Badze Garden Nursery

Badze Garden Nursery


How to grow carrots

Badze Garden and Nursery, is located on #12 Turnstead Close, The Grange, Harare, Zimbabwe, focuses o Patients needing treatment with herbs please call +2630779730880


Forever giving covo rugare/treekale's final removal of suckers all going to one young serious farmer. The amazing plant allows to revert on concentration of the actual quality leafy greens for harvesting. Just in two weeks the plants will bounce back after their unique capacity of bearing so many little ones👶. Unbelievable what nature does. I have nothing else to say but shear respect of what I am privileged to witness very closely on daily basis.




When nature gives, it gives abundantly. Fresh Okra ready to take orders.

Photos from Badze Garden Nursery's post 27/01/2022

Healthy Covo Rugare suckers available
$15 per 1000
Call 0779730880
Queen of Greens will walk you step by step on how to plant and maintain your covo. You cannot go wrong with the Greens that are eaten in almost every house hold almost everyday. Make covo rugare your easy cash project. #forevergreen


Suckers will soon be gone after the rains. Make sure you place your order now.


Greetings everyone its been a while my fb and insta family. Hope you are well. Please help me enjoy the beauty of a plumbago a new addition in our garden.

Photos from Badze Garden Nursery's post 16/09/2021

Badze Garden supporting young farmers by supplying them with suckers to start their own gardens. This amazing young farmer was able to fit every space in his Honda Fit vehicle with suckers he purchased to go and start his own horticultural enterprise. We encourage low cost of production, starting an agri business without spending a lot of money. He will never buy seed again, the covo rugare naturally multiplies and provide him with more suckers for expansion of his garden. Well done young man!!


How about sautéed greens? Have a great day/evening everyone.



The beauty of a vinca plant


Covo Rugare Suckers Available
$15 per thousand
Can be sent across the country via overnight Call 0779730880
Buy now and never buy again


Sandy loamy soils are the best for sweet potatoes and most root vegetables. I planted them using mushroom manure and preety much my harvest consists of huge delicious sweet potatoes. Not sure if they have market because they are too big🙆. I have a weakness of over feeding every plant regardless of soil nutritional status, however, every crop gives us a learning experience.


This morning we harvested dry Okra pods for seed saving. With the help of my team we will remove the seed from pods and and save healthy seeds for planting next season.


Good bye summer, it was beautiful while those Zinnias lasted. Now saving seed. Will have more than plenty next season to share.


The joy of harvesting.


Chicken manure applied about 2 weeks ago slowly taking effect on this vegetative stage of these greens.. Very soft and continue to turn green.


It started with cuttings/ suckers.
A simple story.


Farmers continue to plant the heirloom flavourful Texas grano onion. Seedlings from Badze Garden Nursery. We still have some....great for backyard farmers.


Today. I am applying the bagged chicken manure in my greens. The greens emerged from cuttings beautifully and now need to enhance the leafy growth stage with nitrogen. Chicken manure provides organic fertilizer and besides the nitrogen it comes with smaller percentages of phosphorus and potassium, it is that balance that makes it ideal in garden plants and my fertilizer of choice. Can't wait to see transformation.


The magic of soil


Texas Grano Onion Seedlings
Ready to go


Market garden


Planted in situ kale/covo 5 weeks ago from cuttings. Roots developed fast, I can now start slowly harvesting. Cuttings will take off faster than seedlings from seeds, an observation on the ground. Looking forward to at least a year with these plants.


Local radio interview tomorrow. Unraveling my quinoa research that was published in a prominent agriculture journal.


Perennial basil continue to thrive in sand with zero nutrients sending out the best aroma...whole greenhouse smells good. Not sure what's up with that. I have no idea where the plant is getting its nutrients. I guess it switched to just a surviving mode, I cannot explain.


Ready to store Marigold seeds. Saving your own reduces costs of gardening


Just finished planting these covo/kale cuttings. They will soon develop roots in about 4 weeks if the beds are kept wet. They will all take off faster than brand new seedlings. Will continue to show them off, stay tuned


Copper plant showing off its beauty. A shrub that brightens the garden...tolerates part shade and full sun. Easy to do cuttings.


At farmers market few years ago selling greens from our garden


Please note that the top of old covo/kale plant can be cut to make a new plant out of it. The new plant will take off faster compared to a new seedling. Renewing plants in our garden. Planting in progress.


Birightening the garden brightening our day. The beauty of Zinnias. These are summer annual we might as well enjoy them while they last. Seed saving is a must


Deep Nutritious Unique Purple Sweet Potato
Vines Available
A treasure for every garden
Full of antioxidants


Texas Grano onion seedlings ready for transplanting 15 March.


Today is a busy day for us, now renewing our covo rugare by replanting the shoots


Side shoots of these veggies are what the other farmers buy to go plant and start their own patches.


Lemon grass ready to go. Empowering people with herbs.


Still growing.

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