SKY Classique Events

SKY Classique Events

We do all your events and promise you a lifetime memory of it.

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Huby Blakes - Homeboy Tees available $10

Huby Blakes - Homeboy Tees available $10


Follow and keep up with Zimbabwean art.

Follow and keep up with Zimbabwean art.


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Marciano Belladonna Clothing and Accessories Range
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On behalf of Killer T ( Hot Property) , Killer T management and the rest of the crew that made the launch possible, We would like to thank all our supporters for their steadfast love. The show was a success and fully packed. Your unwavering support has brought us this far. We hope this relationship keeps growing stronger everyday.
Thank you....
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# Kelvin Kusikwenyu
# Hot Property


Mashoko Anopfuura Album Launch


Killer T- Mashoko Anopfuura Album Launch


Killer T - Mashoko Anopfuura Album Launch


See you there 😉


Designers/Retailers bringing you their pieces.. Hope to see you there!

[06/01/15]   Events for you!


Be sure to be there..0772338084

[09/22/14]   An event is the best way to set memories.. No lie!!


We launched the shop so we continue supporting the ladies..bag and shoes by trendy sure to like the page and check out more stuff..if you find anything you like then call/app Nobuhle Natasha Nyoni-0772338084 and make an order..

Think you can rock these "gagas" like miss c! Visit us in hillside and give them a try.handbag and shoes supplied by Trendyheels! +263772951139

[02/19/14]   looking for a wedding venue..take a look at HIDEAWAY..Awesome place..#rated


[02/08/14]   great day at the Trendy heels launch..well done ladies,the shop is hott!!

you can still visit as from Monday 9am-6pm it will be open..the best part is they have 30 day lay bye deals..


[02/06/14]   ladies spoil your spoil your womens feet..the opportunity has been open for you on the 8th of Feb as Trendy heels launches at THE PINK HOUSE in HILLSIDE..11am-6pm..#usasare


[02/05/14]   MY FEET MY PRIDE!!

A combination of comfortable and trendy is what every woman deserves or rather needs..

Trendy heels brings you just that at amazingly affordable prices..You want the best then stick to the trendy team..!!

Trendy heels launches this Saturday, yes this saturday 8 feb,at 17432 flanagan rd hillside also known as PINK HOUSE..11am-6pm..

Don't miss out on an opportunity to treat your feet..

Define the art of exquisiteness!!

[02/03/14]   Trendy heels launch is on this Saturday at Pink house-hillside..Ladies shoes from heels yo flats..hand bags to for and many more!! don't want to miss this..for more info contact Natasha0772338084..


[01/27/14]   Feel free to ask questions about your thoughts too..


[01/23/14]   IT WASN'T ME!!

That statement always comes up when something ain't right..imagine on the day of your long awaited event nothing seems to be in place.

gaze with me for a while.........

Prom night has all dressed up,ready to rumboooo and you arrive at venue and first of all there is no red carpet..ok we can get past you go,no photographer..ummmmmm talk about wasted pose dj..whaaaaaatttt????..this is when the bickering begins..10mins into the bickering the dj arrives, we can Atleast get to the eating..the food has no steam coming out at all so its for cold food..the thought 'I should have had something at home' comes to mind..Asi tingadii..the grumpy chef calls out for dessert..melted ice cream served out of the dairyboard container..completely embarrassing!!..let's try get over this and hit the dancefloor out go the speakers..#enough

Back to reality..for any event that will be a nightmare..this often happens when an event is organized by many parties and there are no follow ups..what guarantee do you really have that one will do what they said they would..or that they have the connection they say they have,what if they used to be connected..mmmmmmmmmmm..

If there are plenty parties involved in planning an event its wise to have one person in charge,let's call them the president it is up to thee to make sure that everyone has an assignment and follow ups are done constantly..word of mouth is not good enough..confirm all things..2 weeks prior to event everything should be in place,ready for execution..THUS THERE SHALL BE NO BICKERING! !


[01/15/14]   Its not enough to just go for it..plan it..research about it..have a concrete plan..and then go for it..

[01/08/14]   Just had meeting with Max Soutter..wise man..#skyclassiqueevents





[12/20/13]   THINGS FALL APART

So im at this amazing wedding..the bride looks amazing along with handsome hubby..the bridal team attire is to die for!!..the food not only looka good it also tastes good..

Time for the cake and ofcourse as the norm these days every table has cupcakes for guests..there goes the bride and groom cutting the cake and we start screaming with excitement..the moment the slice is pulled out it turns to crumbs and the only thing intact was the icing..i know bad bad bad!!so they basically fed each other crumbs with a fork..messy!!

As if that wasnt enough one bite into the attractive cup cake i rushed for a glass of juice to wash out that terrible taste..salted cupcakes i named them..Morale of the story:



I would like to think that when they came up with that saying it was a way to make it seem as though women dont like food..who were they kidding??..thats besides the point..

Ever been at a function that has amazing decor,music plus people BUT terrible food!!??
This is a complete turn off for guests and is one thing that can have a function rated low..

Keep your rate high and:

*make sure you taste food before the function and note before function does not mean hours before..what difference does it make..a month before is wise and going to atleast 3 different caterers will give more options..outta 3 there has to be one who will have mad skill..

*make sure you dont pick out a menu with food you have never had if tasting wont be done..a fancy name does not guarantee fancy taste!!


[12/17/13]   DISASTER WEDDING..

No dresses for the bridesmaids,discovery made hours before wedding..The tailor who promised to have them done is nowhere to be found so grandma has an idea..the girls should wear the shirts from the grooms bridal team..i know right, they are now in shirtless tuxes all that chest hair popping out..the girls walk down the isle in shirts..eeeeewwww..the bride is embarassed,confused and really doesnt want to walk down the isle looking at a bridal team that looks like they just walked out of a bar..

Sounds unrealistic?? has happened..if the morning is like this best believe the rest of the day has many more disasters..want to avoid a wedding disaster then make sure:

*as the bride you not planning the wedding. i know what you thinking, 'but i know what i want,' ofcourse you do..but will you be able to ensure that all is in order on the day? i thought so..your job is to give precise details to wedding planner and follow up..find dresses and look beautiful for your hubby..

*your mother or mother in law is not planning your wedding..we love our mothers but the last thing we need is a wedding thats soo 20yrs ago..mothers often wanna live their dream wedding via their daughters..ravo basa nderekuchema nekupururudza musi uyu..

*your unprofessional never married before drunken sister does not plan your wedding unless you want guests eating off paper plates and flowers in your water glasses..



[12/06/13]   rip mandela...we will always love uuu

[12/03/13]   acoustic fashion where fashion meets acoustic night.come through the german society 51 lawson avenue milton park on the 13th of dec.cover charge=5usd,,,four designers,performing artists such as tariro negitare,blessing bled chimanga,edith weutonga,black pearl,so profound and many more..bring your wallets for auction of designer shoes and clothes...come and enjoy the first ever acoustic fashion night...###

[11/15/13]   was @zim german society for the acoustic night..serious zim talent..royal wave to the host So Profound..and a few fav performances from Vocal,Flosick,Vera,Cathy,Lewis and Tari + her guitar..amazing show..


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Killer T - Mashoko Anopfuura Album Launch



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