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Hey good people i hope yu had a wonderful cross over with no injuries and death among the family n friends wish you all the best for 2019 lets all take it as it comes and work towards our goals as we set them have a wonderful day
Shugheta has Muridzo akadhakwa asi ngaamboshinga pamwe zvinoita
EXCLUSIVE: DJ Miles is On National FM With Shuggeta this Sartuday, Tune in!

It's not every day you come across a DJ or producer with the same flair, passion and allure as the highly endemic Mohammed 'DJ Miles' Budala. Ever since the turd-braided music maker storms onto the scene in 2008, he promptly made a name for himself with his unique urbane sound that harks back to the Urban Grooves era and extends beyond.

Now 10 years down the track, with his new home at Probabless Entertainment, releasing tons of great, forward-thinking music, and working with standouts talents the likes Terry Afrika, Pah Chihera and TiGonzi, there’s no sign of Miles’ creativity or motivation waning anytime soon. He keeps going in, a 'mile' wide and an inch deep.

This coming Saturday, the 12th of May, national broadcaster National FM youth cultures presenter Dj Shuggeta will be very fortunate to sit down with Miles to look back over a very eventful 2017, discuss new artists who’ve seized his eye this year, what he’s got planned for 2018 and any other new business or projects that he's embedding himself in. With him will be some of his Propabless colleagues.

So tune in on Saturday and listen as the team have fun. Lots of it.

As a New Media and digital infrastructure, The E-Insider ideally functions as a democratic public sphere that turns daily Epworth events into topics of broader concerns.

The E-Insider is an independent New Media and digital startup infrastructure, which ideally functions as a democratic public sphere that turns daily Epworth events into topics of broader concerns.

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Photos from enthuse's post 29/01/2021

Photos from enthuse's post


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Does our Epworth story deserve to be told? If so, who gets to tell the story? Who are we as a people and is who they say we are really who we are? What does the actual Epworth experience look like, anyway?

Introducing The New Epworth Radio Online. We are Proud Epworthians who tell all stories #Epworthy. We are here to chronicle the reality of our people. We are concerned about the accurate and beautiful representation of our reality, harnessing together our history and success stories, moulding them into a juggernaut brand that is Epworth. We are here to tell the stories of the dreamers, the dare-devils, the go-getters and creative geniuses of Epworth. We are here to explore & express the unyielding & undying Epworthiness in all of us.

The New Epworth Radio Online...Bearing Witness from Inside and Changing The Narrative. Here is our debut episode, entitled Introducing NERO. Enjoy! Any feedback, thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like us to improve or speak on in our next edition. #NERO #ProudEpworthians


Hon. Eathrage Kureva,

I have your WhatsApp conversation where you accused me of stalking you. I'm also in possession of a message you sent to me a week ago where you said "makarota ndichikumhanyisai ne demo"

Let it be known to you that I'm not desperate to hold any public office hence I don't pose a threat either to your person or your office.

You can remember very well that you and your violent team assaulted my supporters in Epworth ward 4 Primary elections in 2018. I ferried the injured to Avenues hospital as they were bleeding profusely. Tichman Mambo and Dydmus Bande amongst other women were the most injured.

Epworth residents camped at Harvest house in 1st-floor boardroom seeking National leadership's intervention. You can recall that leadership did not listen to the grievances of Epworth residents but instead unleashed Harvest house security on them. Electric shockers and button sticks were used by harvest house security to disperse peace-loving Epatorians who had turned to their monumental building for solace. Old women with kids on their backs were assaulted. Peter Makani sustained serious injuries when he shielded a baby at Shamiso Machado(Mai Masala's back).

Against all this, I didn't neither contest as an independent candidate nor join any other political outfit since I cherish the power of collective effort to remove Zanu PF from power. I preached unity and encouraged disgruntled supporters to rally behind you as our MP and Mr Chamisa as our President. This was an easy decision to make given a Christian background that I come from which taught me forgiveness.

I stood firm in the party, encouraged people to forgive and we moved on. I attended MDC Alliance Gweru Congress and served wholeheartedly under the leadership of Mr Chamisa as Provincial Secretary for Welfare. I also served in the organising committee. In both positions, I continued to use my personal financial resources, labour and time. You can recall that once every month I would visit political prisoners using my car and fuel that I could at times buy from the black market. All these I could not have done if I was a bitter man.

Let it be known to you that I have never held any public office in my lifetime and I don't think being a Member of Parliament will add any value to me. It's something that I cannot have a sleepless night over. I did not join politics with the aim of being an MP but to contribute towards the achievement of democracy in Zimbabwe. There's nothing much admirable about being a Member of Parliament to me. What I understand most is business and politics come second.

My efforts to represent Epworth residents in Parliament was driven by Epworth residents who had and still have faith in me that I can spearhead development in our area which will, in turn, improve their quality of life.

Let it be known to you that I'm not desperate for power and there's no way I can be a threat to your safety today after you have been living peacefully for the past 2 years after being imposed against the wishes of the majority of Epworth structures.

