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Good morning Africa! Check out my podcast from the US about acting all over the world!!

Hello! If any of your students like to act, please share my The Creativitorium Podcast ! Thank you!

Tax Training workshop for MSMEs held on the 9th of March 2021 at Sango Conference Centre. A big thank you to our participants who came and made the day a success. We engaged in fruitful discussions and a lot was learnt!

Watch the space for details on the next training session!!!!
United States African Development Foundation
ACT in Africa
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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Thank you Academy for Women Entrepreneurs for the opportunity, the exhibition was #AWEsome!!

ACT in Africa
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#Design4Zim Challenge 3 is now out!
For this fortnight’s challenge, we are focusing on something very important. The #covidー19 times have highlighted the vast inequalities in a number of areas including access to #education. Therefore this fortnight’s challenge will focus on…"How might we improve access to education for primary and secondary students in the rural areas during pandemics?"

If you believe you have either a digital or non-digital solution to this challenge, you can submit your brief 2-page concept document or a 5 slide PowerPoint document to or Whatsapp +263714745849. Please do not submit more than one idea. The deadline for Challenge 3 submissions is 2359 on Thursday the 14th of May. The winner will be announced on Friday the 21st of May.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and we wish you the best of luck!
ACT in Africa Stimulus Impact Hub Harare
🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ACT in Africa is a social impact organization that works on identifying opportunities for youth to make them more employable. Act in Africa also runs several programs on providing training curriculum for young women entrepreneurs.

Check out their page👉

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On Wednesday the 29th of January 2020, Irene Chikumbo from ACT in Africa facilitated the last Harare cohort workshop before graduation of the U.S. Embassy Harare's #AWEprogram.

The discussion points included how to manage your team better, how to make sure business continues in the absence of the business owners and also choosing the right business partners. The women shared their different experiences throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

The workshop further went on to challenge the women to strategize what they will start working on within a give timeline in order to better their businesses. We are super excited to see them achieve their #SMARTgoals.

#AWEZimbabwe #AWEsome #LeaveNoWomanBehind
Meet the amazing bunch from the Bulawayo AWE Cohort! We are super impressed with the quality and caliber of these women! They have amazing businesses, drive and infectious energy. Well done to Thube Ndlovu for being a great facilitator to them!

U.S. Embassy Harare ACT in Africa

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👋👋 Meet Irene Chikumbo, the operation director at ACT in Africa!

👩‍🎨👩‍🔬 ACT in Africa is a social impact organisation that works in identifying opportunity for youth to make them more employable. ACT in Africa also runs several programs on providing training curriculum for young women entrepreneur.

Take a look at the video below 👇

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A few more pictures from yesterday's #AWE workshop.

A U.S. Embassy Harare initiative pioneered through ACT in Africa in Harare, Zimbabwe.

#AcademyforWomenEntrepreneurs #AWE #AWEZimbabwe #LeaveNoWomanBehind #WomenEmpowerment #WomenEntrepreneurs
🧐👥✅ Visiting social enterprises and exploring the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Harare continues on the third day from the Contact Making Seminar in Zimbabwe together with our hosts Young Africa Zimbabwe, and our partners Risky Business - #withus and

☑️ We started the day with a visit of BlitzTech Electronics, an aspiring tech startup connecting the African business and consumer space with the rest of the world.
✔️ We also had the chance to talk with the young entrepreneur and founder of IPA - Ashley Chimhanda. IPA is a mobile application that is currently in the testing phase and provides an equal distribution of food for people having difficulties to access quality nutrition.
☑️The next stop was in the premises of Young Africa. YA empowers young people by providing vocational training, life skills, and entrepreneurship.
✔️ BOOST Fellowship, an NGO that provides mentoring programs for aspiring social entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe that are eager to make a difference in their local communities through social entrepreneurship, was also one of the places that we visited.
☑️ The journey continued in ACT in Africa, a social impact organization that identifies opportunities for youth in order to help them in the employment process. ACT in Africa runs several programs on providing training curriculum for young women entrepreneurs.
☑️The team also had a chance to visit the Ministry of Youth in Zimbabwe. The Ministry supports the NGO sector in Zimbabwe by organizing training courses for young people in remote areas.
☑️We closed the day with a visit to the Impact Hub Harare, a social innovation space that is a nest of the change-makers in Zimbabwe. They are running different programs on empowering young people to be self-employed and to make a social impact at the same time.

Check the photos from the visit ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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We are the only social impact organisation in Zimbabwe that uses Human Centred Design (HCD) to ignite creativity & innovation. We run an HCD training program for individuals & a business growth program for entrepreneurs & SMEs.

Call or email us today!

