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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, am selling sunflower cake, 10 tonnes. If interested please inbox me on 0782434551
📢Calling all our cheesecake lovers out there!📢

Here's a little something for you,
Coconut Chocolate cheesecake

Yummy yummy in my tummy

Yomilk Zimbabwe
Proton Bakers

These healthy quick cream cheese toast toppers are just the best on the go!

What’s even more exciting is you can pretty much get everything you need locally! Get your fresh Yomilk Zimbabwe Cream Cheese and ZimDeli dips in all major retail outlets, salmon from Seapride Zimbabwe prosciutto from Garfunkels and if you have a smigen of time try baking the most amazing grain free bread from always fun getting the kids involved too!

Share your favourite topper with our community of mums on the go!

Hello all farmers, followers and friends.

Due to the huge Milk Shortage in Zimbabwe I have been asked to do an Interview on ZBC which I will then highlight the key drivers that are leading to the shortage.

We have some industry stakeholders that are creating an imbalance of the Value Chain and the consumers are losing out. I will be exposing those stakeholders.

We must create sustainable balance with in any industry so that we have a healthy value chain.

Keep an eye out if your interested to know the real reasons why milk is short in Zimbabwe.

Enough is enough

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Makambonditengesera mukaka wakaora vanhu imimi and you just ignored it nxaaa, wasted my money
Thank you Yomilk, Made Cheese Cake Yesterday with Your Product it Was Yummy. Using 2 Tubs - I added 1/4 Cup of Warm Water 1 3/4 Teaspoons Gelatine.
Doggy Tuesdays are our favourite day of the week. Our free community veterinary clinic provides veterinary care, including sterilisations and vaccinations of hundreds of rural dogs from low income households. It's a busy day, making sure the dogs are dipped to prevent tick borne diseases, feeding them a delicious meal, booking dogs in for sterilisation, updating vaccinations and treating sick and injured dogs. The pop up outdoor library is a popular spot for young, and some adult dog owners to read and draw while their dogs digest their lunch! This initiative, begun in 2014, has dramatically decreased dogs breeding, and the spread of rabies and other diseases, safeguarding the human residents as well as the animals in our area. Our grateful thanks to the Government Veterinary Field Services department, and to our sponsors who make this wonderfully positive community programme possible. Thanks to the Potgieter family, Hukuru, KFC, Forpets, Pangoula, Binder, Yomilk Zimbabwe, Conny Meier, Karin Tièche, Kathleen Boyd, Roland and Monique Andereg, Zimbabwe Cares Network and the Twenty Four Hour Veterinary Hospital who so generously treat all these dogs free of charge.

Good morning please csn you give us your address and your opening times. Many thanks.
The good stuff! 🥛Now available here in my local Gweru PnP 🤗
Why dffrnt colours?
First things first when I arrive in Harare 🥛😁
Hi please can you advise, we have has several bottles of 2 l yomilk within the last 10 days that have been
sour. Please can you check your processing and cold chain to try to establish and correct the possible problem. Many thanks

Yomilk Zimbabwe is committed to supplying the freshest premium quality milk and dairy related produc


The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft blasts off to the station


Where Milk Comes from , It’s Not a Box 😂


Why I aways eat butter instead of margarine. Check the comments 👇


We are calling all Rolf Ave road users, residents, business owners, basically all motorists who use this road daily to please contribute towards the resurfacing and tarring of the road (From Willowmead Lane to outside TWO-SIXTEEN) . To-date we have received generous donations from various individuals, residents, St John's and local business owners but it is costly , if it is to be done properly, and we are only half way there.

This road is used by thousands daily so if every motorist made a usd cash donation it would help immensely and would save wear and tear on your own vehicle.

If you are in a position to contribute, no donation is too small, Please contact Kim on 077 234 7322. Many thanks.


Please can our customers assist in dropping their old yomilk bottles at any of the 3 spars drop off points - Ballantyne , Borrowdale and Bridge all towards the schools igloo science projects . Thank you spar and Miracle Missions on all the work you do to create awareness .

