Rebirth Correctional Services Trust

Rebirth Correctional Services Trust


Graduation Day 8 June, 2021 with Petros Mandaza

CWC trained 35 prisoners and 5 officers.

The prisoners are being empowered with Mindset Transformation skills for their life during and after release, within the next 6 months.

As for the officers, it is for developing new mindsets, in line with the correctional service and rehabilitation process.

Working together with Rebirth Correctional Services Trust

Touching souls one training at a time #cleanwealthcreation #rehabilitation #mindsettransformation
Transformation starts with development of NEW MINDSETS.

The beneficiaries of the services of RCS and CWC will never br the same.
Transformation starts with development of NEW MINDSETS.

The beneficiaries of the services of RCS and CWC
Greetings saints of God.
At such a time as this our brothers and sisters who are in prison need our prayers the more. Let's raise our voices to God and cover our beloveds in prayers and that they be preserved from this pandemic of covid-19.

Thank you

R.C.S.T helps both inmates and ex-inmates around Zimbabwe meet their social, spiritual, emotional and financial challenges during and after incarceration.

Rebirth correctional services trust exists for the purposes of rehabilitation and reintegration of ex inmates (prisoners) into society. It achieves this through a number of initiatives which include preaching the word of God, supporting skills training programmes and mobilizing resources for income generating projects.The main resource partners for Rebirth are local cooperates and individuals wh

Operating as usual


A brand new month with new things.
Indeed we are reaching out to relatives of inmates who haven't visited their loved ones for a long time.
I implore those with incarcerated relatives to make time and visit your loved ones.

Family support plays a pivotal role in the lives of inmates as this brings a sense of belonging.

Be blessed.
Much grace.


Getting ready for another explosion at Kentucky Prison this Sunday.
It's life transforming and holistic approach to ministry.

Partner with us.

Much grace.


Let's come together and transform lives.


Inmates in various prison centers are furthering their education.
Yes from primary to Tertiary level
As Rebirth we have taken it upon us to support this noble cause.

You can adopt a student and cater for his or her educational needs.

Together we can impact lives.
Contact us#+263 775913270.

Rebirth Correctional Services Trust, organized by Masimba Masamba 07/03/2022

Rebirth Correctional Services Trust, organized by Masimba Masamba

Exciting news.
We have launched a go fund me project meant to purchase a printing machine that will go a long way in supporting education for inmates.
Let's join hands to support this great initiative.

Join the link below.

Thank you all.

Rebirth Correctional Services Trust, organized by Masimba Masamba Rebirth Correctional Services Trust "Rebirth" is a trust registered under the law… Masimba Masamba needs your support for Rebirth Correctional Services Trust


More awareness is needed to the community on the need to give ex-inmates another chance to pick up their pieces and mend their mistakes.
Labelling them is a recipe for reinforcing repeat offences.

Let's play our part.

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 15/02/2022

It was a new dawn at Guruve prison as Rebirth stepped into the prison.
Inmates benefited educational material to enhance their learning experience as they carry out vocational training.

Imparting skills will help them to fend for themselves after release as they're chances of getting employment are close to none.
6 hair clippers were donated to start a barber shop which will generate income for self sustanance.
The spiritual welfare of inmates is very key as it inculcate in them good morale values that will assist ex-offenders to live well in society.
Bibles were handed over after the church service.

Many thanks to you our partners for your generous giving towards this worthy cause.

You too can become a partner.
Contact+263 775913270.

Much grace.


28/1/22 brought about smiles for inmates at Chikurubi Female Prison. Mothers could not hold back their tears for the timely gesture from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust.
"We reach to all and show no partiality when distributing donations " says Gamushirai Mashanyare after handing over sanitary ware to 30 mentally challenged inmates.
Children received learning books,pens,rulers,electronic kids laptop and some goodies like juices.
Nursing mothers and expecting were also handed over pampers to cater for their needs.

Many thanks to our partners Dairy Fresh Distributors,Chloride and individuals who made this possible.

Together we can transform other people's lives.

Let's continue to join hands and reach out to those in prison with the love of God.

Much grace.


Friday 28/2/22 will see Rebirth reach out to children in prison with their mothers at Chikurubi Female Prison.
Let's come together and transform lives as a team.

Donations in cash and kind are welcome.
Contact +263 775913270.

Much grace.


Activities roll into life next week as all roads leads to Chikurubi Female Prison.
We shall be handing over donations and reach to children in prison with their mothers.
To take note are 5 expecting.Your donations are welcome in making this trip fruitful.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Good morning saints.
We roll into life with visits to Chikurubi Female Prison in the coming week and Guruve Prison the following week.
Supporting the welfare of inmates assists them not to become hardcore criminals.
Let's join hands in prayer and material support for this worthy cause.
Our 3 main thrusts for this year are Education,Health and the Spiritual well being.

Thank you for your continued support.

Much grace.


Merry Christmas to you all our partners for your unwavering support.
2021 was a mouthful year considering the circumstances.

Well done and we salute you.

Let's gear up for 2022 with greatness.

Much grace.


Sharpening skills for 2022.

Attending a PVO and NGO MASTERCLASS.
A great time of networking

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 05/12/2021

Getting things straight for 2022 with the team.

