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Time for revision! We are excited to announce that, Grade 7 & O level CPS revision guides for all subjects are available in stock. Find us EDU Boutique , or call 0775673510 to grab a copy.
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Africa day live.you are there because you make us move educationally
"Mathematics is the queen of Science, and Arithmetic the queen of Mathematics" - Carl Friedrich Gauss
Original Maths text book, Form 1 - 4 available at Engazbookshop. Inbox for more information.
CPS - Consultus Publishing Services
Isindebele soqobo 3 - ugwalo lwabafundi
Ever to Love and to Serve! This video is about the story of service. A story of how Chaplain Fr SJ and AJU students is building a future at Tichakunda School located in one of the poor high density suburbs of Harare, Hatcliff.

Arrupe college Jesuit school of philosophy and humanities. Arrupe Jesuit University Nobert Rwodzi Cde Kelvin Lampard Munkuli Tich Nero João D Tivane Nda AShava JesCom Moçambique Arrupe Jesuit University Esil Jesuits Magis Zimbabwe Magis Zambia Archdiocese Yeharare Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Harare The Catholic University of Zimbabwe Ourlady Mount Pleasant Parish Holy Name Catholic Church UNICEF Zimbabwe Save the Children in Zimbabwe Eversharp CPS - Consultus Publishing Services
Future of my past

Did I do something wrong
Did I make a mistake
Did I miss my opportunity
Did I trust the wrong people
Did I cause a lot of pain
Did I force my way through

Was I heartless
Was I misguided
Was I cruel
Was I mis interpreted
Was I wrong

Am I being punished
Am I stuck on yesterday
Am I remorseful
Am I doing it right
Am I forgiving
Am I without a soul

Day by day I ask myself these questions
Here I am alone
Feeling courageous
I wonder if I was too ambitious
But I am with no regrets
Where I am is great
With no apologies
I am stronger without the rest of you
Now I know who my real friends are
I sleep peaceful at night
Life is hard
Surround yoself with people that love you
Then life will not be as hard
Good afternoon, I'm a young talented artist. I have compiled my anthologies and I would like them to be published. How can I be assisted by your company

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send me contact details (phone) need your assistance
◆Iam a 'stay at home' mummy
◆I have just finished a book entitled'ADVENTURE:VICTORIAN ERA DEMONS & CRIMINALS IN NEWYORK'.
◆My problem is that i dont have finance to publish and market it.
◆Can you help?Or can you refer me to some one who can help?
◆Here is the kind of help iam looking for:
Maybe a machine or finance loan to publish and market the book to be paid back by sells.
Old/New machines/Finance donation to publish and market the book.
Services loan/donation to publish and market the book to be paid back by book sells.
Thanking you inadvance for the help....i remain.
Looking for this book " Domestic Science Textbook" by Selkirk & Fouche. Do you have it?

Consultus Publishing Services, one of the leading educational publishers in Zimbabwe, produces teach














"Calling all teachers and parents! 📣 Are you looking for top-quality resources to help your students or children succeed in English Language exams? Our CPS English Language textbooks are here to help. Covering Forms 1 to 4 and an "O" level revision book, these comprehensive resources are packed with exercises, activities, and practice opportunities to support language learning. From grammar and vocabulary to comprehension and composition, CPS Secondary English language textbooks have got you covered. Don't miss out on this valuable resource – check them out now! 📚
Visit our nearest bookshop or https://www.cps.co.zw to make a purchase. Contact [email protected] or +263782027577 / +263771247678 to find out more.






Introducing Changamire D***o. An intriguing story that erases colonial notions which portrayed Blacks as backward. It narrates how the Blacks ran and maintained vibrant societies complete with social, political, and economic systems. Blacks had and have unfathomable indigenous medical knowledge.
The story takes one back in time between the mid-1600s to early 1700s, with the King of the Rozvi tribe who engaged and successfully defeated a Portuguese army. The army had sailed south of the African continent intending to raid wealth from the mineral-rich Sub-Saharan Kingdom. The victory and how it was attained not only elevates Changamire D***o to becoming the next king of the empire stretching between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, but it also established him as the most successful emperor in the region.
The book does not solely focus on the war, but the prelude of how Changamire D***o rose to power amongst his tribes, serving an UMAMI on the emotional palate in the process. The book is structured to paint a vivid picture of African traditions and ways before colonial influence, taking you back into the 1600s and making you feel like they were physically present, experiencing the journey as if they were King D***o’s, right-hand man.
The book gives a refreshingly progressive stance on women’s empowerment under Changamire D***o. Women received entry-level combat training and beautiful Queen Nyaradzo could spin and throw a spear just like any trained soldier. The novel fronts the idea that genuine brotherhood can help develop between races, Rodriguez (the Portuguese) becomes Changamire Domo’s soul mate, and his daughter provides the much-needed heir to the Rozvi State.
Inspired by true events, though the details are fictional, the story of Changamire D***o will leave you with an appetite for African history.
Visit our nearest bookshop or https://www.cps.co.zw to make a purchase. Contact [email protected] or +263782027577 / +263771247678 to find out more.