After 9th sept - please drop bottles a at the recycle drop off points below .

Please can our valued customers note that should have have all your empty milk bottles lying around and don’t know what to do with them please see the recycle Information below - there are drop off points which you can take advantage of .


Explains what recyclables you can/cannot drop off with a recycling Etiquette guide) for the RECYCLING CENTRE at Northside Community Church run by Living Stones Nursery School in Memory of Barbara Broadway. You can recycle cans, glass, plastic, paper/cardboard in black or coloured bags and drop them off at the Centre. Please be sure to follow the Etiquette guide which will apply to all drop off Transfer Centres. Refuse Collection Services Collect every week.

• ENVIRONMENT AFRICA - 76 Queen Elizabeth Road, Greendale, Harare – Danny Coffe +263 77347 163155
• PENDENNIS RD DROP OFF– Refuse Collection Services (see contact below)
• BALLANTYNE PARK – The Cage has been removed – please take to Pomona Market Harare Drive or Northside – Very strict on RECYCLABLE ITEMS ONLY.
• POMONA FOOD MARKET (DON GRAINGER RECYCLING) Harare Drive – Managed by Kennan Properties
– Refuse Collection Services (see contact below)

• ZIMBABWE SUNSHINE GROUP TRANSFER CENTRE – c/o Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS)
Cell: +263 4 748586 or 773967541 Email [email protected]

• MUVUKU/TAFARA TRANSFER CENTRE – Contact SHEQ Ambassadors – Causewell – +263 77 457 7759
• SUNNINGDALE RECYCLING – Mary Wazara Cell +263 77 848 4447 Email [email protected]
• MBARE MAPITA – CITY OF HARARE - +263 718 823 230
• BUDIRIRO – CLEAN CITY – +263 78298 6531
• EPWORTH – Zimbabwe Sunshine Group +263 773967541
3. REFUSE COLLECTION SERVICES – Refuse Collection Services collects from the church and other businesses, private residents, complex, offices, restaurants etc. Please be in contact with them for a quote and a list of recyclables collected (Pool together your recyclables with neighbours/friends and have monthly collection) – Contact: Cell +263 772 320 246 Email [email protected]

4. CLEAN CITY COLLECTION SERVICE: Cell +263 782986531 Clean City are in Partnership with City of Harare.

5. ASSOCIATION OF ZIMBABWEAN RECYCLERS (AZR) – Address list of all recyclers in Zimbabwe (Contact Miracle Missions Clean & Green +263 772 240 442)

Have a great year Recycling, Reduce Waste to Landfill and making a difference in your City and Nation. There are several waste transfer stations being built (Tafara, Warren Park and Hatcliffe)

For further information on the above please contact Miracle Missions Clean & Green Zimbabwe –
Sharon +263 772 240 442 or email [email protected] or Facebook - Miracle Missions Trust

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If you unable to find any of our products around Harare please feel free to contact me directly and I will find
a solution close to you.
Whatsapp anytime 0779822686


This is the real situation these days


Photos from Oak Tree Restaurant's post 13/07/2022

Top restaurant and highly recommended

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Well Done to the Yomilk sponsored Brooke B League winning 6-0 this last weekend

Photos from Longdrive Zimbabwe's post 24/05/2022

Proud to be a part of growing this awesome event even though small we will grow together


Looking for a dynamic high end Accounts person - must have either Pastel / SAP or similar experience - please enquire further or send CV to [email protected]


Wishing all our Customers out there a Happy Valentines Day and hope you all have a date like our milk does 😂


Thank you to all our customers around Zimbabwe and Zambia thanks for the support in 2021.
Let’s hope all your dreams come true in 2022.


These healthy quick cream cheese toast toppers are just the best on the go!

What’s even more exciting is you can pretty much get everything you need locally! Get your fresh Yomilk Zimbabwe Cream Cheese and ZimDeli dips in all major retail outlets, salmon from Seapride Zimbabwe prosciutto from Garfunkels and if you have a smigen of time try baking the most amazing grain free bread from always fun getting the kids involved too!