Moreover, I'm not good at violence like you. Kindly search your heart and deal with ominous feelings tormenting you. Your actions show that you're being troubled by your conscience after assuming leadership in Epworth against the wishes of many since you used violence, vote-rigging and finally got imposed by MDC National office after other tactics failed. You can remember very well that some MDC National leadership back then loathed any candidate who did not support the unconstitutional takeover of power by Mr Chamisa after the demise of MDC President Dr M Tsvangirai (RIP). People perceived to be in support of constitutionalism were victimized in many constituencies across the country and I'm one of the victims.

So why should you accuse me of being bitter or harbouring sinister motives on you now?

I advise you to focus on representing our interests in Parliament and stop to major on the past. Our roads need your attention, Mr MP, we are in need of Electricity and improved health care in our clinics here. We would be grateful to see you working with the local board to develop our community in areas raised above. Negative effects of lockdown ravaged most residents here since you know that the majority survive on vending, a sector which is still under total lockdown. Its high time that you look for food donations from the business community to alleviate hunger on the suffering masses in your constituency Epworth. Source for PPE donations for our clinics please and address residence grievances emanating from a regularisation program underway carried out by councillors.

If you think I'm stalking you kindly report to the police rather than posting scathing mudslinging attacks to soil my image in WhatsApp groups.


Zivai Mhetu.

*Edited to enhance readability*
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The Epworth Theatrical Strutters

Today we remember The Epworth Theatrical Strutters. They were a force to reckon with during the 1960s and some of their songs which did well and have been integrated in the album include “Mandinema”, “Hwahwa”, “Tave Munyika Itsva” and “Kudzidza Kwakanaka”. The Strutters comprised of brothers, Nesbitt, Peter and Andrew Kanyowa as well as their cousins among them Herbert Simemeza who is the only surviving member of the group today. The group comprised people who were passionate about what they were doing and not much about money, and so what they were after was to enlighten their fellow Africans about diverse issues from education to even alcohol abuse. #ProudEpworthians…Bearing Witness From Inside & Changing The Narrative

The Epworth Theatrical Strutters were a force to reckon with during the 1960s and some of their songs which did well and have been integrated in the album in... 24/04/2020

Yamuranai Donates To People With Disabilities Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Yamuranai Association for Persons With Disabilities on Friday donated basic commodities such as mealie-meal, sugar and cooking oil to a section of differently-abled residents in Epworth. Meanwhile, UK-based Zimbabwean businesswoman and socialite Olinda Chapel, said she will be donating 1000 bags of Mealie-meal and drinking water to Epworth on Saturday, the 25th of April, through her Olinda Chapel Foundation. #ProudEpworthians Yamuranai Association for Persons With Disabilities on Friday donated basic commodities such as mealie-meal, sugar and cooking oil to a section of differently-abled residents in Epworth:. 23/04/2020

I Was Not Informed Of The Demolition Of Vendor Markets: Epworth Local Board Chairman

Epworth Local Board Chairman Councillor Batanai Masunda has issued an official statement following viral reports that local government were taking advantage of the ongoing lockdown to demolish illegal vending stalls and Ecocash cabins. #ProudEpworthians EPWORTH MISSION COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE(EMCODEV) Epworth Artists Newz Epworth Newz Epworth News Epworth Local Board Chairman Councillor Batanai Masunda has issued an official statement following viral reports that local government were taking advantage of the ongoing lockdown to demolish ille…


#NewEpworthNewNarrative: Have you heard about the ARV Swallows FC?

In 2010 a documentary on ARV Swallows FC, a football team from Epworth that comprised HIV-positive women, was released to a great acclaim. The work helps to dismantle the stigmatisation and discrimination of people (and more specifically women) who live with HIV/AIDS. Video Credit goes to Julie Smith #ZimAt40 #NewEpworthNewNarrative #ProudEpworthians.


Don't miss out on the Gospel Nook today where best-selling Christian author, Brilliant Pongo will cover one of the most controversial issues of the day, The Abuse of Pulpit Authority & Perpetuation of Unfounded Conspiracy Theories by Prophets & Preachers.

Catch the Gospel Nook today for some deep conversations. Don't miss out on the Gospel Nook today where media expert, educator and best-selling Christian author, Brilliant Pongo will cover one of the most topical and controversial issues of the day, The Abuse of Pulpit Authority & Perpetuation of Unfounded Conspiracy Theories by Prophets & Preachers. Tune in to our page at 2pm this afternoon. #GospelNookShow #COVID19 Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Council of Churches ZimEye Sly Media Productions Brilliant Pongo 22/02/2020

Zimbabwe’s unsung hero fights HIV/AIDS

Benson Hungwe, 32, has dedicated his life to helping patients suffering from HIV and AIDS in the Zimbabwean capital. The alleys of Epworth echo with stories of people who are too poor to seek treatment for the disease they have contracted. Hungwe for much of his life juggled between taking care of his siblings and completing his medical education after the death of his parents from AIDS. He is now a revered medical practitioner and the hope for the local community of Epworth. Man who lost parents to AIDS, volunteers to ease suffering of other victims in capital Harrare - Anadolu Agency 22/02/2020

