We are a Zimbabwe based Solar solutions company Unipower Solar Solutions is a Zimbabwe based solar services provider. We install , upgrade and maintain solar panels, deep cycle batteries and inverters in residential and commercial applications

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Pagelinkd updated their information in their About section. 22/09/2019

Pagelinkd updated their information in their About section.

Pagelinkd updated their information in their About section.

Pagelinkd updated their business hours. 22/09/2019

Pagelinkd updated their business hours.

Pagelinkd updated their business hours.

Pagelinkd updated their address. 22/09/2019

Pagelinkd updated their address.

Pagelinkd updated their address.

Pagelinkd updated their website address. 22/09/2019

Pagelinkd updated their website address.

Pagelinkd updated their website address.

Pagelinkd updated their phone number. 22/09/2019

Pagelinkd updated their phone number.

Pagelinkd updated their phone number.

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Do you have an event coming up soon? Maybe it's a festival or an exclusive party that you're hosting; it probably needs event bands security.

Pagelinkd provides high-quality tags for any type of event. We also do tag printing. Simply contact (+263) 0773522368 and one of our tag ladies will help you :)

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Gameplan 101

What's the likelihood you'd be able to drive a car well if you didn't have a routine for how you manoeuvre the vehicle? The same goes with business; you can do a lot more with a bit of strategy.

The measure of good service is results, what better way of measuring effect than reach? After all, its in the numbers :)

Get sales whilst you relax with Pagelinkd!

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Online vs Paper Advertising

With approximately 17.6 million Facebook users in Southern Africa and 124 million users in total from Africa, Facebook is the ideal marketing tool for reaching the right clientele you need in order to better fulfil sales objectives and promotions.

In addition, Facebook is time sensitive, meaning that if you have an event you want to promote, its delivery is efficient to every individual smartphone user who Pagelinkd helps you isolate with expert marketing strategies.

Stand a chance of receiving a huge discount on all Web services, App Designs and Social Media Management services hired! :)

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Value of Failure

The hardest issue for a business owner to admit is that they are struggling in certain areas of their enterprise.

What common issues do you think often slow down businesses?

The best answer receives 25% off for a new website! :)

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Sell Solutions to Problems, not products!

According to research done by a financial Institution in African and European markets, at least 30 businesses fail on a daily basis.

The number could be higher if we factor in informal traders. Reasons for failure include:

1. Charging a Price that is too high for your Target Market. (This results in fewer sales)

2. Charging a price that is too low for your target. (This results in more sales but less revenue per sale) This can heavily affect the future of your business.

3. The product simply wasn't reaching the right clientele. (A common issue with start-ups)

Underpinning all of these reasons is the inability to understand what it is you are selling and who it is you are selling to.

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Think of Operating Lean

The best way to maximize on resources is to find the cheapest way of getting your product out to every extra individual without sacrificing on quality or service delivery.

People often misunderstand cheap for low value, when in fact it is the complete opposite.

In this context, finding a cheap way maybe someone who's paying more in cash terms than he was with a previous service provider of the same product, but is gaining more Return On Investment #ROI on every penny spent!

Value = Service and Service = Return on Investment

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Innovation - Part 1.

Innovation is not always in the complexity of an idea.

Sometimes the simpler the idea the more pleasurable it is for consumers.

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Quality Page Management

Have you ever seen a page and wondered why the page always looks so professionally managed?

Well that's because it is, and that's what we do!

Initially, most business owners and companies think they can manage and create innovative consistent content without spamming their customers. They soon realise how wrong they were (well most of them).

With a wide range of companies and individuals under our belt, Pagelinkd is greatly positioned to manage Your page professionally!

You can pick from 3 monthly packages or get the #BOOST you need everyday for 7 straight days!

We also deal with special cases and are happy to talk, just inbox us!

For more info visit


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What if your next decision was your most important?

What if we told you it only takes 7 seconds for a prospective customers to use or LOSE your products?

Let Pagelinkd handle your strategies, at least you have someone to blame..

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Let #Pagelinkd design your logo and brand concept!

We have a good eye for something distinct!

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Develop your next Mobile App with Pagelinkd!

Whether its a GPS mapping app or an ecommerce platform, Pagelinkd can provide you with necessary advice and proceed to develop your next Enterprise Application!

Contact Us and stand a chance to get a prototype developed, at a #KillerDiscount!


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In a market that is often filled with Big Players and tall buildings it is often hard to be recognized, let alone get to your desired customers.

Think about your market as the evening sky whilst you and your competitors are the stars at night. As in this picture, the brightest star can be you! And we can help you get there!

We believe ANY product can sell, it just depends on the way you sell it..

#Only #With #Pagelinkd2016

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Do you have a business or brand you're looking to increase reach?

Let #Pagelinkd manage your page, or any social media account!

Guaranteed results with #Pagelinkd


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ATTENTION: Are you planning on creating a new website soon? Or having someone make it for you?

This is a question Often asked: What does a website do and why i do i need hosting?

In order to display your website on the internet, you need a web-hosting provider. Paying a hosting service offers you ALOT of freedom for your site.

To create your own website, you first need a domain name ( . Your web developer should be able to sort all of that out.

Check out this design we did for a Payment Solutions company. We can do a lot more including e-commerce platforms, shopping carts, online payments and private networks.

For more information contact +263773522368 or simply visit our website and get a 5% discount!


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We are proud to inform you that we have Party Tickets available for sale!!




Contact: 0773522368 for more information


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Support Project Young Africa in helping Zimbabwe realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. SHARE this picture and support Project Young Africa's Zero Tolerance To New Infections among our youth generation, today being World Aids Day certain resolutions needed to be made and these include
1- No New HIV/AIDS infections by 2020
2- It is your responsibility to CONDOMIZE and practice SAFE S*X
3- It is your mandate to ensure your GENERAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS
4-Increase awareness of the Zero Tolerance Policy


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In need of #Web #Development Services?

We design mobile websites, desktop and even private networks!

More to come soon!




"Let us Manage your page to increase likes! And get you more customers"

We've seen this all too often. Truth is, your page simply getting likes will not assure that it will result in quantifiable sales..

For that there's precision :
Right content
Right customer target
Competent Strategy to name a few.

With #Pagelinkd the hardest part for you will be giving us a try. We're open 24/7 because we know business is there even on rest days!

Good day


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Your time is probably the most important weapon you have to make a difference. This picture clearly shows the different places your time goes.

What if WE could give you something most services can't? That's freeing up your time, to better focus on the most crucial aspects of your business?

Time is money and more specifically time is life..


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We will be zooming into the major elements of Marketing in Relation to the ever growing influence of Social Media.

Our focus will begin with the Important and Key Elements of Market Research, its strength and methodologies, and its effect both positively and negatively on Markets and Market Entry by new time firms.


Solar panels, deep gel batteries, lithium ion batteries, inverters, solar pumps, charge controlers, solar regulators, mecer products, luminous products



57 Jason Moyo Ave, Harare

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