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Information and Cyber Security Governance, Risk and Compliance advisory

Cyber Genius is an Information and Cyber Security consulting firm with primary operations in Harare, Zimbabwe as well as Johannesburg, South Africa. Our thrust is mainly on proving Governance, Risk and Compliance advisory to organisations. The activities we perform include but are not limited to the following:

-Information Security Strategy
-IT Audits
-Information Security Program Management


Cybersecurity is not just an ICT baby but we are all responsible.

This month we are hosting a trainings on:
1. Cybersecurity for non it professionals as well as
2. IN depth training on Cybersecurity for IT professionals

These will be delivered by our team of highly experienced professionals to enlighten how we can ensure we are Cyber Aware and Cyber Secure!

Use the link below to show interest and one of our officers will be in touch

If you require specialized training for your organisation for a group of 5 or more. It can be arranged.

You may also get in touch with us via email on [email protected]

CyberGenius - ICT Consulting and Advisory Company 04/07/2022

CyberGenius - ICT Consulting and Advisory Company

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CyberGenius - ICT Consulting and Advisory Company An Information and Cyber Security consulting firm whose thrust is in providing Governance, Risk and Compliance advisory to those we serve.


Happy New Month


Our mantra has always been to do our part in the digitalisation of Africa. As we commemorate yet another Africa day, we look back and recognise the impact we have made and also look forward to what lies ahead. The future is bright and the opportunities are vast. As we continue doing our small part in the acceleration of digitalisation across Africa we look forward to be part of more successful African stories.

We are African and proud. Happy Africa day!


Employees are the weak link in an organization’s network security. They are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. In fact, 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear-phishing attack. Employees need to be trained and remain on their toes with security top of mind.

We have partnered with KnowBe4 to provide you with a platform to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks. KnowBe4 is the world’s largest Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform with over tens of thousands of customers.

Baseline Testing
Baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a free simulated phishing attack.

Train Your Users
The world's largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.

Phish Your Users
Best-in-class, fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates.

See The Results
Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management. Show the great ROI!

See how easy it is to train and phish your users!

Request a Demo:


Get the training your employees need to stay safe online, Reduce your risk of a data breach!


Join us on the 17th of March as we discuss some of the most crucial security issues organisations are facing right now.
To register, use the link below:


Cyber security is beyond just ICT, it is a shared responsibility for everyone. In most organisations, Finance seems to be the showstopper. We ask around on how Finance can be gotten into spending more on CyberSecurity, we share some of the responses. What are your thoughts?


Happy Monday, New week , New beginning.


CyberGenius passion is to create a world where technology is readily available and easily accessible. CyberGenius is thus at the forefront of bridging the digital gap.


"Where there is love there is life.", Happy Valentine's Day


Good Morning Africa!


Cyber security should be your top priority. Protect yourself from malware, ransomware, exploits &viruses and enjoy up to a 30% discount for the whole year.


We enable our clients to leverage technology to expand their business, reach new heights and delight their customers.


At CyberGenius, we don't just provide you with the best and most innovative technology, we provide you with the tool to help you!


Save up to 30% on your protection. Protect yourself from malware, ransomware, exploits & viruses.


Cyber security should be your top priority. Protect yourself from malware, ransomware, exploits &viruses and enjoy up to a 30% discount for the whole year.


Your mind is your greatest resource, enjoy your Tuesday.


Another journey around the sun, happy new year


Merry Christmas



Phishing Simulation: Your Cyber Security Exam Before Summer Break

Organizations should also consider phishing simulations to better understand their risk exposure to this increasingly dangerous form of cyber-crime. Real-time phishing simulations can help security leaders determine which employees or users are at the highest risk of a phishing attack and better train them to recognize phishing emails, texts, or phone calls and report the tentative fraud.

Businesses should also carefully assess their exposure to other risks such as:
•Data leakage – Determine if your organization is at greater risk for unauthorized data access due to information being stored on unmanaged devices or cloud services.
•Data loss – Determine if your organization is at greater risk of losing data because it is not stored in a secure location, such as a server behind the network firewall and backed up regularly.
•Unmanaged devices – Determine if your organization is at risk of virus infections due to the use of devices that are not managed by the company’s IT staff. These include personal devices that employees connect to the corporate Wi-Fi or USB devices such as thumb drives.
•Unauthorized software – Determine what applications employees have access to and use software for business activities that could lead to data loss or leakage.


