Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Zimbabwe

Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Zimbabwe


We often need to remind ourselves to take a moment just for us... Make those moments count and treat yourself ❤

Natural Cosmetics containing all the goodness of the Dead Sea which we import from Israel. Researched by Dermatologists for the goodness of our skin!

A wide range of Cosmetics for ladies and gentlemen, that are constantly growing... From facial products, to body scrubs and creams as well as hair and nail care! All of these products are available throughout Zimbabwe, please contact us for information about your area in Zimbabwe.

Operating as usual

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We have recieved our new stock, contact us today to ensure your skin is kept ultra healthy in these worrying covid times...



How to get the best results from using our facial exfoliating & cleansing gel...

🚿Wet face & gently massage onto face and neck in circular motions
🧻Pat skin dry
Only use it a maximum of 3 times per week.


How to get the best results from using our facial exfoliating & cleansing gel...

🚿Wet face & gently massage onto face and neck in circular motions
🧻Pat skin dry
Only use it a maximum of 3 times per week.


We are so excited to let you know our products have finally arrived!!! Contact us today to get your Christmas gifts sorted!!


Corona Virus protection (masks 😷) and the chilly dry winter 🥶🥶🥶 weather means our facial skin is taking a serious hammering. Contact us today to get your facial scrub to remove and revitalize the skin and a gentle moisturizer to keep that dry air from damaging your skin... remember to keep safe in this difficult time!


Skin Care during Corona Days... 😷
So we all got panicked and started to use crazy amounts of alcohol gel and washing our hands constantly. Adding to all of that the fickle weather and you got dry and cracked hands.
At days like these, it is important to maintain a grooming routine and keep your hands, body and face well hydrated.
To complete treatment we recommend you to use together with the alcohol gel, our wonderful body butters and rich hand cream, which will leave your skin smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch.
Wish you all a quiet, calm and healthy days ♥


Get your body prepared for Winter with a fabulous body scrub, followed by a luxury body butter layer of magic... contact us today to get your body ready for Winter & avoid those dry days!!!


With all the busy days we have, dont let your nails and hands suffer.. we have a fantastic cuticle oil which soaks in quick, strengthens the nail bed as well as moisturising it. Meaning no dry skin around the nail & healthy nails ready to take on the world.. contact us today to get yours..


Wishing all our customers a fantastic 2020.. Hoping it is a beautiful year for you (of course helped along by our fabulous products 😊😉)


Did you know that it is recommended to incorporate sea salt in your skincareroutine for replenishing the minerals in your skin? Luckily, Premier Dead Sea contains all the minerals and salts your skin needs.


Did you know that honey has amazing benefits for your skin? Aside from being deliciously nutritious, honey cleanses, purifies and clears the skin. No wonder it's one of the ingredients in our Aromatic Body Butter: for a flavorsome touch 😉


Premier Dead Sea has you covered from hair to toe. 💁 Our Hair Loss Preventative Care Shampoo will bring the shine back to your hair and scalp!


Smooth, silky and sweet - and we're not just talking about this heavenly rich body butter, but also your skin!


Oranges are a great source for vitamin C (it is no coincidence we use them in our products). Our Classic Concentrated Facial Serum With Vitamins E & C will lift your skincare routine! Spoil your skin this winter!


Premier Dead Sea uses mineral salt from the Dead Sea salt in Israel. The salt content of the Dead Sea salt is as high as 33.3%, which is 10 times higher than the salt content of the sea. Its unique salt contains various high concentrations of minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromide, sodium and potassium, etc., These products have a variety of unique minerals found in the Dead Sea, which helps the body clear away toxins and restore young and soft skin.


She's your No. 1 cheerleader so gift your mum this Mother's Day with beautiful skin.


Everyone needs a boost of vitamins during the cold season, (Which is fast approaching!). Our vitamin-enriched facial serum provides an invisible silky veil of support for your skin by employing a revolutionary triple lifting mechanism. It lifts the skin, tightens it immediately upon application and infuses it with vital nourishment.


