It was a fantastic privilege for me to be asked by Toyota Zimbabwe to photograph their 2021 calendar last year. The fun and dynamic concepts were conceived by Rogue_ZW and really promote the ethos of the Totoya brand. Which concept is your favourite and why? #scottyphotography #commercialphotography #commercialphotographer #corporatephotography #corporatephotographer #calendarshoot
I had a pretty tasty time recently photographing Lugar De Pollo with Rogue_ZW! Their flame-grilled half chicken had me drooling on my camera... #scottyphotography #foodphotography #commercialphotography #commercialphotographer #restaurantphotography #food
• Exams are around the corner for Session *Revisions* and *Exam* question papers (Specimens, Past, and Current) eXam techniques, result fixing and or result slips, Lost certificates and crash programs fo both *ZIMSEC* and *CAMBRIDGE* syllabuses...

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```#CollegeOfKnowledgeAcademy``` ZimsecBlogs: Kana munhu akanyora last year its 50 per subject... Then mamwe mayears its 90 per subject ...then vasina kunyora vakaregister its 90 per sub ...vasina kunyora zvachose its 100 again per subject then ne200$ yekuisa zita muregistration row

But amount yemarii yacho andiidi ka1 because haishande ka1 yose.. Inobhadharwa half first then imwe half ndapedza kugadzira m***a certificate and slip
ZimseBlogs: We can change failed symbols and certificates in Zimsec system and make them passes ....panenge pachidiwa candidate number and this costs 600 bond whether its 1 subject or 10.. need centre number .full name and school name of the failed certificate then we go through it in system then format the information and replace it with passes ..even if u lost the certificate after tachinja u can replace t to your nearest zimsec office. ...u can apply kuteaching ,A lvl ,army etc using that certificate it takes only 5 days unenge wapasa muupenyu no more stresses
Vasina kunyora ndenge chida I'd number ancentre name for creation of candidate number and centre

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We're not your typical advertising agency.

Operating as usual


Mind Your Business!​

It can be argued that Zimbabwe is a vendor economy. In both formal and informal lanes, everyone is selling something. ​

You have probably wondered what makes Business A more profitable than Business B, or what makes one business owner more successful than the other?​
You will have to wonder no more as we will be tapping into the wealth of knowledge of some industry professionals on how they started out and what has kept them on top in relation to how they run their businesses. ​

Drop a comment with names of people you would like us to chat with.​👇🏾


Form Follows Function​​

​In our day and age, communications heavily rely on visual imagery. It has heightened acknowledgement towards the work of graphic designers. However, beyond great looks/aesthetics or visual appeal, form follows function.​​

The purpose of advertising should be the starting point of how you advertise. Marketers often take too much notice of the form other companies use to communicate rather than thinking about the fundamental function of their own messaging.​​

You see someone having success on a particular social media platform or using a particular type of advert in print or on TV and you use that as a starting point for your own marketing giving rise to copycat advertising.​​

When you take time to understand why you are communicating the message before you, that’s when the really good ideas come along. ​​


What is Advertising anyway?​

Contrary to popular belief, merely talking about a product/service you are selling is NOT advertising. ​

There are many types of advertising techniques that you can use to make your brand known and some of them include :​

Emotional appeal, Promotional Advertising, Bandwagon Advertising, Facts & Statistics, Endorsements, Pretty pictures, Complementing Customers and so much more.​

Some people may even doubt the effectiveness of advertising. As such​, it is up to you to then choose the best technique to advertise your brand, to turn none-believers into believers.​

We want to know from you, what you think are the most effective ways to advertise and why? Let us know in the comments section below.


“A person who doesn’t read is no different from a person that can’t read”. As an agency we make it a matter of duty to read as much as possible.

We are currently reading, "Scientific Advertising" by Claude C. Hopkins.

Photos from Rogue_ZW's post 06/08/2021

Consumer needs are evolving - so should your marketing strategies.
Success can only be measured by how businesses stay ahead of the trends.

Here are some insights into how your brand can make the most of your Digital Marketing efforts...

Photos from Rogue_ZW's post 31/05/2021

It’s been a while since a new social application became big enough, quickly enough, to make non-users feel they’re missing out on an experience. The last time an app inspired such interest from people who weren’t on it was probably Snapchat.

American social platforms, each fighting their own desperate and often stock-price-related fights to increase user engagement, have been trending in TikTok’s general direction for a while....