How Organizations Can Build Cyber-Secure Culture

Managers play a crucial role in making sure their businesses and employees stay safe from digital threats. They can:
•Inform employees of mandatory best practices, like the four pre-vacation checklist steps outlined earlier in this blog post.
•Establish rule application mechanisms to ensure the steps can be applied consistently across all organizational activities and departments.
•Ask employees to store devices with sensitive information in a secured location, whether in the company’s offices or their home offices.
•Implement security patches to idle devices connected to the corporate network but turned off.


Cyber Security Best Practices for the Entire Family.

When travelling with your family, keeping fundamental cyber security best practices in mind at all times can help everyone keep sensitive information safe. In addition to strong password creation, here are some general tips to ensure a cyber-safe vacation:
•Inspect all incoming messages and downloadable apps. Pay attention to any suspicious warning signs of possible criminal activity and always download apps or other files from reputable sources.
•Keep your device’s software updated to close security loopholes that hackers can exploit. Ensure that you’re using the latest version of all the apps you interact with on a daily or weekly basis.
•Share personal information with extreme caution, even if doing so is part of a check-in process at a hotel or restaurant. Only divulge confidential information when you’re sure of the recipient’s identity and how they will use or process your data.


Leaving devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, and cell phones) running and idle during vacation can be problematic.
While an idle device is less susceptible to a phishing attack requiring the user to read an email, the good news stops there. That’s because idle devices are still at risk of being compromised due to zero-day exploits or unpatched vulnerabilities. Worse still, it may be days, weeks, or even longer before the user returns to work and realizes a cyber-attack took place.
For those reasons, employers should require employees to turn off their devices before leaving for vacation. When they return, employees should make sure their system has all the latest patches and security updates installed before accessing email or browsing the Internet.
Happy Holidays


Did you know that cybercriminals can take advantage of your away time? Here is how you can be assured that your business is safe from cyber-attacks during your vacation. Good security protection starts with a few key steps that everyone in the business should take before leaving for vacation.
4 Steps Everyone Should Take Before Shutting Down for Vacation
1. Change your passwords and store them in a secure location, such as a password manager application. Never write them down on paper.
2. Securely store electronic documents on a protected company file sharing service or drive instead of leaving them on your workstation or laptop. Doing the latter can make it easier for someone to compromise or steal your data. Also, avoid emailing work documents to your email or accessing sensitive information on a non-work device.
3. Shred sensitive paper documents or return them to the office instead of storing them at your vacant home.
4. Enable out-of-office notifications only for internal senders. If you need to notify external senders, limit notifications to only those in your contacts. The fewer people who know that you are out of the office, the less likely it is that you will be the target of malicious activity.

Happy Holidays


In this busy world, it is difficult to have time for yourself. Silence gives opportunities for self-reflection and daydreaming, which stimulates multiple parts of the brain. It gives us time to turn down the inner noise and increase awareness of what matters most. Setting a quiet time is telling your device that you need to be quiet for the set amount of time, regardless of activity. These times are repeated daily for important activities such as bedtime, gym, and family time.


Happy New Month. , Be a genius, be


We provide governance, risk, and compliance advisory to those we serve. Let's talk!


Tech Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Software Up to Date

Software updates may be boring, but they are meant to protect you from dangers including cyber attacks. Remember, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation but takes only one cyber incident to bring you down. Don't hesitate to click the Update NOW Button. This is how software updates protect your computer system:
-Close Security Gaps
-Increase Employee Productivity,
-Minimize Costs,
-Removes Software Bugs,
-Improve Functionality

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Do anything in your power to make your dreams come true. You have the power. Happy Monday!


Tech Thursday, Take a moment to appreciate how time has moved. Lets hear what gadgets do you have the are almost absolute. lets see them in your comments.


Respect for self and others. Safe and responsible use. Positive peer influence.


Great Thursday, happy surfing, be safe online.


Compliments of the New Month,


Have you noticed how often security breaches, stolen data, and identity theft are consistently front-page news these days? Perhaps you, or someone you know, are a victim of cyber criminals who stole personal information, banking credentials, or more. As these incidents become more prevalent, you should consider using multi-factor authentication, also called strong authentication, or two-factor authentication.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process. When accessing accounts or apps, users provide additional identity verification, such as scanning a fingerprint or entering a code received by phone


Scammers use email or text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information. But there are several things you can do to protect yourself.


If you can see this post then you need to know at least the basics of securing yourself. Come join us for the first in the series


Creating a strong password is a critical step to protecting yourself online. Using long, complex passwords is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself from cybercrime. No one is immune to cyber risk, but and you can minimize your chances of an incident.


It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. What would you want to learn from us?


We love Africa because we are Africans in Africa and doing our part in the acceleration of Digital Transformation in Africa.



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