If you can't remember the last time you had a good hair day, our nourishing hair mask comes to the rescue. Our Age-defying hair mask contains pure Argan oil and Dead Sea minerals to moisturize and nourish the hair and restore a fantastic shine. It softens the hair without weighing it down for beautiful, healthy-looking hair...


February is the month of love, get back in love with your body by purchasing some of our products. We can't wait to help you fall in love again with your beauty regime.
Contact us today!


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The Centre Events

CHRISTMAS FAIR - Saturday 8th December. 9am -3pm. 8 Coltman Rd, Mt. Pleasant, Harare. $3 entrance for adults. Pensioners $1. Childrenunder 12 :Free.
All your Christmas Shopping in one place!


Looking forward to seeing you there!!

CHRISTMAS FAIR - 8th December. 9am - 3pm. Wide range of stalls. Gifts, Christmas goodies, crafts, pottery, stocking fillers, toys, clothes, delicious food, Christmas cakes, preserves, This fair has something for everyone. DON'T MISS IT!


The Centre Events

PREMIER DEAD SEA COSMETICS ZIM will be at the CHRISTMAS FAIR on 8th December. Natural Cosmetics containing all the goodness of the Dead Sea which are imported from Israel. Researched by Dermatologists for the goodness of your skin!


Visit us today at St Johns Spring Fair. Don't forget to come take your picture and stand a chance to win.


Our St John's Spring Fair Exciting Competition!
Winner will be chosen at random on Friday 5th October at 15.00hrs.


As summer starts we need to ensure our skin is ready to shed that winter layer and get prepared for summer, have you started your "Summer Routine" yet?

1. Remember the sunscreen. No matter where you are, harmful UV rays may find you. Sun protection is an item you should never forget. While Vitamin D is good for the body, the harmful side effects of too much sun can exaggerate the natural aging process of your skin. Wrinkles and dark spots will age your look. Upgrade your post-sun care with the Prestige Natural Aloe Vera Gel, with organic ingredients that immediately relieve exposed skin.

2. Take care of the skin for the day and night. Some people will forget that moisturizing dry skin should be done at night, too. Waking up and putting on moisturizer will make skin dewy and plump, and doing so at night will ensure your skin doesn’t dry up while you are asleep. Day and night skincare may have different needs, so be prepared. The Premier Regenerating Night Cream was made for the express purpose of taking care of free radicals in your sleep. Helping accelerate cellular regeneration, this treatment is effective but is often forgotten. Apply this as a mask around your eyes to fight wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Also don't forget we will be at the St Johns Spring Fair, 30th September 2018. We look forward to seeing you there.


We are getting ourselves ready for the St Johns Spring Fair, put it in your dairy so you do not miss out on it - the 30th September 2018, at St Johns College...
Can't wait to see you...


We are so excited to let you know, our shipment of stock has ARRIVED!!! Please contact us for our new brochure if you have not yet received it! 🤗


To all our valued customers

We have been very patiently waiting for our consignment of goods to arrive.

Sadly due to approvals needed with Zimra and then trying to get payments done from here, it delayed us. We made some progress and got very excited to give the go ahead to collect and import our shipment in the middle of March.

Sadly we have been let down and it appears our consignment has gone awol!!!

We are very upset and pushing everyone to find it as soon as possible.

As soon as we have received our shipment we will let you know.

Please bear with us while our stocks are low.


Being caring and observant as you are, you pick up on the most nuanced things: the smell of fresh coffee and flowers, the feel of your complexion in the morning and the labels on the products you use - so you'll immediately notice the difference in your skin after using our fast-acting and healthy skin care.


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We are very excited to let you know, that we have received our Swipe machine. This means even more convenience shopping with us!


Another reason to use our Premier Products!!
Why is Aloe Vera good for you? It efficiently renews skin and encourages skin cell renewal. With each application you’ll begin to see a clear difference and your skin will look brighter, younger – and much happier.


Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Zimbabwe's cover photo


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