partnership.


Photos from Youth Alliance For Safer Cities's post 04/11/2021

Congratulations Imani C Johnson on the announcement of your representation of the Zimbabwe Hockey Ladies team at the Africa Cup of Nations. Imani through H.Rainbow Hockey Club has been committed to bring the perceived elite sport to high density surbubs of Mbare so that many young people and children are afforded the opportunity to excel.

Job well done Imani. We are behind you in full support. Keep making us proud, keep inspiring many to realise their dreams


Yohh yohh yohhhh, the artists line up for the Street Cinema Tour is flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵. We cant wait to witness these performance on Friday from some of the Yellow World members, be sure to attend coz its gonna be littyyyyy 💃🏻💃🏻🔥🔥

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