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Total Energy Solutions:
Solar Power for industrial, agricultural, hospitals, embassies, offices and domestic premises. Energy audits. We:
Carry out Power Audits to enable you to reduce your electricity consumption;
Design and Install on and off-grid solar systems from 3kVA to 500kVA;
Design and Install inverter systems:
Repair inverters of all sizes.

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Environment Africa

A solar power plant in Rwanda was built in a year. It powers 15,000 homes and has created 350 local jobs. And there is no pollution or damage of river ecosystems (as in hydroelectric power). It’s an inspiring example for other African countries.


Just an update. For those who don't know - Neil & Liesel are now full-time in USA. Neil is now with Princeton Power, New Jersey. He has just completed power backup for a Sainsburys supermarket in the UK, and is currently working on $10m of new projects including Alcatraz! 08/09/2015

DARKNESS ENVELOPS GLOOMY ZIMBABWE newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe The gloom enveloping Zimbabwe as a result of the country’s decades-long political and economic crises is set to worsen following an increase in power outages — with industrialists and economists warning yesterday that this would cripple Harare’s already moribund economy further and lead to more comp… 28/07/2015

'Impossible' rocket drive works and could get to Moon in four hours The British designed EM Drive actually works and would dramatically speed up space travel, scientists have confirmedInterplanetary travel could be a step closer after scientists confirmed that an electromagnetic propulsion drive, which is fast enough to get to the Moon in four hours, actually works.The EM Drive was developed by the British inventor Roger Shawyer nearly 15 years ago but was ridiculed at the time as being scientifically impossible.It produces thrust by using solar power to generate multiple microwaves that move back and forth in an enclosed chamber. This means that until something fails or wears down, theoretically the engine could keep running forever without the need for rocket fuel.The drive, which has been likened to Star Trek’s Impulse Drive, has left scientists scratching their heads because it defies one of the fundamental concepts of physics – the conservation of momentum – which states that if something is propelled forward, something must be pushed in the opposite direction.However in recent years Nasa has confirmed that they believe it works and this week Martin Tajmar, a professor and chair for Space Systems at Dresden University of Technology in Germany also showed that it produces thrust.The drive is capable of producing thrust several thousand times greater than a standard photon rocket and could get to Mars within 70 days or Pluto within 18 months. A trip to Alpha Centauri, which would take tens of thousands of years to reach right now, could be reached in just 100 years."Our test campaign cannot confirm or refute the claims of the EM Drive but intends to independently assess possible side-effects in the measurements methods used so far," said Prof Tajmar in anew"Nevertheless, we do observe thrust close to the actual predictions after eliminating many possible error sources that should warrant further investigation into the phenomena.""Our measurements reveal thrusts as expected from previous claims after carefully studying thermal and electromagnetic interferences.'If true, this could certainly revolutionise space travel.'Shawyer also claims that he is just a few months away from publishing new results confirming that his drive works in a peer reviewed journal.However scientists still have no idea how it actually works. Nasa suggested that it could have something to do with the technology manipulating subatomic particles which constantly pop in and out of existence in empty space.Prof Tajmer presented his findings to the …


ZESA to Explore Nuclear Options

Just for laughs, this was Comrade Fatso doing what he does best at a stand up comedy session early this year at HIFA, excuse the camera shakes I was giggling...


Blackout hits Zimbabwe Zimbabwe was yesterday evening plunged into total darkness after the power utility lost supplies from Kariba South and Hwange power stations, affecting all parts of the country.



What is all this talk about stage 4 load shedding? 17/04/2015

How fast is solar energy taking off? Much faster than you might think, solar experts say - but it's still half of what's needed


If you are wondering why we have been so quiet, it's because we are soooo busy! 08/04/2015