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 23/11/2021

It was indeed a great experience

Praise God


Operation Torai Vanhu was a great success mission at Guruve Farm and Remand Prison. The starting point is when a person is transformed in his mindset. It can only be achieved through the gospel.
We saw over 40 souls surrendering to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Hallelujah.

Thank you partners for your support and prayers.

Let's keep reaching the needy for the transformation of the world.

Much grace.


Doors are wide open for Guruve prison. We will surely reach out to the needy and spread the gospel of truth


Wrapping up the year in style. We celebrate the hardwork exuded by the committed excellent team in transforming lives.
It is all because of God's enabling power.


Correcting behavior and imparting skills to make lives of offenders better is our core bussiness. Yes together we can do it and build a better nation, continent and world at large.


Dear all.

Please be advice that the Mental health Day celebrations which were scheduled for Chikurubi Female Prison on 14/10/21 has been postponed to a date to be advised.

Let's keep gathering items for our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated.

Thank you for your continued support.

Much grace.


The Mental health celebrations were postponed to a later date.
It gives us amble time to prepare adquately for the great day.

Let's keep supporting our brothers and sisters in cash and kind.

Much grace.


Today marks another visit to Chikurubi Female Prison for Mental health Day celebrations.

The team is geared to make impact again in the lives of our sisters in prison facilities.

Many thanks to you our partners for making this a success.

Much grace.

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 02/10/2021

Rebirth made yet another life transforming visit to Chikurubi Female.
A donation worth $1289 USD was made possible through the generous support of our partners.

Remain blessed and let's keep touching lives.

Much grace.


Our recent visit to Chikurubi Female Prison put smiles on kids.
They received goodies which include sweets,drinks,clothes and a lot of food stuffs for their welfare.

Well done my partners for this great job.

Let's continue to do more.
Much grace.


31st of August 2021 marked a day that brought about smiles to children at Chikurubi Female Prison.
Each of the 24 children had a share from the donations made by Rebirth Correctional Services Trust members during their visit.
My profound gratitude to our partners across the globe.
Together we are touching lives and leaving an indelible mark in these people's lives. All to the glory of God.

Let's keep doing good.

Much grace.

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 13/08/2021

We are so proud of you Dairy Fresh Distributors team for the great work in supporting the cause of the ministry.
Together we are transforming lives.

Thank you for your support.
Much grace.


We are set to make children in prison with their mothers smile this month.
Yes they are victims of circumstances.They deserve love and have all the rights like any other free child.

Let's join hands and gather all the neccesities to reach to these lovely little ones.
Your dollar ,warm jersey,peanut butter,sugar,rice,toys can make a difference.

Together we can transform lives.
Be blessed.


Being incarcerated on its own is enough to bring stress to our loved ones in prison.
It's made worse by not having the opportunity to receive visit from your loved ones.

Rebirth continues to touch lives through sending donations to inmates in various centres during this time of dire need.

Together we can make a difference.
Let's join hands and share what we have.
Food and clothing will do a great deal.
Get in touch.

Much grace

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 24/07/2021

Taking you back the memory lane with Irene Bhunu.


10 years later still going strong.

Your past doesn't determine your future.
Well done Rebirth for playing a vital role in transforming her life.
Now a proud farmer in Mvurwi.
Potential that could easily have gone to waste if the bridge was not built between prison and community.

Thanks to our partners.

Much grace

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 18/07/2021

We are called to reach to inmates at all lengths despite the prevailing circumstances.
Rebirth and Exide have joined hands to gather stationery to empower inmates who are doing vocational training!!!.

Distribution will be done soon.

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 14/07/2021

Despite the prevailing challenges in the nation,we MUST carry out our mandate.
Rebirth continues to touch lives through providing the much needed help to those incarcerated.
Below shows a happy inmate in Kachara Guruve who received groceries worth $20 and a pair of tennis to keep warm.

Also we were pleased to see the Ugandian woman who was incarcerated flying back to her nation.
Ohhhh praise be to God.
Thanks be to your continued partnership.

Many thanks.

Photos from Rebirth Correctional Services Trust's post 15/06/2021

What a successful mindset transformation it was as Rebirth in collaboration with Clean Wealth Creation embarked on a weeklong program.
35 inmates and 4 officers took part in the workshop.
Thanks to our partners for great support.

We are now gathering examination fees for inmates who are sitting for November exams.
Together we can transform lives


We have taken Rehabilitation to another level as we embark on a one week Mind transformation program at Harare Central Prison from the 1st of June to the 8th of June 2021.

Yes together we can make a change in people's lives.
Let's keep partnering together in this worthy cause.


Much grace.


Some inmates rejoiced as they turned their back on prison facilities 3 days ago on Amnesty.

As a community we have a role to play in facilitating smooth reintegration of these ex-inmates.
Acceptance and forgiveness is key in bettering their lives.

Let's give them the much needed support for them to be on their feet.

Stigmatisation will cause them to feel unwanted and opt to be back in prison again.

Together we can stop this cycle of repeat offending .
Let's unite.

Much grace.

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Munoshamisa Jesu Kristu
Be Inspired by the testimonies.Much grace.
Rebirth Programmes
When I got to Chikurubi prison,I saw God



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