Operating as usual


While addressing a problem, think of all the possible stakeholders that will be impacted by the solution and engage them in your research. These users will create the persona that you will be solving the problem for. Design Thinking is grounded on quality over quantity, this quality is achieved through getting a realistic representative of the people facing the problem.

#Innovation #DesignThinking #HumanCentredDesign #HCD #DT

Photos from ACT in Africa's post 23/02/2022

Last week we were conducting user research in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe through a series of focus group discussions with various stakeholders in Bulawayo. This is a project we are working on with Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) to produce resident-centric solutions that they, BPRA and Bulawayo City Council can introduce.

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Human centred design is a holistic approach that utilises collaborative methods and a human-centric focus to collect inspiration from and design with the people affected by a problem or involved in its solution.
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Image: Unsplash


All the AWEsome women that recently graduated from the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs 2021 cohort. May your capacitation inspire and grow more women led businesses.

To those interested in the program, please be advised that the dates for the next cohort are not yet set. Please continue following our socials for updates.

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Home - Act In Africa 28/01/2022

Home - Act In Africa

It's Friday and we are excited to launch our new website🥳. Also, we are taking a new direction as ACT in Africa but we will still be involved in the entrepreneurship space and providing the youth skills of the future.

#Design #Innovation #HumanCentric #DesignThinking #HumanCentredDesign #HCD #DT

Home - Act In Africa Mission & Ambition Our mission is to stimulate innovation and build entrepreneurial ecosystems in Southern Africa in order to catalyse…


Yesterday we had a check-in session with some of our HCD alumni (2019 & 2020). We talked about their successes and challenges in implementing HCD and its tools in their business, work and personal lives. We discussed the different ways they can approach the challenges they're facing and to use the power of iteration through low fidelity prototypes until they're certain they've achieved set targets.

The next check-in is in February.

#Design #HCD #DesignThinking #HumanCentric #Innovation #HumanCentredDesign #DT

The Infiltrator Technique: how a Zimbabwean startup unleashed the power of experimentation 26/01/2022

The Infiltrator Technique: how a Zimbabwean startup unleashed the power of experimentation

Our work just got featured in an article by a management consultancy firm based in Spain, NOBA. It details a clever use of Business Prototyping techniques used to unleash the growth of a company, Ezee Kleen Detergents.

#Design #HCD #DesignThinking #Prototyping #HumanCentredDesign #Growth #Business

The Infiltrator Technique: how a Zimbabwean startup unleashed the power of experimentation This blog entry was written by Olga Sganzerla, Business Designer at NOBA, sharing her experience as a mentor at ACT IN AFRICA Business Growth Program. We would like to acknowledge the collaboration of Geraldine Zikwature for the creation of this piece. In early 2019, Geraldine Zikwature, was busy ru...


Exit Announcement

After spending 7 years with us, Irene Chikumbo has officially left ACT in Africa. She will now take the role of an advisor instead as she pursues other interests. We would like to thank her for all that she has done for ACT and it's community. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors. #ThankYou


Board Member Announcement

Geraldine Zikwature has joined the ACT in Africa board. She is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, founder and Managing Director of Taly & Nash (Pvt) Ltd which is the holding company for Ezee Kleen Detergents, Ezee Bar & Butchery located in Harare and The Green Farm which is a horticultural farm that provides various vegetables to leading green produce retailers.

Geraldine Holds the position of Executive Vice Chairperson of The SME Association of Zimbabwe and is currently a Value-Chain Chairperson of the Consumer Products group within the association. She is an Associate Certified Tax Accountant and holds a BCom in Accounting from Zimbabwe Open University.

In 2018, she was awarded for being one of Zimbabwe’s 50 most successful women by Women Excel and recently selected as one of the upcoming entrepreneurs to participate in the Ernst and Young Business Accelerator Program. She was recently profiled in a UN funded movement for young successful female entrepreneurs called the Gogetter Movement and is part of the founding 100.

Geraldine is an avid supporter of Women and Youth Empowerment but the cap she holds dear is being a wife and mother of 2 brilliant children.

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We are officially open for 2022. If you're uncertain of what 2022 has lined up for you, don't worry about it. Read the text in the image.

A few announcements coming up in the next few days.

Image: Unsplash
#HCD #DT #HumanCentric #Design #DesignThinking


Good afternoon community. Please be advised of this panel discussion happening today which is a joint meet-up between UX Glasgow and UX Zim. Our HCD Coordinator will be part of the discussion. After the discussion, there will be a networking session and sharing of UX stories.

For those not familiar with User Experience (UX), it's closely related to Human Centred Design (HCD).