Aluminum-Ion Batteries Are Flexible, Fast-Charging, And Won't Catch On Fire

Can't wait for this. Charge your phone - flat to full - in a minute But don't expect to find them in Costco just yetAlmost all of the electronic devices that we carry around with us all day now rely on one key, but increasingly antiquated, technology: the lithium-ion battery. A mainstay of rechargeable power for the last couple decades, this battery technology has gotten only minor refinements. But a substantial improvement in stored power may be in the offing, thanks to researchers at Stanford University, who have developed a new battery technology based on aluminum.This isn't the first time that aluminum-based batteries have been investigated. The material has a number of advantages over lithium: it's flexible, allowing it to be folded or bent without losing power; can be charged in a minute instead of hours; and is incredibly durable--according to Stanford chemistry professor Hongjie Dai, you can even drill a hole through the battery and it will continue to work. That's good for volatility too: compromise a lithium-ion battery and you'll likely see some sparks or flame, but the materials in this new battery are all non-reactive. And, aluminum is cheaper than lithium, too.All good things, so why haven't we seen more aluminum batteries? The catch to date has been finding another material to work with aluminum in creating energy. The Stanford team ended up using our old friend graphene to play the cathode to aluminum's anode. But though that's helped unlock better performance, including more charge cycles--7,500 versus the 1,000 you'd likely get out of a Li-ion battery--aluminum-ion's woes aren't all behind it. The voltage provided by an aluminum-ion battery is only about half of that what you'd get from a lithium-ion cell. And, as Ars Technica points out, the overall power density--the amount of juice you can store in a battery vis-a-vis its size--more closely resembles the large lead-acid battery you'd find in your car.So aluminum-ion batteries still aren't quite ready for primetime, but you can bet that electronics manufacturers, makers of electric cars, and power companies all have their eyes on the development of this technology.Meanwhile, researchers are working to enhance the performance of lithium-ion batteries using materials like carbon nanotubes, but the returns are diminishing. And other new technologies, like sulfur-based and metal-air batteries have their own downsides as well. Should scientists be able to increase the power and energy density of aluminum-ion batteries, its speed of charging, lack of … 01/04/2015

Chinese firm to start work on $750m Gwanda solar project | The Chronicle

When will someone realise that Gwanda does not have the best conditions for Solar. Coca-Cola bottling firm reduces water use by 70pc FIATA seminar set for Zim Chinese firm to start work on $750m Gwanda solar project March 31, 2015 Wenceslaus Murape Business CHINESE energy company Chint Electric Company through its local partner Intratrek Zimbabwe says it expects to start work on … 01/04/2015

Zesa debt balloons to $200 million - NewsDay Zimbabwe THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company’s southern region is now owed over $200 million by domestic and commercial consumers. 21/03/2015

Japanese scientists have figured out how to collect solar energy in space and send it wirelessly to earth Today in England over a quarter (27 per cent) of households are poor, meaning that they are unable to take part in the norms of society, they are unable to purchase items which the majority of the …


Mobile Uploads 10/03/2015

Solar-Powered Plane Begins Its Journey Around the World

The sky's the limit? The five-month journey of a single-seat, solar-powered plane around the planet got off to a successful start this morning, when Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Oman after a 13-hour flight from Abu Dhabi.“The flight went really well, everything went as planned,” says a team spokesperson. It’s an … 10/03/2015

Africa's largest solar power plant to be built in Ghana

Way to go Ghana! The largest solar power plant in Africa will be built in Ghana, the British company behind the plan said on Tuesday.Source of much of the world's cocoa and an increasingly significant oil producer, Ghana's new drive to exploit the sun's energy is predicted to create hundreds of jobs and increase the country's electricity capacity by 6%, as well as cutting emissions.Blue Energy, the renewable energy developer behind the $400m project, which has built a solar farm 31 times smaller outside Swindon, said the 155MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant will be fully operational by October 2015. Construction on the Nzema project is due to begin near the village of Aiwiaso in western Ghana by the end of 2013, with the installation of some 630,000 PV modules.The power plant, which at the time of planning would be the fourth biggest of its kind in the world, will be the first major scheme to claim payments from Ghana's feed-in tariff incentive scheme, created by the government in 2011. Ghana has a target of increasing renewable energy capacity from its current 1% of the country's energy mix to 10% by 2020.Chris Dean, chief executive of Blue Energy, said: "Ghana's forward-thinking strategy puts it in a strong position to lead the renewable energy revolution in sub-Saharan Africa. Nzema is a case study in how governments can unlock the huge potential for solar energy in Africa. We are delighted that it will make a strong contribution to the national economy, provide much needed generating capacity and help develop the skills of the future."Douglas Coleman, the project's director at Blue Energy, told the Guardian that the company was using solar PV instead of the distinctive 'troughs' used in concentrated solar power technology seen in north Africa and the Middle East in part because PV only requires light, not direct sunlight. The choice of PV means the farm will still generate electricity during the more than 100 cloudy days Ghana experiences each year, he said.The company said it expects to create 200 permanent jobs and 500 during the construction phase, which already has the go-ahead from planning authorities.The plan for the Ghanian plant follows recent denials of a crisis at the separate Desertec initiative – which envisions solar plants in north Africa providing green energy for Europe – following the withdrawal of Siemens and Bosch from the initiative.Ghana recorded the fastest growth in Sub-Saharan Africa last year, with GDP growing at 14.3%, driven by oil … 10/03/2015