We're looking for models for one of our top clients. Inbox us if you're interested.

Photos from Rogue_ZW's post 19/05/2021

Gone are the days where the newsmakers were celebrities, politicians, and Mother Nature. Now I and you are the ones dictating what comes up on our timelines, screens, and surprisingly, printed in our dailies. The proliferation of content creation on every medium and every aspect of our lives has forced brands to adapt the way they interact with their audience.…-king-of-content/


On this day....

Timeline photos 01/05/2021

On this, the 41st, 1st of May.
Take a well deserved break, ok.


He is risen


Happy Holidays!


Change The Brief!

A brief comes in for a household product, the target market is “the household shopper”. The assumption then arises that it’s therefore got to be a woman. Well no, not always, it doesn’t need to be!

Why, as an industry, do we pigeonhole women to have these certain roles and responsibilities? What can we do to beat the stereotyping in the way we target our audience? We want to hear your thoughts…


Where are the female Graphic Designers?

Since the turn of the 20th Century, women have played an
equally significant role in shaping Graphic Design as we know it today. The contributions of the likes of Deborah Sussman, April Grieman, and Susan Kare (Google them) have been internationally applauded, and have influenced generations of Designers.

So why is it that in Zimbabwe, we have so few female Graphic
Designers? We know Graphic Design hasn't always had the
best reputation for gender equality, but what would it take to
get more women into the Studio?

We want to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment below.


Is advertising lacking diversity?

We all remember Liberian-born Model Deddeh Howard, who made headlines in America by taking a stand against the lack of diversity in American ads. She recreated a famous ad campaign using herself as the model to show the industry just what they were missing.

So, do we also need to make a stand against the lack of diversity in our adverts here in Zimbabwe? Do we need our own Deddeh Howard to lead the way? As communications specialists, do we have a responsibility to start diversifying our ads to include women of all colours?

Let us know what you think...


Happy International Women’s Day

Women do it all, and then some! Today, on International
Women's Day, we are celebrating the achievements of
women, supporting them, raising awareness against bias, and taking action for equality!

The theme for 2021 is and the goal is to identify an issue affecting women that you will choose to challenge.

What would you choose to challenge? Share your thoughts, stand up for all women, and beat the bias!


Celebrating Women in Communications

What a time to be on this earth as a woman! Today, women and girls make up more than 50 percent of the world’s population and women have come a long way with equality since the mid-twentieth century. They are now participating in the workforce at nearly the highest level ever, especially in the World of Communications.

This March, to coincide with Women’s History Month, we will be supporting, celebrating, debating, and demonstrating all things Women in Communications. Let’s hear it for the women!


What gift should we get the Christmas troll?

Something dark to match his soul?

Shall it be a Lump of coal?

Or something, their grinch spirit, a problem will solve.

You might have to look a little closer for this one.


What shall we get dad this year?

A book, a tie, something, we know he’ll care

If it be boring, with soft treads on the flooring

At least let be something that makes people stare


’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

in hopes that a Rogue Santa would sooner be there.

But Santa might be delayed this year, for what reason he would not say,

except for a small note reading, sorry folks, I’m working on my slay.


Would you rock a "Santa's new Slay" shirt.

Timeline photos 13/11/2020

About 1 man in 9 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.

Prostate cancer is more likely to develop in older men. About 6 cases in 10 are diagnosed in men who are 65 or older, and it is rare in men under 40. The average age at diagnosis is about 66.

Consult your doctor on the steps necessary to book a prostate check.


You touched so many hearts and gave so much to the world.
You gave us something to smile about and something to share. You always had an inspiring story and for that, you will always be in our heart.

Rest in power our Big G.


All we want to know is...

Are you growing yours out this Movember?

Timeline photos 09/11/2020

Check your self, Before you wreck yourself

When it comes to their health, too many men don’t talk, don’t take action, and die too young. Movember is the month dedicated to speaking out and encouraging Men’s Health Awareness.

Who We Are

Rogue & Associates is an Advertising & Communications Agency. We operate as a lighthouse agency, believing our point of view in the industry is based on experience, belief & a value system that functions perfectly well within Zimbabwe and beyond borders. We thrive on Intelligent Naivety as we are bound by knowing what is “possible” and what is “impossible.”

We thrive on surprising our clients with ideas and thought behaviour that breaks some (though not all) of the industry’s conventions.

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