Did you know that CPS is present in all provinces, with an Educational Advisor responsible for each province?

At CPS, we understand that each province is unique and requires tailored solutions to meet local needs. We are passionate about providing the best possible service to all our clients regardless of their location.

The head office at 19 Glenara Avenue Eastlea serves Harare, Mash Central, Mash East and Mash West Provinces. CPS also has offices in Mutare (serving Manicaland), Bulawayo (serving Mat North, Mat South & Bro), Gweru (serving Midlands province) and Masvingo (serving Masvingo province)

Our commitment to excellence means we strive to ensure that every customer gets the most out of their CPS experience – no matter which province they may be located in! As part of this mission, we encourage our customers to contact their nearest Educational Advisor for assistance.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your students the best education possible! Get your hands on the New CPS| Secondary Geography textbooks today and give your students the tools they need to succeed in their geography studies. With comprehensive coverage and a focus on motivating learners to appreciate the world around them, our textbook is the perfect addition to your classroom resources. Order now and give your students the chance to excel in geography!"
Visit our nearest bookshop or https://www.cps.co.zw to make a purchase. Contact [email protected] or +263782027577 / +263771247678 to find out more.


"As school teachers and parents, you have the power to shape the future success of your students and children. Introduce them to the valuable lessons and practical skills found in CPS| Secondary Business Enterprise Skills textbooks. Order your copies today and give your learners the tools they need to demonstrate their understanding of business enterprise skills and apply them to real-world problem-solving." Visit our nearest bookshop or https://www.cps.co.zw to make a purchase. Contact [email protected] or +263782027577 / +263771247678 to find out more.






We are excited to introduce our New CPS| Secondary English series Learners books, which are designed using the Learner-centered approach that seeks to impart knowledge and skills that will enable learners to be relevant and effective in and outside the classroom. Our books also promote the development of positive attitudes and interpersonal communication through the proper use of language.
Visit our nearest bookshop or https://www.cps.co.zw to make a purchase. Contact [email protected] or +263782027577 / +263771247678 to find out more.

Photos from German Embassy Harare's post 04/01/2023

Inspirational initiative


It's back-to-school season and we are as excited as you are! Consultus Publishing Services we believe preparation and readiness are key to success. How prepared are you? Check out these 4 tips that may assist with making it a little easier to cope. Visit www.cps.co.zw to download a price list primary and secondary school. #


We re-open tomorrow 3 January 2023. We look forward to your orders. Until then visit www.cps.co.zw to download our ECD, Primary and School price lists.


Happy New Year! We're starting the year off with some big news - this year, Consultus Publishing Services turns 10 years old! We want to thank all of our amazing customers and stakeholders for their support and helping us reach this milestone. To celebrate, we'll be hosting special events and promotions throughout the year. Keep an eye out and join us in the celebration! To place orders, email [email protected] or message 0782027577/0772147678.


Happy New Year! We're excited to kick off our 10th year anniversary and continue providing high-quality textbooks and educational resources to our learners and teachers all over Zimbabwe!








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Dear Grade, 7 class of 2022You prepared well with us, you’ve worked hard for these exams, and you know it all right, so ...
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#cpsbooks #newcurriculum #revision #holidayschool
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CPS l Primary Mathematics Grade 6
RavaChiShona Controlled Readers are a series of short stories that use a specific (controlled)  list of words and senten...
Learning and teaching ChiShona has never been this easy. Try it out for free. Go to www.cps.co.zw to sign up or Contact ...
CPS ECD A and ECD B titles are available now.CPS publishes teaching and learning material for ECD level. The CPS|ECD ser...



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