Google Makes Its First Renewable Energy Investment In Africa, Puts $12M Toward South African Solar Plant Google today announced that it is investing $12 million in a 96 megawatt solar photovoltaic plant in South Africa. This marks Google’s first renewable energy investment in Africa and its 12th overall renewable energy investment. Once it’s completed, Google says, the Jasper Power Project, which is situated in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, will generate enough power for 30,000 South African homes. In total, Google has now committed more than $1 billion to green energy projects.In South Africa, Google is joining SolarReserve, Intikon Energy and the Kensani Group as the main funders for this project, which is also backed by Rand Merchant Bank, the Public Investment Corporation, Development Bank of South Africa and the PEACE Humansrus Trust. The project will be one of the largest in South Africa and cover about 450 acres with more than 325,000 solar modules.In today’s announcement, Google’s director for energy and sustainability, Rick Needham, also lays out some of the criteria the company uses to make these kinds of investments. He notes, for example, that Google will “only pursue investments that we believe make financial sense.” Because South Africa has policies that support these kind of projects, Google believes it is an attractive place for it to invest in this technology. The company, however, is also looking for “projects that have transformative potential – that is, projects that will bolster the growth of the renewable energy industry and move the world closer to a clean energy future.” 26/02/2015

Zesa increases load-shedding DISRUPTIONS at Hwange Power Station have increased load-shedding as power generation has been reduced. BY VICTORIA MTOMBA As of yesterday power generation for the country stood at 983 megawatts which is way below the normal overall output that the country receives when all things are normal. In a statement Zesa Holdings said that load-shedding had […]Zesa increases load-shedding : NewsDay Zimbabwe.


Eskom's woes have increased demand for solar products in SA. This will increase lead times on supplies to our customers. 30/01/2015

Page not found - Carte Blanche

“Save Watts, save the Planet!”, says Derek.
Here's how -
Read Derek Watts' latest blog on going off the grid. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | MultiChoice Terms & Conditions | About DStv Online | Switch To Mobile Version 28/01/2015

Off the Grid - Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche advises - get an expert to advise you. What happens when Eskom finally runs out of money is anyone’s guess, but some mavericks already generate their own power. What does it take and is it a viable option? As the country faces another three months of constrained power supply, Carte Blanche meets people living completely off the grid.


Think we have a winner here!


Company update - GreenSparks is in Nigeria for the next week or two, commissioning a power inverter for the Nigerian Government.


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Wishing Everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

GreenSparks Products 22/12/2014

Our Salamander range of inverters

DAIRYMAC 22/12/2014



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Merry Christmas from the GreenSparks team.


Merry Christmas from ESKOM



The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones

Dateline: 20 January 2021

Back in the day, when horse drawn carriages and buggies were the preferred mode of transport for anyone, there was a big fear in Paris, London and New York that there wouldn't be enough stabling for all the horses required in the future, to say nothing of all the manure that was piling up in the streets. Then we invented motor cars, and the problem of peak horse manure disappeared.
That's a salutary tale to bear in mind when we talk of peak oil. There will be a time when our consumption of oil peaks, plateaus and then starts to decline. And it won't be because we ran out of stones, I mean oil, but because there are better, cleaner, more sustainable, and ultimately cheaper ways to serve our ever increasing energy needs.
And we will need more energy, even more than we consume today, which is more than ever before. Even though it's slowing, the world's population is growing; not only in numbers, but also in sophistication, affluence, modernity, mobility and increasingly digital lifestyles. Many countries have free broadband, and in some, access to electricity is considered a basic human right.
Let's not be fooled by efficiency. It's an inconvenient paradox that, the more efficient our cars, planes, homes and gadgets get, the more energy we consume as a whole, as more people enjoy the benefits more often. But we're also becoming more efficient at producing power.
Forget about wind turbines and wave generators. What's really reducing our need for oil is solar power. We've known for decades that the sun produces more direct energy than we can possibly use. It was just the ability to capture, transform and distribute that energy efficiently that needed some work. Now it's happening in a big way, and soon the grid will be 80% powered by solar technologies - and most of that comes from you and me, ordinary households connected on the energy internet.
So I'm looking forward to peak oil. It will mean we've fully reconfigured our power paradigm and installed the killer app. It won't make the sheiks and oligarchs happy, but the greens will rejoice. Bring it on!




*Green Energy Solutions
*Industrial Power Auditing and Design.
*Designers of Grid-tie solar power plants.
*Suppliers and installers of:-
PV SOLAR PANELS - Solaire, Winaico, Yingli.
INVERTERS:- Sole distributer for MLT - Oasis, Karoo, Powerstar.
Stockist of Victron, Outback, SMA Powerbank, Magnum.
SOLAR INVERTERS - SMA, Fronius, Kyoto.
BATTERIES - Trojan, Raylite, FNB, Sonix.
Trade, Resellers and Installers welcome



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