Register here:

#Innovation #AlternativeThinking #HumanCentredDesign #Design #HCD #DesignThinking #DT

Photos from ACT in Africa's post 29/11/2021

Congratulations to our Business Growth Program alumna Geraldine Zikwature for scooping two awards late last week. One from the Institute of Corporate Directors Zimbabwe for the award Woman Corporate Director of the Year (SMEs) and another from the SME Association of Zimbabwe for the category of Product Quality.

Bravo! Ezee Kleen Detergents
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The power of imagination!
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein
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"The more you know about your user problems, the more clarity there is in your design solutions." - Mario Maruffi

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Photos from ACT in Africa's post 24/11/2021

We're facilitating the weekly session of the AWE program with the assistance of Dr Xolani Ndlovu, Head of Strategy for Old Mutual Africa. He is taking the ladies through the different ways of financing their dreams: debt & equity loan, angel investors & more.

He is also sharing about the need of having a good social capital in order to make your dream a reality.
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Great opportunity for women in STEM. Do apply 🙂


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain
#Entrepreneur #DesignThinking #Innovation


Do you agree or disagree? Please share your thoughts.
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Credit: Grayson Julius


Currently taking place is a virtual session of the AWE Program weekly meet-up and Plot Mhako, who needs no introduction in the creative space (founder of earGROUND and Jibilika Dance Trust), is taking the ladies through a session on "Formalizing & Turning Your Dream To Reality"
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As part of the AWE program, every other week we host a speaker series for our 2021 cohort participants on different facets that are particularly relevant to them as creatives. Last week's session was on "How The Creative Sector Can Enhance Employability or Decent Employment."

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"What is not started today is never finished tomorrow." - Johann von Goethe

Have a fruitful and productive week.
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Photos from ACT in Africa's post 10/11/2021

Currently taking place is the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs 2021 cohort session. Today's session is led by a guest facilitator, Mr Ralph Ndou (CA), who will be taking us through Keeping Track & Profiting From Your Dream.

#Entrepreneur #ACTinAfrica #Entrepreneurship #AWEsome #WomenEmpowerment #Womandla #AWEZimbabwe #AWEinZim


What is a User Persona?
A fictional character created to represent a group of potential users who exhibit similar behaviors in their usage, preferences, lifestyle, values, needs, goals or challenges. Created from synthesizing observations of many people.
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The Grind Includes Friday


Linking small scale businesses with lucrative markets is really important towards their growth. This will result in a decrease in unemployment rates as the businesses grow. What do you think needs to be done in order to achieve this?
#Youth #Entrepreneur #DesignThinking #Entrepreneurship #HumanCentredDesign

Image Source: Unsplash


What is the value proposition for your business?

Image Source: Unsplash
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The human-centered design process has 3 phases — Inspiration, Ideation & Implementation. In the Inspiration phase, you'll learn directly from the people you're designing for. In the Ideation phase, you'll make sense of what you learned, identify opportunities for design, and prototype possible solutions. And in the Implementation phase, you'll bring your solutions to life.

Image: ACT in Africa
#Design #Innovation #DesignThinking #People #Opportunities #ProblemSolving #Africa #Inspiration


“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” - Henry Ford

Let's take this concept and run with it this week. Have a fruitful, productive and profitable week. Don't forget to collaborate if there's a chance to do so.


"A good question is designed as a mechanism for learning and doesn’t assume solutions from the beginning. Avoid questions that are too broad and abstract, as well as those that are too narrow and specific. Effective questions provide just the right amount of scope for creative exploration and meaningful insights."

#DesignThinking #DT #HCD #entrepreneur

The secret to creating amazing work? You have to hate it first 19/10/2021

The secret to creating amazing work? You have to hate it first

"It turns out that students who effortlessly solve a math problem get fewer right answers when they face similar problems in the future, as compared to students who struggle with the initial problem. The lesson is that your learning is deeper, and you retain more of the knowledge, when it takes some time and effort to figure out how to do something."

This is very interesting. We have several experiences of when we struggled to uncover meaningful designs that incorporate feasibility, business-sense and customer needs based on the insights we had come up with from human-centric research but because of that struggle, we came up with some amazing solutions. The author, Sarah Stein Greenberg, talks about the "productive struggle" that we sometimes face when working on something and "that there is almost always a part of your process that feels terrible. The good news is, you’re not the only one who feels this way. The better news: That discomfort serves you."

#Design #HCD #DesignThinking #HumanCentric #Africa #SDG #Innovation #Growth #MarketAnalysis #MarketResearch #Market

The secret to creating amazing work? You have to hate it first In ‘Creative Acts for Curious People,’ the Stanford’s Sarah Stein Greenberg offers tangible ways to embrace creativity and work through obstacles.

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