Share your favourite topper with our community of mums on the go!


Our pure Garlic is produced in Nyanga and not imported and rehydrated here it is the real deal

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Our double thick double cream used 100% jersey milk , NO Powder , Starch , Gelatin , Stabilisers added - These have really proved to be a hit and we look forward to your feedback

Photos from Yomilk Zimbabwe's post 15/11/2021

The new coconut yoghurt with real coconut cream and Flakes , No cheap flavourants used - No cheap dessicated coconut
It’s the real deal 🥥 🌴

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Some new additions , These are proper Zim grown Jumbo nuts
Call us for deliveries for your homes or your stores

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Photos from Yomilk Zimbabwe's post

Photos from Yomilk Zimbabwe's post 02/10/2021

Today is National Coffee day so get yourself a delivery of some great La Lucie coffee and an original Italian Bialetti Moka Pot


Cheese mmmmm


We many be in lockdown but that doesn’t mean you can still get your La Lucie Fix!
Contact us at [email protected] for bulk orders or enquires.
Alternatively for small purchases you can purchase our coffee from

or order online at and get it delivered straight to your door along with all your daily essentials


Happy To support the Old legs Tour to Uganda


Stocks controller for fmcg perishables company

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Give us a call

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Great Ideas for Fathers Day
WhatsApp 0779822686

Now it's easier to send Yomilk Zimbabwe a message. 04/06/2021

Now it's easier to send Yomilk Zimbabwe a message.

Now it's easier to send Yomilk Zimbabwe a message.

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Some Cool recycling ideas


You want the Best Milk you got to look after Your Cows !

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Awesome Gear and the best pepper grinder you will ever use (It is a hand coffee grinder but also works so well as a pepper grinder , Buy two one for coffee and one for pepper )


Have an awesome Easter and travel safely


Have a Happy Easter and for those travelling , Drive safe & we wish for your safe return after a deserved break !


Have a Happy Easter and for those travelling , Drive safe & we wish for your safe return after a deserved break !

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The Real Deal , Double Thick - Double Cream Jersey Yogurt - Natural No Powder , No Starch , No Stabilisers , No Gelatin
100% Jersey milk , Fruit Pulp and Cultures.

Photos from Oak Tree Restaurant's post 26/02/2021

Yomilk is very proud supplier to Oak Tree and we wish them every success in the restaurant and coffee bar , Get yourselves a meal or a coffee at Willowmead Junction


Bacon Beer Cheese Bread Bowl

Looking for a good use got our awesome Cream Cheese give this a Bash
Important use Yomilk Cream Cheese

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We are very sad to see our great supporters , the coffee shops in Harare having to close for the month of January , However if you love coffee we have the next best thing and the closest replacement you will get for your coffee fix - See the combo below
Grab a Pot - Some Coffee and Full Cream Yomilk or Cream and you are done ✔️ All delivered to your house.


Wishing All our amazing and loyal customers an awesome Christmas and all the best for 2021

Photos from The Brew Crew's post 15/12/2020

Photos from The Brew Crew's post

Photos from The Brew Crew's post 15/11/2020

Only The best equipment and coffee to go with your Yomilk

Who We Are

Striving to be the Very Best

If you’re looking for the best Dairy Supplier in Harare you’ve come to the right place. Yomilk Zimbabwe has been supplying its clients with the freshest, best quality products in the market since 2012.

The happy cow milk we speak of, is the product of a family-based company, YoMilk. Boasting a combined dairy experience of over 80 years, Yomilk comes to you pasteurised, homogenised and packaged in a variety of convenient ways, ensuring fresh, nutritious milk and milk products.​

Yomilk is founded by Gouda Gold (Pvt) Ltd formed in 2007 as a sister company to Gouda Gold Mozambique and Evretz Dairies started in 2000 in Chimoio by founders Brendon and Jenny Evans.

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185 Lorely Close, Msasa

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 06:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 06:00 - 17:00
Thursday 06:00 - 17:00
Friday 06:00 - 17:00
Saturday 06:00 - 17:00
Sunday 06:00 - 17:00

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