Building a safety net for Zimbabwe’s urban poor

“Life in Epworth is on the challenging side,” Ruth told The New Humanitarian. “It’s cheap to live here because rents are low, but there are no opportunities – and the neighbours can’t always help.” Almost half the population of the Harare suburb of Epworth are food insecure, and almost one in three children is stunted due to poor nutrition. 22/02/2020

Harare needs US$800 million to deal with old sewer system -

Burst water pipes are easily visible in residential areas with some such as Chitungwiza, Epworth, Hopley, Mbare struggling to deal with widening streams of sewer that are causing a health hazard. By Leopold Munhende HARARE City Council (HCC) needs up to US$800 million to give the city’s old water distribution and sewer reticulation system a new lease of life, Mayor Herbert Gomba has said. Gomba was speaking on NewZim TV’s flagship discussion programme, The Agenda, Wednesday. “If you ar... 22/02/2020

Nation marks Youth Day

Tafadzwa Zvandasara from Epworth said: “It is the time to ask ourselves if we are making adequate preparations to take up the responsibility of shaping the nation. Our President has done a great job in leading by example. He has stood firm in what he believes in because of his love for his people.

“Through his leadership, I have learnt that you should not be intimidated by bullies just because they think they are more powerful than you. We should not rely on other people, but rather work to develop ourselves and in the long run we will enjoy the fruits of our hard work.” VARIOUS activities have been lined up countrywide today as the nation marks the Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day. 22/02/2020

Reproductive justice for Zimbabwean women - NewsDay Zimbabwe

Reproductive justice for Zimbabwean women

MARITA is an 11-year-old girl from Epworth in Harare, Zimbabwe. She does not go to school as both her parents died of HIV two years ago. The uncle who took her in has been ra**ng her since the day she moved in with them. As I talk to her, I can hear the innocence in her voice. I hold back tears as she tells me how the nurses at her local clinic could not allow her to get an abortion after she found out that she was pregnant. A neighbour had noticed her bulging stomach and taken her to the clinic were the head nurse told them that the law did not allow her to have an abortion. Now nine months pregnant, she asks me what she should do. Her aunt has thrown her out after she reported her uncle to the police.
Unfortunately, Marita’s case is not an isolated one. Many adolescents in her situation are forced to keep pregnancies despite the law in Zimbabwe allowing abortions for certain criteria.

The Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1977 allows abortion for r**e, in**st, fetal abnormality and to save a woman’s life. Yet despite this many like Marita, who have every legal right to access an abortion in a State health facility, are denied.
In Marita’s case it was by clinic staff, in another well-published case of Mildred Mapingure it was a broken system. Mildred was gang r**ed during a robbery. After discovering she was pregnant, she went to hospital to seek emergency contraception but was referred back to the police because the doctor could not give her the medication without the police knowing.

This went on until 72 hours passed. Months later after being pushed around between police, judges and hospitals she was finally granted the order to terminate but the hospital declined to terminate stating that it was no longer safe.

These are only but two cases in a long-standing tradition or a system that denies women reproductive rights.

The question becomes what needs to happen. First and foremost, the government especially the Health ministry needs to be held accountable for making sure that the provisions of the Constitution are observed.

Contrary to popular belief, abortion is not illegal in Zimbabwe but is restricted. It is the State’s responsibility to make sure that those that meet the criteria are able to access without barriers.

It is also the duty of government to train government health workers, police and judicial officers on what the law states.
A study led by the Guttmacher Institute recommended that to reduce unsafe abortions and abortion-related mortality, the government needed to improve healthcare workers’ knowledge on abortion.

Unsafe abortions are a reality in Zimbabwe. In 2016 it was estimated that 66 847 had induced abortion. What if many of these were women who under the law deserve to have an abortion?

If the law is a upheld and access improved, thousands of lives could be saved. Thousands of girls like Marita could not be forced to be single, unemployed, homeless mothers at 11.
Women like Mildred would not be forced to carry pregnancies that are a result of gang r**e.

You might be asking yourself what this has to do with you? My answer is everything. Our people are dying unnecessarily from something they should have access to.

The already crippled health system is having to provide post-abortion care at a higher cost than providing lawful abortions at a fraction of the cost. It is my and your duty to ask our government why this is so. Why are we letting women die?
We should not be quiet anymore. We need to ask our government, our Members of Parliament, why? We start today. In our engagements with our public representatives, let us ask why?

 Malvern Tatenda Chiweshe is a Zimbabwean sexual and reproductive justice researcher and advocate based in Washington DC, United States


This morning a horrible accident took place at Cnr Robert Mugabe and Chiremba Roads involving an Abdul & Sons/a commissioned ZUPCO Bus. The bus was coming from Epworth, going to Harare town. While the Zimbabwe Republic Police - ZRP is yet to announce the death toll, many passengers were injured badly. As we get into December holiday, we urge all of us to think safety first, pay attention and be aware of your surroundings, keep the speed down and cut out distractions. #ProudEpworthians

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